Stefano Langone Signs A Deal With American Idol

Stefano Langone - American IdolAmerican Idol has decided to pick up their option with Stefano Langone roughly four months after the last season ended. Langone, the seventh place singer this year, will join fellow season 10 singers Haley Reinhart, James Durbin, and Pia Toscano on the 19 Management team.

Right now this doesn’t mean we’ll definitely see an album soon from Langone, but that he’ll now be managed by American Idol’s 19 Entertainment services. Since things have definitely gone well for James Durbin recently I think there’s a good chance we’ll see something come of Langone’s new deal.

Show of hands from those anxious to pick up a Stefano song or two.

Source: Hollywood Reporter




  1. Stefano was a good singer but I doubt that any album or song he puts out will do very well. For whatever reason he seemed to be hated by a lot of people(don’t ask me why as I didn’t hate him, in fact in the beginning I thought he was one to watch), so unless this management team manages to sway public opinion around in his favor, I doubt very much will happen for him.

    • @Shawn…During the auditions I was told to keep an eye on him too. I like him but he is nothing outstanding…..Forgettable, as Simon would have said….but I do wish him well.

  2. Well, he is a dollbaby. If managed correctly, I think he could have the teenyboppers swooning. I’m thinking he could go into acting . . .

    • I think the problem is that he’s cheezy. Like a lounge singer on a third rate cruise ship. He over emotes and should be a wedding singer.

  3. Wow! I can’t believe the unencouraging comments. Have any of you people seen Stefano sing live? I went to the American Idol Live show to see James Durbin…who was fantastic of course. In the lobby, people were trying to look at my program and everyone was asking about Stefano. He is AMAZING in a live performance…I had to go on youtube to keep playing back his songs. He is an underrated performer who knocks you out in a live performance. And YES, I will be buying his album.

  4. I have great hope for Stephano. He was my favorite all along the American idol show. He really knows his music . He was a little innexperienced in the ways of show business. but “Idol should have started him in the right direction, working with extremely talented people who want to see him succeed. Stephano, glad to know you are on your way. Keep cool and work hard. Can not wait to hear his new record.

  5. Well, I haven’t seen him live, so jury is out on whether I’d buy any of his CDs. I am waiting for Haley’s CD, and what happened to Casey? I haven’t heard much of anything about him after Idol ended. Was he too much of a wild man that nobody wantsd to give him a deal?

  6. Good News!!!! I am anxiously waiting for Stefano’s album as he has grown through the Idol experience and as I listen to his tour performances, I can see a great singer growing. . . he knows music and has real talent from his heart. Good Luck Stefano, make Washington proud!!!!
    A fan from Las Vegas via Washington. . .

  7. Hi Stefano Langone I’m Kristine Casipe from Iloilo Philippines I’m your biggest fan ang your voice is so amazing and great? I have to say to you i have a inborn disability when i was born I’m so blessed because God created me as a beautiful person….so That what who i am right now..I’m thankful to have you in my life because of american idol when i was saw you in TV i was so giggle of you because your so handsome and cute and I’m so proud of you.

  8. I am so glad for Stefano he was my number 1 after Sccotty, I loved the way he sang If you dont know me by now!!! HURRAY FOR YOU MAN!!!! PLEASE RECORD THIS ONE FOR ME.

  9. Can’t wait for Stefano’s album. He really caught my eye on Idol and again on the tour. He is a fantastic performer. You go Stefano, we are out here waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!

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