Zack Dobbins Sings ‘Miss Use’ On American Idol 2020 [VIDEO]

Zack Dobbins decided to audition for American Idol 2020 because he promised a girl he would do so. He doesn’t seem to realize he has such talent, and that was definitely part of his charm on Sunday night when he performed for the judges an original song called “Miss Use.”

The young talent from West Virginia has never been on a plane, but will soon be heading to Hollywood after wowing the judges with a voice that social media is comparing to the late Kurt Cobain. I’m not sure he is ready for American Idol, or vice versa, but Zack has major talent and I hope he gets to show it off beyond Sunday night’s episode of American Idol.

What did you think of Zack’s audition? If you haven’t watched yet, be sure to check it out below and let us know what you think. Could he be the next American Idol?

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Zack Dobbins, “Miss Use”

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