More American Idol 2013 Rumors: Randy Jackson Is Out

American Idol 2012 judge Randy Jackson

While rumors have swirled all summer over who would fill the seats on American Idol 2013 left empty by Steven Tyler and JLo there was always the question over whether or not Randy Jackson would return. It looks like Randy is out at Idol.

TMZ, one of the most unreliable sources known to man, is claiming Randy Jackson will not be a 2013 season judge but will instead stay on as a mentor. At first I thought they meant a production advisor mentor, but this might refer to the role Jimmy Iovine performs.

If American Idol is planning to get rid of Jimmy to make room for Randy at the weekly rehearsals then that’s terrible news. I thoroughly enjoy Jimmy’s perspective and honest feedback. No “goosies” with Jimmy, just straight up advice. Hopefully that’s not the case.

We’ll continue to await more details on Randy’s role for Idol 2013 as FOX continues its search for new judges.

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    • Disagree. He was an over rated bully. He blows chunks on his new show. He was wrong on AI a lot of the times when he was there. He was far from the “only honest judge.” All he’s good for are the same snippy comments in a different accent.

      • Simon brought AI to America. He knows talent. Even though I don’t like Carrie Underwood, a lot of this country do..and he’s the one who predicted she would win Idol in the AUDITIONS. He further advocated Adam and predicted his victory, and although he didn’t win Idol, he is very successful. A judge isn’t supposed to be your is their job to truthfully critique and spot talent, which Simon did. In the “real” world, Simon would be deemed as soft. If you’re looking for warm and fuzzy, watch Sesame Street.

      • He didn’t predict she’d win in the auditions. He said it during the competition. And even then, Bo was pretty close to her. With the way the best one never seems to win, there’s no way anyone could have predicted the winner in auditions. If he actually did, I’d think the show was rigged. With what happened to Haley (supposed strong country vote) & then Skylar not winning this past season, I sort of think it is anyway……… Skylar was at least in the same league as Phillip. Phillip is a real solid choice for a winner. I love the song Home. This is no knock on him. All I’m saying is if the strong country vote could take an averge singer and propel him over 2 excellent ones (Haley and James) then Skylar should have been a shoo in….. As for Simon, why didn’t he say any of his contestants blew chunks when he was their mentor? He certainly wasn’t honest on his new show. Just like he was wasn’t always honest on AI………….. And please, get a format in here where we can write paragraphs.

      • Actually he did predict her victory at the auditions. A clip of him saying just that was recently shown on Oprah’s Master Class series.

      • If he did, then I guess it shows the show was rigged even back then. Carrie is good. I thought she was excellent. This isn’t a knock on her. But there’s no way with 250 people, a lot who are pretty close in talent, that someone can know who’s going to win when there’s that many people. Especially when it’s based on a vote & not just talent…………….. That was the first year I watched that show. From my understanding though, in previous years better singers got eliminated over lesser ones. So even if he thought Carrie was the best (which I thought yea, it was either her or Bo- very close), there’s no way he could have known she was going to win.

      • It was only his opinion. He further predicted she’d sell more records than any other idol winner. He is nothing, if not opinionated, but…a lot of his theories and opinions were correct. To be honest, really doesn’t matter now does it?

      • It was season 4. Only 1 other winner had sold very much. I hadn’t even seen the show until that season & predicted pretty much the same thing. While I would have given Bo the nod in that season, I knew Carrie would sell more records. Predicting that a good quality singer like Carrie who’s market was music’s biggest was going to do well isn’t that difficult…. The guys dad handed him the keys to a music studio. It’s not like he was some super savvy music guy who worked his way up. Where’s his honesty about that aspect of his life? I think of Simon a lot like I do Donald Trump. Trump’s dad handed him the keys to a real estate business. Trump made it bigger, but it was already doing pretty well by time he got his hands on it. A lot of his predictions were also way off. Those seem to be forgotten though….. He was part of the team that brought AI to the US, so I’ll give him that….

      • Simon’s career went so low in his 20’s, he had to move back in with his parents. He made his fortune with his talent, not his parents. I enjoy a sarcastic type of personality so I like the guy. Trump on the other hand sickens me. I won’t watch him or listen to him berate our President. Was just reading on TMZ that Randy will be a judge…most people won’t like that, but I do. The show needs some consistency from its origin and I think he will serves that purpose.

  1. Maybe they are using Jimmy as a judge? That would be awesome. I am really tired of Randy Jackson and “Dawg”….I really would love to see Adam Lambert. He is a gentlemen and I think he would be awesome. I just hope this show can handle all these changes…….sad that it may come to an end if things do not change.

  2. I think Randy will do alright as a mentor probably better than as a judge. Jimmy Iovine would have made a good judge, he just didn’t make a great mentor as he didn’t give the contestants useful advice during the rehearsal sessions, but seemed more content to give critique after the fact.

  3. Sadly, I believe I’m done. According to other sites the panel is very likely to consist of Mariah Carey [yuck], Nicki Minaj [triple yuck, actually makes Mariah sound better], Enrique Iglesias [?] and possibly Keith Urban [or a glass of tepid water]. There is nothing anywhere I’ve seen that indicates an overhaul of the voting policy. So, there’s nothing left worth watching.

