American Idol Season 13 – Best Top 13 Performances Of The Night

Last night on American Idol the Top 13 finalists made their debut and rocked the stage. Well some rocked harder than others.

Caleb Johnson performs on American Idol
Caleb Johnson performs on American Idol – Source: FOX

Some of the finalists appeared to be playing it safe with their song choices while others went out guns blazing like it could be their last chance on the American Idol stage. I tend to prefer the latter and according to our poll, most of you like it that way too.

So which Top 13 finalists had the best performances last night on Idol? Let’s countdown the top five of the show.

#5 – Alex Preston – “A Beautiful Mess”

#4 – Jessica Meuse – “The Crow & The Butterfly”

#3 – Majesty Rose – “Tightrope”

#2 – Ben Briley – “Folsom Prison Blues”

#1 – Caleb Johnson – “Pressure and Time”

Caleb ended up in the Pimp Spot last night which is great to come out so strong that production puts him there for his first performance, but when the time comes that he needs that voting boost it might be hard to get it again. It was such a great energy performance though I don’t know how Idol producers couldn’t end the show on him.

Okay, so who is going home and who will be safe tonight at the elimination show? Sadly I don’t think everyone in this Top 5 list is necessarily safe, but they should be!

Share your own Top 5 list and tell us who you would rank those spots.