Phillip Phillips Out Of The Hospital

American Idol 2012 Phillip Phillips

American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillips is out of the hospital, resting comfortably and preparing for the Idols Live! tour this summer.

Phillip underwent the six-hour kidney surgery last week and was released from the hospital on Sunday. He is reportedly recovering at on of the American Idol producer’s Malibu mansions.

“I’m out of the hospital and back to work!” Phillip told E! News. “Looking forward to the future.”

The other finalists are in Los Angeles currently rehearsing for the tour, and according to that statement to E! News, Phillip might be as well. Something tells me he’s probably not ready for any dance numbers (not that Phillip ever really would be).

Get well, P2!




  1. nice! he can watch  JESSICA SANCHEZ  as she sings the national anthem on NBA tonight!..

      • really cameo get real
        its about Philip
        wishing you a healthy recovery
        do great in the IDOL tour and after


      • She is famous now, replacing Rosanne as the world’s greatest professional national anthem singer.

      • LordCalvinGeyklein, Philip will never become as famous as Roseanne Barr. Well, infamy is still publicity, but too bad Phil will never be famous, even if only to the point of Barr’s infamy but only kidneyfamished…

    • Yes, keep her singing at sporting events…where the real music fans
      are. She can become the world’s greatest professional national anthem
      singer. I’m sure Rosanne will give up the title for her.

      • No, Lenny..all of her fans say we are envious or jealous.¬† Are you kidding?¬† Generally a person is jealous of a winner, not the loser.¬† Perhaps you are on the wrong thread, go listen to the National Anthem.

      • I don’t care where she sings just as long as it’s Phillip singing¬†at the Super Bowl. I’d love to hear him sing the National Anthem in his Phillip Phillips style.

      • You mean by the National Kidney Association? Now, now, who’s got the kidney stones to spimp…???

      • Lenny: National Kidney Association¬†would be¬†NKA. I think Cameo is referring to the NBA so not sure what you are spimping.

      • @Christopher Greene.¬†¬† I’ve read some of your posts, and “hitting below the belt” seems to be your anthem.¬† Well Chris, sorry….this thread is about Phillip Phillips who won the contest.¬†¬† Period.¬† You and a few others are trying to rewrite history.¬†¬† I’m not the winner as your post indicated, he is.¬† So you relax and find something to do other than malign those with whom you don’t agree.¬†¬† Going to work now Chris,¬† are you?¬†

    • Singing the National Anthem as your gig is hardly a sign of a superstar.¬† It’s a manager that will have her sing at pig roasts just to get her name out there.¬†¬† That’s why she’s a contender on that ridiculous reality tv award show….total fix by her people, you don’t vote someone in that was voted off twice and had no personality.¬†¬† Let P2’s star shine…this thread is about him and he is the American Idol 2012 just in case you forgot.

      • Vanessa, foul, no hitting below the belt. You’re overkilling the issue at hand with your “foul” offensive. Take it easy, Phil has won and he could succeed to stardom sooner or later. Relax and be happy like a true magnanimous winner.

      • Your vocabulary is extremely limited.¬† I simply noted that Phillip won the contest FAIR and SQUARE and some of you can’t accept that fact.¬† What jealousy has to do with this, since I am a fan of his voice, is purely a lame attempt on your part to attack me.¬†¬†

  2. dont worry Phillip, after the tour you will have all the time to rest,cause there’s no career waiting for you!..haha..

    • Really, get over it. The best won! JS can sing well, she does not preform well. No stage¬†presence¬†yet, I’m sure it is because she is so young. Phillip is a great¬†performer and has the talent to make any song his own, not just sing it the way the original was done. I’m sure when it comes to a¬†career,¬†¬†Phillip and Skylar will both out perform JS in concert sales and albums. Just look at their iTunes downloads vs. JS. So stop being negative to Phillip, it is over and the people voted in their choice. If you are mad be mad at the voters not Phillip. Just saying…

