American Idol 2010 Top 9 Elimination Results

We’re about to find out who will be eliminated from the Top 9 tonight on American Idol 2010 and who will move on to the season’s Top 8. The Judges’ Save is still in play this week since it hasn’t been used, but I don’t think it’ll come in to play unless something goes crazy.

Based on your votes in our Top 9 performance poll I’m seeing the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination: Tim, Michael, and Aaron. Then again, DialIdol has Andrew at the bottom of the stack. Any way you cut it, it doesn’t look like a good night for the guys.

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait to see the big reveal.

American Idol 2010 Top 9 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Michael Lynche
  • #2 – Aaron Kelly <-- Seacrest reveals that Aaron is safe
  • #3 – Andrew Garcia

American Idol 2010 Top 9 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Michael Lynche <-- Judges' Save was used

The judges decide to use the Judges’ Save. Michael Lynche will return next week and then two singers will be sent home to keep things on schedule.

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!




  1. was it just me or was it entirely obvious that the song mix they all sang at the beginning of the show was totally lip synched?

  2. Ugggh……….. teenage girls under the age of 17 shouldn’t be allowed to vote……… UGGGGH!!!

  3. It looked very synched to me too. I was hoping the audio was just off on my connection, but probably not. Good ol’ Idol, synching it’s way through.

  4. maybe if Andrerw Garcia was eliminated, the judges will let him going home… but if Big Mike was going home, i think the judges will decide to save him…

  5. if Andrerw Garcia was eliminated, the judges will let him going home… but if Big Mike was going home, i think the judges will decide to save him…

  6. I cannot believe they saved Big Mike.. I am so pissed off at this there are only one or two people that should have been saved and he was not one of them.

  7. While I sympathize with Mike I never thought he was that good whatsoever. I never understood what his appeal was. Please let Tim and Katie go home next.

  8. This was ridiculous! Tim was not in the bottom 3 and Big Mike almost went home?? What is wrong with this voting? Tim should have been bottom 3 and voted off- tese people who are voting for Tim just to see how far he gets are making a big mistake by voting for him. Someone truly talented almost went home tonight, while someone with no talent sat safely. I’m so glad the judges used the save on Big Mike, but now I worry it will not be there for the next weeks if someone else with actual talent gets less votes than Tim. I really hope America gets it right next week and gets rid of Tim and leaves the real singers to show their talent.

  9. Guys, are you serious. They admitted that a couple of years ago that the group performance every week is lip synched. They said they do it that way because it gets too loud. Doesn’t make sense to me, but that is what Idol Said. Go Soibhan !!!

  10. Oh my god!! does that mean he can’t be voted off again?? Or can he go next week??

  11. I agree with Gabby….Big Mike can sing. I go back to my original comment, no girls under 17 should be voting……. let Tim and Aaron go sing on the Disney Channel, and let’s let the rest duel it out.

    I am glad Andrew was saved…I like his style, and look forward to seeing him again next week.

    I have to be honest, I don’t get the whole Siobhan thing at all…….but she’s at least better than Frick and Frack…….

  12. They wasted their save. That was stupid. Only Crystal, siobhan (who probably wouldn’t need a save) and maybe Casey should be saved. Everyone else is dead in the water. Just taking up time.

  13. You may not like Siobhan personally but she has the best voice. Whether she wins or not someone will be offering her a contract. She will be a star regardless of the outcome. So will Crystal I think.

  14. Lafonda please say you are joking. It will be an embarrassment for him to win because his record will be a bomb. Spare him that. Let him be a model or something

  15. Aaron and Tim are so cute!!! One of them will win for sure. No one else compares or can even carry a tune…….

  16. Are you for real? Tim’s record will be The Bomb! It would be an embarrassment if he doesn’t win!

  17. Wow Tiff, “so cute” Thats a joke. They can’t sing as well as any of the others.

  18. I can’t believe they used the save on Big Mike! No offense, but what is so special about his voice?

  19. I think Kara should win. She looked incredible tonight. An older woman is always better than a young twirpy girl.

  20. Another bad decision made by the judges! Big mistake using the save this early! I totally agree with #8 B!Bad Move!

  21. I can think of at least 4 other people that should have been in the bottom is this american idol or nikelodeon?

  22. Right now, my top 3 “Winners” are Siobhan, Crystal, and Lee. I believe it will be Lee and one of the two girls in the Finale.

