Jessica Sanchez Sings National Anthem at NBA Finals

Jessica Sanchez sings national anthem

American Idol 2012 runner up Jessica Sanchez has been a busy girl since the season 11 finale.

She’s been rehearsing for the Idols Live! tour,  she did the Memorial Day Concert, she sang the National Anthem at the World Boxing Organization’s Welterweight Championship over the weekend and sang it again Tuesday night at the NBA Finals Game 1.

The 16-year-old singer opened the game between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the past, the American Idol winner has performed the Star Spangled Banner during one of the games, but since Phillip Phillips is still recovering from surgery, Jessica was the likely choice. Something tells me she’s more of a National Anthem kind of singer anyway. No offense to P2.

Jessica is a natural at singing the National Anthem and we’ve got the clip from the NBA Finals game for you to hear for yourself.




  1. “but since Phillip Phillips is still recovering from surgery, Jessica was the likely choice”–hahaha yEAH YEAH BRANDEN even PP is not undergone surgery he has NOOOOOOO chance to be invited in any event to sing your national anthem.. dont fool us or your self..he is the america n idol yes but where is he now?  because he has nothing to make proud of.

    • Please don’t put down Phillip to praise Jessica. It ruins the praise you have for Jessica.

      • @Aloha888: Read the comments of LordCalvinReKlein, how that person put down Jessica including her parents. How he wrote about the national anthem, as if that’s all Jessica can to sing… nenenenene…! I don’t think Phillips will appreciate what LordCalvinReKlein is writing. Phillips seems to be a GODLY man!

    •  Phillip will never sing the star spangled banner because as a patriotic and peace loving American, he has no desire to sing a song about waging war. He is not alone, many Americans detest the national anthem and the signal it sends to the world. He will sing a Phillip version of “America the Beautiful.”

      Some of the greatest singers in history, Michael Jackson for one, have refused to sing the national anthem. As of yet, I haven’t seen anyone hit the charts with the national anthem.

      He has no desire or need to become a professional anthem singer as this would take away Jessica’s only chance for a career. Phillip is very kind and loving with the desire to help poor Jessica eak out as much money as possible for her greedy parents.

      • The National Anthem tells the history of the United States. Our country would not have chosen the song if it is not appropriate.
        You should not put down Jessica just to praise Philip. Philip will not like you doing that because he is a very decent guy.

      • Aloha888

        The song is not about history, it is in present tense and it describes one thing: WAR. Since you don’t seem to know the lyrics, see below. There is no question which lyric best represents the real American People. I have dual citizenship and could never let “The Star-Spangled Banner” represent my American personification.

        “The Star-Spangled Banner”
        O say can you see by the dawn’s early light,
        What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
        Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
        O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
        And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
        Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
        O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

        On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
        Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
        What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
        As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
        Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
        In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
        ‘Tis the star-spangled banner, O! long may it wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

        And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
        That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
        A home and a country, should leave us no more?
        Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
        No refuge could save the hireling and slave
        From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
        And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

        O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
        Between their loved home and the war’s desolation.
        Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n rescued land
        Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
        Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
        And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
        And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

        When our land is illumined with liberty’s smile,
        If a foe from within strikes a blow at her glory,
        Down, down with the traitor that tries to defile
        The flag of the stars, and the page of her story!
        By the millions unchained,
        Who their birthright have gained
        We will keep her bright blazon forever unstained;
        And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave,
        While the land of the free is the home of the brave.

        On the other hand..America the Beautiful is timeless and captures the true soul of America as well as having much better wording and appropriate length. It is humble and unassuming.

        “America the Beautiful’

        O beautiful for spacious skies,
        For amber waves of grain,
        For purple mountain majesties
        Above the fruited plain!

        America! America!
        God shed His grace on thee,
        And crown thy good with brotherhood
        From sea to shining sea!

        O beautiful for pilgrim feet
        Whose stern impassion’d stress
        A thoroughfare for freedom beat
        Across the wilderness

        America! America!
        God mend thine ev’ry flaw,
        Confirm thy soul in self-control,
        Thy liberty in law.

        O beautiful for heroes prov’d
        In liberating strife,
        Who more than self their country lov’d,
        And mercy more than life.

        America! America!
        May God thy gold refine
        Till all success be nobleness,
        And ev’ry gain divine.

        O beautiful for patriot dream
        That sees beyond the years
        Thine alabaster cities gleam
        Undimmed by human tears.

        America! America!
        God shed His grace on thee,
        And crown thy good with brotherhood
        From sea to shining sea.

      • Mr. Old Recliner,
        The song was not written yesterday.
        Bye, I have other better things to do. You can have the site to yourself.

      • Oh here comes the symphaty effect again for the honky tonk man.. it wont work anymore. Lets face the truth PP cant sing! and OMG National Anthem Acapella? It`s funny no one is inviting him to sing ..  where is he now? At HOme!

      • Americans are more greedy nowadays. Why you accused of Jessica’s family as greedy. Look at your disney channel kids, their parents let them work for money…Come on!

      • The Disney channel parents should be arrested. Lindsay Lohan is the poster child of why NOT to push your kids into show business.

      • Michael Jackson did sing the national anthem. Back when he was still young and singing with the Jackson 5.

      • Wow, sour grape? Look, MJ would have never sung the anthem… and any anthem… not that he is peace loving and kind like Phillips (as you said) but that was his religious belief… Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t salute the flag, they don’t even vote but are fast to draw food stamps/public assistance!  Topping the chart is not a measure for one’s greatness as a singer… especially the ‘cocky’ (like you are) because they can fade very fast. In fact, I see you a warmonger, the way you wrote your piece! Jessica might have said she wants to help her parents financially but aren’t you making a bad judgment by branding them “greedy”? Whether Phillips thrives as an artist or not, Jessica, the one you despise, shall and shall, as she pursues her dreams, humbly, modestly and patiently, no matter what you and other haters say.
        LordCalvinReKlein…You are very nasty! It takes one to know one, huh!  

    • Absolutely! You cant make him sing Acapella, he cant sing! and yeah” the only belt he could do is ..O Ooo Ooooh …Home!!

    •  get over it ….. just praise Jessica and be done with the nonsense comment to PP… professional

  2. Absolutely stunning performance of our GREAT, GREAT National Anthem.

    So proud to be a U.S. citizen along side you Ms. Sanchez! This gave me chills and every time she performs this song it instills that much more pride in me to be a citizen of this great country.

    Agree with @984296a7c999fa1d456ac7279df58316:disqus . Phillip could not do it if he didn’t have surgery. Sorry, it’s just true! Glad you recognize that too Branden.

    • Phillip just isn’t that kind of singer. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have talent. We all heard the wonderful Steven Tyler butcher the song just last year.

      • I thought only Carlos was repeating himself Pally45. I read this comment of yours in the other site as well, and you use exactly the same word, “butcher.” Judge not and you will not be judged.
        And who cares about Steven Tyler? He’s 61, and Jessica is 16…  61-16… Don’t you get it?

      • @aquila..I figured what’s good for the goose is good for the gander and all that nonsense. My point was…you don’t have to be able to sing the National Anthem well to be a successful singer. 

    • A fair shake? What’s that? Some kind of a milk shake? Bitte, Gracias, Auf Wieden Sehen…

  3. It is indeed an honor to be invited to sing the National Anthem in different occasions.   I am very proud of her !!    I do not know of another 16 years old person being invited to sing the National Anthem again and again.   I bet the Idols are “Very Proud” right now to have their second runner up to be invited instead of their  ” chosen winner “.   Good for the publicity for the Idols.     