      • In fairness to Jessica, yes, she can perform. In fact she did a riveting performance with Jennifer Holliday at the Finale. ¬†At a young age of 16 and singing with a seasoned artist, who can beat that? AND I AM TELLING YOU what I told Cameo: dude, no hitting below the belt.¬†

        It’s good that Phil seems to be doing well in Itunes, but you have to instill in your mind that Itunes is not the only outlet for obtaining music nor the only criteria for determining success. Jessica’s pre-order “shelf” in Wal Mart is way, way “fuller” than the other Idol contestants, including Phil. ¬†

        It’s way too early in the game to call “who wins” in this Jessica-Philip music saga, much too early. I guess we’ll all know in a year or so the final score. One thing for sure, as of now, Phil is winning in Itunes and Jessica is winning in Wal Mart and Jango and in the National Anthem gigs. The race continues and it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.¬†

      • Christopher Greene

        Phillip won and it’s over as the fat lady sang twice, Whaletasia and then Jennifer Holliday … well ok they at least screamed twice. Jess fans are such poor losers.

      • Christopher: I think using the duet with Jennifer was a bad example.¬†Most people that didn’t like Jessica, were either¬†not fans of Diva music,¬†or disliked¬†screamers. Therefore using Jennifer’s duet with Jessica¬†will not make them¬†reconcider their views but will only strengthen their hatred. I thought the Jennifer duet was one of the worst performances I have ever witnessed in my life, and yet it only just narrowed out an equally bad performance by Fantasia earlier in the same show. I think Jessica has a great voice, but that performance, at least by Jennifer was god awful, and had me diving for the remote so I could hit the mute button.

      • Christopher, Phillip won and he’ll do well as for the others I’m thinking DeAndre will get a contract.¬†I’m not really sure if the others will last, at keast Johnny Keyser made a cd…… I still can’t believe they sent him home during the tryouts.

      • Yea, i’m mad at you! not because you’ve voted for PP…but because you are such a lot of non-sense!¬†

    • Grow up!¬† Even though I didn’t enjoy Jessica’s style–I never ripped her and wished her ill….you people need to grow up and act like an adult.

    • Hey Cameo, no hitting below the belt dude. Jessica’s singing the Anthem (again?) for the NBA? Are you serious? If so, when? If finished, when is going to be the next one?

    • not nice at all
      and he will do fine
      unlike some one who has rude things to say

      • Both sides of the fans’ fence have had nasty things said and quoted to either Phil or Jess. As the good book says, “He who has not sinned, let him cast the first stone.” ¬†

        To both Jessica’s and Phil’s fans: relax, be sober, and stick to the issue at hand and stop hitting below the belt by saying foul language or expressing nasty thoughts.

      • The truth will set you free, Idol fan, but first, it will make you miserable. Comments about Phil look rude because they are true, and truth hurts.

    • Why are yo so worried about Phillip, do not weaste your time here. go and promote your Idol…..this is probably why she didn’t win, because of people like you. take your negativy elsewhere.

      • Jessica did not win because of the unfair voting system. Why would AI need revamping if that were not the case? If the voting had been done fairly, then, of course, Jessica would have won, then Joshua, the runner up, and then Colton… Phillips never sang but he succeeded in alluring those with quick fingers to vote to cast a lot of votes for him. ¬†Like I said, why would AI be revamped if there was nothing wrong with it?

      • Yo Lenny, I remember so many of Jessie’s fans (maybe you even) saying they would vote like a camel (don’t know what that means BTW) and until their fingers were numb.¬† So why didn’t you guys vote?¬† See, you did and it¬†just wasn’t enough to beat the best there was, Phillip Phillips, she couldn’t beat him.¬† AND AI is being revamped because it’s been on the air for ten years buddie, any show needs a tune-up after a decade.¬† You just don’t get it.

      • Your people such as¬†LourdesCalvinessKlandestine and Pally45 are spreading deadly virus on jessica’s page…. I’m just an observer here and i got nothing bad to say about philip, he’s a nice guy….and so is jessica. What is the problem???