  23. I agree with Jewels. His voice does not stand out at all. Watching him move around makes me cringe too. He seems plastic to me. But thats not the point, his voice is not star quality.

  24. They should require that a person pass a hearing test to be eligible to vote in AI. That vote was ridiculous.

    But then again, this group of people preferred Chris Allen to Adam Lambert. What can you expect?

  25. I’m going to come out of the closet for Simon. He’s such a man! I love those tight shirts he wears!

  26. Part of me wonders if this was a ratings ploy for next week’s show since two will be knocked out…I seriously don’t see how Mike could fall so far in one week. I am happy he was saved. The judges got it right to keep him. I wonder how next week will turn out….ahhh the stress!

  27. It is so in keeping w/ his performance that Mike was saved this week!!! The 4 J’s made a correct call– let’s just hope that next week one of the potential top 3 is not in danger!!!Good luck Lee D, Crystal, & Casey!

  28. Hell yeah to mediocrity. I can see why Simon is leaving. William Hung didn’t even make bottom 3.

  29. I’ve always wanted to try out for American Idol but felt like I shouldn’t even though my family and friends tells me I should. After seeing this season I think I will. None of the are even that talented. I might have a better shot than I thought.

  30. Maybe that save was strategic for the show if two will be going next week. Thank goodness I really want to get down to the nitty gritty. Too many of the contestants are subpar for superstardom. If we are going to give them the lottery they should at least be spectacular.

  31. Lovestruck teenage girls under 17 should not be allowed to vote!! tim urban is not gonna get anywhere in the music world, wake up and smell the coffee!

  32. I think it was a bad save. The judges sort of set themselves up by glorifying the phony giant bowl of fondue cheese. “You’re the Man, Dawg. People love you. So they love whatever you do on stage! “You’re so wonderful and funny Big MIke, that is why the country loves you so!”

    Ugggh. So NOT THE CASE! Even the critics were drinking the swill, praising Lynche’s godawaful Eleanor Rigby in recapping last night.
    But the buzz underneath that with fans was that for every poster that wrote about how he loved Mike for loving his baby and his big muscles and huggy man ways and a large voice…seven were posting that he actually has brought the suckitude worse most weeks than Tim Urban or Andrew or Katie. And found his whole badly acted comic book personality irritating and phony.

    I think the judges will really regret that save if Lee has a bad night, Andrew and Tim pick it up, and Lee is with the Giant Cheeseball and …Aaron. And Big Mike’s near death experience prompts his “he sired a son he gave life to and loves” fan base to go nuts and vote no matter how judges react next week along with all the critics that rate Big Mike as the greatest thing next to Crystal.

    Guess what? Mike could be saved by the Huggy Huggy Man sympathy vote. Lee and Aaron go, and nothing the judges can do to save either…
    Of the men right now, only Casey is truly safe.

  33. I agree with Selina and most people do. Its pretty obvious that his votes come from younger girls and people on vote for the worst. Why do you think VFTW are rooting for him? Its obvious. I hope Lana put in a vote for someone else also and canceled that vote out.

  34. Mike has a great voice but this is not what saved him.It is to early in the season to send this guy home.He is the only black left.If he was white he would be packing his bag.Sad but true….

  35. Hmmm hadn’t thought of that aspect Jackie. you may be right but I hope thats not why. We won’t ever really know.

  36. tim,aaron,andrew,need to go home.that should be the correct far as mike,he has performed so much better than those 3 wanna be singers.but,the real cream shall rise to the top.and left standing in the end should be crystal.siobhan,and or lee,or one else should be there.those 4 are the best of the best.

  37. Ugh they should not have saved Big Mike. His voice has no originality and he fades into the background like all the other R&B singers on there. Katie has some pipes in her voice for being so young. Dunno why people think she sucks. I know Big Mike can sing but he is not original -at all- I think he should have went home. Big mistake judges!

  38. ok people yall really need to get a grip on yourselves. it is called american idol. it is a show in search of a musical artist who can perform, entertain, and sing! it is not a beauty contest or americas top model. for all of you who vote for tim, you need to stop watching american idol and stop voting for him. on your time, go to youtube and watch fashion shows with tyra! talent isnt just about what you look like, so get a grip on yourselves, seriously! yeh they shouldnt have used their save on big mike anyways because andrew should have went home. along with Tim. maybe america will finally get some sense and vote them off next week! thank you and goodnite

  39. Thats a great call Jeff. Definetly agree with you on those four. Good night Lee. Have a great evening everyone. I still have yet to watch the show, its still only 8:20 over here in Cali.

