Trent Harmon American Idol Top 10: ‘Like I Can’ by Sam Smith [VIDEO]

Trent Harmon made it the American Idol 2016 Top 10 courtesy of the judges, but from now on his fate is in the hands of the voters. Based on his performance on Wednesday night, we think he probably has very little worry about when it comes to whether or not he’ll make the next round. Given the ‘sweet spot’ of singing last for the night, Trent Harmon filled it up with a quirky but powerful performance the American Idol judges seemed to like as much as the fans!

Trent Harmon performs on American Idol 2016 (FOX)
Trent Harmon performs on American Idol 2016 (FOX)

Jennifer Lopez told Trent Harmon that he is one of the reasons this season is really so phenomenal. Although she tells him it wasn’t perfect, she loved it and and all the cool things he does with his voice. Original American Idol winner and guest judge Kelly Clarkson told Trent his unique voice is impressive and wants to hear him sing in his falsetto even more. Harry Connick Jr. talked about Trent’s ability to do amazing runs and congratulated him on his great performance.

Will this hopeful singer be chosen by the fans to join the already chosen special few and move on to the next round of American Idol 2016? Be sure to check out our guide on how to vote for American Idol and ensure your favorites get through to the next round!