Phillip Phillips Talks More About His Debut Album

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Phillip Phillips. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillips has been talking more and more about his  upcoming album since he has recovered from his kidney surgery and now we’ve got a little more on that to share.

Phillip says he’s trying his best to stay really involved in the songwriting process so that the album reflects who he truly is as an artist.

“I’m hoping I’m going to be able to at least write on every song for the album, ’cause it’s hard for me to connect with a song I had nothing to do with,” Phillip told Billboard Magazine. “Hopefully I’ll get to write half of a song with other writers.”

Phillip adds that the album has actually advanced from the writing stage to some early recording.

“We recorded a bunch of songs I wrote and I’d say we got some rough tracks coming along,” he said. “We’re going through them just to see — some parts may need to be fixed or we may need to switch a few things and I’ll re-write. We’re just trying to make the songs come out a little more.”

As for the producers he’s working with, Phillip is staying hushed on that for some reason.

“We’re just going to be moving around so much with the (tour), so we’re going to see how it goes and figure out if I’ll still be recording with that person or doing it with somebody else,” Phillips said.

Phillip has said his album is expected out in November or December.




  1. Give him a break Templar..21 year old kid from Ga.  A year ago he was sitting on the steps of his doublewide playing his guitar and now people around the globe know his double name.   He will learn in time.  BTW for true lovers of Mr. P2, he’s singing his song at the All Star game next week :]

      • Lord Calvin:  You call trailers caravans?  I saw a photo of P2 strumming his guitar in a yard with two trailers in view, along with his gf.  I wasn’t ragging on him….just the irony of the situation and the American Dream.   From a trailer line to Hollywood & Vine!

      •  Vanessa
         “Touring Caravans” are those on the carriageways and “Static Caravans” are for those parked.

  2. P2 needs to work on BODY and show some skin.  Johnny Keyser is going to eat his lunch!!!

    •  I’m sure there are many who would like to work Phillip’s body.

  3. Yes he needs to eschew obfuscation alright. He who doesn’t even know the date that the USA gained its independence. 

    It’s hard to avoid confusing others when you are a little obfuscated yourself huh?

      • I’m more of a theorist than a critic. But that may be viewed as subjective. It depends on the reader I guess.

  4. Can I just ask if anyone knows if Colton is signed already? 🙂 
    Because he would perform already 1 of his orig in the tour right~? #nevergone 🙂

  5. He said ” we`re going to see how it goes…..”   Who is “we” ?

  6. Nice update about Colton and video of original Colton song



    •  I see Colton Doll is still wearing his skinny jeans. His original sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing it live.

    • You should be ashamed of yourself….spreading nonsense….you people are unbelievable and have no shame what so ever.  You go on Jessica’s threads and say how Phillip fans are terrible and trash Jessica, but you do the same thing….that makes you the same as them.  People like you and your friends are why I rarely look at this site anymore.  Posts have very little to do with the article or a topic….just another excuse for you and your kind to tear someone down….usually people who do this kind of stuff are very unhappy with their own life.  I wish I could say I feel sorry for you, but I don’t…I only feel contempt & disgust for people like you.  Grow up!!

  7. Hello, Hello all.
    I have returned from 2 wonderful weeks of holiday at the Hamptons. The sunny beaches were fabulous as is my tan. All the parties surely killed what little liver I had left.  We went down to NYC to watch the fireworks and yes they were FABULOUS! So now I will stroll through the threads to see what I missed.

  8. Oh my!! It appears I have missed out on some interesting developments with the mental state of Carlos. 
    Wow, I was only gone for two weeks and it appears that I was the buzz of
    many conservations. Lol…more than when I was present. 

    • @LordCRK:  You weren’t alone!!!!!  Aren’t the Hamptons fab…glad you had a great time.  Just ignore the you know who comments…it’s very sad actually.  Let us party on!

      • My family from London came over and we had the best time. It was my first trip to the Hamptons, I didn’t realize the beaches of long Island were so smashing.

  9. No offense to PP fans, but I listened to his HOME song in youtube…it sounds boring. 

    •  “No offense to PP fans”
      What a stupid thing to say, of course you are offensive and according to Jess fan rules, you are a “Phillip hater”.If you don’t like Phillip, don’t listen to him. He has millions of fans and your like or dislike is insignificant.

      If you like boring stuff, go to youtube and type in “Jessica Sanchez”…hopefully that offends Jess fans.

      • Mr. Klein…FYI, I am not a PP hater…I simply dislike the way you bash JS ..I am simply telling my opinion about his song, which by the way, is my first time to listen, and I did not even finished it coz its way too boring for me. OK!

      • Lord Calvin:  See!  You had to take so much abuse at the hands of the “haters,” as did I….but look everyone likes on your comments, no matter what they are.  You are loved!!!!!

      • VanessaThank you’re a sweetie…but your forget, I’m British and honesty…we don’t get offended. Unless they bloody hell “F” with the Queen and then they’ve got problems.

        Yes, Pally45 is a sweet one too.

        Balahibo69…you’re not worthy of my comments or scrubbing the floor of my loo.

      • likoy

        Your English is so cocked-up…one off for you:
        “According to Jess fan rules, you are a “Phillip hater””

        Got it? Easy peasy you …tosser.

    • @likoy..your prior comments suggest that you are a die hard Jessica Sanchez fan which is cool.   Yet you listen to P2 on youtube and then take more time to comment on it.  I think your boredom issue has nothing to do with the song : ). 

      • Vanessa, this is my 1st time to listen to his song, and it did not appeal to me. I did  not even finish the song..Why I commented? Because I have the freedom to do so. 

  10. Bulletin … Bulletin … Bulletin:  Apparently Idol has approached Adam Lambert about being a judge!  

  11. This just in mates:

    No surprise…Saint Phillip out doing charity work again! God bless him, you got to love some who gives back so much.

    Phillip Phillips, Kellie Pickler, and Luke Bryan To Sing At MLB All Star Game

    American Idol winner and singer-songwriter Phillip Phillips will conduct a special on-field performance of his hit song “Home” with the American Idol Band prior to the 83rd MLB All-Star Game on July 10th beginning at 7:30 p.m. Eastern (6:30 p.m. Central) on FOX. Phillips will perform during a tribute highlighting the tornado recovery effort taking place in nearby Joplin, Missouri and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Habitat for Humanity has partnered with Major League Baseball, the Major League Baseball Players Trust, State Farm and Holiday Inn to build nine new homes for low-income families who lost their residences due to the devastating tornadoes in those areas. With the help of Major League Baseball All-Stars, celebrities and volunteers, two of the homes are being constructed outside of Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, home of the 2012 MLB All-Star Game. Country music sensation Luke Bryan will conduct the National Anthem prior to the All-Star Game with former American Idol contestant and country music star Kellie Pickler performing “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch. 

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