Jessica Sanchez Talks About Her Upcoming Album

Jessica Sanchez

American Idol 2012 runner-up Jessica Sanchez might not have won American Idol, but the 16-year-old singer has been signed to Interscope Records and has already started working on her upcoming album.

She’ll be taking a break from the album as she and the other Season 11 Top 10 head on the road for the summer tour, but Jessica says she’s ready to show the real Jessica Sanchez on the album.

“What I did on the show was more competition mode. It was to show my vocals – ‘let’s sing some Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.’ Now it’s like, ‘I’m Jessica Sanchez and I have to do me,'” Jessica said. “It’s more of the urban, Rihanna kind of feel and the R&B kind of stuff. A little bit of pop. It’s just a big mixture of stuff, so it’s exciting.”

Fans can expect Jessica’s debut album to come out sometime in October or November.





  1. can’t wait to buy her album and able to be enjoyed with the rest of the world…and also kinda excited how it sounded…but I always in this girl.

    • Why not sing that type of music on the show? Should have been herself a long time ago.

      • um she was… the urban r& b thing  has always been her but she was in competition mode so she sang a lot of ballads to show her vocals.

      •  Sellouts aren’t true to themselves. Why she lost, she was trying to show off, instead of being good.

  2. A brilliant idea to first choose who is believed to be the most marketable in the most industry among the AI season 11……………..Good Luck Jessica Sanchez and we are looking forward for a great album soon. 

    •  Seconding Sam Asim’s thoughts… she will be the ” most Marketable of Season 11 ” … American Idol Corporate already knows that… hope she keeps her head above water… and a good hearted Law Firm ever at her side…
      People are reporting that her Wal-Mart EP/CD are flying off the shelves. There was this cute twitter post that Jess RT’d too..

      OHMYGOSHH!!! LOL was at a stop light and this old couple next to us was blasting there music to  Jessica Sanchez CD! Was the cutest thing ever!

      • Agree here Telanique….that’s the very reason why they prioritised her now!!!!!!…….after all, it’s all about business.

      • I bet you that Phillip’s cd does a lot better in the United States than Jessica’s. Who is her market?

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus ,  yes! probably P2 will sell a lot better in US, but I also agree with Sam and Telanique, JS is potentially could be most marketable worldwide & that’s more like it, just an opinion~ 🙂

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus  go support Philip as much as u want… we’ll do d same with  Jessica.. to each is own.. 

        if anyone here is a Jessica hater.. just leave d page or dont go on write-ups where it has Jessica’s name… will make u feel better and u wont piss other people!!  if u want respect, respect others opinion as well!! people saying bad words with Jessica are only inviting enemies and starting wars… same rule applies to anyone!!! if we’ll say bad words to Philip or to anybody, their supporters will get mad.. just a lil common sense people!!!

      •  Yeah, I always thought her slow boring ballads were for really old people too, glad she has found a market with senior citizens!

  3. this is it!…been waiting for her first album…..i’m so happy for you Jessica…remain beautiful and humble….will be supporting you…You are the TRUE WINNER….

      • ummmm Who cares??? As far as a lot people are concerned she is the real winner.

      • This years idol show was the best show overall in a long time.  Everyone was good.  However, the show was about singers who are marketable;  that was best shown by Jessica.
        She did place second but the nation is not shown as to have voted by age.  Some singers appeal to everyone who appreciates music; some go on to be stars that other singers strive to be like;  Jennifer Holiday, whose “you’re going to love me” is loved by whomever sings it.  A singers talent is usually appealing to a broad section and not limited to a particular type of music.
        That is what Jessica represents ….limitless talent .  She could probably sing his music, but never could he sing as she does.

      •   Epiphany2daSo why has Phillip’s music consistently outsold Jess on Walmart & iTunes? LMAO

      •  LordCalvin, pally45,,vanessa, aka etc………..we love ya………peace,peace,peace………

    • “Yeah, I always thought her slow boring ballads were for really old people too, glad she has found a market with senior citizens!”

      Hey LordCalvinRekleiner!!! You again! Trying to be Carlos again huuh?!!!

      • I’m unemployed, i like to drink and i hate to take a shower… I hate Jessica so much!!!! 

      • Guys, i’m out here… Couldn’t stand this dirty ‘ol man LordCalvinReKlein!! an impostor!! Trying to be me, Tomkat, Carlos, etc… Remeber guys, i’m not anti jessica, it’s LordCalvinReKlein and his partner, Pally 45… Really so cheap these two and white trash!!!