  40. the judges wasted their save vote on big mike. what if the more deserving ones such as casey, crystal and siobhan get the 2 lowest votes next week? michael should have gone this week.

  41. tim will surely land in the top 4 no matter what his detractors say. good singing should be complimented with good looks to make it in the music industry. who wants to see an ape singing?

  42. The premise of the show is flawed . They need the best and most talented to make the show worth watching, which affects the income the show can make. They need another save .

  43. I cannot believe some of the comments on here. Big Mike (along with Crystal) is one of the most consistently great vocalists of this season. He might not be a pop star, but he has pipes. There are several left that aren’t even close to his caliber. He might not win, since he is not as “current” as some others, but he has serious talent.

    In the end, this comes down to Siobhan, Lee, Crystal, and Casey, due to relevant style of music and vocals. If you want a measure of sale-ability, check out American Idol Studio Version song sales on I-Tunes. That tells the real story.

    By the way, I am still bummed about Lilly not making the Top 12.

  44. Oh I love it when everything gets shaken up.Its obvious that the voters do not take into account past performances otherwise Aaron and Mike would have been replaced with Tim and Katie. As these two did ok this week but have not previously they managed to get better ratings. I was very surprised that the judges used their save on Mike. I think he sings the same song every week and although talented he is oh so very very boring. Hence why I love Siobhan as you never know what she will do. My 2 to for next week have to be Andrew and Tim but think the twinkies out there will keep Teflon in.

  45. it’s to early to used that…..what if either siobhan or crystal gets the lowest vote????my god…..

  46. Wow, it didn’t record somehow tonight. As I went to watch it I came here. I can’t believe who was in the bottom 3. It should of been Aaron, Tim, and Andrew. With either Tim or Aaron going home. I’m pulling for Andrew all the way still, but i’m just being honest, that should of been the bottom 3. The only reason i’m watching this season is because of Andrew. He won me over in his audition, and he is 20 minutes away. Sunday morning is one of my all-time favorite songs.

    Also, I thought Mike was going to last another few weeks at least, they shouldn’t have used the save, they should of waited til top 6 at least. So much talent all around, it sucks getting attached to people and having them get voted off.

    I definitely think Crystal will win it, although I would love it if Andrew won. I wish it was 18 or over to vote, cause all these 10 year olds are voting for Tim. What is it with kids having cell phones at the age of like 5 now days? wtf

  47. Hello everyone,

    As you can see from the votes, who do you think will be in the top 2 and who do you think will be the winner of American Idol this year?

  48. Tim Urban will stay in the competition because young people like me will go for goodlooking guys who can sing. If you don’t agree then vote for your favorite and top the number of times i voted for Tim.

  49. If you think Big Mike does not deserve the safe by the judges then who do you think deserve the judges save?

  50. The judges were absolutely right Mike is a powerful singer, consistent and he knows who he is and what he wants to do with his career. I was amazed he was on the bottom 3. Next week will be very tough. Now is a serious thing to compete to stay. With that pressure everyone will do their best. 2 will irremediably will go home so they HAVE to chose the best song and kill to stay. I am crossing fingers for Andrew 🙂 I think next week will be very interesting to watch. My prediction Tim, Aaron and Katie will be on the bottom 3.

  51. Don’t forget that Katie Stevens have a lot of votes. Her supporters wants her to be the winner of American Idol and she has the votes from both gals and guys, young and old voters. Katie Steven can be the winner of American Idol cause she is very likeable. If you think Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus, Lee Dewyze or Casey James either 1 of this you want them to be the winner you have to vote cause vote is very impoortant.

  52. PS I disagree completely to those comments about Mike been black so that is why he is still there. Race has nothing to do with talent people. Mike is black and a great singer those comments come from ignorance and racism.

  53. If you said you saw this coming………your lying.

    So much for big Mike banking some credit, and being allowed to express himself artistically.

    Judges save him.

