American Idol 2010: Big Mike Lynche Saved By The Judges

Big Mike

Update: Richard Rushfield thinks Big Mike was nearly eliminated because pre-teen girls are basically racist. Do you agree? Seems pretty bogus to us.

The judges granted their one and only save to Big Mike last night for American Idol 2010.  Ryan started the show by letting us all know the results were shocking and once all the girls were safe and it was down to Mike, Andrew and Aaron, it wasn’t hard to guess who was getting eliminated. 

Mike stepped it up and sang for his life choosing “This Woman’s Work” and really showed why he deserved to still be in the competition.  I personally have to agree with them.  Mike is way above at least 3 and probably 4 of the hopefuls still singing for our votes and since the save has to be used before the top 5, they didn’t have much of a choice.  I’m eager to see if he will improve next week and prove the judges made the correct decision in deciding to keep him around a while longer. 

Do you think the judges did the right thing by saving Mike?  Why or Why not?




  1. I think they absolutely made the right choice. He is by far better than at 6 of those still singing.

  2. I completely agree with their decision. If we can get the teen girls to quit voting for the two “cutie pie” Backstreet Boys rejects….. and truly vote for the best singers…we have a shot to get true Top 5 quality singers in there. I honestly don’t get the Siobhan thing either. Okay, she’s weird, I get that. But she sounds like she’s singing with cotton in her mouth…..a muffled singing, except for when she’s screaming. But, this isn’t about being weird…’s about singing, it’s about stage presence…….not to look like Molly Ringwald’s kid….

  3. There is no way that Big Mike should have even been in the bottom 3. You’ll never see Tim hit those notes and the same old highschool musical boring performances are getting old. Tim should have been in the bottom 3. Not Mike. Good call judges.


  5. Big Mike has one of the best vocals in this years idol. He definitely deserves to be saved by the judges.

  6. Seems kinda staged to me. Honestly I dont believe there is a snowballs chance in hell that Big Mike should legitimately be in the bottom 3 let alone be chosen to go home. I’m willing to bet producers realized that the “save” was going to be a pointless and useless implementation to the show and decided to put one of the stronger singers on the chopping block just to use it and add to the “drama” of Idol.

  7. I totally agree with the decision. Mike is a powerful singer he shouldn’t even been on the bottom 3 just because he has been very consistent since the beginning. His song choice might not have been the best but even though he performed neat. The voters this year are causing strange results just because they want Tim and that is making the competition unfair to the real ones who have good chance to get in a better place or even win.
    Next week 2 will go home so is time to pick the best song and perform like never before. Andrew is in danger so if he wants to remain in the competence he MUST find how to reach not only his fans but the rest of the people that don’t like his style. He has to make up with the judges also because their comments will very much influence people’s votes.
    As per Aaron and Katie they have to kill to stay too. I wont say anything about Tim, he is over protected by millions of teens so is the responsibility to the rest of America to VOTE and decide for the benefit of the competition and not for the cuteness of the contestants.
    My prediction for next week’s bottom 3 Tim, Aaron and Katie. Let’s see if i get it right.

  8. it was hard to believe Mike was in the bottom 3 much less dead last…something is fishy…maybe they cut the total of lines for him…i think they needed drama since i guess their ratings are down. I still do not think mike will win. but something is fishy.

  9. Hmmmm, interesting idea Darius. Now someone else is thinking like me. Is “This Woman’s Work” the only song that Lynch can sing well? Does he think that one performance is going to carry him through the entire season? Like I said last night, he just needs to stand there and sing. All the animation looks fake and a little corny. It just doesn’t fit him. He is a big guy and it just looks kinda funny. We will have to wait and see if he gets serious now and blows us all away or if he just blows it again.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the performance by American Idol should have been David Archuleta. I was downloading his studio versions of Smoky Mountain Memories, Angels, and Think of Me before the season was even over last year. No contestant this season has made me want to risk doing something illegal to have one of their songs in my collection. Archy put them all to shame. Way to go Archy!!!

  10. I think the judges should not have saved Mike, he was voted off because he didn’t sing well. He is a nice guy, but his singing really isn’t good enough for AI. I am glad the save is out of the way, and we can finally get to the real competition, now they can’t overturn what America really wants.

  11. the show needed a different format, so out of the bottom 2 or 3 the judges could have been on board. It would have gotten rid of the obvious worst performers. The vote for the worst, don’t seem to realize that their silliness will destroy the show eventually, or at least cause a game changer. The show needs the best or there is no show

  12. I think they did the wrong thing by saving big Mike. We did not care for the performance this week, we have really liked him in the past but some of the song choices Mike has picked were not that fun to watch. I do think there is a few contestants below him but I still think that his last performance was just not good enough. I agree with America’s votes.

  13. I was not impressed by Big Mike’s performance this week, but he was definitely not the worst in my opinion. But sometimes that’s what happens. Not enough fans called in for Big Mike. Life happens. I guess the reason for the save is to give someone a second chance, and in life people should be given a second chance.

    Normally, I’m not really that big on the winner of AI because many of the past winners have just done so-so professionally. I think if anyone makes it to the Top 10, it is a big deal and if they are any good at all and they don’t win AI, they will be picked up by some recording studio.

    BTW, don’t the top 10 still make some kind of money through endorsements, AI tour, souvenairs, endorsements, Itunes? Lots of single parents in the top 10 and I would think all this effort paid off somewhat.

  14. I honestly don’t know how Mike can “step it up”. His version of “Eleanor Rigby” was better than the original, IMHO.

    In the end, AI is a popularity contest, and more people can relate to Tim, Katie, Casey, or even Crystal than can relate to Mike or Andrew.

    Once in the marketplace, if a singer can sell 1 million albums, he or she is a star. If he gets 1 million votes in 2 hours, he is a loser.

    The biggest pleasure for me this year has been watching Mike develop his voice and improve as a singer. I guess I’ll have that pleasure for only one more week. It’s sad.

  15. I 100% agree with Judges decision. Well done to the judges for doing the right thing. Big Mike surely deserves to be on top 3.

  16. I do not think the judges should have saved him. I believe it shows a favoritism of the judges for whatever reason???. I think the judges should use the save when it gets down to the last five contestants, because at that point the viewers are really committed to the person they think would make the best American Idol, and the judges will be saving a person out of the best of five who has made it to that spot by the PEOPLE. The viewers last night did not share your celebration, but thought you wasted a save for someone else who really deserved it. I agree with above comments…give to the people to call in a vote if a person should be save, not by the judges who may feel pressure or favoritism.

  17. Yes, Saving Mike was correct. They should have sent spoonhead Aaron home. I still cant believe Andrew is still in it.

  18. I think Mike deserved to be saved since the judges had that opportunity. i also think Mike, Tim and Andrew will be the next 3 to go anyway so the judges were just delaying his departure.

  19. I cannot believe that the voters could not see that this guy is for real and is one of the best singers on the show now–definitely should have been saved but even more so should have neb=ver been in this situation–as usual these things play out as a popularity contest–bot a talent contest–he is ib my opinion one of the 2 best on the show–JB

  20. big mike should have been let go. he is very arrogant but hides it well. don’t like him. he’s not going to win. at least i hope not, so they should have let him go. i would not want to listen to a whole cd of his. so…. the save is dumb and only put into place for ratings. all you people who think is was the right choice better hope somebody better than mike doesn’t need the save in the weeks to come. that’s it. said my piece.