      • Excuse me??? You have no idea who I am. I’m probably the farthest from white trash you have ever seen. You aren’t even qualified to wash my feet.

  4. WE will buy it….We are so excited to hear it…………………..from Music Lovers Association

  5. Good luck Jay !!!! busy busy busy .Idol tour, Album release,Glee , Miss Saigon and Grammys  so on .. Stay grounded dear.More blessings to come.BTW I just baught your EP CD.

    • Grammy’s???  I think you are getting a little ahead of yourself…lets here the album first…..and last time I heard….Miss Saigon was just a rumor….let the girl breathe for god’s sake.

    •  If the EP is a preview of what is to come, she is going to sink in the sea of wannabes

  6. Good for you, Jessica! You MUST have your own identity and be better of. I have been waiting for your signature song in a long time  (since your AGT appearance)! You have a brilliant future. Keep it up!

  7. jessica will do just fine.  she’s got a long, long career ahead of her.  the possibilities are endless

    •  I believe her real contribution will be in the medical industry, her singing has been found to be the very best sleeping aid on the market.

  8. Excited for her album as well. Can’t wait long enough! I keep on replaying her Live performances in youtube cuz they’re addicting!

    • Why is the playing of someone’s poorly done covers of others’ songs so addicting? She is doing the wannabe thing. Oh you mean like looking at a car wreck.

  9. SOOO Excited for her! she has the talent.
    With the rights songs she could be     really be big in the music industry. 

    •  She DIDN’T win! Second place, she lost to winning, so that would make her a LOSER!

      • Do you have better things to do than hate an artist, you seem to respond and spill every single negativity in this blogging page. Is this a job or a notorious habit, watch it the way you wrote and respond demonstrates you have so much hatred, that is not good for your mind and your soul to be filled with so much negativity. We have all our preferences and you give your comment once but you are always on the page blog to respond or to say something negative when others who supports the artist write something positive. Learn RESPECT AND BE POSITIVE, that should be good for all of us here, unless you have something good to post, think twice so you do not spread negativity.
        There are better things to do in life than be hateful…. just a piece of advice keep the world around you in peace and harmony…respect other people’s opinion and go to the page of your idol and leave this page because obviously you are not a fan of Jessica.

      • TommyKitty/Carlose,
        I have no problem saying things under my name..Jess didn’t win AI, Phillip did and you seem unable to accept those facts.

      • LordCalvinReKlein, Jessica for sure didn’t need that title. Actually she was very glad that she came in 2nd place because i believe she didn’t want to be tied up with American Idol, it’s cheap like you!! Jessica got bigger offers and she deserved it!!! You and Philip can keep the AI title to yourselves…

    • LordCalvinReKlein, Jessica for sure didn’t need that title. Actually she was very glad that she came in 2nd place because i believe she didn’t want to be tied up with American Idol, it’s cheap like you!! Jessica got bigger offers and she deserved it!!! You and Philip can keep the AI title to yourselves…

      • I hate to burst your bubble but Jessica is just as tied up with the American Idol contract as Phillip is.

  10. in response to other comments… her market is the general international fanbase she has acquired through youtube and her previous time on AGT… her filipino fans… hispanic fans… anyone who enjoys an extraordinary talent in r&b/hip hop/street music… which is a genre that has been lacking in talent for many years, now.  i think she will do well, and i don’t think it is a contest to see who does better, it’s just a matter of making it in such a difficult business to break into.  they serve two different genres, so naturally, some people would not enjoy her music.  matter of opinion.   good luck to both of them… will definitely be looking out for jessica’s album 🙂 

    •  ” r&b/hip hop/street music… which is a genre that has been lacking in talent for many years, now”
      This area of music is over-loaded and is why the stars of this genre have had trouble with their recent album releases. People are tired of the same old thing, they are looking for something new and fresh. Jess could be that, but so far she is playing the wannabe role. She needs to be something different or she will just disappear in a sea of wannabes

    • Are you nuts? Hip hop/street music is what is killing the music industry! It sucks. It’s degrading to women.  I can’t believe you would even want her to go into that genre. So..she can dance around half naked with Jay Z  like Rihanna or Beyonce? Really?

    • Balahibo69 carlos,

      Fine, why shouldn’t she just do soundtracks for cheap Filipino porn.