  54. I don’t understand why there are people saying that Mike doesn’t deserve the judges save. Mike can be in the bottom 3 again since those people are not happy that judges save him. Vote is very important next week 2 person will be going home so you have vote a lot of times for the one who really deserve to be in top 5, top 3, top 2 and the Winner of American Idol 2010 Season 9.

  55. Once again, I don’t understand why Tim, Casey and Lee are still on this competition. It definitely looks like a big joke. Neither is a singer. Neither can carry a tune. Neither can sing in key. Lee thinks stage presence means screaming off-pitch runs while twisting the shoulders and banging the guitar. It only gets worse for looking so arrogantly insecure. Tim won’t blink for over 3 minutes-straight only hoping everyone doesn’t pay attention to his lack of talent while being charmed by his bug eyes underneath those emo bangs. Casey can’t decide whether he tries to copycat Scott Stapp or Bryan Adams. I can’t believe this is the same show that introduced great artists such as Clarkson, Underwood, Hudson and Daughtry. It’s sad to see that it’s become more like a model wannabe showcase.

  56. lafonda and tiffany are the reason why tim & aaron are still in this
    it would be better if they had actual musicians have a percentage of the total vote count towards the contestants
    instead of having dumb people vote just because they think someone is cute

  57. Race has nothing to do with saving Mike. I do not care for him, and believe he should not have been saved, he is arrogant and really believes he is the best thing on the show.He thinks he is a big muscular guy, but that’s not muscles its all fat, have you seen the stretch marks on Mike? The only person who deserves to be saved is Crystal. If Casey tries to dance I am afraid he will fall and hurt himself, that boy is so STIFF he needs help. They all need to go home and just give it to Crystal, this is the worst year ever!!

  58. Michael was saved by the judges???? Yeah, cause its about race, I agree with #43. But then this year AI has really sunk low. The only talented ones with personality are Siobhan, Crystal & Lee.

  59. Wow, Tim sounds like a dying bird when he sings…I’m surprised he wasn’t voted off this round.
    Top 4: Crystal, Siobhan, Casey, and Lee

  60. Tim should have gone tonight instead of big mike so that the judges’ save wouldn’t have been wasted. i really wonder why tim wasn’t even among the bottom 3. he’s cute, but c’mon, he can’t sing. big mike’s good, but not worth the season’s one-time save. i worry for crystal and siobhan. they’re worth saving if they get in the bottom 3 coz of the voting results.

  61. While the judges for the most part praised Big Mikes version of Eleanor Rigby, I personally thought it was his worst performance to date. But, I definitely thought there were about 3 or 4 others that should have been voted off before Mike. So, I’m not really surprised they used the save on him. But, I think they may regret doing so down the line, if one off the stronger performers gets voted off any time soon..

  62. Stupid decision..!!!
    Why would the judges did something stupid like that??
    Mike is not worthed at all to be saved!!
    He is so boring, both voice and looks, as much as Andrew..!!
    I think the save is worthed only for Lee or Crystall.. (if they ever have in the bottom 3)

  63. Ray

    April 8th, 2010 at 1:09 AM
    Once again, I don’t understand why Tim, Casey and Lee are still on this competition. It definitely looks like a big joke. Neither is a singer. Neither can carry a tune. Neither can sing in key. Lee thinks stage presence means screaming off-pitch runs while twisting the shoulders and banging the guitar.

    Well Ray as what you say in your comment as above that Lee, Casey & Tim is like a big joke still in the competition then who do you think is the person that will be in the top 3, top 2 & the winner?

  64. haha..i never thought this week gonna be this entertaining..i like surprise and this week show give me a lot of surprise..

    i can see why judges decided to save big mike but i dont know why others can see why. if u r blind or tone deaf,i’ll accept that excuses but he is really worth saving for. he is one great singer.i’m even surprise to see him being on the bottom 3,let alone being eliminated. this is one big surprise for me this week.

    tim urban not being in the bottom 3. this is also one big surprise for me but i agree that he should not being eliminated this week coz he doing just fine this week.( least better from a few weeks ago)

    aaron should now take this as one big wake up call. come on aaron,show us something new. you are young,full of potential. strong vocal,cute looks,sweet personality..he have all that,he just need to know how to use it..

    as for andrew,this was a close one.he should be aware that if he takes another wrong step,he will be next to go. watch your steps,dude..