  3. Glad to hear he is out of the hospital.  Wishing him a full and speedy recovery.

  4. Good to hear…I think this might have been a little more than kidney stones though.

  5. I feel relieved that, finally, it’s like the end of the tunnel for Phil’s health issues. So young and yet so frail, but I’m proud of you dude for having gone through all the adversities of life at a young age and yet come out of it without a major bump on the road. I’m not a fan of yours music-wise but I have always admired your patience and persistence, not to mention good looks, which, hopefully, will bring you to your pinnacle of success!

      • LordCalvinGeyKlein, watch your tongue, I mean your fingers (unless you type only with one finger like what uneducated people do). The stones that you throw at people will get back to your empty head!

      • @LordCalvin..:¬† Don’t listen to Lenny….he’s about Sanchez, have no idea why he spends so much time on Phillip when he obviously wants to trash him.¬† Too late Len,¬† P2 won, and you can’t change that fact no matter how much you hate.

      • Lenny: I am sure you will find that a fairly equal number of Phillipp and Jessica supporters type with only one hand. Therefore while I’m sure you only intended to insult¬†Lord Calvin¬†you have probably insulted the vast majority of people that visit this site. Not sure if that was your intention. Also considering that I learned to type at the age of 14 I’m not sure if I agree with your obviously long and well thought out belief that only¬†uneducated people type with one finger. I’m pretty sure that more than a few of my classmates did not seek an higher education, and a couple might not even have completed high school.

      • There’s nothing wrong with being “uneducated.” There’s something wrong when one types or writes like GeyLordKlein.¬†

      • I’m sick of this. If you don’t like our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner” then move to another country! It’s that simple.

        It’s because of the meaning of our national anthem that you are even able to offer a voice of dissension in the matter at all. In some other countries you would be jailed for saying anything derogatory about the country or it’s symbolisms.¬†

        Francis Scott Key wrote the poem, “Defense of Fort McHenry” during the War of 1812. This was a second attempt (after losing the Revolutionary War) by Britain to take away our freedom in this country by fueling an uprising within US territory and arming others who did not have The United States’ best interest in mind so that they could attack us from the inside while British forces launched attacks on us from the outside and also commandeered our merchant vessels and forced our own merchants into battle against their own country. The merchants’ freedoms were stripped and as they sailed their trade ships back and forth over the Atlantic Ocean, The Royal Navy would take control of our merchant ships and force our own citizens to take up arms against their own country because Britain did not have enough soldiers to man their own navy vessels. In war time British soldiers would board British merchant ships and sail out to sea to avoid being put into battle on a British war ships. While the United States initially declared war on Britain for blockading water ways that would allow for trade between The U.S. and France due to conflict between France and Britain, Britain used the opportunity and adopted these¬†despicable tactics to try and win the U.S. territory back and place us back under the oppressive¬†¬†rule of the British Monarchy.¬†

        The Battle of Baltimore was the inspiration for the poem which was later put to music and was adopted as a statement of the pride and honor of our military and our citizens ability to put aside partisan differences and come together for one common purpose during a time of national threat.

        Why shouldn’t “The Star-Spangled Banner” be our national anthem when it only serves to signify the oneness of our citizens when our country is threatened? This oneness was also displayed during the immediate aftermath of 911 as we all put aside partisan divisions and stood together to defend and avenge the attacks in New York. In that respect the words are not antiquated and the pride that is written into those words still exists to this very day.

        “O say can you see by the dawn’s early light,
        What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
        Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
        O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
        And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
        Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
        O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

      • @Taymaro…I just wanted to wish good wishes.¬† When you wrote of your accident, my heart sank.¬† My twin sister collided with her cat going down her back steps and she broke her shoulder, arm and leg…five days before she was supposed to get married.¬† Like you she didn’t complain.¬† I think you have a lot of courage and are inspirational.¬† I would only hope to have your grace.¬†¬† A speedy recovery¬†hopefully is on course for you.

    • Somebody who is so “frail” couldn’t compete week after week¬†in a contest with so much pressure against people in good health.¬†¬† He did all of the above because of his strength, raw talent¬†and faith and he won it all!

