American Idol 2010: Big Mike Lynche Saved By The Judges

Big Mike

Update: Richard Rushfield thinks Big Mike was nearly eliminated because pre-teen girls are basically racist. Do you agree? Seems pretty bogus to us.

The judges granted their one and only save to Big Mike last night for American Idol 2010.  Ryan started the show by letting us all know the results were shocking and once all the girls were safe and it was down to Mike, Andrew and Aaron, it wasn’t hard to guess who was getting eliminated. 

Mike stepped it up and sang for his life choosing “This Woman’s Work” and really showed why he deserved to still be in the competition.  I personally have to agree with them.  Mike is way above at least 3 and probably 4 of the hopefuls still singing for our votes and since the save has to be used before the top 5, they didn’t have much of a choice.  I’m eager to see if he will improve next week and prove the judges made the correct decision in deciding to keep him around a while longer. 

Do you think the judges did the right thing by saving Mike?  Why or Why not?