David Archuleta Releases “Wait” Music Video

David Archuleta

David Archuleta fans are likely thoroughly bummed that the American Idol 2008 runner-up will be taking a two-year hiatus from music to go on a mission for his church, but they can celebrate in the release of one final music video.

Archuleta’s new song “Wait” was put to a video during his Asian tour this year and features a darker theme with the topic of losing a friend.

Give the new video below a watch (now in high quality) and share your thoughts on David’s pending departure from the music world and his parting gift to fans.

Thanks to reader Candace for a link to the higher quality version.




    • Sorry but I so disagree with you. His voice is amazing. I still think he should have won AI that year. Truthfully, I don’t think we are hearing enough from him and/or about him. He is a diamond in the rough and will only improve with age.

      • i didn’t say he wasn’t a good singer. I think show business is too harsh a scene for him. Like Kris Allen, he is just too conservative to last long in a cut throat business.

  1. I think Templar needs to rewatch and relisten to the video and anything else David had done he is the best in my opinion in the biz unlike so many(Biebs)as an example.David has the respect and admiration of his fans and doesn’t have to (baby)it up to get girls to like him.

  2. Davd Archuleta will be a music legend. He can serve his church and not think about losing fans. While he is away he will be in our hearts and prayers. Keep up the good work, your fans love you.
    Wait, is a great song and you sound amazing on it.

    • David Archuleta, Baby youngster David Archuleta has a GOOD voice. All he needs is a little more time and experience! One other thought! God want’s Archy to take some time off due to all of his family problems! God has a perfect reason for all things. Good luck David hang in there! Everything will work our right for you! Smiles 🙂

  3. Good luck David, you are doing the right thing. My son is also leaving soon . We will all be here anxiously awaiting your return.

    • What? ~ I do not know how old you are? But only people who have went through what David Archuleta went through can relate! It is obvious to me you do not have a clue how sweet David is and how he felt! And still feels! I love this fine young man. I have loved Archy since he first opened his mouth and sang. And gave that sweet smile on his face. He is just an adorable young man! But the age he was at when this all took place was a teenager! So take a soft hearted kid who loves his mom and dad VERY much.And Try to put your self in his shoes. If’s thats possible! It is always going to hurt him!! All I am saying is he needs to take a break. Go with the church! Let God help him. By the way, The best help in this world( IS GOD.) And David will be OK. He needs a time out. And yes he will come back after time and be a super star! There is not one doubt in my mind that will happen. Love you David Archuleta. We will still be smiling when you come back. May the wind be at your back. and may God be looking down on you!

  4. I think David should have won too, he has a wonderful voice, we will miss you Babe take care and good luck God be with you.

  5. Wait was is my favorite song of the Asia releases. The angst and cry in his voice is like none other. The blacks and the whites, the mystical feeling of it all is mesmerizing. Now I have a visual of his expressions to go with the song and I can’t get enough that. David is maturing into a very handsome expressive young man. As for the meaning of the video it seems to me that it’s left open for us to interpret.

    Very different of anything he’s done to date and the artistry is beautiful.

    • You know Archie was the best of Season 7 but Cook had the sympathy votes. They should quit already with all the tear jerking stories and if the contestants want you to know more about themselves then let them do it on FB or Twitter or a website of their own making. It tends to sway the voting too much and draws attention away from the talent contest and turns it into a popularity contest. It is going to be a popularity contest to a certain extent anyway based on looks, personality and likability but the sob stories are a bit much.

      Archie will do just fine. He has had several releases that I really like. “Falling Stars” is great and now this one “Wait” I also like. Everyone is always told to put emotion into their performances and connect with the audience on these talent shows. David Archuleta does that on a regular basis so I don’t see how anyone can criticize him on that aspect. I agree that he is not aggressive enough though but he will persevere despite that! It sounds like his priorities are perfectly in order if you ask me.

  6. Oh, David, wait, wait, wait, don’t go……I’m missing him already and he hasn’t even left yet. For sure, I will be over-anxiously awaiting his return. I’m just sick about him leaving for fear that it will be like starting all over when he returns. And the teens and tweens who saw him on Idol and love him now will be two years older and into something/someone else. And those who will be the teens and tweens in two years from now will perhaps never even have heard of him. I know, since I’m not Mormon my opinion is totally different from his but I sure hope this isn’t a BIG career mistake…….