    I also thought Pia Toscano was also invited to sing the National Anthem at the Stanley Cup (hockey) Final on Monday night,  please post her NA also.  

    • Well said AI fan, yeah, AI itself must be proud that AI has an alumn as successful and prestigious than Jessica.

      • I think a number of them have sung the national anthem before games. I know I have seen Kelly, Carrie, and Jordin for sure.

    • you’re way so much kinder here pally45. afraid of the deluge of jessica’s fans? oh yeah, jimi hendrix, so why won’t you suggest to the marines for phil to play the anthem for them on a guitar. or better yet on april next year before the beginning of an annual parade in chicago or boston.

      • Um, Carlos..go back and see what I’ve said.  I do not slam on Jessica. I have always said the girl has talent. I slam on people like you who can’t just appreciate that your favorite lost and have to rip on someone who isn’t even here to defend himself. Coward. You don’t get any more American than the guitar.  Go listen to your harp.

      • I know. “Good for her,” she says. Good for AI and good for the country. Good for Phil’s kidney? according to Branden Phil’s kidney problem could be a reason why Phil hasn’t been invited? hhmmmm…  I’d be darned.

      • OMG..good for her. She sang it well. Do I have to have some sinister motive? What is wrong with all of you? is the fact that she sang it well good for the country?

  4. i’d like to see (or hear) phil sing the national anthem. for one, i’m sure the television networks will just be too happy to sharpen and widen the focus of their cameras to highlight phil’s awesome handsomeness, from which the networks will certainly gather gobs of money for the ads. for another, i’d like to hear him sing that national anthem with gusto and gravitas as he is being accompanied by other singers and accompaniment, much in the same way as he had when he sang “volcano,” and “home.” still another, it would be interesting to see how the compositors of music would lower the notes to god knows how many octaval degrees, such that the very high notes in the middle of the anthem’s melody can still be appropriated in totu as these revisionist compositors adjust the beginning low notes of “oh, say can you see…” so, in order for phil to reach the high pitch of “banner in triump doth wave..,” then the beginner lower notes should be lowered by leaps of octaves.
    lastly, i’d like to hear phil sing with that lady who helped him to make “volcano” sound so much better… perhaps that girl could “belt” the “banner” stuff, and then towards the end, the “marching boys” in “home” could be employed to add to the glamor of the “star-spangle banner in triumph shall wave. o’er the land of the free and the HOME of the brave.”  see… HOME of the brave: the anthem is phil’s song; it is thematically or titularily similar to his winning song HOME. indeed, let us have him sing it and i, for one, will bask in my own glory as an american who once saw this country inhabited by fearless immigrants who risked their lives in far flung places so that the americans of today can relish the joy of freedom, including the freedom to write a comment with such profundity supposedly bereft of which in a theme as mediocre or un-titillating as a topic about one’s kidney.

      • This is my first time to see Carlos’ comment. Thank you Carlos, you’re such a good “sarcastic” writer. I enjoyed every bit of it.

    • I completely/absolutely agree with you Carlos5118! 

      Jessica Sanchez’ talent is simply amazing.  After her rendition of the SSB I’m in the groove to battle the odds.  Way to go girl! Can’t wait for your “album”.

      Wow!  America, you can only think this girl is the rightful one to sing the National Anthem..where are the others?  I keep seeing her in big events like this….goosebumps.

      •  My thoughts run along the same line…here was a tweet posted in Jess’ Facebook page …immediately after her soaring performance at the NBA Finals..

         “From Veterans, Service members and military families. TroopSwap Washington.. TroopSwap Team@troopswap Our #NationalAnthem gives us chills! Thanks @JSanchezAI11:disqus ”
        Media has been buzzing about the performance…
        For some inexplicable reason… Jessica has been the face of American Idol Season 11
         Busy young lady … her American Idol EP/CD is #1 in the Wal-Mart pre-sell list even besting Justin Bieber…:))

      • Really amazing! AI must be proud of its “product.” Now, hopefully, Jessica has more than the 30,000 bux the Idol supposedly gave to her.

    • Your praise for Jessica will be more effective if you stop putting down Phillip. Even Jessica, I am very sure, will like you to do that.

      • Yeah girl aloha baby, how dya know that about baby chez girl? Leave Carlos5118 alone he’s doin a great job for us who cant write more than a paragraph… Hey Carlos dawwwg man, your somethin else brother but you cool dude ok?

    • well done carlos 5118,you nail it my friend,from middle east we love you as we love jessica .peace to all/

  5. Im excited for jessica’s album….im going to buy 10 pcs even theres no songs in it. Lol

    •  And that proves it about Jess fans….it’s never been about the music, her fans would by empty cds…lol

      • Come on man you’ve watched her sang the National anthem that’s why you’re posting here.  You’re envious, right!  You also follow Jessica Sanchez and what will happen to her after Idol.You heard the Coliseum announcer’s intro “the singing sensation from American Idol” and most of all the deafening applause from the fans.  She sang without any accompaniment just the rousing cheers from the crowd.  Everybody’s so very proud, let us savor the moment and give this young girl what’s due her.

      • lordcalvin…..Y not? Just like u guys voting someone who is not that good! …..Dont ever question Me/us if we buy jessica’s album even there’s no song it in! …I have money….u do have too? Hmmmmppp

      • @lizlie. No one is that good. No one would buy an empty cd case. Think about what you are saying.

      • I think that you can buy Jessica’s songs from Itunes, then download it or burn it to a blank CD. 

    •  You guys have convinced me, I can make a fortune selling blank CDs to Jessica’s fans as Jessica’s Special Editions for Dummies

      • We are not that stupid as what u think….calvin if it is from u we wont spent even a penny….lol

      • This is a free country…. laissez faire…  even blank CD’s will sell as well as blank minds like LordKlein sells too, to Pally45, al least, the other empty-headed Jessica basher who pretends he or she is not as BAD  as LordKlein. But Pally is worse than Klein ’cause s/he is cunning and a lil hypocritical, whereas Klein is affront and clear and you get what you see….

      • I am not  Jessica basher but I might be a Jessica FAN basher. You people are completely off your rockers and your meds.

  6. “Jessica Sanchez has been a busy girl since the season 11 finale.”
    Oh yeah. I wonder how she is able to, write songs/record, work on her album considering there still be be an idol tour coming up! 🙂 Happy to know Colton and Skylar, from their tweets, have composed already some. 🙂

    • Jessica can’t even read music, remember the mentoring session. She will never write or create a single song…unlike the other talents of AI.

      •  You are living proof that they allow idiots to open their mouth to draw attention…………and flies. The only thing about you that’s royalty is your A……………………..hole.

      • Have you read articles or watched interviews? She is writing her songs. She want to be a big part of her album. Why do I find myself explaining. HAHA. XD

      • LordCalvin is just jealous that Phil doesn’t get invited to sing the Anthem, but hey Lord Calvin, Marvin Gaye sang it many years ago (1983) in a different style that perhaps is good for Phil’s voice too. Hope, hope, hope LordCalvin and your misery shall be turned into dancing!

      • @Everly..he just got out of the hospital for Pete’s sake! Did you want him to sing from his bed in the hospital?  My God, people.

