How To Vote For Top 2 Performers On American Idol 2014

The American Idol Top 2 contestants have reached the finale and need your support tonight so start voting and make your favorite the winner! Follow along with our live recap of tonight’s Top 2 finale show.

This is your final chance to help the finalists and put either Caleb or Jena over the top to become the winner of American Idol 2014 at Wednesday night’s season finale.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest on American Idol – Source: FOX

There are no more eliminations, just the final season’s results tomorrow night.

Vote for Caleb Johnson:

  • Text 13 to 83676
  • Call 1-855-4-IDOL-13 (1-855-443-6513)
  • SuperVote online at or via app

Vote for Jena Irene:

  • Text 8 to 83676
  • Call 1-855-4-IDOL-08 (1-855-443-6508)
  • SuperVote online at or via app

There are fifty votes available to viewers through each method including phone calls, texting, Facebook votes, and the Google search voting. There are lots of options to get your votes in and help your pick win safety.

In addition to phone calls and texts, the audience can use Facebook votes and voting over at & Idol app voting to “SuperVote.” There you’ll get another 50 votes, but it’ll be 50 votes per contestant. There’s even Google Search Voting. So yeah, FOX is pushing online voting for American Idol this year for sure.

Each week your favorite contestants will have a dedicated number and we will update all the information you need to call, text, and happy-thoughts your support!




  1. Yes, I agree with you Val. They were way better than the girls. I didn’t vote for any of the girls, but voted for about 7 of those guys.

  2. Really disapointed. Cool kids but no real singers like Carrie or Adam or Haley, etc. glad The Voice is on too.

  3. Most have potential but not good enough for american idol, maybe 2 or 3 may really keep the audiences attention

  4. MK’s looks and background should not be looked at. Just the music! She is very good
    BUT Caleb wins my vote everytime!

  5. Caleb all the way.
    I would love to see him in concert.
    Will you go with me Jennifer?

  6. Jessica has a very unique voice. Would love for her to sing some Stevie Nix. I’m so proud of her for keeping it together when the band came in on the off beat. That goes to show she is a seasoned performer. She can sing country, and I would love to hear some classic rock.

  7. There has never been a singer like Adam Lambert, ever….I also loved Hailey. I love watching their performances!! My other favorites, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Crystal Bowersox and Daughtry.

  8. GO JENA!!!You have a very beautiful voice .You and Caleb are my favs. I get goose bumps when u two sing .FANTASIC Performance loved it loved it alot ….

  9. I don’t like Caleb at all. He is so sure he has this in the bag. I don’t like the way he still tries to stay in control even when the judges are talking. He just screams and doesn’t have a wide range or versatility of some of the others. I think Malaya gave an outstanding performance and she hadn’t even been in my top 3 or 4 until this performance. Still like Jessica and Sam too, At least he doesn’t make an idiot of himself and think he is God’s gift to performing like Caleb does,.

    • I agree about Caleb. When he turns down the volume, his voice seems unsteady. It’s enough to make “old ladies cry”! I can’t imagine sitting through a concert with every songs performed the same way. Maybe fumbling the mike a couple of times would provide some “moments,” but not enough to make it worthwhile. His performance is good once, but twice in a night gives an idea of what an hour concert could be like. Yuk!

    • I say that every week…. she is beautiful….. Caleb was great tonight, 4/23/2014, and I’m not a rock music fan…

  10. Alex is the most talented, awesome contestant that I have seen in a long time. Last night, April 2nd, he gave me goosebumps with his original song! He sang his song with such feeling and finesse, I was mesmerized! I would buy his album TODAY!!!

    • Alex is talented as a songwriter and arranger. His vocal performances aren’t too bad if I shut my eyes. I don’t like to watch him sing. He doesn’t do well with up-tempo stuff either.

  11. The sound of a voice is sometimes more important than all the stylings. The first time I heard CJ’s voice. That’s the winner, I thought. When Jena performed on the spot under pressure and showed no weaknesses, I thought, she’s a performer. Alex, quite the musician and Malaya could perform on Broadway. Anyone else has to prove something through song choice. No clear winners so far.

    • Jessica? What were you watching. She was out a week ago, and Jena had two blah numbers and one good one.

  12. please, Please, PLEASE STOP. FILMING. JLO.

    For the love of the show, someone tell Per Blankens to stop swinging the camera to show JLo DURING the performances!!!! I want to see them!!!

    I want to open my window and scream in Per Blankens’ general direction…!


  13. I think my girl is going to win she did wonderful tonight and not to mention did great the whole series go girl go***!!!

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