      • This is totally uncalled for.  You may think you are insulting her, but you are only showing the kind of person you are. 

      • Pally45, you, LordCalvinReklein and Philip can keep the AI title to yourselves…So cheap!!! Jessica got bigger offers! You can say what you want, you bitter mellons!!!   

  11. if anyone here is a Jessica hater.. just leave d page or dont go on write-ups where it has Jessica’s name… will make u feel better and u wont piss other people!!  if u want respect, respect others opinion as well!! people saying bad words with Jessica are only inviting enemies and starting wars… same rule applies to anyone!!! if we’ll say bad words to Philip or to anybody, their supporters will get mad.. just a lil common sense people!!!

    • Freedom gives anyone the right to express their thoughts anywhere they want. I don’t believe there is a single Jess hater here on the site; maybe some Jess fan haters, which is understandable since they caused her to lose AI. I don’t see bad words posted here, except by some Jess fans who call others names that are derogatory for alternative lifestyles.

      • Freedom comes with the responsibility to act and say decent comments. I think it is quite deluded to believe that you have the entire right to say nasty things, even if youre not a hater. i am not a fan of AI, but please carlos, you sound like an amateur troll and I dont know whats your purpose of saying such bullcrap comments such as :

        “They caused her to lose AI”

        Really now, Even a ten year old can produce a better logical evidence to back that statement up.

        Eeryone in this site may think youre an annoying bee that keeps buzzing and buzzing, waiting to be warded off. This is the same for people who constantly say negative comments after another. a reasonable person can say their foul mouthed comment once and move on. Now thats a proper exercise of your so called freedom of speech. Incessant annoyance is a cheap and unattractive way to get attention. If its not, then buddy you need to reassess how youre living with your life at the moment by posting annoying comments.

        Please get a life. At least the girl is earning money doing something productive, maybe more than you.

        Just my two cents to excercise my so called freedomof speech and I move on. Maybe I wont look at this again. But knowing you carlos, you will.

      • LordCalvinRekleiner, allas Carlos, you have character assassinated the real Carlos many times!!!! and i wonder why Branden and Matthew allow these things to happen… I shouldn’t have said the word “I wonder”, because i believe 100%, they’re Jessica’s haters too just like you!! You’re like a devil possessed!! Have you taken your shower yet?  You stink forever, non stop! and it goes to your head!! That’s why your mind is clouded with negativity! That’s not good for the soul! When your head is full of hatred and negativity, your soul sympathizes and breaks down!! Go seek Psychiatric help!! 

      • TomKitty or whatever you are,
        You really need to seek help. Are you smoking to much bad weed? You seem very paranoid.
        As I have made it known in the past, I am not a Jess hater and I must insist you stop trying to project me as such. I have no reason to hate Jess or anyone else. I wish her quite well and hope that additional training and experience will improve her skills so that she might be able to succeed in the future.
        However, when I find it necessary, I will certainly speak freely about what is on my mind as I believe in freedom of expression. If this free expression is too difficult for you, I suggest you don’t read it.

      • This is not the real Carlos…This is no other than LordCalvinReKlein, jessica’s hater!! 

      • What additional training and experience you’re talking about?? Are you out of your mind?? How could she be doing Glee if you think she’s not good? I think she’s fantatstic and over qualified!!! You and your friend Pally are just blind and in big denial!!

      • LordCalvinReklein allas Carlos: What additional training and experience you’re talking about?? Are you out of your mind?? How could she be doing Glee if you think she’s not good? I think she’s fantatstic and over qualified!!! You and your friend Pally are just blind and in big denial!!

    • Hey Guessy..go look on Phillip’s article. You’ll find WAY more people bashing Phillip than anyone bashing Jessica. For the 100th and 62nd time! Stop with the word hater. It’s boring, over-used and so 2010. 

      • Pally45,
        I disagree with your comment. If way more people bash Phillip on his articles, he would have WAY more posts to his threads. He doesn’t.

      • Pally,
        Facts are facts. I believe Christopher Greene on another JS thread had done the research on comments posted, so I won’t go into the details. But hey, if you think you’re not wrong, keep on thinking it.

      • Linda…the FACTS are that the Jessica supporters are completely unglued and obsessed. The FACTS are that yes, there are only a few comments onPhillips page..and more than half are Jess supporters slamming him. The main FACT is..he WON..not Jessica. 