      • Who are you? You can’t be serious? He read music in braille. Do they have schools where you live?

  7. Telanique, thanks for the info on wal mart about Jessica’s album being # 1 now. It was only no.2 a few weeks back. ok, i’ll look it up and make some more orders for friends & family.

    • Really, been checking on it from time to’s no.2. 
      That would be great if it’s no.1 now. 🙂

  8. I have been trying to order Phillip’s album on Walmart for weeks and I can’t, it said “Not available being modified.”  I have over 5,000 friends with the same problem.

    No wait…I know what is going on…AI is preventing his sales, it’s a music industry conspiracy.

    Help Carloser…you know all about these things.

    • GeyLordKlein, what are you blabbering about? Itunes and Walmart are two different markets. Are you high GrayLordGeyKlein

      • One thing for sure, if Jessica’s albums can’t be pre-ordered, maybe because there are so many people ordering them. With Itunes, yeah, it’s true sometimes it’s hard to download especially if you’re using a PC.

    • I think you can go to Walmart yourself and pre-order the CD’s there. If Walmart won’t allow you to do so, then call the police and sue the store of discrimination. For Itunes, you can email Apple or you can go to an Apple store. 

      • Yes, LordCalvin, recline and relax. You can go to an actual, physical Wal Mart store, unless you’re not in the U. S.  If you’re in the Philippines you can go to SM city, or in Hawaii, you can go to the Wai-kiki beach shoppe.

    • I have same problem and I usually buy from Walmart with no problems, I had no trouble ordering Jessica album.

    • Not true. Try now and your 5000 or so friends can order. I’ll check this tomorrow if there’s 5000 order!  AI is not preventing his sales and no music conspiracy. AI itself, IMO, is the conspiracy.

      • Yeah, I saw Whitney Houston selling Jessica’s CD in Wal Mart…  must be a conspiracy from above. 

    • @Dolly. Nice sentence. I quote “How can they buy if they got no money?”   I can tell just from that one sentence alone, I have a lot more money than you do and that you live in a trailer park. Nice grasp of the English language.

      • Ditto. Viva Jessica. You’re simply the Best, Best, Best… Pally45 and LordKlein are trying their best to spimp their Idol’s kidney in this site. Watch out guys and gals.

      • Yeah I think Pally45 doesn’t have to do anything about it. Its LordKlein I found making negative comments about JS. 🙂

      • @Aguila..are you completely insane? The first thing I posted on here was that Jessica did a good job and good for her and I was immediately attacked. I didn’t say a word about Phillip until after that.   What is wrong with you people?  Are you all completely nuts?

      • May she rest in Peace. Hail Mary, full of grace, mother of God. Eternal Rest grant unto Whitney Houston Oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen.

      • Help Pally45…are they all homophobes from another country, another planet? I’m surprised Matt and Branden don’t do more checking of the vicious slurs for no reason.  To banter about is one thing, but to call a woman a cancer and virus is another.   Just so wrong.   Little Jessica wouldn’t be happy at her representation.

  9. I have a way to finally end all this bickering between Phillip and Jessica fans.

    I know, lets have a contest, put them both on national TV, have them sing a bunch of songs to show their range of talent and then let America vote for who is the best. Then whom ever gets the most votes wins and is crowned the best singer/performer and the other one is runner up because they are not quite as good as the winner.

    Sounds like a fair way to settle this bickering…

    • If the voters are some craz guys like you Lord Klein, forget it, we might as well do the blue bang game sis boom ba… boom chica boom, booom chica boom, sis boom bax…and then the person with the most kidney stones win… lol…. lol.

      • What is with you people and your homophobia? Number 1, I’m assuming Lord Calvin is a guy and I’m a girl so not sure how we could be homo or what was it..something? Where are you people from?

      •  Yes…I’m all man and my loins have produced several fruit.

        I just happen to think some young men are hot …  sexuality is fluid like vodka & gin

      • To Craig:  As for LordCalvinReKlein….I’m not shoo-hooor ? ? ? Check out his pinky finger ….or his eye brow…. but i have the feelin’ he is…ahuuuh! He’s chatty, chatty!! CheezMc..Chismoso!!  

      • Pally45 and LordCalvinReKlein love comin’ to Jessica’s blog…. I think they’re really entertained by Jessica’s fans…. if not true, they should have been somewhere else… Mabuhay! welcome!

    • Hahaha, LordKlein, just let them eat bananas in front of you and Pally. Whoever has the kidney that most absorbed the bananas will win. Isn’t that fair? And yes, go for an 8 inch banana, at least, and the yellow ones with a certain type of ripeness… so it will be easy for Phil to swallow and for you LordKalvin and Pally to look at Phil’s mouth and how he swallows the banana…

    • To Pally45: Okay, let’s say this is jessica’s page….You’re right, this is actually Matthew & Branden’s blog…. but since they’re talking about Jessica….It’s Jessica on Matthew & Branden’s blog….and you and LordCalvinReKleiner love engaging conversation with Jessica’s fans on here… I guess, Philip Philips page is boring that’s why you both are here….

      • I love engaging with the Jessica fans because I had no idea there were this many completely deranged people with the stalker mentality. Besides, I have nothing against Jessica.

      • To Pally45: Oh! but birds of a feather flock together!! Are you deranged too? Stalker mentality??? You and LourdesCalvinessKlandestine are the real nosy and stalkers on here!!!

  10. She is such a phenomenal Diva, di ba? I’m soooooo proud of you Jessica, not proud in the Capital Sin Pride sense but in the sense of being happy as a human being who can appreciate a real vocal talent. The last time I heard the Anthem sung this beautifully was in the early 90’s when Whitney Houston sang it in Superbowl xxv in Tampa, Fl. 

  11. I still can’t order Phillip’s album on Walmart. They say I have to buy a Walmart card.

    • Forget it, LordKlein, they know you got no money lol. Stores usually sell only to those who have the money… lol

    • No big deal LordCalvin, Phil’s album ain’t worth buying anyway. Never mind, move on and buy Joshua Ledet’s album instead or Hollie’s, or even De Andre’s… Yeah… my Lord! Lord of the Flies and the Fleas…

  12. I have been trying to order Phillip’s kidney stones from Walmart and iTunes both. I can’t, it keeps saying  “Not available being modified.”  I have many friends with the same problem.

    No wait…I know what is going on…AI is preventing all these sales, it’s a Kidney-Music industry conspiracy.

    Help Carloser…you know all about these things.

    • I know, Ryan Seacrest also said it on the radio, that a lot of people are having trouble buying Jessica’s and the other Idols’ albums. There is a glitch somewhere that I’m sure will be resolved.

  13. Jessica, congratulations dear. All the best for you and your sterling career. To Philip and his fans, don’t grieve my friends, be happy, remember: when God closes the door, God opens a window. There is light at the end of the tunnel as there is another kidney to use even if the other one would be removed altogether.

    •  Do you know what Karma is? You Jess fans are dooming her to have a serious medical condition with your bashing of Phillip’s serious medical problems.

    • Oh yeah Bugsy, cool man. Very good, yeah we need only one kidney to survive. I think LordKidneyKlein needs 7 kidneys or even more. Thank heavens, Phil only needs one.

      • One Kidney, One Guitar, One Pawn Shop (robbed recently by one gun man, goodness gracious!), and One fan who can text or vote a million times. But sorry, No Anthem for him.

