Sonika Vaid American Idol Hollywood Week: One to Watch! [Video]

We’ve been crushing on American Idol hopeful Sonika Vaid as a potential season 15 winner since we first heard whispers about her pre-season and checked out some of her YouTube videos. This girl not only has a stellar voice, she knows how to perform, and look amazing doing it all. She’s definitely one of those total package deals.

Sonika Vaid on American Idol 2016 (FOX)
Sonika Vaid on American Idol 2016 (FOX)

If we were going to place bets on any of the ladies to make it to the Top 10 that we’ve seen so far on American Idol 2016, we’d probably lay down a lot of chips on Sonika Vaid. Her fabulous audition was enough to get us hooked. Now, she’s followed that up with a stellar first Hollywood Week performance. A lot of great singers pass their audition with flying colors, only to choke up and crash during their first Hollywood song, but not Sonika Vaid!


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