  65. Since the save have been used, please vote wisely cause your votes is very important to keep your favourite from going home.

  66. Lee should be the last man standing on the AMERICAN IDOL 2010……..he’s got all the package to be a singing sensation star….GO AHEAD LEE……

  67. find a new way to vote
    without having that “vote for the worst” crap
    & raise the age limit, maybe that way little girls wont vote for the “cute” one

  68. Oh my I can’t believe who are in bottom three! Mike is wonderful and judges already had a great decision! Oh and about Aaron, he’s great too! Aaron has a great voice and he’s still 16! And I love Lee DeWyze and Aaron Kelly. Hope they’re in top five! Oh and why is Tim not in bottom three? I think Tim isn’t great at all. That’s a right decision if Tim is going home and also Siobhan should too after Tim.

  69. I’m worrying about next week’s result. I hope Tim and Siobhan are in bottom three and they’re going home at the same week. Please Lee’s and Aaron’s fans in America! Vote for them so they can be in top three. Fyi, I’m not American so I cannot vote. If I can, I’ll spend all things for Lee and Aaron! Go for them! Love you

  70. i am not so happy about the “save” have been use it:(…too soon…

    didnt mean save the wrong guy….is about the Eliminatedt the guy who have so talent(mike)…and the judge have to save mike…judge didnt do wrong just no choice for it….

    that result are very surpise it…:(….this year are very very boring…alaways Eliminated the talent singer(lilly.Alex,Didi….)…still keep the worst….

    i really dont know what are going to happen in next week:(….2 are going home…hope american will made a right choice!!!!!

  71. my top 4 siobhan,crystal,lee and andrew…….and my winner is siobhan,,,,,,,,,,i hate u mike…..

  72. yeah i’m worrying too about next week result….wat if siobhan and crystal got the lowest two votes?????huhuhhuhuh i don’t want to happen that……maybe siobhan and crystal fans should double their votes……….

  73. Oh my God! Tim is not in the bottom 3!!!???? He’s deserving to go home. I think he should be the first one to be eliminated from the very beginning.. He doesn’t have the voice.. Just accept it, and stop voting for those who don’t deserve it..It’s really unfair!

  74. CB….you are right…

    i think most of the vote are come from the teenager girl…because of them most of the talent singer have been voted off…..

  75. this year are not fair!!!!

    have a man candy for teenager girl to vote!!!!

    but he is cant sing!!!!!!!!!

    AMERICAN!!! made a right choice!!!!!!!

  76. Oh God.

    Don’t know who to suppose next week already.

    I like Lee to win. Love his voice n singing.

    But all the supporting fo Tim bcoz he is the most entertaining one (n whovever can show the world how Kara is a bitch got my support)

  77. I absolutely agree with CB and moon! I hate Tim. He can’t sing well. And Lee is damn great he’s very talented and his voice is hot like Kara said.

  78. I think the best part of the Not-Elimination show was the fact that David Archuleta has finally gone through puberty!!!! Yay for David A!! =)

  79. last night I voted off 5 people….

    Rhianna, Ryan Seacrest, David Archulleta (still sings like a little girl in the playground), Big Mike and Kara…..

    What is it with these so called Guest singers? I can not remember a single guest singer this season that I could say that I would buy their record. They are simply terrible.

  80. Also… I’d like to go back to my original comments…

    Tim is going to win Idol, and there will be much much more controvesy this season still to come.

    I think it is a conspiracy by a rival network and in time to come there will be a movie about how they took down the mighty American Idol by voting for a nimwit!

    After a long drawn out legal battle, Simon will be president, and Ryan will be first lady and their will be an assassination attempt at the swearing in party.

    Will not spoil the ending for you, but needless to say, at some point in time they will find Ellen in bed with Kara, and Randy drunk on a bar stool

  81. to Chris

    if TIM win this year….i am sure half of the fan of American Idol..will quit to see the show!!!

  82. CB and moon you are right!!!!

    LEE is most talent singer in American idol

    LEE is going to win it!!!!!:)

  83. The judges have always liked Mike…though i have found his singing boring and predictable. I am not sure i would have put him in the bottom 3 last night, and definitely think Andrew the bland should have been sent packing. But come on judges, mike is not going to win. It will come down to Crystal, Casey and Lee. THe others are the also ran. Tim actually deserved to be out of the bottom 3 this week but not sure he can win….but he has great spirit and did a great job beatles week. Andrew basically sucks. Great story I guess…but boring performances. Casey will make the most money after idol, and i think Tim will make alot of money, perhaps not singing, more likely acting. Crystal and Lee will be successful, and maybe Aaron…the rest will tour make a few deals then it will be rodeos and national anthems for a couple of years.