      • that is…when you really take good care of your kidneys….What if both kidneys not working??    Yea bugsy, it would open a window with iron bars without escape…

      • He won at the American Guitar Competition. 

        GUITAR: Girls Under the Influence Texting And Roaming… a zillion times just to vote for him.

      • @Dolly. Unbelievable. You think it is funny to laugh at someone’s health issues?  You are not funny.

      • Zen, Dolly, Aguila, & Bob aka Carlos5118, aka Carloser

        Phillip won American Idol and Jessica is an American Idol loser….Nothing will ever change that, America has spoken. The adult thing for you to do is accept that.

      • Yea Pally, i don’t know exactly what bugsy’s talkin’ about? Bugsy,could you elaborate what you said?  and please explain the window….lol

      • To LordCalvinReKlien:  It was rigged!  can you accept it? Let’s just wait for 1 year and see who’s gonna’ be in the lime light… Jessica is already there!!! 

      • Robert the tom kat:  Not that it matters, but I get the real strong feeling that you’re not from around these parts.   I don’t know any other man who gets so caught up in Idol, other than maybe Carlos a few wks ago!  I heard your girl may open for JLo in the fall, that should make you happy.  You know Jennifer wanted her all along, don’t you?

    • Bugsy, I think what you meant was….God opens another door…My, how could you let someone pass through the window, only thieves do that??? lol

    • @robertomkat. Stop with the whole rigged thing. If it were rigged, Jessica or Joshua would have won.  They were pimping those two from the beginning. The viewers just didn’t agree.

      • Nop, that’s what you think, and you’re in big denial…. I believe everything was set up. Jessica believed that she’s better off winning the second place because she has many gig offers from famous music producers and she certainly didn’t want to be tied up with American Idol forever, she got better offers from outside… 

      • Bobtommycat:  Was the save rigged also…or was she meant to go weeks before she finally got eliminated by Phillip?

  14. Hey Jessica’s fans, Please how can I pre-order a CD of hers (and Joshua’s and De Andre’s)? From Wal Mart? I have no card so I guess I have to go to an actual physical store? A serious request, please, I need a lot of copies to be brought abroad in the next few weeks.

      • Hello LordKalvinGeyKlein. How is your pal Pally45 doin? Huh.. huh.. dudette… Can you also order some condos for me from a real estate agent, huh darling…

      • Thank you, anyway. But I think I can do this on my own later as advised by a Jessica fan.

      • I know you’re sincere my GeyLordKlein… Sorry your Highyasness… Very sincere, you, and I am very str8.  Thank you pal and your pally45.

      • Me too, I’m very sincere. Can you order some condominiums with posters of Jessica Sanchez in its room?  Please, myLordGeyKlein

      • LennyI own a vacation condominium complex in Fort Lauderdale, how about I put joint pics of Phillip & Jess together in them

      • Please, my sister LourdesCalvinessKlandestine, yeah, put their pics in each room, except in the bathroom I only need Phil’s pic there, Ok sis?

      • Lenny
        “except in the bathroom I only need Phil’s pic there”

        Ewww, you masturbate to Phillip’s pic

      • I told ya…LordCalvinReKlein and Pally45 enjoy the company of Jessica’s fans… don’t forget me daddy’o…muah!

      • You’re crazy!! I hate you daddy’o!  Lenny wanted Philip’s poster in the bathroom so she get to go fast!!! You know what philip does…Ooooh, aaahh, eeehhh!  philip isn’t only good lookin’ but also a good laxative! lol 

  15. Hey Mcgrath, if Wal Mart is too far you then you can go to any gas station and buy a debit card of some sort. Go online to the Walmart site and do a SEARCH for Jessica Sanchez and you will be directed to the pertinent department. Or, you may just surf and go the Entertainment section of the site, and then go to Pre-order under music. If you see Bieber’s pic, hit that pic as well and you will also see Jessica in there, and just follow the lead of the browser.

  16. Jessica! You out did yourself last night singing the National Anthem. My son is a Thunder Drummer and said there were many tears. He said you were the BEST they ever had sing it. He said the game and fans were electric! We had 22 people at my daughters house and we were all moved to tears. No one they get will be able to top yours! Thunder Up!!! Thank you!

  17. lol… on Memorial Day concert…. she was chosen to sing the SSB when she was still on American Idol…. lol… they did not choose anybody else, only Jessica… And Pacquiao chose her again, not PP….

  18. Could everybody respect each other opinion. Never respond to an opinion of  other viewers. Just praise  both idols without hating & saying bad things to both them. Be a Civilized person for once in your life. Geeez!  

  19. “but since Phillip Phillips is still recovering from surgery, Jessica was the likely choice. Something tells me she’s more of a National Anthem kind of singer anyway. No offense to P2.”

    honestly Branden, it seems this is an offense to Jessica.. shows how you dislike her and how biased you are as a writer/ blogger!! let’s see how Philip’s career is after the Idol Tour!!

    •  I agree that statement is actually a sarcastic remark not intended for Philip but obviously for Jessica. It’s just funny with the ” no offense to Philip ” remark.

    • it seems to me that branden doesn’t know how difficult it is to sing a song set on an octave and a half like the spangled banner. an octave and a half–philip phillips can’t even sing a song perfectly set on only 1 octave, much less and a half. an octave is the range of notes from do re mi… to the higher do, of which most songs are set. “volcano,” for example, is set on exactly one octave, and yet even damien rice had to sing close to falsetto in that part where he “bleeds…” that is why that song sounds better with the girl at the background to minimize the flatness of the singer as he goes several notes higher.

      in the criteria of judging a singer, this ability to sing a wide octaval range of voice would fall under “pitch.” average singers like you and me would become pitchy (that is, becoming flat or sharp as we try to reach a high note), in singing a whole song set on one octave. so, some would just rather “rap” as rapping only entails a note or 2 like the gregorian chant.  

      you can actually give yourself a grade based on this octaval range, say, try to sing and see if you can reach the pitch from the lower DO to the higher DO. if you can do that perfectly, then you get an 8 for your grade… do re mi fa so la ti do… if you can sing an octave and a note higher, your score will be 9 , for those who can sing an octave and a half, your score would be 11 or 12. singers like whitney, michael jackson, mariah c, celine dion, the filipino regine velasquez, and jessica sanchez can reach all the way to 16  or more (2 octaves). now if this is not a nature-given talent, then idk what is.

      • You know nothing about music, but your acting is good.

        At best, Jess is 1.75 octaves and she is flat in her lower 20% registry.

      • To LordCalvinReKlein: Are you really the lord of all lords?? You’re all knowing!! Why would they pick Jessica to sing the anthem in several huge events if she’s a poor anthem singer?? Now tell me!! lords don’t lie!!  You’re in big denial….

      • To pally45: Oh Come on Pally, obviously, you’re in denial! Yes, big events!! She was on national tv! That wasn’t big for you? Yea, you and your senseless big mouth! I saw PP’s page…the comments didn’t even reach 100 and the other page got only 38 comments…I find you and your friend, LourdesCalvinessKlandestine really boring and sarcastic on your comments!! You both should go on that PP’s boring pages because Jessica’s fans got already bored with your negative and shallow remarks. In the first place, you’re PP’s fans and you don’t belong here, you just trying to insinuate doubts and negative remarks on Jessica’s page….You’re the real unhappy person! Don’t fool yourself! This is Jessica’s page, and not PP’s. Why come to this page when you’re so negative about Jessica??? Isn’t that something?!!! You and your foolish pride!!! Get over it!! Don’t judge based on what you feel because feeling deceives self….feeling has too much pride!(enemy of God) liar! Domineering! self conceited! it’s all for their own glory!!  and you called Jessica’s fans stalkers and deranged…. Tell me the truth! Thinkers are the doers!! You creep! 

