You can vote Scotty McCreery as ACM New Artist of the Year finalist

American Idol champ Scotty McCreery has been nominated for The Academy of Country Music’s New Artist of the Year, and you can help the country crooner get one step closer to the prize with online voting.

Scotty is among eight semi-finalists and your votes will help narrow the field down to three.Β  Fan voting begins Monday, Jan. 16 and 9 am ET at

Fans can vote once a day until 12pm ET on Jan. 30. The 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards will air on Sunday, April 1.

The other nominees are Brantley Gilbert, Hunter Hayes, JT Hodges, Justin Moore, David Nail, Jerrod Naimann and Thompson Square.




  1. I’m sorry but there’s no way in hell that I’d be voting for Scotty. ewwww he’s so insignificant in the music industry. he’s more like Taylor Hicks actually.

    • Insignificant? It’s just the start of Scotty’s music career. Who knows if he will flop or can make it big?

      I remember so many people predicted doom for his first single, then his second single, then his debut album. None flops.

      Many country superstars doesn’t make it big until 3rd or 4th album. It takes year of hard work and talent to succeed – I don’t write off anyone yet, unless they really can’t sing.

      I think Scotty is good for country music. Tell me if you can find any successful teen traditional country singer these days? His debut album was produced in rush and came out in Oct, shortly after Idol tour is over and may not be as traditional as he wants to but it doesn’t sound like the popular country-pop, country-rock these days.

      It’s OK you are not a fan and won’t wish good thing to him. But only time will tell of Scotty is really insignificant or not.

      • @ Melp. I agree with you melp! I am a Scotty fan. And I wish him the best of luck! Some people thought Scotty was smug. But I disagree. He was just a nice quiet country type kid. And I have always wondered if HaleyForever is THE Haley?? Or is she just hateful? Scotty is better than Taylor Hix anyday! Like you said only time will tell how he will do. I think Scotty with a bit of help can sing the popular country pop. May God bless you on your way Scotty! And to Carol Colclasure I agree with you too! I think I feel like there is some jealousy too!!! Everyone have a great week end!

      • I know, right? It’s the start and end of his career in the music industry, I promise you all! None flops? Oh come on, he’s never had any number 1 hit in Billboards! Is that what you call successful? Maybe it has a different meaning in your own dictionary then. I’m obviously not a fan of Scotty because 1) he’s boring. 2) he knows 3 notes 3) he looks like a cartoon character and his personality sucks 4) he just won because of young girls who were just so obsessed of him.

        And to you Sherry K, you’re absolutely right. He’s just a nice quiet country type kid which is a perfect meaning for B-O-R-I-N-G. There you go! I’m not Haley but I’d definitely listen to her songs any day!

    • well, let’s see….insignificant???? He has already been on the grand ole opray, the CMA awards. When he went home before idol went off for the season, Josh Turner showed up in his home town and did a duet with him. Sheryl Crow has stated publically that SHE would make sure he goes far in the industry, AND his first CD has gone platinum!!!! Not go far?????????????…..I smell a little J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y!!!!

      • So that’s how you measure someone who’s significant in the music industry, eh? Those are useless, honey! Give me a Scotty song that went to the level of songs produced by Kelly/Carrie/Jordyn/David. N.O.N.E

      • HaleyForever: Oh my goodness,I think you protest too much! And you know right? What is your problem? No he is never going to be Johhny Cash because there will never be another Johnny Cash. Just as there will never be another ELVIS. Or another Michael Jackson. Icons don’t come along every day! But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some great singers out there!!! I agree with Ed! I think you are in the wrong country. And boy do you just keep on and on.I think I remember that on last years blog here too! Give it a break and move on to some other subject. This conversation about Scotty is getting old and tired!! You are entitled to your opinion. Lets wait and see how he does! But seriously you need to CHILL. This is my last comment to you. Because I am going to take you for who you are . Just someone JEALOUS for who knows what reason? CHILL OK!!! I am sure some of the other nice people on here are tired of your comments too. Best thing to do now is just ignore her. I guess responding to her is what keeps her going. Hi Ed. and Hi Carol!Hi Phyllis. I am moving on to the next blog.And honey I don’t think anyone on here is YOUR honey either. πŸ™‚

      • This haley person has got to be Haley Reinhard. This was so her personality on Idol. Full of herself and full of jealousy. My conversations with her has ended.

