Watch American Idol’s Haley Reinhart Perform On 90210

Haley Reinhart 90210

American Idol’s Haley Reinhart has been all over town promoting her new song “Free” and now that marketing tour even includes an acting bit. Reinhart guest starred in Tuesday’s episode of 90210 on The CW where she appeared as herself and, you guessed it, performed “Free.”

There was even a little drama added in for Haley as one of the characters battled a little jealousy over her in-show boyfriend performing for Haley. Unfortunately the clip below is drama-free, but it’s not “Free”-free.

Did you get to see Haley Reinhart last night on 90210? If so, then what’d you think of her acting chops?




  1. did not see the show last night, but i really like her.  i keep thinking back to her performance last season of “you and i” and the great job she did on it.  why the judges ragged her all season is still a mystery.  so much for taste.

  2. yeah.. she has that Marlyin Monroe-ish vibe about her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she stars in a movie in the future. No wonder J-Lo was so hard on her last season, she knew that Haley’s a bigger threat to her than anyone.

  3. I didn’t see it either.  I noticed this year Ryan didn’t interview her or anything after she sang for Idol.  I for the life of me can’t figure out what that show has against her.  No mention of her album coming out.  No mention that she was going to be on this 90210 show. 

    I still think Jennifers comment to Joshua a few weeks about being the best ever was a sublte shot at Haley.  She (Jennifer) has a lot of traits that I don’t like.  Vain, snotty, rude, fake, liar, etc.  She’s NOT stupid though.  She knows Haley had most of the best performances last year.   By saying what she did to Joshua, she took a dig at Haley.

  4. I didn’t know she was on the show, I would have watched it.  She was fabulous last season and once James went she was my favorite…….Her performances were great and she should have been in the finale……but that ancient history…..

  5. Hayley was and still is our favorite. She has more talent in her little finger than Alaina.  The Judges made it plain from the beginning that they wanted Alania to win. Well thanks to all those little girls voting for Scotty she didn’t. Haley can sing anything. All they could sing was country. My family, friends and I voted for her every week. I have downloaded all her songs from AI at I-tunes. My favorites are House of the Rising Sun, I Who have Nothing and The Earth Song. The Judges really gave her a hard time when she did The Earth Song. I have downloaded Michael’s and she did it just like he did! I have already ordered her new CD package and can’t wait for it to come out in May. I thought it was really rude of them not to talk to her after she sang. If anyone was  conceited it was Alania IMHO.

  6. I am so looking forward to Haley’s debut CD.  If  “Free” is any indication the CD should be fantastic!  Unfortunately I only caught a few seconds of Haley on 90210 last night.

  7. Haley was my favorite.  She should of been in the final with Scotty.  The judges were wrong about her most of the time when they put her down.  She looked and sounded fabulose on her free number.  I think she can also go along way in acting.  Can’t wait to buy here new album when it’s released.

  8. Watched it, It was worth it, even if it was brief. 
    Movies & Music is Haley’s natural element, so I think we’ll be seeing & hearing much more of her in the near future!

  9. she was awesome , super voice, super looks, hopes she comes back! did not see her acting thought…

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