      • Very good Vanessa… Amen. I’d rather have good looks than a good voice.¬† You need not be defensive for the handsome winner! He’s good even without singing a single note.

      • Lenny, because we happen to love his voice,¬†he can’t help it if he’s nice looking, but always remember ¬†there were other nice looking guys in the contest and they didn’t win.

    • LordCalvinReKlein, I salute you for your devotion and deepest sympathy for your beloved Idol. How I wished your fanaticism¬†didn’t make you blind to the fact that he was not the greatest, just great perchance. I wish¬†Phil speedy recovery as well, that one we can agree on.

      • I do not understand your last comment Christopher, not the greatest?¬† Of course he is, HE WON!¬† America voted, he received the majority of votes, therefore he is is best.¬† Makes sense too me.

    • Ah, now I know where your negative comments about JS is coming from. I love P2 & JS, they’re great~! but you cannot deny the fact that JS is a great singer too, that can even do write her songs/ like she write her raps. haist.¬†You probably know a lot about P2 but not about JS. weigh it.

  6. Phillip is a young guy, he will be back in action real quick……At least now he can enjoy the tour ……free of pain……..
    Thanks Branden for the update…

    • Yes, Ssd, oh yeah, “thanks, Branden, for the update!” Oh yeah, as if this news on Phil’s kidney hasn’t been in the limelight since time immemorial. These fans of his are playing “pure,” as if only the fans of Jessica are “bad” people. If we were “bad,” they are worse, and even worst, and then they cast the first stone as if they had not cast stones at all. They wanna remove the specter from our eyes when they have a log in their own.¬†

      • Lenny, the update on Phil’s operation is relatively new, if not brand new. While it is true that Phil’s “kidned stones” have been widely publicized before, during, and after Season 11, Branden’s update of Phil’s six-hour surgery above is something people would wanna know.

        Two wrongs don’t make one right. If Jessica’s fans are being conceived as “bad” by Phil’s fans, Jess’ fans need not stoop to the level of the “opponent.” We can support Jessica without demonizing Phil’s personality although we can criticize the quality of his voice as it relates to the standard of good music.¬†

      • Why? Why do you feel you should criticize his voice. I get it…you don’t like him.¬† So what. He obviously didn’t need your vote. Carry on with your life.

  7. Guesty, thank you for indirectly impying that Jessica could perform; only that the example I used was limping to you, so to say.¬† I just took that example as it was often cited¬†by journalists as the “most riveting performance” of the Finale night. I trust that you would¬†neither be too self-righteous nor condescending to say that–since my example limped as did the taste of the aforementioned journalists and mine–Jessica is as rotten as the ones who say she is, and that my argument suffered from a non-objective perusal of the music competition from which Jessica was certainly robbed of victory by one who couldn’t even sing a complete song without faltering a pitch or two.

    • I will even directly say that Jessica has a great voice. As far as Jessica being robbed. This is a competion where the singer with the most votes wins, and Phillip got the most votes.This isn’t a singing competition based upon voice quality¬†only. Some people wish it was so but it isn’t, it’s American Idol. Let’s face it if it was a competion based solely on voice, I would simply stack the deck with operatic trained singers and the rest of the competition can just go home and twiddle their thumbs. I don’t think most of the others think Jessica is that rotten but they are tired of the Jessica supporters (not all) who invaded this site in the very early days of the competition and brought an ugliness in their attacks to this site.¬†Now it is an all out mud slinging competition. My favourate was eliminated and so what, I am mature enough to accept it. At the end of the day it is only a reality TV show.

