American Idol Season 13 Poll: Vote For Your Favorite Top 15 Guy

The American Idol Top 15 Guys have had their moment in the spotlight and now its your turn to vote for them! We’ve got details on how to vote for the Top 10 guys, but here’s your chance to vote again in our unofficial poll.

American Idol 2014 Top 15 Guys
American Idol 2014 Top 15 Guys – Source: FOX

Make your pick for the best singer out of the Season 13 Top 15 Guys in the poll below. Of course only ten of the fifteen had their chance on the stage and we think that’s a real shame to have left that great talent waiting.

Your votes are very important for these guys because only the top five from these ten can be guaranteed a chance to move on to next week. The other five will be sent home if the judges don’t rescue them with a Wild Card save.

Were you happy with the Top 10 Guys as the judges selected them? Did any of your favorites get left behind in that waiting room?