Adam Lambert In Talks To Front Queen

Adam Lambert and Queen

Adam Lambert has been drawing the interest of Queen fans since they hit the American Idol stage together. Now, after a few performances together, it appears there could be something bigger set to happen between the performers.

Queen rockers Brian May and Roger Taylor have been on the hunt for the next Freddie Mercury to tour with the band and it looks like they may have found their man. Before they teamed up to perform a medley of Queen hits at the 2011 EMAs, May and Taylor joined Lambert for a performance on the 2009 ‘American Idol’ season finale. Will the guys go at again, this time with Adam as their official lead singer?

Drummer Taylor admits he’s a big fan of the pop star. He tells Billboard, “He has grown into a really great performer with an astonishing voice with a range that’s great. We would like to work with him again. There’s nothing signed just yet but we’re talking about live dates. It could be very exciting.”

Very exciting indeed. Keep in mind that nothing is definite or in writing, but discussions are a good start.

Check out the interview with Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Adam Lambert:

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  1. IMO This would be great for Queen, and OK for Adam for a short tour. Long term it would be better for Adam not to align himself with a rock band even one as prestigious as Queen. Because Adam is so much more than a front man. No one can really replace Freddie, although Paul Rogers did his best. And Adam is NOW and doesn’t belong on the nostalgia train.

  2. lo and behold, folks!! here it is!! somewhere, freddie mercury is smiling like crazy. can you imagine a duet-adam and freddie!! this one show no one should miss!!

    • i would pay big money to see adam and queen i have all ways loved queen and when i herd adam on idol i have loved him since he as the best voice only once in a while you get great voices that come along and adam as one great voice

  3. Templar….I totally agree. Adam should tour with Queen but not permanently…..He is too darn good on his own….Sign me up….where can I buy my ticket?????

    I think this could shoot him to super stardom….

    • i don’t think adam should do the gig full time. but it sure would be an awesome mini tour, no? i fully expect him to go out and tour when the new album is released.

  4. I would love seeing Adam sing single special event items with Queen. As for being the front man for the worlds most iconic band (totally my favourites) Adam is embarking on his own career and needs his own space to make his name. I would hate to see him become just another Freddie soundalike.He needs to create his own indiividual style.. Special events like the opening ceremony of the Olympics.. now Adam would be silly to turn down that exposure…

      • This is my opinion Stormy.. even if it resounds like many others.. you could make this comment about any of the posts… we all love Queen.. and it seems we all love Adam… yay for us…

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