      • The main FACT is..he WON..not Jessica.  ..ohhh pally45 well let phillip eat that title because im sure and in reality AI is not believable at all..SEE who got most of exposure and stardom its jessica..die hard phillip yuck,,

      • @Barbie…stardom??? Neither one of them is a star yet. Ridiculous answer. Exposure? A few national anthems while Phillip was having surgery. Also ridiculous.

      • duhhh??,,jessica line with kelly clarkson singing the national anthem in nba as well as in that boxing fight that watched by millions of people and yet you not considered jessica as a STAR ,,blind to the  reality girl? or being stupida defending phillip ,,
        she also now cast with glee the very first time in AI history,,and where is phillip never heard something interesting about him,,

      • try also this ‘American Idol’ Runner-Up Jessica Sanchez Rumored For ‘Miss Saigon’–see? they consider jessica as kim for film adaptation of miss saigon,,and yet not yet a star? come on

      • Miss Saigon is all rumor. Glee?’s on it’s way out anyway and besides..its not the first time in history that an idol contestant has been on a tv show. Years back, I can’t remember her name..a black girl was on a show also. 

      • come on! She hasn’t even released an album yet and you’re labeling her a star! Seriously…back up the truck. I’m not labeling Phillip a star yet! You people really need to think realistically instead of  looking at things with your Jessica colored glasses on. A lot of people go on these shows and have a few months of fame and then are never heard from again.

      • awkward,,to here it from you just llike phillip?after AI never heard anything,,hahaha,,and what can you say about phillip then? say something to talk about

      • My! My! Pally,
        Sounds like someone else is coming unglued.  I’m not disputing the fact that Phillip won.  Just your statement on the # of posters that are bashing Phillip on his articles.  BTW, are you any better than those  posters that are on Phillips threads slamming him when you are doing the same bashing of JS on her threads?

      • @linda. That’s where you are wrong. I am NOT a Jessica basher. I said she couldnt’ be qualified as a star yet and neither can Phillip. I don’t sit and rip on the girl and say she sucks like you people do about Phillip. I might bash her stalker fans but I don’t bash her.

      • Pally,
        You don’t blatantly bash Jessia.  You use a much more subtle approach in denigrating what many feel are JS’s accomplishments.   I made one derogatory comment about PP (not on his thread BTW) and felt the wrath of people like you that feel you must bash people’s opinions by personally insulting them.   

      • I just said that you people need to settle down.  One person was actually talking about the grammys she has won. She hasn’t even released an album and she has won grammys? huh?

      • Linda & Barbie Doll
        I’m confused. What is all this talk of Jess, Miss Saigon. I thought Jess was a young American teen girl, how could she play the role of a Vietcong prostitute? I would think this would be highly inappropriate for her to do this. She really needs to be more discriminating and respectful of herself than that role would project.

      • Calvin,
        Why did you direct this comment to me? I never mentioned JS being considered for Miss Saigon. It’s an unsubstantiated rumor right now. I’m a Jessica fan because I like her vocal abilities. I have no clue about her acting abilities. She hasn’t done anything that I can form an opinion one way or the other. However, if she is chosen for this role, why would this be disrespectful to her. Hollywood is full of actors and actresses assuming roles of unsavory characters. It’s acting, much like you assuming the role of “Lord”.

      • LordCalvinReKlein, what about your big time sarcastic remarks and  insults on Jessica? You don’t consider that hate!! You must really be Satan possessed! You don’t admit to your wrongdoings. Hypocrite!
        You will certainly speak freely about what is on your mind as you believe in freedom of expression.(???) What does this imply??? Really Hypocrite!

      • Yes, i believe in freedom of expression too but not the freedom to character assassinate other people. That’s not what you called “freedom of expression”….. That’s demonic! 

      • Pally,
        I initially responded to your comment to Guessy about “WAY more posts. Let’s just look at the two articles on JS ‘s album and PP’s album. At this point PP has 41 posts and JS has 160. You contributed 15 of the comments to JS. I guess you could be labeled a stalker of sorts since you seem to delight in disagreeing to people’s opinions of JS. That’s ok, you have the right to your opinions just as JS fans. But keep in mind that doing so makes Jessica appear more interesting as she has more comments regardless of the nature. By the way, stop with the phrase “you people”. It’s so 60’s and denotes a very negative connotation to some people.

    •  agree.. you haters dont post any bad comments on jess.. just leave this page and live happilly..hahahahaha

    •  Are you trying to make this a segregated web site? If you don’t like what someone says…don’t respond.