      • “invading this site?” i think it just goes to show that Jessica has more fans than phillips but phillips’s fans voted much more frequently than jessica’s. this was the questionable voting system that had the ai tptb scampering for ways and means to rehash or refurbish, if you may, the image of ai as a reality show, speaking of which i might hint to you that dancing with the stars is also a reality show and yet the voting system can’t be rigged since dwts has rules and clear criteria of how to vote. now, dancing with the stars, if it not about dancing, then what is it? american idol, patterned after the british singing competition, if it is not about singing, then what is it. let us not resort to such cop-out intellectual faux pax or hoopla to even suggest that VOCAL prowess does not matter in this reality show. for, otherwise, then what would the need for a revamp mean to the management of ai if those who can’t even sing as an idol would keep on winning the title? something is amiss in the idol and it is not due to the fact that it is a reality show, but it is because the voting system has allowed discrepancy and abuse that the deserving ones are robbed of victory.

      • Yes, invading this site. Most of the culprits are from out of the country and have to come here to get ANY idol news. Everyone I know loves Phillip.¬†

      • I’m not against the format being changed Carlos. In fact I’m pretty much indifferent. As I am presently looking after my mother I was also forced to watch DWTS. Most certainly the worst dancer did not¬† neccesarily drop¬†out each week. In fact I got the impression they changed the rules somewhat during the season to try and protect certain dancers who while getting good points from judges weren’t getting support from the older and supposedly more mature viewing audience. Now if they want to change the rules of the¬† AI then fine go ahead. If they want to make it more biased towards pure singers then fine. ¬†At present though it isn’t, and the most votes were cast for Phillips therefore he wins. Don’t really see what all the whining is about. Nothing was stolen from anyone and no-one was¬†robbed. If you don’t like the format don’t enter the competition. Regardless twelve contestants have been given a much better chance to make it in this tough industry. Instead of sour grapes we should simply pour a glass of wine.

      • didn’t you know, guesty, that sour grapes make the best wine? and didn’t you know that wine connoisseurs would eat only sour grapes rather than the sweet ones? if you can’t appreciate sour grapes, then how can you appreciate the efforts of those who till the soil and trim the vine to make the winepress abound with desirable ones? sour grapes are like elephants in the room; they tell you that something is wrong and you must find a way to right the wrong. if people can’t see that something is wrong with our society by the way reality tv show is being run, then america deserves the status quo it is in right now.

        re the anthem, no i don’t think i’m obsessed as such; i was just replying a comment of cameo’s in a more dramatic, if not sarcastic way. if you noticed “obsession,” instead of “sarcasm,” then i guess i failed to appease cameo, perhaps.¬†

      • It is irresponsible to say that Jessica (sic) supporters who “invaded” this site…,” etc. It is irresponsible as it is partial or bias for Philip and against Jessica, as if only the fans of Philip had the right to “invade” and throw acid on Jessica’s face and pull her teeth so she’d look a lil more beautiful. Like I said before, both sides are guilty of this and to side with either one betrays a lack of responsibility of judgment, which I think is what characterizes the voting populace of the so-called Search for the American Idol.¬†The challenge for us readers and commenters is to stick to the arguments that will uphold the integrity of music that enhances our capacity to search for life’s meaning with the assumption that we know music to mean as “the language of the soul.”¬†
        If American Idol is not about The Voice, then we (rhetorical “we,” not the literal “we”) as Americans do not really know (1) the history of AI, (2) the power of the vocal talent to make us feel what is beyond the physical realm, (3) the meaning of “auditions,” which is the foundation of the contest, (4) the criteria of what would constitute good music, and (5) the distinctive meaning of good music regardless of or apart from our taste, which, analogously speaking, can be compared to our taste for food, wherein our own taste does not necessarily reflect the nutritional value of what we consider “good food.”

      • Christopher Greene

        Finally you admit, the girl needs much work on her beavers.

      • Carlos5118

        Carloser you know nothing about wine making. Sour grapes are never used in wine making. Grapes are usually picked for wine making when the grape is at its peak sugar content.

      • Christopher Greene

        I agree with you for once. Jess fans are not an invasion, but more like an “infestation”

      • @Carlos. No I didn’t know that sour grapes made the best wine, mind you I’ve never gotten in to the wine varieties that one normally cosumes while keeping the bottlle chilled in a paper bag. Bon apetit my dear friend.