  21. Mike is not AL material. Lots of people can sing. You have to be able to present yourself. Remember Reuben? He does not move , body image is not good, does not play an instrument. Kids buy the music. Voters did not vote for him and they should not have saved him. He was not the worse but he was not the best. Winners do not do as well as the rest in the business.

  22. Mike should just go. He is a bore and his voice isnt fantastic. Tim has impressed. He does not have big vocals, but he took criticism like a man and soldiered on. Go Tim!

  23. hey guys what you can do is a competition on how to place the seven idols that are still competing and whoever get them in the proper order will win tickets from roula and ryan show to go see lady gaga in july…how does that sound to you

  24. Yes. I think he is a sentimental favorite and it was a good thing to do. He’s a nice guy. No conspiracy theories here, but I actually do not really ever trust the results announced. I finally accept that and still watch the show. (I wonder if they worry about the aftermath these decisions wreak on these individuals psychologically. All AI needs is for somebody to go off the deep end after being cut.)

    But yes, the save is just delaying the inevitable. No big deal . . . it will ultimately get down to the last 3-4 contenders, and Mike definitely isn’t one of them.

  25. There’s one thing that totally confuses me. On several of these Idol “gossip” boards people keep referring to what the producers of the show want and do. There’s a recent one here that said that the producers wanted the SAVE to mean something so they put Mike on the chopping block so he could be “saved” and create some drama. If you think all of this is rigged by the producers, and that’s just one example of many that I read each week, why do you watch? Are our young people really that cynical?

  26. I am sorry to say that Big Mike should not of been saved as much as I have enjoyed listening to him. I think their will be a upset down the road and the true idol will need to be saved. I really think others should of gone before Mike.

  27. I totally agree with Trish up above. Why vote if the judges can reverse it?

    Mike could have gone home long ago as far as I’m concerned. He’s an OK singer, but not that great to me.

    I think it’s a shame that he was saved. I AM laughing about Tim still being there. What is up with that? The show is turning into a joke.


  29. Saving Mike wasn’t a good idea, but on the bright side, the judges won’t be able to save Andrew next time. Nothing against Mike or Andrew, they just don’t have the star power on individuality to sustain a career in music. Siobhan has a voice that when you hear it on the radio you’ll recognize it just as you do with Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry, and Carrie Underwood. Mike and Andrew are mediocre in the same way that Taylor HIcks is, unrecognizable. And neither of them will appeal to the music buying majority which is under 40 and current.

  30. Big Mike is one of the top 3, and no way should have been voted out….he is one of the best on the show. their are two people on the show now that should have been long gone!

  31. The judges having the power to overrule the peoples vote is not good. Mike wasn’t so bad he should be voted off is correct, but little girls voting to keep a heartthrob isn’t good. Idol had less audience than Dancing gives indication the program is winding down.

  32. Yes, I think that they definitely made the right decision. I don’t know what is going on this year with people voting. But, they did not chose currently this week. Mike has a beautiful voice. AI has become a popular vote not a singing vote. I honestly think that the voting system should be looked at. Maybe the vote each week should be the final decision of the judges and not the public because you know see why the public vote can be incorrect. They leave someone like Tim Urban on. If Mike had left the show this early, I personally would discontinue watching the show and I have been a faithful viewer and voter for all the AI seasons.

  33. If Mike was let go, I was through watching AI. Some of the contestants are horrible and Mike far surpasses both of the other bottom three. How Aaron has made it this far is unreal. Judges you did the right thing.

  34. Cynical, no. Realistic, yes. Because there is no concrete evidence ever presented about the validity of the vote tallies, then the results can be tampered with to promote the best result for the “business” of AI.

    I actually stopped watching for a year after all the Paula controversy. (I am not a fan of hers.) I watch because I enjoy the performances and I find it very entertaining. I do get caught up in it, for sure. And I love Simon–mean as he can be sometimes.

    I am not a youngster, though! 🙂 I am 63!

  35. I am in the UK and am a big fan of the show, the results go out live tonight, but I could not resist finding out beforehand. This year is a bit of a rejects show in my opinion and does not have the talent and star quality of previous years. I think Simon has made the right decision to call it a day. Back to Big Mike, he is one of the few with the quality and ability to move forward with a career as well as the personality which is all essential. Definitely the right move to keep him, he should be there in the top 3.

  36. I knew weeks ago that the judges were saving their “save” for Big Mike. I do not like his singing or the way he carries himself. He thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. One of those judges need to tell him to change his attitude and he would get more votes. Oh well, hopefully he goes next week.

  37. Btw, IMO, Mike’s Tuesday performance AND last night’s was bad. I don’t personally enjoy the gospelly sound. Last night’s performance did not SAVE him . . . this was a foregone conclusion. I was blown away by him the week before, so he does have ability. It’s just that others are more to my liking from a musical standpoint.

  38. I think the judges like Big Mike so it was no surprise to me. I think he’s in the top 5 and shouldn’t be eliminated until then. I’m still a Casey and Crystal fan.

  39. I’d say in light of the show so far YES! IF FOR NO OTHER REASON than BEFORE he gets the boot (and he is NOT going to win) Tim, Andrew and yes even Aaron or Katie should hit the road FIRST.

    Tim sounded pretty good this week but fact remains that other than that other one song he did over 3 weeks ago he has been the worst of the bunch. (Aside from that he already cost me Lilly, Alex and Paige – well not HE, his voters) (In his defense we are the nation that made Britney Spears one of the top, if not best, selling female artist – need I elaborate)

    Andrew, I really like the guy but when you put him up against Mike he has yet to really showcase himself as an artist, thou he has been heading in the right direction as of late.

    Aaron has the pipes along with all the other factors to actually make it but needs to as Simon said make the songs his. That’s what Mike has on him along with consistency.

    Katie lovely girl I’m sure and again pipes are clearly there but still not solid in her preformance and while she has shown signs of improvement she isn’t quiet there yet.

    So to have Mike out prior to the aforementioned would have been the opposite of a good thing. That is why the judges probably used there save!

  40. Jim, If you must know, I watch the show because I enjoy the talent and some of the unique renditions of popular songs. Please don’t resort to classless grouping of entire age demographics(of which you don’t know i belong to) just because someones opinion doesn’t fall on the same side of the fence as yours.

  41. Mike should not have been saved. He has a good voice, but so do many of those who are shown the exit. His seeming arrogance and his flexing of muscle is disgusting. He is no American Idol. That name supposes something better than he is.

  42. I think it is okay that Mike was saved because he is certainly not the worst, but he is also NOT the best. He butchered Eleanor Rigby, I hated it. It was never meant to be sung the way he did it. I think that he has a good voice and he can sing, but not in an idol type of way. Seriously would never buy his album, but I did buy Daughtry & Lambert. Tim is a goof and the most smug little person I have EVER seen on Idol. He gets the bopper vote and knows it. How sad! Aaron WILL be a singer someday but I think he needs maturity. He definately has the best voice there though, but he is too young. You know what would have been the coolest AI of all would have been to have Adam Lambert and Crystal Bowersox on in the same year because both of them are amaazing. The other night though Casey blew everbody away with Jealous Guy – that was awesome. And Lee was pretty darn good too. I didn’t actually notice the bagpipes at all until they were mentioned – I was focused on Lee.

