Phillip Phillips’ Debut Album Pushed Back; Colton Dixon’s Under Way


American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillips confirmed that his album will not be released until at least January.

That’s odd news as the American Idol winners’ albums are always rushed out in time for holiday sales. Phillips’ album dropping in January could be either bad or good. It could be bad because artists typically don’t put out albums then and in turn, few people buy albums then.

But if he’s one of the only highly anticipated releases then, then that could be a good move with no competition and all.

In other American Idol album news, Season 11 alum Colton Dixon says his first album is in the works, and even though there’s not a release date yet, there are a couple of songs about  to drop. “Never Gone,” which is his song from the summer tour goes on sale on iTunes on Sept. 25. His actual first single, “You Are,” is headed toward the radio soon, he says.





  1. Templar, you always wish P2 luck then add some sort of negative or sarcastic remark implying he won’t make it. I don’t get it, why bother commenting if you, as stated many time before, don’t get into his music. Don’t listen, it’s that easy..which is the choice I made for Colton, his voice hurts my ears, ergo…turn off the sound!

    • Vanessa, there was nothing sarcastic in my post. And the negativity was stated as my opinion. This site is here for all of us to register our thoughts and ideas. And, yes, I do wish them luck, as I would anyone pursuing their dream. I don’t listen to either of them so the sound level doesn’t enter into it.

      • I’m pretty much done with this site with all the changes in what used to be Idol. Some comments blow me away such as when someone stated Kanye was one of the most hated men in America. Really..maybe on a conservative site such as this. Is that because he took the shine off of Taylor Swift? LOL. He is a singer, not a terrorist. I spent on a lot of time on this site and it’s time to move on, To everyone, Nicki M. isn’t as bad as most have posted. Too much hate in this world.

      • Don’t mind Vanessa, Templar. I used to think that I really had a way of ticking her off but now I see that she just likes to argue even when there is nothing there to argue about. The truth hurts….LOL j/k
        I agree with your assessment Templar. I don’t think either of them have the staying power but I really did like Colton’s performance of “Never Gone” at the concert.
        Phillip…ehhhhh not so much. Kinda bland and boring to me.

      • Oh poor poor Taymaro, are things going bad for you again. Hope dad is on the mend. I’ve had a cyper friendship with Templar for a bit now. You, well, I felt sorry for you. But fear not, I just happened upon the site and clearly don’t intend on staying. Buhbye

      • Actually my father passed away last Wednesday. His conditioned wasn’t life threatening so it was rather unexpected. He is gone to be with his mother, father and grand parents though so I am happy that he is in a better place. He was the only child and loved his mother and grand parents dearly and he was very proud of his 9 children, 19 grand children and 25 great grand children and we will miss him dearly but we will see him again one day. Thanks for your concern Vanessa..hmmfff
        BTW what is a “cyper” friendship? Any kind of friend would respect their counter parts opinion and not tear them down for expressing it.

      • Sorry for your loss Taymaro. I, too, suffered a loss, but can’t or won’t discuss it on the Internet. Life goes on.

      • And Mr. and Mrs.Taymaro (since you revealed you and your husband both think alike and post under the same name) please dont write a novella to me since this is the LAST POST. I finished high school 11 years ago and feel like I’m there again while on here. My only hollar out is to Calvin with whom I have similar thoughts and Templar for the brownie recipe!. Have a good life Mr. and Mrs. Taymaro!!!!!

  2. I like Phillip Phillips. I hope he will make some cd’s and they will be polular. He is a nice person. But the music world is a rough business. If he makes some money and doesn’t make a big career it is more than most do. And so that will be that. I for one hope you do good Phillip! And Colton? I do not know what he can do. Good luck to everyone. Sherry K

  3. Matt, did Disqus change it’s whole platform? I see it includes sharability on other social networks now but I think they went backwards on some other things.
    The part I miss the most is the spell check feature. 🙂 And still no emoticons!!!! I guess this format leaves more room for ads on either side of the page too. Still it’s not that great. I liked seeing how many likes as compared to the number of posts I had. It gave me a guage as to whether or not other people were thinking along the same lines. I can still get that info by clicking “My Disqus” but I just liked being able to see it right as I logged onto the site.
    If Disqus has a place where you can offer critiques and suggestions please address some of those issue…that is if you find them a negative yourself. Don’t do it on my behalf.

  4. According to Deadline the deal is done for judges. Carey, Minaj, Urban and Iglesias. Four judges are too many and I don’t care for any of them. nothing is being said about limiting the voting, so I’m done.

  5. Bulletin: Enrique is out of the running. i would have preferred him over Nicki Minaj. Please campaign for limiting the voting.

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