      • Our craziness? LMAO…hello pot, meet kettle. You’re the one that is sounding like the true nutjob.

      • Really Carloser?
        You call me crazy…LMAO

        Branden, please look at the poster’s IP address and tell us how many identities are all one guy, Carloser?

      • LordCalvinReKlein & pally45: and whatever people tell you about your true color and smell, you are numb!! You don’t accept any responsibility for the bad criticism and insults that you do. As  Jessica’s fan, i’ve never said anything like you did to your idol, Philip. As a matter of fact these 2 human being are good friends!!You come to the page where Jessica is featured then you two spread horror and foul odor….. My English may not be perfect but i know what i’m talkin’ about…  

      • Just pinched myself..I’m not numb. I shower daily, thank you very much. Seriously, you just totally insulted both of us and rip on us for insulting people in the same post.  Kind of a hypocrite, aren’t you?

  12. Nice update about Colton and video of original Colton song



  13. Jess just tweeted, she’s going to sing National Anthem at the Olympics!!

    • What??  That seems odd….I don’t remember them ever having someone do the national anthem at the olympics…unless it is  the anthem of the home country…and I sure don’t think that she will sing England’s anthem.

    •  you’re really good in tracking down people. are you working for this site? this is not my comment…..Lordcalvin is this you?

      • You name is rather dodgy, is it your way of telling other blokes your interest for knob lollies?

  14.  Oh my!! It appears I have missed out on some interesting developments with the mental state of Carlos. 
    Wow, I was only gone for two weeks and it appears that I was the buzz of
    many conservations. Lol…more than when I was present. 

      • TommyPussy;
        If Carlos was the hottest man tanning on the beaches of Long Island…then yes, I’ve been impersonating him the last two weeks. Lol…

        I find it quite ridiculous and daft to impersonate anyone as I want people to know what I have to say and that it is from me. That is why I use a registered login.

  15. Enough Carloser aka..ten+ other fake peeps.
    Stop your sick little games.  You must have some very deep insecurities to have such a need to hide behind so many identities. Stop smoking the bad weed and go see a shrink please.
    BTW…Dr. Philipino…I assume you were humorously implying Dr. Phil, that was very funny and I give you credit for having a sense of humor. Now please, go see Dr. Phil or whoever.

  16. I’m sure Jessica will be the only one of this season who’s career will stay during the years, Ican’t see any of the others in 5 years from now.

  17. Jess Fans, I have good news. Charice has been given the Miss Saigon role. She is 2o and it is much more appropriately for her to play Vietnamese prostitute.

    I very upset and ready to stop being Jess fan because she was planning to playing Vietnamese prostitute. It is very degrading to Vietnamese people and slaps to our faces that she is going to do this. I very upset that my daughters looked upon her as role model and her first chance to shine, she wants to be Vietnamese prostitute. I banned her music from my daughters and told them no longer allowed to be fans of hers. This upset me more than time that Cartman played Vietnamese prostitute on show of South Park. Not all Vietnamese are prostitutes and sick of the world pushing it as truth.

    After I thought about it all some more, I get really upset. There must be something very wrong to Jessica if she wants to pursue this prostitute role. She only 16 and that is very sick. It is a child molestation and exploitation. The only thing sicker than being 16 year old prostitute is wanting to pretend to be prostitute. She putting her career desires way ahead of values and morals, there something very wrong and sick about she and her family.

    I upset enough, I tried to phone her parents, but they number unlisted. I then call California child services. They tell me many others have called and they looking at opening case to investigate neglect by her parents. You people wanting her to do this thing are very sick. My name is Quang and this is all I say.

    • Lea Salonga was only 16 when she portrayed the role of Miss Saigon. What’s wrong? It’s only a drama.  

      • Prostitutes are all over the world, and it’s only a drama, what’s wrong with you people!

      •  i know someone who is fond of using prostitute in most of his comments….LCreKLINE!!!!!!!!

      •  Do you really believe that there is a certain Quang? analyze the comment and go over JS’ threads and find out for yourself….there’s only one commentator in this site who keep on using the word prostitute ,child moletation, etc. and go find out yourself….

      • The fact that you see nothing wrong with it, speaks much about what is wrong with you Carloser.

      • You know these people like LordCalvinReklein know and understand English so well because it’s their native tongue but the problem is they are very narrow minded being and have no common sense. They got the brain of  a cockroach!!

