Scotty McCreery Releases Studio Performances – Watch Them Here

Scotty McCreery

Why not let American Idol 2011 winner Scotty McCreery escort you out for the Christmas weekend with a round of studio performances from the AOL Sessions collection. Below we’ve got the videos for “The Trouble with Girls” and “I Love You This Big” plus the link to check out the rest at AOL.

Scotty describes the story behind “The Trouble With Girls”:

“It’s a sweet song about all of the great things about girls, and turns around and says the ‘trouble with girls is that nobody loves trouble as much as me.’ Saying nobody loves girls … cause girls are beautiful things. So glad God put ’em on the earth with us.”

Scotty McCreery, ‘The Trouble With Girls’

Scotty explains the next song, “I Love You This Big,” his big one from the American Idol finale:

“There were a lot of factors that played into getting that single, cause it had to be right for the ‘Idol’ moment, you know the finale moment. But then we thought it had to be good for radio as well, and that was really the one that we thought could have that balance and have the right things that it needed to do that.”

Scotty McCreery, ‘I Love You This Big’

You can also check out the videos for “Clear As Day” and “Out of Summertime.”




    • I Put Everyone In My Real Player. I Don’t Know How To Make A CD. Or If It Can Be Done. I Wish I Could.

  1. I LOVE SCOTTY……….. I hope our boy reaches the PLATINUM MARK. Wow… wouldn’t that be AWESOME???? He is going to be an OUTSTANDING COUNTRY SINGER for many many years to come. GOTTA LOVE COUNTRY AND SCOTTY.

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