      • Scotty’s record went platinum and was the number 1 record the first week it was out and has also stayed in the billboard charts since then. Yeah he’s a true flop. I didn’t like Haley, but I didn’t hate her either. Just because you think Scotty is boring doesn’t mean other people do. I can’t stand Lady Gaga, but does that mean that I think other people should hate her? No everyone has their own tastes, and I choose not to listen to Lady Gaga, so I don’t care if people like her or buy her cds because that’s their right to do and I’m not going to tear her down just because I don’t like her.

    • Haley, what music industry are you talking about. I think you are in the wrong country.
      and maybe you are πŸ™‚ Better check your facts before you say anything again ok?

      • duh maybe you are in the outer space, Ed? or you’re too busy at home listening to Scotty’s boring-to-death songs.

      • Hi Carol Colclasure. I have been thinking since last year that this HaleyForever was and is THE Hailey Reinhard too!!!

    • I’m not a country music fan but last season I saw myself supporting and rooting for Scotty, and I hope that he has a long and successful career. Just because whoever you were supporting didn’t make it(and judging by your name I can only guess who) doesn’t mean that Scotty didn’t deserve to win, or doesn’t deserve the kind of success he’s had so far.

      • I don’t even care if she didn’t make coz I’m sure she’s gonna be even BIGGER than Scotty McBoring.

    • I think you are missing out. I saw Scotty last week in person and he was outstanding. He’s young and has a lot to learn, but he’s going to be huge! I predict he’ll be as big as Carrie and Kelly. As far as Taylor Hicks, he was an outstanding entertainert and is doing exactly what he wanted to do. He likes the smaller venues and never liked the big arenas. I’m proud to have picked both of them from their first audition. Scotty has what it takes and I can’t wait to see him grow and mature!

  2. He’s already done better than Lee DeWyze, Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, David Cook, Jordin Sparks, and Kris Allen. His CD went platinum in 3 months and is still in the Billboard top 20.

    • Templar; Great answer!! I think what you said is well said! Lee Dewyze if I am correct has already been dumped from his label. Taylor Hicks does what? I don’t hear much about him. And I could go on and on with the names. Kris Allen is from here. Where I live. And I have always said he is a nice christian young man. But he is no way as talented as ADAM LAMBERT! πŸ™‚ Everyone have a great week end. Hi Phyllis G if you are out here somewhere!

    • Billboard top 20? Excuse me? Be proud if that’s number 1, honey. Don’t be too excited for this boring kid.

  3. carol colclasure says:
    January 14, 2012 at 4:57 PM

    well, let’s see….insignificant???? He has already been on the grand ole opray, the CMA awards. When he went home before idol went off for the season, Josh Turner showed up in his home town and did a duet with him. Sheryl Crow has stated publically that SHE would make sure he goes far in the industry, AND his first CD has gone platinum!!!! Not go far?????????????…..I smell a little J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y!!!!

  4. i love Scotty will be voting for him hes got a great deep voice. sounds like that atkins singer cant think of his first name ,you go scotty your awesome

  5. Jealous thats not the word for it u are just mad that u are not there and showing your concern u stink and who are u to point the finger Haley forever i really think u show a somewhat being an idiot. This kid is good and he runs circles around that Beber punk, the one that’s loosing his pants what a put on he is being pushed by his parents enjoying the money .

    • the what? did your mom tell you how to use punctuation marks? my gosh, I almost died when I saw your post..I couldn’t breathe!!!

      I’m not jealous/mad. I’m just being honest.

      • She lies! Or she would drop the subject.Please do not die! It is not that important! We all try to like each other on this blog. But you are making it hard for anyone to like you. Let me guess. You don’t care??? Did your mom tell you to cap the words that are supposed to be capped? Honest? Last word to her. I have enjoyed my friends comments. I hope all of you have a very nice week! Sherry K

      • i agree Sherry ,this Haley forever person is taking it to far knocking everyone down there is alot of good singers and we all have our favs so haley forever girl knock it off you made your point.personally i think haley is a great singer but too conceited .good day to you all .this conversation is not going anywhere fast!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey I am voting for JT Hodges. There’s a talent. Great music, great look and great guy. He loves his fans and does so much for little kids. Vote for JT Hodges, I beleive he’s the one!