  43. Didn’t watch the results show. So glad Mike was saved. Sorry it wasn’t Shibon in the bottom three. Be gone Shibon.

  44. They didnt make the right choice… He shouldnt be save. Should save Didi benami.. The judges got it all wrong!!!!

  45. I think the judges made a very wise decision by saving “Big Mike”. I kept trying to call in to vote for him for several hours after the show and the line was busy the entire time which it never opened up so I could cast my vote for him. I think someone is messing with his voting lines because they want him gone. This guy can really sing, he should never have ended up in the bottom 3 someone is trying their best to make sure he is gone when it comes to the voting. I really wish they would let this be a fair contest when it comes to the voting, because even last week it took several hours before you could vote for him. I really commend the judges for taking the stand they did last night, but the lines for voting need to get their stuff together as well and quit trying to cheat for the others because you’re messing with someone else’s lively hood. Thanks!!!!

  46. I think saving Big Mike was the right thing to do. Too much drama last night doing the elimination. I hope Tim goes next. He is not very good at all. He should have gone a long time ago. He must have a big fan base. Andrew is falling by the wayside as well. I can’t wait to see Adam Lambert next week to see how he is doing. My two favorites are still Siobhan and Casey in that order.

  47. They did the right thing. I think the reason Mike was in trouble is that his song choices don’t seem contempory enough. Also he won’t appeal to the tweens no matter what he does. I don’t think he will win but he is far better than a number of the contestants.

  48. Darius, if you think that boards like these have a evenly broad age range of participation, I think it’s pretty clear you are wrong. I’m sure there are others like HP, and I’m 62 myself, but the spelling, grammar, and general writing skills tells me that most on this board are pre-teens and teenagers, and that’s a good thing. There have just been too many surprises over the years for me to believe that the producers are corrupt. Lilly leaving early this year caused several friends of my age to quit watching completely. Chris Daughtery, Tamyra Grey (sp?) and a whole bunch more over the years suggest that the producers accept what the public decides. I’ve never been a fan of the SAVE, but feel it was used appropriately in this case. There’s no way we’ll know if the producers influenced the judges here as it’s a different issue than rigging the vote totals, but I would think they didn’t.

  49. I think the judges did the right thing in saving Big Mike. Two of the girls should of been kicked off. This is a singing competition people not a popularity contest.

  50. i think the judges did the right thing i am so happy that he is still running. keep ur head up high and keep singing mike just know your fans love u and i hope the best for u and your family.

  51. I think they did the right thing. Actually I liked him best of all. He sings from the heart. The others are only getting the public votes because of their looks and not so much talent.

  52. While I agree that the save was wasted on a “pretty good”, not great, singer, when it might have been needed for one of the better singers, I still think that the public is voting incorrectly. There are much worse singers than Mike, and votes are going for “cuteness”, VFTW -vote for the worst, and like Teddy wrote above- Tim took criticism like a man – a reason to keep him? No way! I keep harping on the same thing – this is a SINGING competition. There are only a few who will end up in the top – so, this just puts off the enivitable…. please vote for the singer who actually knows how to sing… Tim does not know how to sing – he knows how to laugh at anything!

  53. Definitely, yes! It was just his song choice this week. He got out of his usual soul vibe. Like all the performers, he needs to remember who he is as a singer and the style that has made him successful.

  54. Yes I think the judges did the right thing. Big Mike has been one of the more consistent contestants to date. I was really hoping after his bad performance that they’d remember the over all and not just the one. Although the voting is supposed to be for the current performance. It’s getting where it’s harder to decide who should go – unless they really mess up bad.

  55. I think the judges did the right thing in using their save for Mike. Mike does deserve to continue on the show. Mike has charm, class and does have one of the best voices left on the show. I think myself and the rest of Idol fans just failed to support Mike. Hopefully, next week, Mike will show the fans of Idol why he was selected to be on the show. Mike is so adorable….that smile just melts me every week.


  57. I think the judges made the right choice…keeping big mike he awesome….And the judges should save them if they want even if the public votes NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. I am really really happy that big Mike was saved, he is to good to be left out so soon.Thanks to the judges.

  59. How many times have you heard Rueben on the radio singing anything? Big Mike is another Rueben, while likeable, but musically, what is he going to put out there. Definitely will not be in the top 4, so the save was a waste of time.

  60. Big Mike was awesome singing Eleanor Rigby. I think he put a great spin on that song and couln’t believe he came in last. Cheers for the save!!

  61. I really think America has gone bonkers…not voting for Mike, but keeping Aaron and Tim on…..MOST DEFINITELY the judges were right….I would definitely stopped watching if the judges did not save him…..come on people who know anything about singing, stop voting for these “cute” kids, and vote for the people who can sing and can keep us buying music… Mike, Casey, Crystal and especially Lee…..welcome Back would have been a shame to lose you.

  62. I wish I could vote! I definatley think these young teenie boppers need to quit voting for Tim, he is not top ten material at all. He should have been gone along time ago. The judges did the right thing by saving Mike he has talent. I just hope down the road in a few weeks the wrong person dosent get voted off because the save is gone. Tim and Andrew need to go next week!!!!

  63. Well, the goosebumps ain’t happening this year. Just a group of “acceptable” singers, who will fade into oblivion when the show is over. But in saying that, Mike would have my vote, vocally. Strangely, I seem to be in the minority, but predictable considering the demographic that is voting. This show has unfortunately evolved into, a “High School Musical” audition for the chorus line.

  64. I’m not agree with the judges, he is a clown, he is not better in AI.How many the hudges to save other person? Yesterday I don’t have want to look at program.The judges are wrong.

  65. The judges made the wrong decision. They should have waited to use it on the Amazing Tim.

    Jim Williams #52..Amen to that.

  66. ABSOLUTELY, the judges made the right choice last night when they ‘saved’ Mike … Michael Lynch is a really good singer and personally, I think he has a great future ahead of him. His main supporters need to quit the crying and GET THE VOTE OUT! We want Mike to stick around.

  67. As far as I understand it, the ‘save’ option was invented so that things like Chris Daultry getting voted off by mistake never happens again.

    I think that they should change the format….

    Still keep the bottom three…

    Instead of having these terrible singers AKA Rhianna, have the bottom 3 sing again, and then let the judges (after all they are on this show because they are supposed to be experts in this field) decide which one goes home.

    This way, they will be responsible every week, and if the little teeny bopper girls vote for Aaron or Tim because they are cute, or the horny little boys vote for Katie, the judges still have a chance to release someone based purely on Talent.

    Just a thought! What d’ya think?

  68. I’m seeing some comments where peopel are saying that Big Mike deserved to go home and Tim deserves to be there?? I’m sorry, but I have no idea what these people are listening to. Whether Big Mike is a favorite of yours or not,the fact is he can actually sing compared to Tim, who week by week has shown he does not deserve to be there. I was worried that something like this would happen- that Tim would end up staying over someone with actual talent. I’m glad they used the save on Mike, but now I’m worried about the next good singer that could be on the chopping block, while Tim sits looking by in a spot he does not deserve to be in. This is no longer America voting on talent- it has turned into girls voting on looks. Wouldn’t it be scary if these ridiculous voters voted Tim into the top 5 and beyond??

