American Idol 2012 Top 9 Mansion Move-In Pics

American Idol 2012 Top 9 Mansion

The American Idol 2012 Top 9 moved in to the fabled Idol Mansion this weekend and now we’ve got our first look at the finalists in their new digs thanks to Entertainment Weekly. Now I see why Erika Van Pelt was feeling so bitter.

Finalists tweeted teasing details about the move over the weekend but were seemingly barred from showing any actual photos. Now we can see just how nice is the place they’ll be staying for the remaining weeks of American Idol Season 11. Hint: it’s ridiculously nice. One of the photos shows a giant flat panel TV in the bathroom behind Skylar. A TV in the bathroom?! What’s next? A phone in the bathroom?? Wait, what? People already do that? Nevermind then.

Check out a few of the images below and then see the rest at EW.

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      • I can’t say I blame her but she is going on the tour and they will have a lot of fun doing that this summer.  What an opportunity for all 10 of them…..Touring the country and doing what they love, singing……..well 9 out of 10……HeeJun loves comedy……..his so called singing is just a stepping stone to be recognized……He will probably make it as a comedian.  LOL

      •  Hey Phyllis… HeeJun is in the Top 9 and will probably survive at least two more weeks.  Dude can sing.  Is he funny?  Yep.  Is he the “best” singer in the competition?  No.  But, kind of cruel of you to suggest his comedy underminds the fact that he can sing.

  1. They sure are having fun in there.

    Hee – “Am I gonna be here again next week?”Phil – “Ooops, careful with the stones!”
    Elise – “I’m not a killer joy—I’m the DJ!”
    Joshua – “Yeah, I don’t feel Gospel-like today LOL.”
    Colton – “Me neither.”
    Jessica – “Wow, I’m already living the dream.”
    Deandre – “I’m so gonna flip my hair here!”
    Skylar – “I can shout in here, right?”
    Hollie – “Ok, I think I’m gonna change my outfit now.”

  2. Every single one of them looks better now- or about the same in Phillips case, as they do when they sing.  Wear this on stage & quit dressing like you’re entering a pageant.

  3. I’m happy for all of them.  Its such a great opportunity.  Enjoy life I say!!!!!
    Its goes by too fast!!!!!!

  4. 2012 AI season prediction:  The judges save will be used on Joshua (whatever week that may be) as they will consider his elimination a travesty.  And somebody good will go home thereafter, maybe even a frontrunner like Jessica!
    Will this all really be the shock they’ll make it out to be?  No… not really.

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