      • To Pally45: Enough is enough!! We got to get rid of the virus on here!!! You’re such a deadly cancer!!!!

      • How in the name of sanity, can you possibly call ME the cancer? I’m not the one insulting people and calling names.  Apparently, you don’t understand English. Read againl, tomkat.  Someone is a chickenbrain…some is gay..oh the horror.

      • You owe to support your idol PP on his page instead of spreading virus on Jessica’s page…. I don’t have to ask you but you’re INSECURED!

      • Insecured? lol..hmm. This is NOT Jessica’s page. I have told you countless times, it’s Matthew and Branden’s page. Jessica doesn’t read this.

      • bobbytomkat:  In response to ur comment below.  What a joke, u r comparing the number of posts on this INTERNATIONAL site to someone’s popularity.  If that were the case, Jessica Sanchez would have won American Idol by a landslide.  All of the polls Matthew and Branden conducted had her beating everyone!  This is one little site dude.  When the reality of this sinks in, you will see the truth.  Why does it pain you so that she lost to call a human being a cancer and a virus.  You are the sick one to love and adore a girl who sang on a tv show.   Join reality and in the meantime, listen to “Home.”  It’s a catchy song, can’t get it out of your head, maybe it will calm you down.

      • To Pally45:  Yes, i still call it Jessica’s page or thread…because this page is about Jessica singing the national anthem… didn’t you see the picture and the write-up above. Do you have common sense??!! You only want to stick to your own opinion…

      • As for Vanessa’s 2nd d’ motion… I’ll get back to you later dear, got no energy right now… Pally, yes, i’m still learning English. i didn’t grow up speaking English at home. I may not be fluent, but i’m sure i’m dead right and i make sense…lol I don’t hate PP, he’s a humble guy. God  exalts a humble person. I just don’t like people bashing on Jessica….She came 2nd in the competition…Why still bashing on her??? Is there something about Jessica that you want to talk about her all the time??? That only shows that she shines!!!  

  20. I hope AI gives the other 8 touring Idols a chance to sing at some event besides the tour.  It seems like it’s been the Jessica show the past couple of weeks that gets publicized here…what about the others?  Hollie?  Elise (not enough of her on the Idol finale, BTW), Joshua, Colton?  Don’t get me wrong…I love Jessica’s voice, and there’s no question she can carry the tune, but it would be nice to give some press to the other touring Idols.

    •  As long as the “Tune” stays out of her lower register that is flat as a penny.

  21. She’s been a favorite to sing the national anthem because she’s really good. No doubt.

    • No…it’s because no one else wants to sing a War anthem…Michael Jackson refused to sing it

  22. On The Star-Spangled

     the lyrics come from “Defence
    of Fort McHenry”, a poem written in 1814 by the 35-year-old lawyer and amateur poet, francis scott key, after witnessing the bombardment of fort mchenry (baltimore) by the british royal navy ships during the battle of fort mchenry in the war of 1812.

    the poem was set to the tune of a popular british song written by j. s. smith for the anacreontic society, a men’s poetic society in london, a club whose members would make poetry from 7 syllable line to 13 syllable meter, as can be gleaned by this example: Busy, curious,
    thirsty fly,

    Drink with me, and
    drink as I;

    Freely welcome to my

    Could’st thou sip and
    sip it up.

    Make the most of life
    you may;

    Life is short and
    wears away.

    the star-spangled banner’s poetic meter follows an 11-13 tempo with the endings of the syllables rhyming towards the end of each line, such as:
    early light “in the first line.. rhyming with “the perilous fight” in the 3rd line
    “twilight’s last
    gleaming” in the 2nd line..rhyming with “so gallantly streaming” in the 4th”the bombs bursting
    in air” in 5th with “our flag was
    still there” in 6th”banner yet wave” in the 7th line…rhyming with “home of the
    brave” in the 8th.

    the Anacreontic song (To Anacreon in Heaven), on which star-spangled was set, with various lyrics, was already
    popular in america. set to key’s poem and renamed “The
    Star-Spangled Banner”, it would soon become a well-known american
    patriotic song. 

    with a range of one and a half octaves, it is known for being
    difficult to sing. although the poem has four stanzas, only the first is commonly sung today.

    wow, a range of one and a half octaves! It is a difficult song to sing. there have been so many famous persons who have attempted to render an interpretation of the anthem, and thus far, there have been only two who have given it the most formidably touching and perfect rendition: Whitney Houston in 1991 in Tampa and Jessica Sanchez, now for three times in a row in less than a month. we are witnessing a history in the making in the music industry in the person and performance of jessica. i am happy to be a part of this historical event, notwithstanding harsh jessica critics to whom i won’t stoop down lest i’d give a hint of giving credence to their ignominious malevolence.


    • Politics aside the only anthem I really have any time for is the Russian National anthem. Rather not know the translation of the lyrics though.

      • the melody of the russian national anthem is very similar to the catholic or baroque songs of the renaissance displaying the characteristically magnificent victory of the roman catholic church against the turks as an aftermath of the crusades that began way before in the 11th century. true to form, russian composers of the anthem in the 2oth century set the melody of the song that could capture the imagination of the russians in the similar vein of reminiscing “the glory that was greece and the grandeur that was rome.” the russians are virtually catholics, only that their religion bears another name under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox church.

        if you have attended or listened to a very high roman catholic mass, as in the funeral service of a pope, you will hear this type of “triumphalistic” music… so victorious, so glorious. 

        in contrast to the sbb, the russian anthem can’t sound beautiful without all the regalia and flair of a multi-vocally talented choir and a full live orchestra. the star-spangled banner can be sung by one person without accompaniment, for its profundity lies not so much in the melody as in its poetic message of a patriot who saw his country in turmoil and near devastation and yet not succumbed to the test of time and the havocs of war. sbb does not speak of glory nor triumph of the country but on the bravery of a people who believe that the best in the world can only be bought at the cost of great pain. it is a well written poetry; it is a beautiful song, much more so when it is sung by someone who knows someone actually fighting for his or her country’s and other peoples’ freedom in foreign lands.

      • @Carlos. Cheers for the info. Does that now make me a supporter of the church? I certainly hope not.

    • Must not be too hard to sing, Rosanne nailed it!!

      I think I will write a poor loser anthem for you and the rest of the Jess fans.
      Maybe with a range of 3 octaves for Beyonce to sing…
      oh poor Jess can’t handle that it’s over 1.5
      There goes her Beyonce wannabe dreams….
      Poor, poor Jess, super loser anthem girl 

      • Hey sistah… I bet You can’t write like Carlos Why are you so envious, or Why you so envious I guess is the proper way to communicate with you. Beyonce can only sing up to 1.675 octave…  you should buy an iphone and download an application that will teach you how to count the decibels to determine you own range, sistahKlein…

      • You have an iphon store in the South side, sistah? lol..  If you can’t find it there, try the Bronx brotha or sistah darling..

      • Shut up daddy’O! Let go! Enough is enough! You talk a lot of none sense, You’re not truthful, just sour-grapes….Pssssst, Silence is eloquent. 