  69. I read that almost every post says YES, but I’m not sure. Yes, Mike is a good singer, but not as good as some of the others who could, by an oversight of the voters (maybe thinking the best will get enough votes without their vote) be voted off the show. What if, by some chance, it’s one of the better performers and singers such as Crystal or Casey? By using the save, the judges have no card to draw should that occur. In my opinion, Mike is good…really good…but if he wants to get a chance to win it, or even come close, he needs to take the ethnic spin off of his song choices and show some unpredictability and adaptability. I wish him the best of luck.

  70. I think the save was good for the sole fact that I think Mike is a top 5 guy. There are 3 or 4 contestants that should go home before he does. Tim is a good kid but should not have even made the top 12. I agree with Chris, make the bottom 3 battle it out and the judges decide who goes home. The only thing is they shouldn’t have to sing the song from the night before, because sometimes it is just a bad song choice and they should be able to sing something else or it is just going to sound as bad as it did the night before.

  71. To Chris–I think that is a wonderful idea..have the bottom three sing for their spot and let the judges who know something about music decide who goes or stays….that way, the teenyboppers who are voting on looks will not matter in the end….great idea…AI are you willing to give the judges more of a professional say in the matter??????

  72. The judges definately made the right decision. Big Mike is a great vocalist and performer, and in my opinion, he should be in the top 4 with Crystal, Lee, and Casey. The judges know what they are doing. They are considering which contestants would make good recording artists and stage performers. Some of the kids in this might not make it on stage doing a whole concert and might not sell many recordings. That is what they are looking at.

  73. The judges save was created to protect a singer who has a bad night AND who could be a top 5 finalist. (the save can not be used with 5 contestants left)

    Mike should not have been saved – PERIOD.

    MY TOP 5 (in no particular order)


    I do not think Mike is better than any of the above.

  74. I don’t see a point in saving Mike because he isn’t going to win AI. Someone had to go, so why not him?! It is only a matter of time.

  75. Wow, Sagemaster, I can understand no Mike, though I personally disagree, but no Lee? I think Lee is a far better singer and performer than either Katie or Aaron, and my favorite coming out of the original auditions and heading into Hollywood week was Katie. However, she’s been very inconsistent during the live shows, while Lee has been superb every week.

  76. Lee… has no STAR POWER

    I would not buy a CD of his. I would not buy Aaron or Katie for myself – but I would for my daughters.

  77. well they should let go mike,,,,yah he is a good singer though thats why there is a voting system,,,,,if they have to save any of them iether so what point of voting,,,,just to be pair enough,,,,,, bless american idol

  78. With the exception of a few, this whole season has been the least talent ever on American Idol,there were some that got sent home in try-outs,that were better than the ones they chose, I think this is why it dropped ratings.
    Mike is a good singer but his macho acting, flexing his muscles and the way he displayed conceit with his body , and cmon he got cocky and too sure of himself, it showed alot,I think and I think it really turned people off, that is why he didn’t get votes , people like the humble ones like Crystal , who is so talented, she’s’ got my vote to win this competition, An American Idol, should have a good voice and a nice way about them, Mike got a reality kick in the butt,he deserved it, and I do give him credit for a nice voice and I believe that Simon was smart and professional to bring him back because Simon is no dummy, he knew that Crystal would get alot of votes, she is a class act, personality , humbleness along with her voice,Simon knew that there was 5 a few that could possibly win this talent with a voice not anywhere as good as Mikes, so he made a smart decision in my opinion.



  81. I think the judges made the right decision. For the simple fact he is better than at least 3 of the contestant. Of course that really doesn’t matter, look at what happen last year. Adam Lambert should of won last year, but I don’t know if there really wasn’t enough votes or it was fixed.

  82. I want to hear Crystal, Mike, and Siobhan sing every week. I think Casey and Lee show some promise. I treat the other performances as just part of the incredible amount of clutter that makes up the show. By clutter I include the commercials, the judges comments, the human interest videos, and most of what Ryan Seacrest says.

  83. What are you all talking about. They showed Mikes wife when they announced it was him and she was crying because they weren’t gonna be rich after all…He shouldn’t even be on this show. He voice is crap and his body image is crap.

  84. I think it was a waste to use the save on Big Mike. He’s average, at best, and is boring.


  86. The judges did not do the right thing in saving Big Mike. Big Mike is arrogant and cocky and will not respond to the criticism about him from Simon in perfecting himself with his song choice and personality. I hope last night tally of votes is a wake up call for Mike to finally see that he is not all that. I admit he has a nice voice but his attitude has a lot to be desired and thats why I refuse to vote for Big Mike.

  87. No I do not believe Mike should have been saved. It was a wasted save. The people spoke. He was voted out, and out he should be. I also believe he is arrogant, and I do not like his personality. I do not like the way he sings Maxwell’s song either. It is just okay. If that is his best song, they should have let him go. He does not have star quality to me. I do think he has a good voice, but I do not like him.

  88. I had fallen asleep and when I woke up I thought I was having a nightmare when I saw Big Mike being saved. I had to rub my eyes in disbelief. How could Big mike be in the bottom three!!. Thank you judges for saving a great vocalist. He has all the potentials of becoming the next “AMERICAN IDOL”. I pray that this unfortunate embarrassment does not happen to him again.

  89. BIG, BIG MIKE has an attitude persona reflective of enormous arrogance and smug! Frankly, his vocals are indeed powerful, but not of an American Idol, but more as a musical platform. I certainly won’t be buying Mike’s records. Now, Casey and Lee has the WOW factor in every aspect, looks, vocals, presentation. Lee needs to step it up with more confidence, but his voice is unique and of star quality as with Casey.

  90. OK, I get it. I don’t like Mike’s attitude either. I also agree that Lee has little star power. However, it is a singing competition, and they are both better singers than many who remain. Most of what I see pro and con on these boards reflects things other than singing ability. While I agree that it does little good to choose an Idol who won’t sell many recordings, I still think of it as a singing competition and that the best vocalists should at least finish near the top, if not flat-out win it.

  91. While Mike may not be the next American Idol, the fact is that his performances have consistently been better than those of Tim and Andrew.

    Aaron will be a star but needs to break out of the sameness of his song choices.

    Katie has a maturity and vocal depth far beyond her years and has a very recordable voice plus the looks.

    The best two – so far – have been Crystal and Casey and Siobhan has a much better voice than many people give her credit for. Lee is improving and has a Daughtry/David Cook sound but not quite in their class at this stage.

    If they continue at the same level, I see Casey, Crystal, Katie, Lee and Siobhan as the top 5.

    Two have to go next week and, on past form, should be Tim and Andrew but probably won’t be as long as VFTW and the teenie boppers with their hundreds of votes per head are allowed to impact the voting as they do.

  92. Mike’s stage presence is his bigest downfall.
    He is just too big and clumsy and too sure of him self .
    I love his vocals.

  93. I think judges got it right by saving Michael Lynche. I read a lot of postings about possible tampering or special strategy by judges. I hope that’s not true. I do vote every wk multiple times 4 my favorites & I sure hope that it’s not been a wasted effort-don’t think so. I do agree that Tim Urban should have been voted off long ago. Even though I think young Aaron Kelly has talent-no way do these 2 come close to big Mike’s singing ability. I think that more of us need to vote that aren’t swayed by cutesy looks like a lot of young teens & tweens are (like those most likely keeping someone like Tim in). If we really want Idol to be about talent, we’ve got to make our voices heard by voting!!! I do like the one gentlemen’s idea of making bottom 3 sing again & letting judges make decision-maybe that would curb some of the teeny boppers voting on who’s the cutest!! I hope AI gets wind of this-could really even things more fairly. I do vote each week-usually 100 times or more & I’m almost 50-surely no teeny bopper status here!!