    • Nikki Minaj eh? They’re replacing female judge who can’t sing with another one apparently. I like the idea of Mariah on the panel. She can at least sing. If she doesn’t have any meltdowns she might be pretty decent. I see her as a huge improvement over JBlow.

  4. The thing about Jimmy being a judge is his comments are taped. He’s playing Monday Morning Quarterback. Making those comments right after someone sang is a lot different than when you’ve seen the tape 2 or 3 times………….. I like his segment of the show, don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying it’s not automatic that he’d make a terrific judge.

  5. I am sorry to hear Jimmy Iovine is being taken off as amentor. I think he was a real refreshing person as a mentor to the kids. Surely you are not going to make him a judge? he is just too nice to do that. I truly like Jimmy Iovine! Sherry Kivo

  6. Glad to see they are putting Randy in a position to redeem himself. It will be interesting to see if he really does know the music industry. If the quality of the performances does not improve with Randy as a mentor then we know that he doesn’t belong as a judge either.
    Mariah is the only good choice right now. I will continue to watch but NM is gonna be a hard pill to swallow.
    Matt, if TMZ is so unreliable why do you use their reports over here so much? I think that TMZ is a much more reliable source than most other tabloidish outlets….or maybe you are just being sarcastic….IDK. I just hope they pick at least one more judge whom actually has talent.

    • I’ve been away from here for awhile but it looks like business as usual. What does Randy have to redeem? He did his job as judge for ten years, seemed happy doing it and from all I’ve ever heard, the contestants liked and appreciated him. At one point in history, Carey was somewhat relevant, then something went down with her mentally. Im guessing you will watch next season, observe her, she makes Paula seem like a Rhodes Scholar. In regard to TMZ, they know it and usually print it before anyone else. Thirty mile zone, yeah. Harvey Levin is pals with little Ryan Seacrest so probably no dirt on him.

      • Randy’s comments just give the impression, sometimes, that he has no real musical training nor the vocabulary to convey the actual issues with the vocal performances. He only says “in it to win it” or “gotta have it” or that some part of the song was “pitchy” and he says “yo, yo, yo dawg” a lot too.
        If he is in the mentor role then he will have input on the performances including analyzing a person’s voice and matching it with the right song choice and then assisting with the arrangement of the song and how they deliver the song with emotion and body language. All I was saying is that, IF the performances are better due to his input, I would be more likely to respect what he has to say and he could be more effective as a leader of the show in his position as the only remaining original judge of American Idol.
        As far as Paula goes. I actually liked Paula as a judge. She was, for the most part, sincere and very likable and kind hearted. So, for me, comparing Mariah to Paula is not a negative thing at all. We will just have to wait and see what role that Mariah decides to take on in her performance as an AI judge. We might be surprised.
        TMZ wouldn’t spare Ryan the embarrassment of a good news article. They can’t chance someone else beating them to the scoop just to protect a friend. That is the life blood of a good tabloidish media outlet. the ability to be the first to the presses with any story.

  7. Man, they should not get rid of Jimmy. There were times I thought that he was the only one on the show making any sense. Maybe they could use Randy and Jimmy. Or, like someone suggested, make Jimmy a judge. He would be the best one on the panel.

  8. They ssay nothing lasts forever….and we all know that this show needs to be refreshed at some point. If in fact these rumors are true about Randy, I wish him the best of luck in his future projects. BUT….this is where I’m a little confused about the possible judges for this year…..Mariah Carey….makes perfect sense……Brad Paisley will be a good judge for the upcoming country singers like Skylar Laine that are trying to make it in the business….but I’m really confused about Nicki Minaj. From what I gather, she’s a “Rap” singer….so what will she have to bring to the table this year. How would she have judged Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez???? It seems odd……To my American friends south of the border…..what are your thoughts on this?

  9. According to MJ keith Urban is on board at $3 million. And Nicki [yuck] is also a sure thing. Still no word on voting. i think I’m done with it.

  10. I hope Jimmy isn’t gone! I’ve heard so many rumors about the new judges…I’m just waiting to see. Honestly, I heard Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. Kanye is one of the most hated men in American, I can believe they would even contemplate using him. Nicki Minaj…blech.

    • Pally, I understand everyone has their own opinions and taste in music. I am just curious why you say Kanye is “one of the most hated men in America?” In his field of his expertise, not too many rivel him. He has a very successful career and is besties and collaborates with Jay-Z who is an icon in the rap world. I have a feeling this all goes back to Taylor Swift and the VMA’s. We’re not talking the grammies here, it’s video music awards and boosted her career from the moms of America. She pursuing Connor Kennedy big time a boy 4 years young than she and still in high school and reeling from the suicide of his mom. If she wasn’t famous, I doubt her family would tolerate that situation. I mean no malice whatsoever, just curiosity. Same with Nicki, she was a judge on another reality show and quite frankly was surprisingly good. I guess it’s hard not judge a book by the cover.

  11. I hope Nicki shines so bright that she puts M. Carey in her shadow! Urban would remain the fool if he signed on for more than 14 million less than the has been “Mimi.” She was making music in the 90’s and having breakdowns or appearing drunk on stage ever since. WTH Idol, you’re still number 1, why all the nonsense. Lord Calv, I guess you jumped ship before me..if you are surfing around and hit this site, hope ur doing well.

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