Nicki Minaj Featured In New American Idol Promo

Nicki Minaj on American Idol

Forget that f-bomb dropping, “cornfields are raaaacist!” Nicki Minaj from two days ago. FOX is hear to present the new, calm, and rationale Nicki in their latest American Idol 2013 promo. Along with discussing the importance of finding a rising star in the process of the show she gets in a dig at the competition by saying no one will ever touch Idol’s status.

I know FOX wants us to consider Minaj on the same level as past judges, but even the quick shot of her in the giant clown wig talking to the American Idol Hopefuls is hard to take seriously.

I’m still waiting to see how she does once the show gets rolling in January, but right now it’s a little tough to buy the “Serious Nicki” persona. What do you think?




    • I could not stand Britney till x factor. I was actually rather impressed wiith her. Hmm, you have me thinking, maybe it is because I expected nothing. oh well, I have grown to like her and she is not super low class, that title goes to the kardashian joke they put on to “co-host”

  1. she’s lewd, crude, and rude. (i love alliteration) no class whatsoever. what a waste of time. why oh why didn’t they hire adam???!!!???

    • LOVE the alliteration too and that you are educated and recognize what it is! Also excellent point, if they hired Adam, it would be a fresh young perspective, a boost to his career and he would have been able to relate to the contestants. American Idol is a total joke at this point. They should have stopped with three judges.

    • two or more stress syllables, you got it right, but most of the time you think of it as two or more words with the same first consonant, like Nicki Manaj is a credulous, crude crackpot.

  2. Do these shows do focus groups, where they find real people to give their opinions, if so I can not imagine X factor having any form of a kardashian on it, nor would AI have hired a 4th judge. Why seek out such unlikeable people and expect it to raise the ratings.

  3. My question is this why try taking her serious, she the rap/hiphop music industry joke. Never will like her or like the music she self proclaims her to be the best. I think she should shut her mouth and take cues from people who have been in the biz awhile learn to be content. She’s not hiphop princess, or pop, or raps biggest find she’s. Annoyance voice and all.

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