  95. The way the save is set up is a good thing for the drama-factor. If the judges had NOT used the save, they’d have been evil villains who secured the ousting of a guy who missed the birth of his child to audition for the show. Instead, they got to be the heroes of the day (did you see them all hugging and congratulating each other?), which is fine! Now, if there’s another upset (like mamasox), they will shrug and say “Sorry–that’s what America voted for.” And they’ll be fine saying that because they know that the real talent WILL get picked up and will have a career, despite who America votes for. Daughtry and others have shown us that.

    So the judges did the right thing–and it made for some really entertaining “feel-good” TV.

    Now, if only I could vote AGAINST Tim…

  96. I don’t think Mike should have been saved because he is not going to win.

    I believe the top 5 and they all are good enough to win are: Crystal, Lee, Casey, Siobhan and Katie.

  97. Jim, respectively, I concur with your opinion and viewpoint. I realize this is a singing competition, however, the reality is, star power is inclusive of singing ability, stage presence, personality and image. Mike’s demeaner doesn’t come across to me as sincere and with humility – he just isn’t at a point where he should be so self-consumed. One can be confident, without being over-indulgent. Although, Mike’s vocal is far superior than Tim or Andrew, it’s inevitable for the elimination process to continue its path. I’d like to respect the public’s overall decision.

  98. It really just makes for more drama next week when Big Mike and Andrew are BOTH eliminated !!! Long live Tim Urban !!!!

  99. I think the judges wasted their “save” on Big Mike.
    What if one of the other truly talented contestants like Crystal suddenly found herself in the bottom 3 due to a technical error, and she was sent home because the judges already used their one “save” on Big Mike? Big Mike is not going to be the next American Idol, so the judges are delaying the inevitable. Next week they will have to send 2 people home. Unfortunately the contestants who deserve to go home are still here, and people who had more talent have been sent home already. I thought that this was a singing contest, not a Who is The Next Teen Heartthrob contest. I have watched the “artists” that they have had sing on their results shows, and I bet if most of them were to compete today without the name recognition that they have now, they would not be polluting our airwaves today. It is sick what passes for music today!

  100. Not sure what you guys see if Siobhan: She can hit a great note when she screams, but the rest of her singing is very average. My top 5 have to be Crystal, Lee, Casey, Aaron, and then either Mike or Katie. Tim, Siobhan, and Andrew should be the next 3 to go.

  101. This is why AI is loosing it’s viewing audience. It is a popularity contest. Prime ex is that the high-schooler is getting votes from all of those teeny-boppers out there.

  102. Tim Urban does not deserve to be there..his time should have ended a long time ago..mike may not be the next AI but he did not deserve to be at the bottom last night..good on the judges for using the save.

  103. Mikes great. It is beyond me how he ever got into the bottom 3 and out bottome 3 he is the

  104. Big Mike has been my favorite from the first show. The judges also like him and they made the right choice. I still think he can win. Didn’t a save win in the past? Does anyone remember?

  105. David and Courtney, you may both be right on your top 5, but I’d replace Katie with Mike. Alynn, I agree with you and all the poor singers that are current pop stars proves your point. Unfortunately, it often is not about talent, but is more about edginess and stage presence. A good example is many of the “stars” they’ve had perform on the results show. Many of them, Myley included, did not perform very well. Even Usher, whom I normally very much enjoy, was a disappointment. I think David Cook performed better than any of the so-called stars they’ve brought in this year. In fact, I think three or four of the contestants are better vocalists than Ms Cyrus.

  106. Digger, this is only the second year of the save. Last year was Anoot, I believe and he didn’t finish in the top five. Sorry for spelling Miley’s name wrong on my last post.

  107. Maybe alot of teens are voting this year because Miley was on the show. She did not sing good when she was on the show. I am excited that Adam Lambert will be on the show next week. At this point I do not think that it matters who is the next American Idol because the top singers will have lots of opportunities. I will miss Simon next year. He gives very good advise.

  108. I totally agree, but it should have been Andrew anyway he’s horrible tim i was expecting until he sang away i tuesday night he was really good, this week i was shocked but andrew has to go by next week and aaron he is a 16 year old boy and he basically is a kid still, so i’m happy Mike was saved and surprised i thought they would use it on Chrystal though, or shyvone (that screaming girl) but next week 2 go OOOOHHHHH(spooky)who is it going to be? even though we havn’t watched their perfornaces yet for next week i think it is either going to aaron and andrew katie and andrew andrew and Tim or Tim and Katie. But still again Andrew should of went anyway right from the geicko

    Laney This is true i’m a little young but my mom types it we both love this show laney told me to tell you she 7 years old and that i her mommie types it for her. She just turned 7 on March 4th thanks again Her mom and Laney

  109. I am so glad that the judges saved Big Mike I was not going to believe it if he would be gone he is great singer and he really has gone through a lot in trying out for the show and if he will give up being there when his first baby girl was born then he really deserves to be on the show.

  110. I also find the number of people who don’t like Siobhan to be a mystery. Is it her quirkiness more than her singing ability? My filter is different than many of yours as I’m a trained musician and look for different qualities than what most pop singers have. I think in pure simple terms, like vocal quality, pureness of tone, and ability to sing in pitch, she may be the best they’ve had since Kat McPhee. Now that doesn’t mean she’ll make a good Idol, and as good as Kat was she hasn’t made a lot of inroads on the pop music charts, but darn I enjoy listening to her as much as Kat and would probably buy a CD from her long before I’d buy one from any of the other performers this year.

  111. Big Mike was better than the other two he stood up with in the bottom three, but not good enough for a judge’s save. I still totally miss an Adam Lambert this year—he who should have won “hands down” last year! Can’t wait to see him perform next week!! By-the-way, since I notice some mention of AI voter ages in the posts——I’m 67 (going on 17) and an old devoted Elvis fan—thought Adam Lambert might be the second Elvis. :)))

  112. So glad they saved Mike. I was in shock when they said he was going home. People need to remember just because they think someone will be safe they still need to vote. He only 1 of 2 of my favorites. Hope he goes the distance.

  113. Judy #84, you got it right. Arrogance and a narcissistic personality are a turnoff no matter how good the voice. People should remember that a great voice alone will not make one a lasting star. It’s often an intangible quality that turns people on that seals the deal.

  114. Lakotac I am 62. I am also a huge Adam Lambert fan. I also love Susan Boyle. I bought both of their albums the first day they were available. I also have a Clay Aiken album. They did not win but they are doing terrific.

  115. Big Mike is a nice guy but he’s not that good. I mean just listen to Crystal or Andrew, now these guys are amazing. Mike just doesn’t have the vocal abilities as the other contestants do, he doesn’t have any range. It’s the same thing every time he performs with no twist or variation, there’s not a “Mike Moment” that we wait for. But people, myself included, like his story and the hard choice he made to get here. But, I’m sorry but they shouldn’t have wasted the pass, they should’ve done what America wanted.