        Your quote
        if people can’t see that something is wrong with our society by the way reality tv show is being run, then america deserves the status quo it is in right now.

        In regards to this quote. Carlos,  simply the existance of reality TV  in itself shows that something is wrong with society today. It is not a case of changing how these shows are run, as something must be done to so that society no longer has any interest in the type of crap put on the air today, all  thinly disguised as entertainment.

        TV has never really set the bar very high when it comes to decent entertainment, but at present it is downright pathetic.

  8. how will it look like when phillip sings the national anthem?..his facial expression?his weird body movements?will he play his guitar?..

    • They would rather invite Roseanne Barr first before inviting Phillips. Thar’s what LordCalvinGeyKlein was implying before. Philip can’t even sing a Dave Matthews’ song properly, much less the Anthem which requires a lot of ptich shifting and resonance durability.

      • Well he is doing something right, He has had everyones¬†attention on this site since winning Idol.¬† That is what it is all about, getting your name out there.¬† I love his style, voice, and oh yes, his smile!

      • I love Rosanne’s version of the national anthem, very few understand why she did it, but some of us do.¬†A song that glorifies war does not represent the soul of America.

        “America the Beautiful” should be the national anthem and I predict that someday it or something new, not yet written, will replace the current anthem.¬†¬†

        Maybe that is Phillip’s destiny, to write the new American anthem. I’m sure he would still let poor Jessica sing it for her sporting gigs as he would be supportive of her in any way. He is such a great and hunble human being.

    • i’d like to see (or hear) phil sing the national anthem. for one, i’m sure the television networks will just be too happy to sharpen and widen the focus of their cameras to highlight phil’s awesome handsomeness, from which the networks will certainly gather gobs of money for the ads.¬†

      for another, i’d like to hear him sing that national anthem with gusto and gravitas as he is being accompanied by other singers and accompaniment, much in the same way as he had when he sang “volcano,” and “home.”¬†

      still another, it would be interesting to see how the compositors of music would lower the notes to god knows how many octaval degrees, such that the very high notes in the middle of the anthem’s melody can still be appropriated in totu as these revisionist compositors adjust the beginning low notes of “oh, say can you see…” so, in order for phil to reach the high pitch of “banner in triump doth wave..,” then the beginner lower notes should be lowered by leaps of octaves.
      lastly, i’d like to hear phil sing with that lady who helped him to make “volcano” sound so much better… perhaps that girl could “belt” the “banner” stuff, and then towards the end, the “marching boys” in “home” could be employed to add to the glamor of the “star-spangle banner in triumph shall wave. o’er the land of the free and the HOME of the brave.” ¬†

      see… HOME of the brave; the anthem is phil’s song, indeed, let us have him sing it and i, for one, will bask in my own glory as an american who once saw this country inhabited by fearless immigrants who risked their lives in far flung places so that you young guys can enjoy and relish in freedom, including the freedom to write a comment with such profundity supposedly bereft of reactions to a mediocre topic such as one about one’s kidney stones.¬†

      • I’m quite surprised to find that you are¬†so obsessed with National Anthems. Expected more.

      • ¬†I am not American and I do not know your national anthem, and why do you always executes it somewhere – this is a purely internal matter, and your traditions. but I would like to be able to quickly get the CD P2. can somehow do without carols? In the end, let them sing JS – I do without the quiet of her recordings (no, I’m not from the Philippines and Latin America) – I do not like the plaintive ballad very much. Thanks!

      • Carloser,

        Phillip will never sing the star spangled banner because as a patriotic and peace loving American, he has no desire to sing a song about waging war. He is not alone, many Americans detest the national anthem and the signal it sends to the world. ¬†He will sing a Phillip version of “America the Beautiful.” Some of the greatest singers in history, Michael Jackson,¬†have refused to sing the national anthem.¬† As of yet, I haven’t seen anyone hit the charts with the national anthem.

