Paula Says ‘Fourth Judge A Mistake’

More Paula Abdul news today and this one is even better. In an interview with OK Magazine Abdul doesn’t mince her words when it comes to describing new Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi:

Paula Abdul isn’t too keen on the addition of fourth judge Kara DioGuardi to “American Idol” this season.

It’s nothing personal, she says – just business.

“Kara and I have known each other for years and we get along great,” Abdul tells the March 9 issue of OK! magazine.

“But we tried four judges before and it doesn’t work.”

Abdul also says the extra person disrupts the flow of the show.

“It takes up so much time for each of us to give our opinion that it slows down the pace of the show,” she says.

As for her future on “Idol,” Abdul is a little more cagey.

“It is the last season of my contract, and I have so many other things I want to do,” she says.

Who thinks Paula is really going to walk away from American Idol? Not me.




  1. I HATE all these judges. I record the show and watch it the next day so I can fast forward through them. Nothing personal against the new judge but by her being on there. It made me realize how much I really LOVE Paula…Get rid of her!


  2. its adjustment time!! KARA IS NOT PART OF THE FAMILY YET, that takes time…Paula is in her confort zone with or without whatever, she belongs to this show!!! Is like Idol without Simon or Simon without Idol..NO WAY!!!!!!

  3. I’ve not ever liked Paula as she always has something “nice to say” to every contestant. Simon’s feedback is right on. With TIVO I can even fast forward thru bad performances and listen to the judges. Paula fights too much with Simon. Maybe Kara is in-training in case Paula decides not to return. Other reality shows with 3 judges don’t fight and bicker like American Idol.

  4. Cara needs to go. She just looks out of place.And quite picking on Paula. Nice remarks are a good thing. Goodness knows, after Simon gets through with them they need to hear something good.

  5. I love the three more,out da door.Kara dnt fit in at all.I mean,I would do a better job than her. wordddd dogggg.

  6. im from australia and i cant stand that bloody 4th judge….shes so damn boring….takes to long and didnt she go on and on and on about that gay singer….that screamer,,,geesh

    get rid of that annoying kara and just leave it to…

    paula and simon and randy


  7. Paula Abdul is fit on the show, and shes a member of the family long long long tme,without paula, simon, and randy american idol is not fun att all. So please, please stay paula ok?

  8. I agree with Paula Kara does not fit in.All we need are the fab 3.Simon Randy and our Paula. Jane uk.x

  9. Totally agree with Ms Abdul, you do not need another judge. I going to miss Paula, I hope you can come visit the show once in awhile. Take care.

  10. I think Kara was great. She is beautiful, and she has a beautiful personality. Her opinions were fair. I enjoyed her being on the show.

  11. Here Paula is, actually, right – but she was the one of the judges who took up all too much time buttering up contestants, who were out of tune and time

  12. BIG BIG MISTAKE TO GET RID OF PAULA!!! She is so sweet to all of the kids who try out!! She even got Mr. Nasty Simone to come down to earth!! Victoria Beckham is a stuck up well you know what! No cursing on here! If she smiled it would crack her face!!!Has anyone EVER seen POSH-BECKHAM crack a smile?? I for 1 love Paula. She is such a sweet Heart! I don’t intend to watch American idol again anyway! Reason number 1~~They cheated for Kris Allen to win. And almost everyone knows it!!! Number 2 because Paula is not coming back. I hope they cancel the show!! GREAT GOING PEOPLE AT FOX TV NET WORK! After all these years you have made the show stink!!! I hope you are happy! You and AT&T your cheating sponser in Arkansas. Fans you can try to deny it all you want! BUT, It was all over the news paper in Arkansas. And on Fox TV news with Kevin Kelly. Power texting and cheating. SORRY FOLKS KRIS ALLEN IS A NICE YOUNG CHRISTIAN KID!! BUT ADAM LAMBERT JUST BLOWS KRIS AWAY WHEN IT COMES TO TALENT!!! SHERRY

  13. Paula has given false hope to far too many contestants, who sang out of tune. Honesty – and musicality – is the only right way in such a competition.

  14. i feel that we the Home viewers and audience should let Kara show her abilities in judging the we all know she is a brilliant singer and a world class is not all long you stay in the is all about how to judge/criticize contestant. and it is also the contestant’s advantage because of the well criticize they received,they now know where the problem that when they are on the industry..they have the showcase their vocal abilities….and if the contestant after leaving the show became a successful
    star on the is the judges that makes them well prepared!
    and that’s my personal opinion on this issue

  15. paula is right about this one….but hey sometimes we jus have to move on and get ova it she aint goin to be wit american idol for eva

  16. hello to eveyone, i share also my openions,conserning last time, i dont mind whatever they say, they only is unfair to everyone,is the choose wrong, the two for no capable for that,maybe is lee is better, but for chrytals is very annoying, how can you choose that kind of american idol has a lot of tattoo,and not good personality,she’s not presinting american people.for here personality,sorry if i say this way, judgest are you happy now? cause you choose chrytal? well only you know that,pls! dont cheating in your own country,because we pilipino love american country/and with our heart full of respect to your show, well hope in next season is very clear all over the world,

  17. It was a big mistake that Paula left AI. She’s the fiscalizer among the panel of judges and her sweetness trademark lightens up the hearts of those contestants who don’t make it. She and Simon blend together as they have a very good chemistry on judging the contestants. The past American Idol series indeed generated a very huge audience because America loves Simon and Paula.

    Now that Simon will soon be leaving after this season, I personally doubt if Randy, Kara Ellen, and the replacement for Simon could carry the same.

    Kara has diminished the interest of the fans for American Idol. Kara maybe good in her own right, but not as one of the judges for American Idol. Putting Kara on AI was a mistake, well, that’s just my opinion.

    • KARA………………do you get it!!!! Not many fans like you. All of your sucking up to Simon was sickening, I too tape the show, and fast forward, or use the mute button, made just for you. Misty I soooooooooo agree with you, and the rest of comments made pertaining to Kara. .AI should'n have fixed what wasn't broken.

  18. Kara is the best thing about the show if it wasn't for her I wouldn't watch the show she is pretty and you know what she is serious to and i think she is the best judge the show has had i am never watching american idol again why the heck would they fire her and i loved kara vs bikini girl she looks great in a bikini not bikini girl kara!

  19. The show is so very much better without Simon. It's fun, the judges like, really root for and give good constructive critisism. I never realized how mean and greedy Simon really was with the contestants until he was gone. It's a pleasure to watch now. Kind of like THE BULLY left the room and we can have fun now. GREAT SHOW NOW and I was ready to give up on it before.

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