Ryan Seacrest Could Replace Lauer On Today Show

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has pure caffeine running through his veins. His blood was removed years ago and replaced with a constant supply of energy. It’s the only way to explain the man who knows no limits to his work schedule. Now he may be adding one more ball to the juggling mix:

NBCUniversal is pursuing “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest as a possible successor to Matt Lauer on the “Today” show, if Mr. Lauer vacates his co-anchor seat next year, said people close to the company.

To be sure, the talks are preliminary and could fall apart at any time. They also may be in part a negotiating tactic for NBC executives, who need a strong backup plan in case Mr. Lauer leaves the show. Mr. Seacrest is one of NBC’s top replacement choices, according to people familiar with the matter.

A move like this would be a huge boost to Seacrest in a move from E! News to daily NBC morning flagship. But what about his Idol duties? Well The Today Show records in New York. American Idol records in Los Angeles. Unless Ryan wants to fly back and forth between coasts each night during the live portion of the season this would be a problem. Idol could always relocate filming to New York and keep their man in his hosting gig. It wouldn’t be unheard of, but still tough.

Would you be sorry to see Ryan Seacrest leave American Idol if he took this Today Show job and couldn’t do both?

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  1. He certainly has the charisma for the job, but I’m unclear on his expertise regarding world affairs.

  2. No. They got rid of 2 of the judges and people still watch it. So I don’t thinkbit would make to much of a difference.

  3. i don’t know if people would take seacrest seriously on the “today” show. on a completely different note…rumors abound about adam touring with queen in a tribute show!! would that not be absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!

    • pr63……WOW…that would be awesome. Where do you get this information…I don’t know… but keep us posted….Thanks….
      Nobody could do that tour like ADAM could.
      A copy of years ago that had a play about Queen and the lead singer was no where near as good as ADAM….

      About Ryan….I would miss him but he is replaceable just like Simon & Paula was!!!!

      • just look up “adam lambert” on google. there are a zillion different articles about this. it’s not locked in stone yet, but it sounds very hopeful

      • Wow! I don’t know what runs through Ryan Seacrests veins. But it is not Julianne Hough! He’s too busy for her!Phyllis what it is about ADAM ?? Is he going to tour again? I think I would faint if I actually saw him in the flesh! I love him. I would stand with you for hours in cold water to see ADAM in concert!!

      • Sherry K…….I’m hoping he will stop in Vegas again….Come on over, it would be fun….LOL

  4. I love Ryan on American Idol, but don’t think he’s the right person for the Today Show. I probably won’t watch the Today Show anymore when Matt Lauer leaves. I’ll watch Good Morning America. I like George S too.

    • That is just awesome that ADAM is going to tour with Queen! I sound like Phyllis G’s parrot! Not that that is bad! Hi Phyllis! Well I have seen ADAM sing with Queen before and he is just totally AWESOME!!! I am going to hop on over to google and see what I can find! Tonights X/factor was in the trash can!!! Nicole Sheringer saying she could not vote for Rachel Crow,Or Marcus Kanty??? On the sing off to see which one would go home? Duh! If Simon would man up “After all it’s his show and his money.” I would like someone to explain to me why Simon didn’t stand up and say Nicole you are getting paid to be a judge on this show!!!! You either vote, or you go home!!! I admit it was the best performance Marcus had through out the whole show. But the little girl came out and just blew him away with that great big voice of hers. She reminds me of Brenda Lee. 13 years old? If you were to just listen to her and not see her you would think she was 20 years old. Did anyone else watch the X/Factor tonight? If so I would like another opinion on the stupid judge saying ” Oh I just cannot vote!” If Simon brings her back next year I do not intend to watch X/Factor at all. Ok Matt I have vented. I am out of here for now.

      • Sherry K. Hello my friend….I watch that X-Factor. Last night was horrible. That Nicole is a waste. She makes Paula look like a genius….What was she thinking? I do not like this mentor program at all. It should be either the judges are mentors or do away with the judges deciding on the bottom two. Too much of a conflict of interest.
        Last night should have been the last straw. Simon wake up…its not working. By the way, Sherry there is a blog on the X-Factor from Matt & Branden…Its good. The X-Factor network. Check it out.

    • to phyllis g and sherry k: my niece in florida actually met adam on two occaions, at the last two jingle balls in miami. her husband works for clear channel and got them backstage passes. anyway, she said adam is absolutely the NICEST guy, always stopping for pictures (of which i have one of my niece and adam on my coffee table) and autographs. she said he also had a ball with the kids who were backstage. she said they don’t come any better!!

      • pr63…..How awesome is that for your niece. She’ll never forget the experience….I always felt his was an upstanding guy. Happy to hear I was right…LOL

      • Hi Phyllis G. Yes Nicole is a total waste. And if Simon keeps her next year I am not going to watch it. I like the Voice. And american Idol better than the X/factor.I do not know what Simon is doing either? I was very upset about Rachel being sent home because of ~ I just can’t vote.What does she think she is getting paid for? And the principle of the matter. Simon had better wake up! That was his girl. And he should have made Nicole vote or else get rid of her!! Thank-You Phyllis for the info about Matt and Branden! I will definitely check it out because both Matt and Branden do such a good job! Have a good week end Phyllis. See you later.

  5. As an international viewer who enjoys Ryan on both Idol and E!News and would`nt see him at all were he to leave and host the morning show, I say…..Hell no!!! Say it is`nt so!!!!!!!!!! on the other hand if Ryan sees this as some kind of promotion, I certainly would`nt want to deny him that.

  6. Ryan is part of American Idol. I would hate to see him go. The host on the x factor is the one that needs to leave!!!!

      • This is for Matt! At your x/factor it gives a link to email Branden. It does not work! How does it work? I like Branden! He was GREAT on american Idol blog last year!!

  7. I guess that really was a stupid question Matt! You can’t put that on here! I will just wait until Branden gets back here!!

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