  84. i agree guest singers sucked…david A he might be great if he could ever get thru puberty…and Kara’s new find man what a ghetto michael jackson wannabe…really sucked. i guess he needs all he can get and free commercial on idol might get him a few bucks before he disappears to be a back up singer in vegas.

  85. LOL@ ChiChi

    It was such a poor performance, by Kara’s new panty loosener, I forgot that he even was on, let alone his name. But I agree.. his performance was UMMMMMM simply Forgetable, or as Kara would say… for–get—a—ble.

    @Shin Lim…

    My comments regarding Tim winning, was a joke… It was a nice theory to wake people up with a smile…

    But, stranger things have happened… David Cook apart, over the last say, 5 years, has the real singer really won Idol?

    I hear, for example, Taylor Hicks is performing in the Wizard of Oz in Toronto??? Was this what AM ID expected when he won?

  86. Deserving contestants are Crystal, Lee, Siobhan…those in that level.. and not some kind of cuties but can’t really sing..

  87. to Chris sorry:)

    i told you are same with those teenager girl….

    hate to see he is here and didi go….:(

  88. comment to #99: of course Casey will make the most money…has nothing to with singing though, but looks. AI is about looks now there really hasn’t been any talent in the last couple of years. The fan based voting is what keeps them in the contest and as I mentioned it is about looks and likes and not on talent…even the judges have come to know that. I see AI fading out probably within the next year or so..especially after Simon disappears from the show. I don’t think the fellow who sang last night was so horrible..if you listen he really has a good voice even while dancing and if he mimics MJ it’s okay everyone has an idol and maybe that will make him better b/c it gives him something higher to strive for but he can change it a little bit.

  89. Lee and Crystal which is my favorite shouldn’t have problem make it to the top 5, so i think the save was quite worth it on Big Mike.

    By the way, Why Tim is still in the show?

  90. #43/ could be about race but whose to say…the blacks that were voted off were much more talented than any of the others still standing…it’s a shame that people want to make everything about race. the truth of the matter is when it comes to race blacks lose everytime. Mike has got great personality…you can see how he and Crystal relate to each other and how she felt about his being in the bottom 3…but like every year for the last couple of years talent is not the first thing American’s are voting for when it comes to singing. I think people should get away from “race” excuses. For the record Casey is the bland one with the same move and same type music with no musicality.

  91. Barbra,
    And when Ruban Studdard or that gray haired “Soul Patrol” guy won American Idol a couple years back … Was that based on looks? Looks will sway voters of the young, pre-teen set. That’s about it. The problem is it is the pre-teens who vote 200 times a night. What person with more adult taste would have the patience to do that. And that is WHY people like Tim Urban and Sanjaya will always stay longer in the compitition than they should.

  92. Barbra Casey is not bland…you could say the same for Crystal if you mean the same type of music…they are both great…they are who they are and will be the same sound which is typical of good artists…I don’t think idol shows off these type of artists well..I think daughtry is an example. its good they get a break…but i hope they don’t end up like Clay and ruben touring as some kind of Idol tribute show for old ladies and teenies. I thought Ruben S had alot of talent and he is making load of money compared to where he would have been, but he listened to some bad advice i think. Crystal, Casey and Lee…and the rest…is how this season will be remembered if its even remembered.

  93. I really am not feeling the r&b and black prejudiced comments here. I feel everybody makes an excuse when they’re upset about something not going their way. Mike got saved because he’s good and r&b artists have been making a great contribution to the music industry for a very long time and with his vocals and personality whether he wins or not he will too.

  94. Barbara,

    Wow, I did not catch that you were making this all about race when I first read your post. My mistake. The Blacks who were voted off earlier this season, were not even close to Big Mike in talent. I will admit they may have been more talented than Andrew or Tim, but that’s about it. We all know that those voter are still here because a huge fan base, not talent. And since you seem to want to make this about race … lets for one minute ignore the fact that Ruban Studdard in fact “won” the title one year. Now ask yourself this … How well would white performers do in a show called American Rapper and it was a 95% black audience doing the voting? I think you would truly see a example of racism if that show ever took place. Or certainly more so than we are seeing on American Idol.