  7. David, You will be missed. I love your voice and I also thought you should have won #1 place. My prayers are with you good luck in all you do. You will not be forgotten…

  8. Sherry K or whoever knows the answer: What family problems does David have? I haven’t heard about any problems lately (other than the fact he’s leaving us)???????? But that’s our problem.

    • Do you mean beside the divorce of his parents, his father’s arrest for soliciting in a massage parlor, his father being the worst stage parent on the planet? If I had to guess, I’d say he’s going on this mission to escape his father.

    • Lar, Tico is right! Just go to google and put in Archy’s name. When you are a young teenager bad things are harder. And David has such a sweet and kind heart too. He will be OK. He needs to get back to some church things for awhile.

      • Yes Rose. He is still hurting. He has a gentle soul. And a kind heart. This ordeal between his parents was giving him a lot of hurt. And it doesn’t just go away. he could use some prayers. I know I will pray for him. Have a nice week!

  9. The things you’ve mentioned really aren’t current events. I wouldn’t think there would be a connection at this point.??????

    • TAYMARO; What?? No clue!
      Rose, Sometimes when the heart hurts. And in especially a sweet young person. And YES he was a younger age when this took place.He was a vulnerable teenager! Sometimes the hurt never really goes away. So time is the essence for that problem with Gods help. Archy will be fine. But he needs some time off from the music business which is very tough and demanding. He needs this time with his church. And with Gods help. I once heard a saying that went like this. Walk a mile in another mans shoes and them you might know how that person feels inside. Love you David! Some spiritual time will make your heart lighter. Be Happy

  10. It is really pretty wonderful and amazing what a lovely person David is. We can credit his religion,of course, for helping him get through a lot of this. But somehow he had to have come from at least a somewhat happy home. His mother is certainly a lovely lady and David is very protective of her. (This is actually one of the reasons I’m surprised David is leaving for two years and getting only 2 phone calls home per year???????) That will be tough for both of them. There is that thing with the Dad and the massage, but obviously the marriage was on the rocks prior to that. I actually don’t believe much of that stage Dad stuff we heard. I believe his Dad did only what he felt would help David. And David was pretty young and shy at that time. David Cook also said that he saw only a Dad that cared about his son and nothing else.

  11. Great video David!! I cried through the whole thing. I’m so sorry about the loss of your friend. I’ve recently lost my dad and my grama and I’ve lost a few very close friends. Really hit home with me.
    I think it’s wonderful that you are taking time off to head the Lord’s calling and listen to where he’s leading you. Be safe and God Bless You.

  12. I am not thoroughly bummed about the mission. I think he will have an amazing experience and be even better when he gets back.

  13. Unfortunately the youth of today that makes up most of the market for new music tend not to appreciate meaningful and moving lyrics like these. That is the challenge that Archie has before him. It has nothing to do with talent or ability or a lack there of. Just look at the most popular artist on the scene like Lady Gaga. David is just not willing to prostitute his values and convictions to be a big time star and popular among his age group and that is a very respectable virtue if you ask me. His music will stand the test of time and span the decades because the “Good Book” promises us that if you do good work you will live forever.

    Live on David! So many artist like you might not be popular in their prime but in years to come when you turn on a classical station or look back at the great works of the past your work will be permanently imprinted in the history books with all other great musicians. And that is the truth!

  14. David Archuleta is such an amazing artist and beautiful human being! I’m selfishly sad that he will be gone for 2 years but I’m happy that he is doing something that means so much to him!! Even though David’s parents are divorced, he is close to both of them. The info about David’s father mentioned above is old news (3 years old)!!

  15. I’m so happy for David’s mission decision, and I’ll be right here waiting for his return to singing. The “Wait” video has me watching it over and over even though I’ve already heard this song many times before. It’s a very intriguing video. Well done, David. (in everything)

  16. I love every song David sings – I’ve never heard such a voice, with such a passion and from someone who cares so much about everything and everybody! I’m thrilled to have had David’s music in my life for the past 4 years and will welcome it back when/if he is ready. I will miss him while he’s gone, but I applaud his courage to walk away from his career and go where the Spirit leads him. He is the best example to us all – Godspeed David.

  17. @ David Archuleta. You have a wonderful voice David. Time off wii be good for you! I just love your new song! Have a good journey. May the wind be at your back. And may God Bless you from above! Your fans will be here waiting when you get back. Lot’s of love to you!

  18. I admire his wish to grow and go on a mission but we are going to really miss his golden vocals.I get tired of other voices but his I can listen to at any time. God bless this young man and I will try to wait patiently for him to return.

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