Randy Jackson Giving Up Famous Catchphrase?

Former American Idol judge and current mentor Randy Jackson announced on Twitter yesterday that he would be giving up one of his famous catchphrases. Gasp! No, he wasn’t talking about “in it to win it” or his even more famous “dawg” line.

Randy Jackson on American Idol 2014
Randy Jackson on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Instead, Randy said he was going to give up saying that one little word he just never could seem to live without… “Yo!”

We can’t imagine Randy Jackson without his “Yo!’ on American Idol, or anywhere else for that matter! Even Randy’s Twitter handle contains his most favorite word — @YO_RANDYJACKSON.

Well, turns out we won’t have to be witness to a world in which Randy Jackson doesn’t use the word “yo” in every other sentence. His tweet was all just an April Fool’s joke for his fans.

Yo! Randy! Don’t be playing with us like that! We wouldn’t recognize you if you gave up any of those infamous catchphrases of yours!




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