  95. Hahahahaha ROFL Chris comment # 99
    You should be the writer and producer of that movie you are talking about hahaha u would make a lot of money, and you are so right!! haha
    I just loved it ROFL

  96. Great stuff #115,Yeah!Hey these judges know Mike has rights…(affirmative action)Otherwise they would let America’s vote stand.Way to earlier to use the save.Why have a save in the 1st place.(Think about it)There’s a few more with alot more talent.Call what you like I just call it like I see it…Sorry if I offend..

  97. seems… like my prediction always 75 % right…
    just like what i said before… The Judges will save Michael if he eliminate, but i don’t think they will do the same to Andrew…
    and my prediction for next week… 1 girl and 1 boy will leave the competition… i don’t know, but may Katie with Andrew or Aaron…but this is just a prediction…

  98. @Martha #116

    Oh there is much more…. Randy gets caught eating pie baked by Siobhan and he tells her as long as the pies keep coming he will let her scream in his ear….

    Ryan and Simon finally comes to blows, and decide instead of having a 2nd rate singer at one of the result nights, they are going to wrestle in Jello with Mashmellows….

    The Heckler in the Audience turns out to be Sanjaya, and he is now running a kebab shop in California..

    It turns out that Andrew is clinically blind and Ford sues him for trashing 15 Fiestas in the shooting of the Ford commercials.

    Big Mammasox, turns out that her last name is actually Botox and she is rich as hell.

    And Arnold Swazternegger is beaten in the Presidential election campaign because Simon discovers he is on Steroids….

    Then we skip forward to the year 2060 and there is a party for David Archuletta who finally sounds like a man because his voice breaks… He becomes the new Barry White and the old ladies are arrested for throwing their panties at him….

  99. man all you guys are haters go big mike and crystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  100. I very much agree, vote for talent and not looks. But, too many pre-teens allowed to vote 200 times a night while mommy and daddy think they are sleeping, pretty much throw that thought into the dumpster. I still find it strange that without fail, many people want to make it all about race “everytime” a black person is eliminted.

  101. naw man its not bout the race its bout the young ones only vote cuz thy think some one is cute not cuz they have talent

  102. big mike sucks. they shouldnt have saved him. tim sucks too, and siobhan is definately gonna win. :p

    It is all about ratings!!!
    I am a first time viewer and I’m finding the show very entertaining. I’m shocked at all the “hate” comments on the posts. We all have different likes and dislikes, why would we hate a performer?? And as far as the comments regarding race. I don’t believe it is about race it is about ratings!! If Mike was voted off I believe the show would have lost a great number of black viewers. Although I feel Mike should have been voted off because he is not going to win. The save should have been used for someone more likely to win.
    Maybe someone can help me with this. Since the show is live, and the person has the chance to perform his last attempt, how do the musicians know what song the contestant is going to sing? How do they prepare?? Please help me with this?

  104. Race has nothing to do with the outcome of the votes. Big Mike does not have the fan base to keep him in the competition. Next week when Big Mike goes home I wish him luck with his singing career.

    Michael Lynche got voted off!!!
    Me + my family played a game where you have to guess the last 3 contestants remaining at the end. And me, my sister, my mom, and my dad all picked him to be one of the 3! (along with Siobhan and Crystal) So I’m glad that the judges used their save!!!

  106. Regardless of the final outcome this season,
    Siobhan will have the best singing career because she has the best pure vocals!

  107. ROFL Chris hahaha you made my day cant stop laughing hahaha
    Seriously I read all the posts and I agree mostly on your comments. Siobhan is my favorite too and Tim should be packing. I like Andrew very much but he is falling 🙁 unfortunately.

    Lets see what next week will be with Adam as a mentor. I think Siobhan will do amazing.

  108. I think Mike is great. But I love Lee and Aaron so much. They deserve to win. I don’t really like Siobhan because she always screams every performance. And about Crystal, I don’t like the type of song that she chooses it’s boring. And Tim, he doesn’t have any talent on music even he can’t sing well so he deserves to go home. And I think AndreW, Katie, and Casey seem just fine. They have talent, they can sing, and I like them. But I love Lee and Aaron the most! Go Lee and Aaron!

