James Durbin Album Title Revealed

We learned nearly three weeks ago that American Idol singer James Durbin had signed a deal and was hard at work on his debut album. Now we have an album title and scheduled release date to go with it.

According to Amazon.com’s pre-order page, Durbin’s post-Idol debut will be named “Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster” and is set to be released on November 21, 2011. No details have been announced for the track list or run time.

This looks to be a pretty quick turn around considering Durbin had just started on the album in early September and then had to take a break to return to the Idol tour. In less than two months we’ll find out what James was able to put together in such a short time. Are you ready to pre-order James Durbin’s “Beautiful Disaster”?

Update: Thanks to reader Micaela, here is Durbin’s song “Stand Up” from the “Official Game Day Vol: 2” album which may or may not be on his first album. James had tweeted “not for the record” when detailing “Stand Up” so I’m guessing that means it’s, you guessed it, not for this record. But either way, enjoy it below.




  1. That title seems to fit James perfectly. Waiting impatiently for the album. Just bought the new song Stand Up for the NFL Promo, I love it and love James’ voice even more than before.

  2. Actually James began work on his debut album sometime in June, working on vocals, laying tracks,etc with some big names in the entertainment world…also worked on album during tour… could not talk much about it because he was still under contract to AI, BUT as soon as he was released (SO Happy for him)he let his fans know what he was working on.
    Being that James is such a perfectionist and has amazing pitch perfect vocals his album will be EPIC. So excited. ROCK ON JAMES!!!

  3. Whoo Hoo ~!!! Way to go, James. Have been waiting for this and love the title Memories of a Beautiful Disaster. Will definitely buy this~!!!!

  4. I don’t know. I love James, and he was great on the tour, but does it make sense to include the name of someone else’s single (Kelly Clarkson, Beautiful Disaster) in your break- out CD? Maybe, they should re-think that. Will probably buy it though. I am an AI junkie, and have bought many, many, CD’s and not just the winners.

    • The title is Memories of A Beautiful Disaster.

      There are dozens of songs called Beautiful Disaster writen by various people listed on ASCAP and Kelly’s album was years ago, so I don’t see the need for James to rename his album.

  5. I had bought a few of James’ songs (from the AI show) some time ago–along with almost every one of Haley’s. I have to say, his vocals have stood the test of time, since I STILL really enjoy hearing his sweet voice and play that CD constantly. So I am confident the music on the new CD (regardless of the name of the album–who cares?!) will be just as good–and probably even better, since he is making the decisions and is savvy about what shows off his talents best.

    I am a staunch fan and am pulling for him to be successful!

    Now, may I hear about Haley, please???!!!

  6. Love James and certainly wish him the best!! He is great and will be around for a long time!! Love ya James!!!! This is your time to shine!!

  7. I would not want the word “Disaster” in my first album. This suggests failure and I am sure James does not want that.

  8. I am beyond excited. I will immediately go to Amazon and pre-order this CD. I loved Stand Up and I hope that Micaela is right and that it will be on this CD. I LOVE IT and I love James.
    And Colleen if you don’t like James than stay off of this particular site.

    @Shawn..I’m also waiting to hear about Haley….Hopefully it will be soon…

  9. I won’t be buying his music. He sings off key and his tone of voice is strident and hard on the hears. How exactly do you work on an album before your signed by a record company and then name the album before all the music is completed and decided on?

    • MMM, I’m betting you’re not a fan of the style of song he most often sang on AI. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is an example of how he can sing sweetly, that’s for sure. Nothing strident there.

  10. MMM, James singing off key is a Urban Legend. James sings like most Metal singers sing, not everybody cup of tea but James is not off key and James tone is not harsh but lovely. Wind Up could not announce that they signed until Interscope option was officially out late August, but James probably alreay knew that Wind Up was going to sign him so that is why he started working on the album before the announcement. Were is it written that an album title has to be decided before it is completed? You don’t like him fine with me and his fans.

    • His singing off key is a fact and making excuses for him by saying all Metal singers sound like that is ridiculous. Go back and re-listen to his AI performances – don’t watch just listen and be honest. He destroyed ‘A Change is gonna Come’ and not in a good way. Also, at the end of ‘Don’t stop Believein’ he was awful. I really believe he is one of the worst ever in the Top 4 on Idol.

      • mmm, James did sing badly a couple of times. I’m willing to bet a lot of singers we all like have, as well. I know I’ve listened to some live albums of some well-known artists and have been disappointed in the recordings of these otherwise unbelievably good singers. I think James has tremendous potential to please not only metal heads but the rest of us.

      • mmm…..If you don’t like James’ style of music thats OK but to be so crude about is shameful…..You also need to get your hearing checked…..if you thing he is one of the worst top 4 in Idol history, than you haven’t been watching Idol that long!!!!!

  11. Well said Johanna…James knew before AI Tour he would be signing with Wind-Up but said in interviews he could not give details till end of tour. He is so happy to be out of AI…
    The official title of James’ debut album is: James Durbin…Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster”. He said it “means looking back on events in my life to see the beauty in the pain”.
    His album was produced by Howard Benson(My Chemical Romance, Daughtry)
    James Durbin will have a single from his album coming out soon…cann’t wait.
    I also bought “Stand Up” on ITunes, it is AWESOME!
    No auto tune … just pure JAMES!!!Awesome!

  12. James’ recorded songs from Idol are “spot on” vocals that amaze me after repeated, repeated play! Not a flaw in them! Just purchased his Stand UP song & waiting for what’s next come November.

  13. Hi there Phyllis G. You go girl. mmm…… must be hard of hearing! James sings rock. But I remember him singing a few ballads too. He DEFINITLEY is not one of the 4 top worst singers!! Maybe he is in the top 10 out of all seasons. Someone needs a hearing aid. It’s about time someone stuck up for James! Thanbk-You Phyllis!! A big smile for You!

    • And I do mean the top ten good singers!!! I don’t want anyone to get what I said wrong. sorry about having to come back again. But the way I phrased it above was not that clear! 🙂

  14. Phyllis G. You are amazing too. And our sweet James is just amazing too!! For mmm. Go to youtube and listen to James sing ” Will you still love me tomorrow.” Also listen to the great Harry Nilssons ” Without you sang by James.” James you darling young man you are going to be totally great!! Love you James! You deserve to get signed to a record deal.
    Jennifer said James has beeen consistant through out the whole season!! Randy said James proved he was a great singer!! And it was obvious the audience loved James too!

  15. WOW!!!STAND UP IS AWESOME!!!James sang cover songs on American Idol better than I ever heard them sang by anyone! MEMORIES OF A BEAUTIFUL DISASTER was available for preordering on Amazon even before James announced the name,so I had my order in early. With James musical brilliance and creativity and that amazing voice, I know it’s going to be truly EPIC!!!

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