Stefano Langone signs to Hollywood Records

The deals for American Idol Season 10 alums just keep coming in. The latest is Stefano Langone who was signed to Hollywood Records Thursday.

“We are very excited to have Stefano on our roster,” said Disney Music Group and Hollywood Records EVP Ken Bunt. “He’s an incredibly talented vocalist and songwriter. His story is very inspiring and we are looking forward to helping him achieve his goals.”

No word on any album details, but Stefano is pretty excited about his future — and rightly so.

“I feel blessed to have gotten this opportunity with Hollywood Records,” he said. “I think it is a great fit for me and I’m so excited and hungry for what’s to come.”




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  2. I’m happy for him…..Only the future will tell how he does……..but for now enjoy the moment!!!

    • Wow Branden you are hot on those caps this year. It’s usually Matt. Good Job dude! Hi Phyllis G. I always just love how you say the right thing! Yes we should be happy for him. And you are right. Only the future will tell. I hope for now he enjoys the moment.

  3. I am so glad to see Stefano Langone get what he deserved, He is a talented your performer and he was treated dirty i thought by the audience on American Idol, great wishes and hope he goes a long way . Congrats Stefano.

  4. The best of them all! So glad this finally worked out for Fano. I am so anxious to hear his first album. Hi5 Stefano!!!

  5. Wahoo! Sounds like a perfect fit to me! He is such a cutie pie with a very nice voice . . . wishing the very best for him. I think he will surprise a lot of people. I could see him in film, and with Disney backing, then that could very well happen.

  6. With patience, you can even get to heaven, someone said. You have so much talent, I am so glad to know you are on your way to achieving your dream . With the Disney family behind you, you should do great. Take care Stephano, you are a nice young man. .

  7. He was one of my Faves from the start. YEA for him, I love his voice, I hope he gets the right songs and has fun. Heres to you Stefano, on g etting your chance, Lets see where it goes   good luck

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