Michelle Marie American Idol Audition: Superfan Snags a Golden Ticket! [VIDEO]

American Idol superfan Michelle Marie Lecza can list every single winner of the show since the first season and first started watching the show when she was just 4 years old. Her family likes to tease the 15-year-old about crying over the American Idol results from previous seasons, but they also think she’s an amazing girl full of “stardust.”

American Idol Auditions: Michelle Marie (FOX/YouTube)
American Idol: Michelle Marie Audition (FOX/YouTube)

Michelle Marie says American Idol is what she has based her life off. Before her audition, she said she is going to walk in there and get her dream. The wonderful thing is, she has the voice to make it happen, as you can see in her audition video below. We love to see such a big fan of the show not only get the chance to try out, but actually do a great job at it!

All three of the American Idol judges love her performance and hand Michelle Marie a Golden Ticket to Hollywood. Then her whole family invades the audition room screaming! Judge Harry Connick Jr. says Michelle’s enthusiastic entourage “scare the f*ck” out of him, LOL!

Can’t wait to find out if Michelle Marie made it through to the next round of the competition? Take a sneak peek ahead in the season on our American Idol spoilers page!



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