  7. Scotty, in my opinion will hopefully do as well as Carrie Underwood! But my favorite uscand always will be Adam Lambert! So excited for his next album!!! Btw I hope great things for any Idol alumni!!! Love that show!

    • adam is the BEST thing to come out of idol, bar none. doesn’t get any better. awesome talent and thoroughly nice guy

    • I know!!! he’s dorky and he’s trying so hard to be cute but unfortunately, he’s NOT! my oh my, he’s creeping the h*ll out of me.

    • let me rephrase that. he’s not and will never be johnny cash. i don’t wanna give him time because there are too many singers out there who so deserve to be in his place. Haley Reinhart is one of them.

      • not to worry. haley is a fabulous sing and has a helluva great career ahead of her. and remember, not everyone who wins stays in the limelight. where are kris allen and lee dewyze lately?? not to mention taylor hicks

  8. Hi Branden,
    there is a s#*t disturber in this page, and you know who it is, perhaps it is time to do something
    about it and keep this page available to those who
    likes discussion on a more mature level, besides I think this person is just a kid or worst an older
    person acting like a spoiled kid.

    • Ed sounds like it to me also lol but anyway to change the subject i for one cant wait for Idol to start i think the judging panel is great especially Steven Tyler love him .

      • Hi Matt,
        Thanks, but I think it already stopped. most of us is moving or already moved to the next pages you and Branden will open anyway. I guess
        this Haleyforever, who ever he or she is got too much spare time. Looking forward to your cheat sheets as always. regards.

    • Hi Ed! I am glad we are all going on to another page. I hope Matt can keep the pest off. She just stays on everyones back. And will not CHILL. See you on the next blog!
      Branden Is a nice guy! So is Matt. I think the two of them keep everything going smoothly! I love Steven Tyler too. Oprah interviewed him on her net work Own the other night. He was really cool. Oprah had a lot of fun with Steven! πŸ™‚

  9. Carol Colclasure says:
    January 16, 2012 at 2:44 PM

    This haley person has got to be Haley Reinhard. This was so her personality on Idol. Full of herself and full of jealousy. My conversations with her has ended.

  10. Hi Ed this is my final comment on this Haley thing every comment you made im with you on .thisould very well be Haley shes so stuck on herself this is the only way people talk about her lol shes a conceited lil you know what and will never be as good as she thinks she is.America voted her off that should say something,if you are haley writing all this get off the subject of you nobody gives a rats ass bout you .

  11. Whoa, why so much hate on someone who’s just being honest and so entitled to her own opinion anyway? and what last year’s blog are you guys talking about?

    Anyway, that’s it. I’ve already raised a couple of VALID points here.
    1) Scotty is boring and will never be a star.
    2) Haley is better than him and will shine brighter.

  12. friends, I suggest not to respond anymore to you
    know who , this person won’t stop and does not
    understand or respect others.

    • Thank-You Ed. You are right. We will not respond to her again. See you on the next blog. πŸ™‚

    • talk about respect, eh? well you guys have to respect other’s opinion as well. hello?!

  13. I think Scotty is great, I got his CD and Laurens also both I like. I wish them nothing but good and fun and learning so they can advance. love Scotty voice and he is a nice kid and so is Lauren. A lot of good singers have come out of AI, drawing a blank the very first winner, David cook, Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, Adam Lambert, Jordan Sparks, Scotty and Lauren, I love Clay Aiken’s cd all good as he sings great. Katherine McPhee, she has a great movie coming out. thats all I can think of now, but they all deserve whats coming to them as they work hard for it. praise them all

    • Hi Shelley i love all the people you mentioned too im also sooooo excited for Kathrine McPhees movie thats gonna be great talent there .i forgot the day and channel it will be on can you please let me know ? thankyou,Pat

    • I know!!! A lot of good singers have come out of AI. And on top of all of them, Haley Reinhart is the best and we’re so going to support her with her first album coming out this March. Watch out for that you guys! She’s so gonna be a star.

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