  116. Jim, hate to disagree, but Siobhan does not have the great of voice. I love the big notes she screams, but she sounds off pitch to me alot. Some nights I think she is great, some I think she is not good at all. It’s all what song she sings I suppose. Jesse, what are you talking about in Andrew?? Crystal, yes….easily the best voice in the competition and she should be the winner. Lee has a great voice, but I agree he lacks the “star quality”

  117. If some of you think Siobhan has strange clothing, did you see what the guest singers were wearing?


  119. i don’t think they should have saved MIKE, for the simple reason that there are at least 4 better singers and he’ll probably get the boot soon…what a waste of a save. he is not in the same league as crysal, casey or shibon.

  120. Yes I think it was a good idea that they saved BIG MIKE !!! But what is everybody thinking, the IDOL has become a fan contest not being judge on their talent. If you don’t have big fan base you don’t have a chance, NOT FAIR !!! Start judging on talent not looks !!!

  121. Oh and I also what to comment on David’s (ARCHIE) performance last night, THAT’S TALENT !!!!!

  122. I am a first time viewer (age 50 something) and find the show very entertaining. I enjoy reading the posts and all the different opinions. My top choices are: Crystal, Lee, Casey Siobhan and Katie. I don’t think any one of them totally out-shines the others. It’s all about the viewers preference. I like them all for different reasons other than “looks”. I love Lee because he totally reminds me of Eric Clapton. And so on.. and so on..
    Can someone explain to me. If the show is live, how do the musicians know what song is going to be sung by the last person standing?

  123. Kevin, I think that Crystal is a great singer, but from a purely technical standpoint her voice isn’t nearly as pure as Siobhan’s. Siobhan could sing classical music, including opera, with the purity in her voice. As entertaining as Crystal is, she’d never be able to do that. Again, the credentials needed for pop music are different, hence my comparison to Kay McPhee, who’s never done well in the pop field. I believe Crystal is far more likely to win this and quite likely will do better in the long run, but Siobhan clearly has the purer voice.

  124. Big MISTAKE to save Mike. Would have been good to see him gone. Just another clone that would have been turned out if he kept on … and he wasn’t going to win anyhow!!!
    Next week — 2 have to go … they won’t have to save him again at least !!!

  125. I agree with Jim W (#132) that Siobhan has the most outstanding voice in this year’s competition. Crystal is a great singer, but doesn’t everything she sings have a similar sound – very derivative -sounds like Bonnie Raitt/Janis Joplin (sort of, but not quite)/Melissa Etheridge. I’ve never heard a singer quite like Siobhan. I thought her soft, understated and sensitive rendition of “Across the Universe” was absolutely beautiful -it showed the many colors of her voice. And I like how she is not afraid to take risks.

    But I also know that it is unlikely America will appreciate her enough to vote her the AI. Doesn’t matter -she will be a promising artist.

    BTW -I agreed with the judge’s decision to save big Mike. He’s much better than at least 4 of the others, and deserves another chance.

  126. Caren (#131). I’m sure each performer has to announce to the producers which song he or she will do if voted off that night. In most cases, they sing the same song they did the night before, but recently (the last two seasons) with the SAVE being in play they’ll often choose something that they think better suits their talent and would put them in a better light with the judges. I’m sure that’s why Big Mike did not choose Eleanor Rigby last night. My guess is he figured that if that song put him in the bottom three he’d be way better off to choose something else to earn the SAVE.

  127. I think the judges made the right decision. I honestly dont think Big Mike should have been in the bottom three ro begin with. So what his oerformance wasnt all dat this week. He’s entitled to have an “ok” week jus like everyone else. Hell, Andrew Garcia should have went home the week he sang Jeannie in a bottle if you ask me but he’s still here. We are not the judges for a reason. The judges obviously c some potential in hime otherwise the would have been gone home long b4 now.


  129. Jim Williams (#136) Thanks for your response. If I recall the song Mike did to hang on last night was one that he had done previously and I believe one that all the judges loved. It was very emotional and definitely pulled on the heart strings.

  130. Big Mike has both quality to this voice and charisma. He is a top 5 in my book. The two performers I look forward to each week are Mike and Shoban. I agree with the above that she has the most pure quality vocals with tremendous range and tone. She needs to showcase her range like Celine D. and not the screeching. Teens will not appreciate this. The highlight of the night was David A. back as he, too, has a Josh Groban type of voice. Already he has matured!
    There is a market for K. Mcphee, David A. and others that are easy to listen to. Big Mike falls in that category.

  131. I love this show because of the amazing talent that revolves through its stage…and we get to enjoy it for free. But Mike in the bottom three much less eliminated – now that’s when you know what demographic is driving the vote by phone or texting. With all due respect, Tim might get the role in the Partridge Family re-make but he cannot be measured in the same category as someone of Mike’s talent and capabilities.The good news is that he was saved. The bad news is that we all are going to have to phone and text not just the 12 year olds!

  132. I think they made a terrible mistake saving Mike I feel they should’ve saved the vote for someone like Casey, Crystal or Siobhan that may run into trouble in he next 3 wks and if they never had to use the save who cares?

  133. Big Mike has a nice voice, but his macho mouth really gets to me. I don’t think they should have saved him. He needs to be a bouncer in a night club. Let him have a “pec contest” with a with some low life.

  134. I think most of our opinions if any of the contestents can sing or not, it is irrelivent. The whole show is not a singing contest, its more a popularity contest…Why would Time be there if it were not for the little girls who voted for him….Think about it..Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson are proof of it….Enjoy the show and be amazed at who gets votes….

  135. I agree with #146 since alot of the voting is by little girls in love with a cute face and not always talent, the save should have been used for the more likley winers, if they should falter at a critical time.

  136. D Sewell…

    A. He does play an instrument.
    B. He moves a ton.
    C. Body image? Muscular? Teddy bear? If that doesn’t help, then I don’t know what does.

    They made the absolute right decision, he’s better than five other contestants on there (glances at 4 others while burning a hole in Tim Urban). They only have until the top 5 to make that save, and I predict Mike will be in it if he makes the right song choices. His voice, movement and everything else is stellar. He’s very likable and it’s been revealed that he’s funny. The only problem is that there’s three other BETTER contestants, maybe 4. Lee, Crystal, and Casey are better, and maybe Siobhan. He’s better than (in order), Tim, Andrew, Aaron and Katie.

    Siobhan always wows me, but I’m never sure if it’s in a good way or a bad way. She’s rather pitchy, and the scream, it’s getting old. If she had chosen a different song, without the scream, she would’ve had a great night.

    Katie might make the top 5- if Siobhan and Mike make horrible song choices. She’s good (yes, I do think so. She has a good, mature voice for her age, she has made good song choices the last few weeks. Just because she’s seventeen and wears pink doesn’t mean she’s not capable of getting the top 5. Miley Cryus is 17, and look where she’s gotten?), but not as good at the others.

    My prediction for the top 3?

    Crystal- Aww c’mon, who doesn’t like mamma sox? She has a great voice, she truly knows who she is, she hasn’t had a bad night yet, she’s original, she’s gotten almost fatally sick, has an adorable little girl- all of the things one cherishes on this show. She’s going to be the runner up.

    Casey James- Goldilocks. Angel from above. Let’s get serious now… He’s a guitarist, he’s never had a BAD week, I THINK he knows who he is, he’s got good if not great vocals, and he’s h-o-t. C’mon. He’ll be the third finalist.

    Lee Dewyze- At the moment, I predict he’s going to win this thing, but my opinion keeps switching from him to Crystal and back again. He’s had awesome song choices, great voice, guitarist, the judges love him, and is very likeable. It’ll be him and Crystal as top 2.