    • Oh yea….this must be LourdesCalvinessKleindestine again… He puts words in people’s mouth!  Hey you! Take your shower now and brush your teeth good….that mouth really stink!!  

      • TomKat/Balahibo69 aka Carloser, Why don’t you get a user login and quit playing your multiple personality games? Everyone is sick of your abnormal behaviors.Carloser are you so in love with Jess and hate for me. you can’t see/feel the pain that Mr Quang is displaying. That doesn’t come from someone who hates Jess.

        Besides, as I have said before I don’t hate Jess., so stop putting words in my mouth. I have said I don’t care for the slutty vibes that Jess has put out there, they are gross. But when I have said that, I’ve always blamed her handlers, not her. I can’t believe you as a fan, what to see her first role at age 16, as a hooker. If you do, you are sicker than I thought, is that how you get off, dreaming about teenage hookers?

      • You talk like you’re a saint living in the past… What do you think about the world we’re living in right now?? Hollywood and the showbiz, aren’t they secular things??? What is your problem? 

    • Mr Quang, I wished I had posted such an elegant and correct analysis of the mishandling of Jess’s career.

  18. Search YouTube for ” Proud Mary “ ConcertCameraCat , Chicago, Il 7/7/12. High energy performance by Jessica supported by Deandre and Joshua.. Deandre has been MVP the entire Tour… he’s in almost all the numbers..” Party Rock Anthem ” another one with Jessica rapping with HeeJun.. AND Deandre .. lots of swag by all.. There are several comments on how Jessica’s voice seem acoustically made for large venues.. it comes through clear and effortless… from rap to ballads..

  19. Latest news… David Cook wants to do a Concert with Jessica.. Would be awesome to see her in Concerts with her early and vocal supporters among American Idol alums.. there’s Adam Lambert who tweeted his followers to support her.. as did Kris Allen.. and Haley Reinhart among those mentioned via tweets…

    • hmmm…David is in the Philippines giving interviews and trying to sell CDs, you don’t suppose David is a crafty chap do Go David!

      BTW, voting is over…support her for what? A good singer supports themselves with their talent, they don’t need supported by other wannabes to prop them up.

  20. I’ve been visiting this site quite sometimes,but as I had observd this LordCalvin remarks are all furious & unethichal.Is this guy is sick or lack of attentions in his family?This guy need some friends for reforming his attitudes towards to others I think.

  21. This just in mates:

    No surprise…Saint Phillip out doing charity work again! God bless him, you got to love some who gives back so much. Glad that Jessica is so involved in charity work too. How much money did she raise for charity when singing the National Anthem all those times?

    Phillip Phillips, Kellie Pickler, and Luke Bryan To Sing At MLB All Star Game

    American Idol winner and singer-songwriter Phillip Phillips will conduct a special on-field performance of his hit song “Home” with the American Idol Band prior to the 83rd MLB All-Star Game on July 10th beginning at 7:30 p.m. Eastern (6:30 p.m. Central) on FOX. Phillips will perform during a tribute highlighting the tornado recovery effort taking place in nearby Joplin, Missouri and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Habitat for Humanity has partnered with Major League Baseball, the Major League Baseball Players Trust, State Farm and Holiday Inn to build nine new homes for low-income families who lost their residences due to the devastating tornadoes in those areas. With the help of Major League Baseball All-Stars, celebrities and volunteers, two of the homes are being constructed outside of Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, home of the 2012 MLB All-Star Game. Country music sensation Luke Bryan will conduct the National Anthem prior to the All-Star Game with former American Idol contestant and country music star Kellie Pickler performing “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch.

      • Unlike YOU, many fans like all the Idolettes and like to know info about any of them.

        Since when has there been assigned pages to individuals with freedom restrictions? It may be like that in the Phillipines, but not in the USA!!

    • hahahhaha….bitter loser!!!!!!! you know, at first, your bashing and insults were funny…but  as you go on and on , its now annoying and exhausting. 

  22. Vid by HannahGemFriend is nice and clear for ” How come You Don’t Call Me anymore ” . Search for it in YouTube ..and 6 pages of nice comments for jessica :))
    For Philippine readers.. saw in FB how there are lines for the tickets, VIP section is sold out .. and online is just as backed up. AI would be thrilled for a Sold Out show… ” Change Nothing ”  is #1 requested song . It should be September now ..:))

  23. OMG…its been two weeks since a new post about Jessica…it must be the end of the world

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