Steven Tyler Says He Lied To American Idol Hopefuls

Steven Tyler on American Idol

Former American Idol judge Steven Tyler was known for being a bit of a softy on the show. Now the Aerosmith frontman has admitted that he wasn’t exactly honest with all the contestants. Especially the bad ones.

“The format was supposed to be take the piss out of people, so it’s good TV,” Steven said on Howard Stern’s Radio Talk Show,  “and I was gentle because I couldn’t imagine telling some girl … she sucks and she can’t sing, so then for the rest of her life she’s not singing.”

We kind of suspected that Steven. We don’t blame you at all, but thanks for finally confessing.

Steven also admitted something else a lot of people suspected about why he took the American Idol job in the first place.

“I took it because I was pissed off at the band (Aerosmith),” he said. “I fell offstage and nobody called me.”

Steven is referencing his fall from a stage at a concert in 2010 that lead to him entering rehab for substance abuse.

Do you think judges should be nicer like Steven even if it means lying or should they be honest like Simon Cowell was?




  1. I think that’s the problem these past few years, and why AI is hurting in the ratings division. We (they) NEED honesty, not putting people who can’t sing, or want 5 min. of fame to get on TV. Get real – what a DUMB question!!

  2. Its seems that stars being a judge, when they’re esteemed for their singing career, can uncover a lot of flaws in their personalities, that noone noticed before…until they became judges, so maybe, if Idol wants honest opinions, they’re best to hire renowned music critics as judges, like Simon Cowell who says what he thinks (though he could be a little more discreet) but I think that’s the type who will be honest and have nothing to lose.

  3. I think honesty is good but they do t have to mean or rude about it either. Just tell them they can’t sing and move on. Sometimes the comments r so rude that it looks like they feel bad for even being alive that day. They’re all humans. Should be treated nicely but told the truth. 🙂

  4. Most people felt Steven was being “too nice” with his comments and dismissed what he said anyway. We don’t want judges on Idol who aren’t honest with their comments, although this is not the only reality show that does this. Why have judges at all if we can’t respect what they say? One thing I would never want to hear is a comment about my wardrobe. That is a sure giveaway that my performance was not worth commenting about. The judges can be honest without being cruel. It’s about how you word a bluntly honest comment that makes the difference. As a viewer, I want a critique that helps the contestant perform better. Don’t just say that it was not good, tell what can be done for better performances in the future.

  5. They should be in between the being to nice, or too mean. I mean. They do have to tell them they are not good. But it doesn’t need to be in a mean way like Judge Dredd Simon Cowell. It does not surprise me Steven was too nice. He defintely would never be mean to the contestants.

  6. Tell it like it is! Be brutally honest. And the judges need to be experts in a variety of music. Stick with 3 judges similar to what the show started with.

  7. How many people audition for the show each year. These potential contestants are put through one audition after another each time with the judges (not the official ones you see on screen) telling them how great they are, all for the set up to make them look like fools on the show. Most contestants know they are crap but the best ones (for the producers) are the ones that believe what they are being told. The sad thing is how much great potential talent is lost not because of their voice but because they don’t have the background story. This is the main reason I prefer the Voice. It will use the background story but not to the same extent and avoids a lot of the unnecessary hyped up drama. I have no problem with Stephen lying to the contestants and not crushing their deluded dreams.

    • A “reality” show based on lies is already compromised and not worthy of trust by the viewers. As other lies are uncovered along the way the show loses credibility, and viewers turn to other shows that are more worthy of their votes and support. When lying begins, we never know how many lies were slipped past us. Everything becomes suspect. I hope Idol can make enough changes to let the viewer have faith again. If not, the show is doomed.

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