Scotty McCreery Goes Gold With Clear As Day

Scotty McCreery Clear As Day

Scotty McCreery is on an unstoppable train to success these days as things just keep getting better for the young American Idol winner. This week McCreery’s debut album, Clear as Day, was officially certified gold after hitting 500,000 sales in just two short months. Wow! Not only that, but Scotty has held on to the top spot on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart for five weeks since its release in October.

“It’s huge!” Scotty said of his first gold album. “Every artist dreams of a gold album and works hard for it, so it’s a major accomplishment to have your debut album go gold. This is just incredible.”

“I want to thank the fans,” he added. “This is a testament to how great the fans are.”

Scotty McCreery was a performer on Monday night at the ACA’s where he delivered his single, “The Trouble With Girls,” from said golden debut album.

Check out his performance below:




  1. Go Scotty! Who says Idol isn’t better without Simon. If Simon had been there Scotty wouldn’t have made it through Hollywood week.

    • He almost didn’t because what happened during Hollywood week. The groups, which I wish they would do away with.
      Scotty is a great country singer and I really am happy for him….

      • @ Phyllis…Hello sunshine 🙂 I agree…Scotty is a good country singer… and a big shout out to him and Lauren Alaina… however please…no more country winners…hopefully it will be a good ole “Rocker”…:-)

  2. Matt…..I’m surprised you didn;t mention he won the New Artist Award on the ACA Show. Not to worry, I’m sure all his fans knew….LOL

  3. As a native of Raleigh and Garner I am especially proud of our hometown success. He is an inspiration.

  4. I absolutely love you Scotty. Congradulations on the Gold you so deserve it. I can’t wait to see how your career blossoms from here. I was a advid American Idol voter. It was Scotty all the way…..

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