    • Hopefully P2 will take a page from the Bon Jovi manual and opt for the more melodic and less aggressive “America The Beautiful”  for public gatherings.  And to any nay sayers who think they’ll take a shot at Bon Jovi here.  Go sell 200 million albums and then criticize.

      • Hey Pal, it’s 2012, not 1982… Bon Jovi? I could even hardly remember Britney and the Backstreet Boys. Donald Trump and Paris Hilton can have 1 billion people buy their book or album, who cares? It does not make Paris a hell of a singer and Donald a writer. P2? God and America bless him, but sorry, he ain’t a singer. He’s lovely and handsome, alright, but ain’t a singer. He can play the guitar and pinch his kidney for all I care, but no, he ain’t a singer pal. But if you like him, ok, I like him too. In fact I love him but he’s already taken. He’s one of the most gorgeous men on this planet. But singer? No, no, no… and NO. Please send me a pic of his and I’ll buy it for a million bucks. As to his CD album, no way, I’ll but his video album but I’m not gonna listen to him, will just look at him.

      • @Aguila..shows how much you know about music. Bon Jovi has been putting out music for decades. Try changing whatever station you listen to once in a while.

      • Not even Bon Jovi can reach the high notes of SBB, much less P2. Get real you guys endeared to P2. He can’t even imitate Damien Rice without going flat. It’s so unbelievable how tone-deaf & musically-challenged many people have become. Why are we so still blinded by good looks. Gosh, it’s the 21st century, the third millennium, and we still are a shallow and superficial people. We mistake the good looks for a good voice. This was why Joshua Ledet never made it to the Top 2 and Colton’s not making it to the Top 3, and Jessica’s not making it to the Top 1.  And Philip? Gosh, he would not have even been qualified to the Top 10 had he not have good looks to boot. 

      • Mary

        P2 can’t wear a slutty dress like Jess does either and I’m glad.
        I hope he does nothing like her, including the singing of the War anthem.
        It’s shameful that Jess tries to push war on the world with her limited talent.

      •  @ GayCalvingayKlein.why do you keep on mentioning JS’s slutty dress? why don’t you just buy one yourself and wear it. It will look good on you bet yaaaaaaaaaa.

      • To LordCalvinReKlein: You’re really bad! Enough of  your insults to Jessica!! You know that it wasn’t her choice to wear all those slutty type of dresses…and why do you fight with a 16 year old girl?!! I think you’re really too much!!! and i also think you’re effeminate!!! In Tagalog, we say “Bakla”!! if you’re not, you don’t insult or fight a 16 year old girl. shame on you daddy’O! no wonder Lenny calls you   “LourdesCalvinessKlandestine” lol

      • To LordCalvinReKlein: You’re really bad! Enough of  your insults to Jessica!! You know that it wasn’t her choice to wear all those slutty type of dresses…and why do you fight with a 16 year old girl?!! I think you’re really too much!!! and i also think you’re effeminate!!! In Tagalog, we say “Bakla”!! if you’re not, you don’t insult or fight a 16 year old girl. shame on you daddy’O! no wonder Lenny calls you   “LourdesCalvinessKlandestine” lol

      • To LordCalvinReKlein: You’re really bad! Enough of  your insults to Jessica!! You know that it wasn’t her choice to wear all those slutty type of dresses…and why do you fight with a 16 year old girl?!! I think you’re really too much!!! and i also think you’re effeminate!!! In Tagalog, we say “Bakla”!! if you’re not, you don’t insult or fight a 16 year old girl. shame on you daddy’O! no wonder Lenny calls you   “LourdesCalvinessKlandestine” lol

      • To LordCalvinReKlein: You’re really bad! Enough of  your insults on Jessica!! You know that it wasn’t her choice to wear all those slutty type of dresses…and why do you fight with a 16 year old girl?!! I think you’re really too much!!! and i also think you’re effeminate!!! In Tagalog, we say “Bakla”!! if you’re not, you don’t insult or fight a 16 year old girl. shame on you daddy’O! no wonder Lenny calls you   “LourdesCalvinessKlandestine” lol

      • To LordCalvinReKlein: You’re really bad! Enough of  your insults on Jessica!! You know that it wasn’t her choice to wear all those slutty type of dresses…and why do you fight with a 16 year old girl?!! I think you’re really too much!!! and i also think you’re effeminate!!! In Tagalog, we say “Bakla”!! if you’re not, you don’t insult or fight a 16 year old girl. shame on you daddy’O! no wonder Lenny calls you   “LourdesCalvinessKlandestine” lol

    • You wanna borrow money from me, Lord…? Or, may I give you my debit card number? Try calling 1-877-Philipi

    • Hey hey hey my dear sistah LourdessKlein.  How are you my dear? Me too, I can’t download Jessica’s songs, can you help me please.

  23. Branden, do you really have to mention why PP wasn’t able to sing the National Anthem? It is Jessicas moment, and you have to respect that. JS fans know that you dislike her, and since you do, stop mentioning her here.

      • Same as you pally, we’re never happy. Why do you hate jessica so much? Are you ever happy, PhilipPallypiippy?

      • @Aguila…I’m very happy.  I do not hate Jessica. I have said she is talented and seems like a nice grounded kid.  On the other hand…some of her obsessed fans..that’s a different story.

      • Oh yeah, I will never be happy unless AI reverses its decision to declare Jessica Sanchez as the Winner instead of Philip the Handsome. I hope you’re happy now that you know, Pally45. 

        AI must uphold the truth and the integrity of the Reality Show and not allow some bungling bunglers to burglarize or bungle the Idol by the bundles and bundles of bubbles they rumble and fumble on their fuming fons.

      • pally45

        And they wonder why we like like watching the train wrecks called “Jessica’s fans”

    • likoy, please, forget about Branden. I don’t think he/she will ever like Jessica (is Branden a man’s or woman’s name?). Do you think Branden likes Philip more than Jessica because of how and what he writes about both or either of them? 
      Likoy, what is your point? Whatever it is, Jessica is the Best, don’t worry as she’s surpassed Justin Bieber already in Walmart’s sales. Justin Bieber? Read my lips–Justin Bieber. Jessica won over Justin Bieber!!! It’s like the end of the world! But poor Phil, he can’t even surpass the speed of his kidney stones and the burglars who robbed his family’s pawnshop. He’s a loser. Are you happy now, likoy?

    • “It is Jessicas moment”
      WTF….it’s Phillip’s you *ss, he won AI, not Jessica. Jessica who is so limited to anthem singing.

      • LordCalvinReKlein…..What I meant of moment is the page or the blog Branden made…not the winner of “for the WGWG AI”. He made this page mentioning that JS performed in all 3 BIG events, why he has to mention PP. 
        Please understand the whole message before you make a comment..It seems that you have difficulty in understanding English.

      • WTF American idol!!  We have the world Idol okay? You! so insulting and only can fight with a 16 year old Jessica Sanchez!  No wonder Lenny calls you  LourdesCalvinessKlandestine!! Effeminate!! Yea! A straight guy normally don’t do this… MamaKlandestine…get a grip!!!

      • Let go your impulse…don’t let it rule over principles!  Feeling is  selfish, liar, domineering, boastful and it deceives self!   God has given you higher power to be wise…. don’t judge based on what you feel… let go! let go!