  109. Check you ears please…Siobhan did not scream in the last performance.Just full vocals.I guess you just really hate her that you don’t see the positive things in her.A bit like Simon.Darned if she does,darned if she doesn’t…that’s how crazy the world is!GO SIOBHAN!!WE LOVE YOU A REAL PERSON LIKE YOU!!

  110. Knock it off you guys. I think, Lee, Crystal, Siobhan and Casey always give a good performance.But vocal wise, I think Katie is better than anyone else. But she’s young need more experience. Even Usher said if she can give an amazing performance she will get the highest score. But, I’m rooting for Crystal, Katie and Lee.. Wish them good luck and all the best.

  111. When will America wake up and see that Tim Urban CAN”T sing to save his life…………… his whole “doe eyed” innocence “vote4me” look gives me the utter creeps! Crystal is unique, and a diverse artist who is carrying the show, right now! I hope she wins!

    As for Ellen D………… well let’s just say………. with all the stammering and stuttering she does, she has come to be known as porky pig, in our house!

  112. Yeah, Siobhan didn’t scream on the last performance but the others, she always screams. I know Siobhan has a great vocal. I do know. But I don’t really like Siobhan for the honest. And based on the vocal, I think Lee and Katie have a very great vocal. And America needs Lee to be the next American Idol! Love Lee DeWyze so much!

  113. That was the best week I saw and everyone was far more my imagination.

    Still,I like to see Tim voted off next(He sang well but I still shocked by the eyes)
    Digeridoo,I haven’t see all of Crystal performance so I wouldn’t say
    Casey,you are like a favorite dish to us and we want more more AND MORE!
    Sihboan,beautiful and I would say who are you,did she sang that Think
    And Lee Dewyeze,unexpected you invited a bagpipe player to help you and it was special.

    So that concludes,judges, you can stop having mentors now they can learn themselves

  114. -Lee has got to win, simply because of his fantastic voice and distinguished sound. -Crystal has a shot for the top 2, definitely.
    -Casey’s great, but gets unoriginal because of his song choice , all being in really similar genres.
    -Siobhan is really good, but the screaming kills her performances, and it really showed how cocky she was with her reaction to the judges criticism, and that could be her downfall on the show.
    -Katie is really underrated, since she seems to be constantly in the bottom 3! She has one of the most powerful voices, especially considering her age.
    -Tim gets his votes from the 12 year old girls… Simon’s comment was spot on; saying how despite Tim being the worst of the bunch, he smiles knowing he’ll get votes and be there the following week.
    -Mike has a really soul/jazzy vibe with his performances, and has produced some amazing performances, and deserves to be there.
    -Andrew has been inconsistent, although the talent’s there. He’s just not blossoming! I liked his ‘Forever by Chris Brown” remake a couple of weeks back.
    -Aaron is really good and has time. He is only 16 and produces some fantastic performances, but he wont win.
    * I still think that ALEX LAMBERT should have stayed, and has a spectacular sound…
    anyone agree?

  115. To Lola G: If you refer to Ellen as Porky Pig, you must surely refer to Kara as Miss Piggy the way she’s always coming on to Simon.

  116. Come on! Everybody on here that doesn’t understand why tim is still safe. American idol is a popularity contest. You don’t exactly always vote for the person who sings “the best.” if you like somebody’s personality or whatever in the competition, your gona vote for them every time. I just plain out like tim. & I’ve enjoyed most of his performances. I didn’t think he was gona last this long. But I still vote! And that’s what its all about. Good singers go home early every year, shouldn’t be a big surprise.

  117. this is a competition. why save when the voting america public did not think Big Mike is their next AI.

  118. We can’t believe Andrew Garcia was in the bottom 3…like a lot of people we think that Tim should be going home next. But I guess it’s all those teeny bopper girls voting for him that keep him safe. (Sigh.)

  119. I lovee Casey.I hope he makes top 4 because I know that is enough for him to build a very good career. I also hope Crystal wins this whole thing

  120. oh my gosh! Siobhan got voted off! me and ALL OF my family thought she was the best that week!
    IF I WAS THE JUDGES I WOULD SAVE HER NOT BIG MIKE! i thought she would win idol! ! !

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