Majesty Rose Says American Idol Judges Should Have Saved Her

American Idol season 13 finalist Majesty Rose York ended up on the bottom last week after receiving the lowest number of votes from the viewers. The American Idol judges could have used their one save of the season to keep Majesty Rose in the competition, but they decided not to.


Now Majesty is speaking out about her elimination and says she thought she deserved to be saved. However, she doesn’t have hard feelings toward the American Idol 2014 judges for not rescuing her from going home.

“I think my performance was save-worthy,” Majesty told¬† “But I know it’s a tough decision for them to make, because there’s so many great contestants. I can’t say that I deserved it more than anyone else, because we all worked really hard to get where we are.”

According to the American Idol judges, there were strong reasons why Majesty Rose was voted off the show. Jennifer Lopez felt that perhaps the show was “too fast a trajectory” for Majesty and didn’t give her enough time to reach her potential. Harry Connick Jr. said that Majesty was perhaps “spreading herself too thin stylistically.”

As for whether or not they should have saved Majesty, Keith Urban said that while everyone may have been “booing us not saving her,” the judges were really just “agreeing with the rest of America.”




  1. She’s delusional. Not a star, never will be a star. [see Pia T, Jessica S, Haley R. , Elise T. etc.

  2. If someone has never been in the bottom three, gives a great performance and then ends up at the bottom then they should use the save. Unfortunately Majesty Rose didn’t fit that criteria. Sad to see her go, though.

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