Lauren Alaina Will Tour With Jason Aldean

Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina has just been invited to her first country music tour with fellow Georgia natives Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan for Aldean’s 2012 My Kinda Party Arena Tour. This will be Alaina’s first tour since her summer rounds on the American Idol Live tour.

“I am so excited to be a part of the Jason Aldean tour with Luke Bryan!” beamed Lauren Alaina. “I am a huge fan of both of them. I mean, if I wasn’t a part of the line up, I would want to be in the front row!

I am honored that my first major country tour will allow me to share the stage with two fellow Georgia artists. That is definitely my kind of party!”

Oh, I see what she did there. Using the name of the tour in her announcement. Clever girl.

The tour kicks off on January 20, 2012, in South Carolina so there’s still plenty time of grab some tickets and see this past American Idol season’s near-winner live in concert.




  1. Say what you want about the dingy judges, they proved that they knew what they were doing when they picked last season’s crop of hopefuls. Better than Slimon and Kareless. Idol top 12 have done better in country music and Lauren and Scotty will go far.

  2. sweet little girl with a sweet voice. she should do well in the years to come. it’s amazing that so many of the “also rans” are doing better than the actual winners. one sure fire winner, as we all know, is currently working on his second album due out this spring. he really did better than that season’s number one.

    • Can’t wait for new music from Adam. Saw him 3 times on the last tour, and hope he tours long with his new material.

      • wow!! only got to see hom once, at foxwoods in connecticut. he blew the room away!! new album usually means tour. it’s time for him to play bigger venues, like madison sqaure garden. what a treat!!

  3. I wish Lauren Alaina the best. Not my kind of concert but as I’m well aware of, there are plenty of fans out there.

    Speaking of Adam (my kind of concert), I truly hope he stops in Vegas again. I stood up in Water for 4 hours for his concert and it was well worth it. I was a prune but I danced my heart out. He is a fantastic entertainer…..He didn’t open for anybody….he was THE STAR……

    • speaking of adam, pretty neat that when you say “adam” it ALWAYS means LAMBERT!!!!! but then again, it there any other??

      • Phyllis G. No!!!.? Yes ADAM LAMBERT. The one and ONLY Adam!! LOL! Just kidding. But truly pr63 There is only one ADAM for me. I think girlfriend is kidding? You know I luv you Phyllis. I can’t wait for American Idol to start again. I don’t think I like Simon’s new show. Lot’s of glitz and glamour! But not enough substance!! See you later.

  4. As soon as I read the words, “Clever girl” I knew this piece was written by Matt. Good writing!

    • Sorry Phyllis G. No there is no other!! Thank-You. I misread your no. There is no other!!! 🙂 Sherry K.

      • Sherry K. I had a feeling you misunderstood me….LOL….You know how much I love Adam…..THE ADAM….Lets hope we get another outstanding singer on Idol this season…..

      • Well Phyllis g. You know I love ADAM too. Adam will aways be special to us! Take care . See you later.

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