      • @robertomkat, why does any poster’s sexuality have to do with anything? Are you a homo phobe like your buddy Lenny?

      • To Pally45: Oh no pally, we  are not homo-phobe….the fact that we always mention it is because homosexuals in the Philippines are real fun human beings! and very creative…. and that’s why i love to tease LourdesCalvinessKleindestine! Mother Superior…where art thou??? missed you! lol

  24. Please People ,this bickering needs to stop.Contest is over.They’ll both go their own way ..Let’s see what they can do…BTW the Anthem was written very long ago when we were at war!!!!

    • Will you please stop telling people what to do? Is that the way you treat your mother?

      • In real life, only the Judge can actually tell you what to do, Aguila and Carl.

    • There was never a contest. There was a reality show that was un-real. If there was such a contest, it would have been Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez who’d have belted it out to win the crown. 

      • are so correct.  It was unfair, it never was a contest, Phillip had it at auditions when he killed it on Thriller.   He won it there, the season was purely for our entertainment to hear him sing!

      • Vanessa dear, it wasn’t for your entertainment….it was actually  obsession for Philip, ahuuh!! Now don’t get me wrong….there’s nothing wrong with that…i just thought that’s a very appropriate word to describe it… Again, it’s OBSESSION.

  25. I still can’t order Phillip’s album on Walmart.  It’s a conspiracy to keep  Phillip down.

    • Hey sistah, how are you, my dear..  Yeah, they all conspire against your boyfriend Phil’s voice.. lol

  26. ” in the past,AI winner has performed the SSB during one of the games,but since PP is still RECOVERING from surgery,Jessica was the LIKELY CHOICE.And that was accdg. to Branden. I can’t imagine PP singing the SSB  with only one note. Even if Jess wasn’t their choice,they would ask Joshua or Hollie to sing it ,not PP.

  27. My four year old twins heard JS sing.  One of them started giggling.  The other said: mommy, why is she screaming, is she sad?  At that moment, I quickly turned on Nick, Jr. so as to not traumatize them any further!

    •  my 4 year old son said,momma why is that white guy with guitar wearing the same clothes and looked as if he just got out of bed and hasn’t showered…hehehehehe

      • I certainly hope you reprimanded your son for being rude and for prejudging people. I’m sure you are a good mother and would want the best for your child,  get him the best education possible and treat all people with respect. He might be giving you a warning there with his comments. He is only four though and I’m sure it’s not too late. I have the utmost confidence in you to take the necessary actions.

      • Guesty, you should not blame the mother of the 4 yr old son. You should blame yourself and people like you who support shabbiness in dressing that betrays a lack of respect and  social graces before people. You can perhaps blame the mother, too, but do it without appearing as if you’re defending the shabby but handsome guy. What does the handsome white guy think? That he can get away with it because of the color of his skin and the eye-candiness of his face? Well, birds of the same feathers flock together. How I wished you’d fly elsewhere to a place where timid people can just be enslaved and be tolerant of your superiorly-complected white trashed culture.

      • I’d hardly call P2 shabbily dressed my dear.  By the way over half of my life has been spent in SEA working with NGO’s where I have seen many people go without essentials or even prostituted themselves in some case just so they can spend way more than their meagre  income allows on their attire and lightening creams just so they can try to not be looked down upon by the very small elite classes. It’s the first time in my life I’ve been called white trash, but the way you describe the alternative, I’ll take that as a compliment.

      • To Guesty: I’m with you on your view.  It’s not only physical beauty is important, but also Inner beauty…. What is essential is invisible to the naked eye.

      • So what about the less fortunate people, if they can’t dress up nicely, should we look down on them?? Certainly not! Having nice clothing outside but not nice inside is all hypocrisy!!  Guesty, i’m not PP’s fan but i do believe in what you’ve said and i am very proud of your past NGO job!! God bless!

      •  Robertomkat, you didn’t get me. Being in American Idol, i think that you should dress up properly since there will be millions of viewers who will watch you.I’M NOT REFERING  here to less fortunate people specially people going to church. I’m just refering to artists,who will be performing in front of a lot of audience in the future.

      • Tell him, sonny boy, this is what you should aspire to be.  A non-pretenious young man who just won American Idol.

      • idon’tgetya, please no offense… for a guy like Philip Philips, he prefers the casual type, humble, not too much of glitters like Liberace. Didn’t you notice, most rock band vocalists wear casual outfit? Chris Daughtry worn t shirt during the recent National Memorial Day concert, Sting vocalist also wears casual outfit, and many more. I think it all boils down to whatever clothes one feels more comfortable to wear, in other word, it is a preference…

      • However, women singer/artists are very different…they love to change nice outfit all the time….except for rock singers/artists…Actually, some of them look really messy! lol

      • idon’tgetya, please no offense… for a guy like Philip Philips, he prefers the casual type, humble, not too much of glitters like Liberace. Didn’t you notice, most rock band vocalists wear casual outfit? Chris Daughtry worn t shirt during the recent National Memorial Day concert, Sting vocalist also wears casual outfit, and many more. I think it all boils down to whatever clothes one feels more comfortable with, in other word, it is a preference…

    • I pity your children. They will grow up tone deaf like you Vanessa. Just pray they won’t get deaf altogether or get some kidney stones.

      • Okay stop. Slamming on people’s children is totally out of line. You should be ashamed of yourself, as should the three people who liked your comment. Grow up! This is American Idol..not life and death.

      • @pally45:  haha.  It’s kinda scary to read comments from the late night posters!  It was my own fault for treading into Jessica territory.   When someone doesn’t have a legitimate post, they go for the jugular!  Fortunately my daughters don’t know the ugly side of life yet.

      • Aquila…I’m going to the Hamptons to meet up with my family in the morning.  What are you doing?  Going to the mall in mom’s car and running to your room to slam more of Phillip’s fans.  I’ll be thinking about you (well actually I’ll never think about you again) and when we’re having dinner at one of the finest restaurants in NY.   XOXO

      • @Leigh, I see you have a firm grasp on the English language. Not. Your sentence, if you want to call it that, makes no sense.

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus it makes no sense?? or its you having little brain to understand simlpe english..dont question just saying and if you dont understand it.. the hell i care.

    • How can you have kids Vanessa? Your mother told me you were a man! So the sex-change transfer was very successful, huh. Good for you, Van Aass a Vi atch

      • Marvy, have a talk with your family (if you have one).  I think it’s time to discuss having your brain dissected (if you have one) to help future generations from the serious mental dysfunction you suffer from.  Good luck to you in all of your pain.

    • And who cares what your twins think? How presumptuous of those kids. Like mother like twins, you deserve to be thrown into a playground with nothing but kidney stones.

      • Poor poor georgette.   It is very entertaining to go to the playground with toddlers.  You should try it sometime, you might learn something.  They are much more mature than you are, and they have more fun.

    • Vanessa, I was ready all your comments below and I can say… are not a good influence to your kids…It means to say,  that whenever you are sad or whatever, you are screaming because it is what your kids say. They say what they have seen. POOR YOU! 

      If Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, late Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson, Aretha Franklin and all the Divas reach high notes, does it mean they are sad too? NO! the best way to confront the situation for me, is to tell your child, that “NO DARLING, she is SINGING” a JS fan or not, you are more knowledgeable than them…What you did was purely an act of ignorance. 