    That’s my opinion!

  137. Is anyone else scared for next week? I have visions of Tim knocking 2 good performers out in the voting. People are voting for him now just to see how far they can get him and that is sad…

  138. OMG they finally got rid of one of the no talent guys and the judges wasted their one and only power on someone that should not even be in the top five!!!!!!!!! It’s last season all over again. The save last year was used on someone that shouldn’t have even made it to the TV performances. Why can’t the judges hold their power until someone who at least has the talent to make it the top 5 is in danger. The 3 women are the only ones with serious talent left. The success or lack there of Taylor Hicks might be history repeating itself as long as people like Kara continue to vote on looks instead of singing talent!!!! if thats the case Casey and Urban will be the final two–

  139. Now? VFTW had him tagged the one to vote for quite awhile ago. Between that and the teeny bopper vote he might make it through several more weeks. VFTW is already bragging about him being the one contestant that has gotten this far in all the years they’ve done this.

  140. I think the save on Mike very well could be the worst mistake they judges could have made. It all depends on the out come of next week. I use to be a big Fan of Mike, but his aggogance just turned me, as well as a lot of others, off. He is probably a top 5 but not a winner.

    Anyway, think of what could happen next week. Can you imagine what will happen if both Aaron and Tim get voted off? The majority of both Idol’s voters will go to Katie. That will make her a force to recogned with and could knock out on or 2 of the top 34easily with no save available for the Judges. Most of the top 4 votes seem evenly split ATM concidering Lee, Casey, Crystal nor Siobhan have been in the bottom 3 since the top 12.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am actually a fan of Katie and she is improving each week, but she is not top 4 material. Will she become one if 1 or 2 of the top 4 get bumped because the votes are split?

    Just some food for thought.

  141. Big Mike is the most talented guy of the bunch. He has great range and stage presence. I notice most of the voters who disagreed with the save were females. Could it be that they don’t like the fact that he is married (as opposed to the “single-available” guys? Just goes to show that too many voters don’t evaluate according to talent!!–Pathetic!

  142. everyone has there favorites.maybe the judges favored big mike.granted the guy has talent,i think they were boxed in,it crazy obvious he can sing better than tim.thats a in theory they has no choice.actually anyone can be the next idol now.its 1 out of 9.decent odds.but the very best are siobhan.and crystal.then next would be lee,and casey.all the rest are just hanging lets all hope people everywhere do the right thing and have these 2 extremly talented girls in the finals.

  143. Mike didn’t have the best performance Tuesday, but he was definitely not the worst. Andrew should have went home or Tim. Though Tim was better than Andrew, I’m still shocked that he’s even still on the show. So, yes. I agree with the judges saving him.

  144. Should they have “saved” Big Mike? The bigger question is why are the “tween cuties” being voted for? Because they are cute or because they have real talent. I love listening to Big Mike. I also love watching Lee grow. Let’s look at talent-not cuteness!

  145. I think it was good to save Mike. I have been a fan of Aaron and have been following his progress since he was 13. He has not relaxed and showed his true stage presence on Idol. I guess the fact that he is so young may account for that. I am realistic to the fact that there are others better than he is, but I would like to see Tim and Andrew eliminated before he is. I wish he would add a country twist to the next song and wow the judges and Idol viewers. I’m not a country music fan, but that is where Aaron will eventually make a name for himself. He is a fine young man that certainly deserves future success.

  146. To be honest, Mike has a good and solid voice. However, I can understand the outcome of this unexpected result was most probably due to Mike’s egoistic and arrogant air around him. I’m not saying he’s showing it on purpose, it’s just that maybe he didn’t even realize that he’s indeed making people feel uncomfortable about it. Plus, even if you are joking, YOU DO NOT CHALLENGE PEOPLE.

    And Bryon, I respected your opinion but unfortunately, I’m quite a fan of Sibhon. Yes, she’s weird and quirky most of the time, but don’t you think that she has her own unique talent as well? Not many singers to date can belt as good as Siobhan.

  147. # 133 Caren
    The show is live once they chose the top 12. The musicians know what song because the contestants chose their songs the week before and they rehearsal all week to compete. Everybody has an extra song in case they are on the bottom 3 and have to sing to save themselves. Most of the contestants repeat the same song they performed the day before but some others prefer the one that they think moved the audience more in previous weeks or had more good comments from the judges for that specific performance.
    The show is live until it finishes but I suggest you if there will be an AI next year to watch the complete season because the beginning is the most funny you can imagine. There are some crazy people out there that will make you laugh a lot 🙂

  148. I don’t think it will matter much in the longrun- I mean granted he admittedly DOES have talent, of that there’s really no question, and certainly leaps and bounds better than some of the others (namely Aaron, Andrew and Tim) BUT, i do feel like first of all, the American people have spoken with their vote so why should it be overriden? But like I said, I doubt it will matter in the longrun because while he is much better than half of the people on the show, he is certainly not the best and will be eliminated sooner or later anyway- it just would have been sooner this way and is prolonging what I feel is inevitable, that’s the only difference. I am almost SURE Crystal will win, and if not her, than Siobhan, but I really think everyone loves Crystal and it’s the last man (or woman) standing that really matters.

  149. For several seasons I have noticed some bias against black singers, but this season it is more evident than ever before, actually against all non-whites. I thought the Top 24 started off with a strong roster of non-white performers. Joe Munoz sang better than average but he went in the first around. Michelle Delamor was a decent singer — better than most — as well as being very beautiful and a good role model with a great stage presence, but she was eliminated in the second round, a round where all 4 of the people ousted were non-white. John Park had a great voice (admittedly poor song choices though), and his ouster continues the string of Asian males being eliminated prematurely, and Todrick, easily one of the best 5 singers in the competition, with daring, entertaining, performances and creative, soulful arrangements to the songs he sang, was eliminated in the 3rd round.

    So Mike is the only black left, and the only other non-white is Andrew Garcia, interestingly the other person in the bottom 2 this time. I thought Mike gave an outstanding performance, doing a very touching rendition of one of my favorite Beatles songs, “Eleanor Rigby”. I thought his vocal flourishes may have been somewhat excessive, but otherwise he was excellent. He can sing very high and very low, very loud and very soft, and with lots of emotion and has a really good tone to his voice, which reminds me of Luther Vandross (though I prefer Mike’s). He has sung consistently well, though when he isn’t brilliant, it is disappointing, because he has set such high standards and expectations for himself. He is clearly the best singer of the whole bunch, and I think the best Idol contestant ever, at least at this stage of the competition.

    Yes, there definitely is a racist component to the voting, whether subtle or overt. I’ve noticed increasing expressions of racism in our politics as well, in a way I haven’t seen in ages in our public discourse, as right-wing talk show hosts incite hatred towards certain black figures, and Tea Party activists hurl racial epithets at various black congressmen.

    Please, let’s treat everybody in a fair and civilized manner. And let vocal ability and performance be your guiding criteria when you vote for the Idols.

  150. Big Mike got in trouble with the voting public – and its the same problem a “great vocalist” who happened to be a preening fat diva who sang music from 1960s “surf sound” would have.