        ¬†He has no desire or need to become a professional anthem singer as this would take away Jessica’s only chance for a career. Phillip is very kind and loving with the desire to help poor Jessica eak out¬†as much money as possible for her¬†greedy parents.¬†

        Carloser, Since you are so fixated on it, I think you need to find a nice Marine to marry who can fullfill your dreams of waging wars and singing about it.

        Give up Carloser, Jessica lost and NOTHING will change it EVER!!! Why don’t you try eating some jolly good kidney stone pie.

      • I’m on your side Lord Calvin..but I do believe Whitney Houston hit the charts with her rendition of the national anthem.¬† However..I like your idea about Phillip doing America the Beautiful.

      • OMG….Carlos you have way too much time on your hands!¬† You need to get a job or something to occupy your time! lol!¬† Can’t figure out how you and other big fans of Jessica can continue to complain and whine about her not winning American Idol…no conspiracy….no moral injustice….just a contest that in the scheme of things only truly affects the people who actually competed…not us the viewing public.¬† You were not wounded…scarred or damaged by the outcome.¬† Jessica seems to be doing just fine….if you guys really wanted to support her….buy her music…put your money where your mouth is!!¬† But, what seems more realistic is that you want to either stir up trouble because you have nothing better to do or you just like seeing your own posts….either way it is quite sad.

        For myself…I just hope that all of them who competed enjoyed their experience and¬†that the exposure AI provided them¬†helps them further their careers….because I am sure that is what they were all after.

        Good luck occupying your time for the next 9 months–I’m sure next year you will find someone else to ‘champion’! lol!¬† There will be someone else that has been wronged….for me I probably won’t be back….I only watched this year because I enjoyed one contestant….Phillip Phillips….and yes I did put ‘my money where my mouth is’….I bought his music…as a matter of fact I am listening to Phillip right¬†now!

      • For God’s sake people! Lighten up! Jessica sings the national anthem very well.¬† Big deal. Is that what she is going to sing in concert? Did you hear Steven Tyler total butcher it? Do you think he would rather have Jessica’s voice than the voice that made Aerosmith? Come on! Just stop with the whining!

    • One of the best renditions EVER of the national anthem was done on the guitar. If you have to ask by know nothing about music.

      • thank you.¬† and how many people would say “jimi who??”¬† how many in the music biz now even come close??

      • @lovelyday@ LMA..all the way freaking off! OMG! Seriously. Hilarious. I’m speaking of the one and only Jimi freaking Hendrix for God’s sake. Jose Feliciano..LMAO!

      • ¬† lovelyday
         jose feliciano was no flop and I would wager a bet that Jessica would be very upset if you said that in front of her.

  9. Funny how branden posted article about jessica singing national anthem at a boxing event almost making fun of her. Now she sang NA a game one of nba finals and no article about it on here altough it has been blowing up twitter and the internet. Way to nail it again jessica

    • Looky…Looky…there is an article about Jessica singing the National Anthem!!¬† Looks like Branden is not showing favoritism after all!! lol!¬† You should all be happy now.

      • Branden’s favoritism is a figment of Jessica’s fans’ imaginations. He has always been very balanced in his presentation of stories. He has expressed his opinion which he is certainly entitled to do.

  10. mmcrell, please mind your own business with regard to how i spend my time. it’s not my fault if i type and think a lil faster than you guys, not to mention that you’re neither my wife nor my husband nor my mother in law, lol.¬†

    pally45, no, steven tyler’s rendition is not better than jessica’s. the star spangled banner was originally a poetry made into song before it became our national anthem in 1931 as signed into law by president hoover. it is supposed to be sung by a professional singer who can reach a wide octaval range of notes. whitney houston became famous when she sang the anthem before an nba finals in 1983. i am not a fan of jimi hendrix; i do not like the guitar and i don’t smoke.

    • I thought Rosanne was your fav performance…
      Carloser, you are so confused.

      You would think the Hoover association would have killed it off, we are working on it.

    • You don’t have to smoke to like Jimi Hendrix! That’s just silly. Then no one would like the majority of all rock bands! You don’t like the guitar? don’t like any rock music? or pop? or country? What do you listen to on the radio?

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