American Idol 2014 Spoilers: Season 13 Will Have New Song Catalog

This may be the best bit of American Idol 2014 spoilers news we’ve heard yet! Finally, after years and years of complaints from fans (and some of the performers) about the outdated song catalog, it appears producers are listening at last. Oh happy joy! We can actually look forward to hearing competitors perform songs written in this decade!

American Idol 2014 judges

Every season, fans have had to listen to the same old, rehashed ‘classic’ songs performed over and over by different performers. Unlike The Voice, which regularly features the latest Top 40 hits, American Idol has been criticized constantly for having a dusty and boring song catalog. Honestly, how many times can we listen to Motown classics sung by 17-year-olds who have never heard of them before they come on the show?

Thankfully it seems someone out there has finally gotten a clue that using modern music is a GOOD thing and probably one of the reasons why The Voice is kicking butt with younger viewers. In an interview with TV Guide, American Idol 2014 executive producer Per Blankens says they will be changing things up a bit for the new season. New songs will be added to the catalog and singers will reportedly have more choice in being able to sing current hits.

However, don’t get TOO excited about hearing Rihanna, Katy Perry, Bruno MarsPink, etc. every week. We will still get plenty of the oldies too. American Idol 2014 isn’t going totally radical. Blankens says the changes won’t “mean we’re going to do Billboard Top 10 every week.” However, he says “if someone wants to sing a current song, they’re going to at least have that choice.”

Let’s hope along with new songs we’ll also see some shiny new themes for American Idol 2014. Because, honestly, if we have to listen to one more theme week they’ve recycled from ten previous years… ugh!




  1. YAY!!! They must change if they want to continue. The Voice is awesome and the new songs the contestants sing are great. My heart belongs to Idol but it has to get with the program.

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