  28. @ GayCALVINReKline   since you are the queen of fashion, why don’t you give advice to you wgwg on how to dress up properly specially when he’s going to sing on TV in front of millions of viewers. I noticed that he was wearing the same clothes while everyone else were dressed out and looking great during the whole contest.He always looked as if he rolled out of bed……BTW i liked the slutty dress of JS….

    • I’m Jessica’s fan but i don’t see anything wrong about PP’s outfit….That’s how simple and very humble he is….that’s his own expression, none of our business! Inner beauty is also important, what is essential is invisible to the naked eye…(Copywrite) lol  

      • I see thousands of people go to church in shorts and very casual outfit to meet with God! Why people don’t notice this….

      •  well if you don’t see anything wrong with his outfit fine. I respect your opinion on him.But sorry to say , that’s how i see him. I hope when he gets really famous GayLord deKline , his buddy might want to give him some fashion tips.

      • idontgetya: lol… You’re funny!  but where is our Mother Superior, LourdesClavinesskladestine??  He is probably busy polishing his nails. lol   

      • but i know you still have to see how a singer/artist performs… an you know, a vocalist in a band doesn’t have to wear formal someone attending a prom. 

    • He did not wear the same clothes. He wore what he was comfortable in, but they were not the same. Have you ever been to a concert? Most artists are dressed comfortably. They don’t come out and sing in evening gowns are tuxedos.

  29. @ LordCalvinReKlein: You have dual citizenship? That’s why you have “dual brain”! One side, to put down someone, the other side, to elevate someone by putting down the other. Writing  long, long verses on this page makes me know more WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE! . You’re humiliating your very self, yeah? 

    • i know, but phil’s fans can’t accept that part of life’s reality. phil is not that bad either but phil’s fans think he’s the best of the best. their basis? only one basis: that americans voted for phil to be the best. and yet now, it’s jessica who gets invited to sing the AMERICAN national anthem as have the past idol winners been, e.g., kris allen, david cook, carrie, underwood, jordin sparks, and kelly clarkson. what an irony with such a twist of fate between phil & jess!

  30. Hey, this is incredible. the battle is still with you guys, while Jessica and PP are enjoying their time together. lol

    •  Thinking that too…. whoaaa…. article posted 3 days ago…. 299 comments .. and all other articles AFTER .. with just a sprinkling of comments… might be a good barometer of future threads… Just put Jessica’s name and the swarm will turn up ….:))
      It’s all so very int’resting though … enjoying the tutorials esp.

      btw … folks… check out the vids creative fans have uploaded on YT … just type PhillJess … quite a few there.. ” Change Nothing”  is good  .” Terrified ” by Katharine McPhee another one one.. and the uploader is promising more vids..:))

    • Because the fans of PP are so bitter that he did not get exposure after his win….They should not come her just to mock JS….and there are people like LordCalvinRecline, Vanessa, Pally 45 amongst others who are JS haters, and yet they come here. SO PATHETIC!

  31. Telanique, you took my part. I’m supposed to observe the “stats” of the comment thread/s today… lol. Anyhow, Vanessa will be happy that I don’t have to spend a lot of time here, so I can rest. But Aguila and Vaness, age doesn’t matter though matter ages. I am not close to 70 though, lol. I’m not a teen for sure either. How old am I? Well guess… When Madonna and Michael Jackson were at the peak of their career, I was a very young asst. professor somewhere in the East Coast. I also love the songs of Steve Kerry (Journey), Steve Tyler (Aerosmith), Paula Abdul, and Barbra Streissand. I used to watch Randy Jackson in a band. Last but not least, my mom was often in argument with my “smoker” older brother who was a great fan of Jimi Hendrix. When Hendrix died, this brother of mine got depressed. Nuff said, How old am I guys and gals? 

    From Telanique below: “Thinking that too…. whoaaa…. article posted 3 days ago…. 299 comments .. and all other articles AFTER .. with just a sprinkling of comments… might be a good barometer of future threads… Just put Jessica’s name and the swarm will turn up ….:))”

    •  Lol … Christopher Greene… do you really ..?? Keep score..??
      It just happened to ” jump ” at me after seeing all the new articles after this..
      and how those barely even made it to say a hundred except for one…
      Well… so you are one of the ” Council of Elders ” around here…??
      Surely you are qualified ..if you ” watched Randy Jackson play in a band “..kidding…!!
      Now I wish Branden will find another Jessica article … to get everyone fired up once again…

  32. i  voted  JESSICA SANCHEZ @ National Reality TV Awards USA for  Reality TV Personality of the Year
    Jessica Sanchez (American Idol) >>>please support VOTE for her.

    • thanks men,,as jessica fan im really proud of her..and hoping she win this one this is big honor on her part..

  33. Branden’s second article on Lauren in the month of June,
    so far, is out just now. Branden has had written one on Colton and Skylar as
    well, one on Scotty, one on Hollie, 3 on Jessica, and 5 about Philip. If you’re
    curious about the “score” of these and other articles these past two
    weeks, based on the number of comments these articles have elicited from the
    readers, see below:


    1. Jessica sings at NBA Finals: 313 (June 13th article)
    2. Jessica sings at Pacquiao-Bradley: 309 (June 6th)
    3. Jessica Talks to Rollingstone: 182 (June 4)
    4. AI Finalists Give Audition Advice: 169 (June 14)
    5. American Idol Turns 10: 119 (June 11)

    6. Philip out of Hospital: 104 (June 12)
    7. Philip Undergoes Surgery: 95 (June 7)
    8. American Idol: 10 years on the charts: 41 (June 12)
    9. Auditions 2013 Kickoff: 40 (June 5)
    10. Philip won’t miss Idol tour: 37 (June 5)

    11. Phillips’ Pawnshop Burglarized: 35 (June 13)
    12. Hollie on her 2012 AI experience: 28 (June 7)
    13. Philip and his dad speaks out on burglary: 17 (June 15)
    14. Colton and Skylar to present at CMT: 13 (June 4)
    15. Scotty graduates High School: 13 (June 8)


    Between Jess and Phil: Jess for 3 articles garnered 804
    comments; Phil for 5 got 288. One thing for sure, Jess’ fans write more than
    Phil’s. I guess those teenagers are busy at the beach or elsewhere so they
    can’t read, much less write comments. Perchance it’s true: those teenagers
    catapulted Phil to the top, not the majority of the voting AI populace but with
    the best capacity to text or call to vote a lot of times. Hence the need for an
    AI Revamp, an article written June 1st which garnered a comments-score of 359.


    • This site gets busy ONLY when there is a new blog regarding JS. Why? Because she is interesting……JS fan or not, you find the kick coming and commenting on her blogs, because she is the REAL AI!

    •  LOL..ok now go back and count how many of the Jess comments were done by the anti-Jessites like me :)…probably the majority of them 🙂

      • ohhh lord you are wrong,,i think there are 3 or 4 of you here bashing jessica..why dont start conversation in philip page? than stay here your not belong here so get lost

  34. I nominate  Christopher Greene for the most craziest, most stalking, most disturbed, and extreme Jessica Sanchez fan of all time.  Honorable mentioned is Carloser.

    Congrats you nutz!! I’m willing to pay for your treatment if either of you recognize the need for it.

    • and what do you think aboutyour self fool..? you have nothing else to say here..just right something in philips article so that next time branden will right again about him,,and to say there are people interested reading article about him,,because as JS fan here i dont waste my time bashing philip not like you

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