    1. Listeners want to vote for someone they like. “Big Mike” comes across as arrogant, entitled, cheesy and a badly acted comic book caricature of a buffoon acting “huggy-huggy”.
    2. He sings from the Luther Vandross school of self-indulgent “soul-love” that drips of excess and milked notes. I mean the 60s and 70s were fine, but certain genres are now dormant or justifiably dead in music. Right now, that style is commercially unviable, kids detest it, poor Luther himself is dead and “Big Mike” isn’t going to energize middle age people that heard it in it’s heyday to like “its all about me soul-love” all over. Good for memories when it is sung on cruise ships as “love songs of your youth” – or a nice retro Las Vegas dinner show.

    IMO, Best 4 are Crystal, Siobhan, Lee, and Casey.
    And if I had to chose between the 4, I want Siobhan to go on as my favorite of all, but think it best for her career if she gets knocked out as one of the top 3 or as Finalist. Being the winner and pressured to produce and perform immediately might hurt the real shot I think she has of taming all that raw talent over the next 2 years and emerging as a relevant, significant new artist. Or seeing if she has the chops after some training to go the Broadway route.
    Casey – Ready to go as Idol shaking his golden locks and shredding a guitar. Crystal – If she is the Idol as predicted, moms will buy her stuff and go see her as a Lilith Fair feature singer.

  151. The AI producers must love reading all these comments. This is what makes reality TV so interesting. So many different views, so much passion. Keep the comments coming – they are very entertaining.

    For my view – Mike has a phenominal voice. His stage persona is very different from his private story – we can see that. The save was brought in because the AI producers know the voting process is flawed.

    Anyway, the winner doesn’t matter – talent sells records and many AI winners have no life beyond this show. Let Tim win so he can have his moment (like Chris last year) – then we will buy records by Crystal, Casey, Mike etc…

  152. There is no way Mike should have been down there
    and the judges were right to use the get out of jail card for him. I also see a lot of letters here condemning Mike seem to be from(as Byron said) those BackStreet Boys rejects fans. MY top 4

  153. omg big mike is the man!!!!
    what the hell wrong with a american people. far that tim guy sucks that katie chick sucks vote them OFF NOW!!!!!!!!!!! GO BIG MIKE 🙂

  154. There may be something to the racial thing. Young girls tend to like country or Disney Channel stuff…. and if they are the big voting block, that explains the Katie, Aaron and Tim thing. The emo movement has Siobhan. The older girls are caught up in the Casey and Lee stuff…….The fellas tend to like Crystal. That leaves very little left for Big Mike and Andrew. I like both of them, and feel that they are both Top 5 Talent.

    My top 5 (not in order) Crystal, Casey, Lee, Mike and Andrew…….just personal preference to their singing styles.

    Maybe because I’m older (41), I appreciate different things than when I was 17…. For example? — I used think Madonna was a good singer, and that REO Speedwagon was a good band….what did I know?

  155. absoluuuuutely! I never vote for him because I thinks its a given he’ll get most of the votes anyway…looks like a lot of us took too much for granted – sorry Mike. I just love Crystal and always thought it would come down to her and Mike for the finale. Now Casey and Lee are lookin good for Crystal’s final match. And still Mike. Siohban has pipes but not star quality at all..she’s too valley girl in her speech. Actually everyone left is sounding pretty good these days – they’re all coming into their own (Crystal was already there)…the show’s getting better every week!

  156. I think there is a racial element at work here. The Top 24 included 10 people of color, 14 whites. The fans have voted off 8 people of color, 7 whites.

    Certainly there is no racism involved. No one can vote against someone because of color. I don’t think that there is even prejudice involved. The producers and the judges have been color blind.

    But, if a person is going to spend time and money to vote many times for a person, there has to be more than an objective appreciation for vocal performances. There has to be some sort of identification with the singer. And let’s face it, more people know and like someone like Tim or Katie than Mike or Andrew.

    That’s just the state of the USA in the early 20th Century.

  157. The last line should read “That’s just the state of the USA in the early 21st Century”

  158. #166: agree. it’s a slap in the viewers faces. they shouldn’t override the decision since it was clear America didn’t want him around.

    the save is useless. If mike was eliminated at top9 it clearly indicates a lack of fanbase. he’s gonna be eliminated the week after next(sympathy votes next week). another week or two won’t make a difference.

    after top10, the order of elimination doesn’t make a big difference. there’s really no diff between finishing 8th or 9th. specific order only matters near top4.

  159. Yes I agree wholeheartedly. The judges are more qualified to judge than a bunch of giddy girls that have no idea about vocal talent. I am not convinced that the public should be allowed to vote.

  160. To Jim #167: There is no racism involved,[see Ruben and Fantasia]. But, lets face the fact that AIs demographic is mainly white. The problem with Mike is the fact that he comes across as aggressive and almost bullying. Ruben is a teddy bear, Mike is exhibiting too much pent up testosterone to seem cuddly. As for anti-minority sentiment, no it’s just that Andrew is boring and not very talented. Back to the demographics, the Billboard chart is loaded with non-white talent, put there by the music buying public. The fact is that AI doesn’t have a high percentage of non-white viewers.

  161. What a coincidence that the same week Dancing with the Stars has higher ratings than Idol, they act like Mike is going home and the Judges get to use their save!?! Trust me….it was a publicity stunt. They are losing their viewers due to a lack of talent in the contestants. I personally can’t stand Mike, but everyone knows he is way better than Tim. It was 100% staged. Idol you are sooo not fooling me! 🙂

  162. And another thing….Hey Mike! Eleanor Rigby is supposed to be a simple, beautiful song. Please do not ruin my favorite song of all time with your self-indulgent arrogance. K? Thanks!

  163. Okay, here we go. This is getting kind of nasty amongst the posters. There is no racism…that is the final word on that cause I said so. Also Lynche is not going to be our next idol so the save was indeed wasted. I agree that the save should be used when an otherwise great performer has a bad week or all of his/her voters go to the beach at the same time and he/she ends up in the bottom due to some circumstances like that. Also sometimes one performer stands out so much that the voters feel like they have it sewed up and everyone just assumes that everyone else is going to vote for them and next thing you know they are in the bottom few that week. That is the type situation where the save should be used in my opinion. But I have not been in charge of the most successful reality show on TV so who am I to tell them how to run the thing.

    I do, however, think that these contestants need to quit trying so hard and just “Let it Be”. Forgive the pun please. But they are all trying really hard and it comes across as forced and fake. They need to just sing from their heart and let it happen. I really feel like Mike did a good job with “This Woman’s Work” because it was from the heart. Also Crystal has done a good job too. Siobhan was doing good as long as they let her have fun. When they started trying to change her style she went off a little but she still has the best voice and vocals of anyone on the show. If she gets back to being herself and gets her spirits back she will be fine. Casey is probably the least fake of any contestant right now. Andrew and Tim are fake from start to finish. They can imitate other artists styles and tricks but they need some originality and I aint seeing it. Katie is very very talented but this is just not her time I am afraid and the same goes for Aaron. I wish all the contestants the best but I think AI is probably on it’s way out even as Simon is on his way out. I don’t think that Simon leaving is going to kill the show but I just think it has ran it’s course. Thanks for your time and see you all Wednesday night I hope.


  165. I agree with Miranda #180 on one thing. AI is interested in ratings and viewers. They do all they can to get people’s interest stirred up so they will watch to see what happens. I predict that their number of viewers will be high next week because of what happened with Mike, and because two will be voted off. Also many will watch to see the “real” American Idol next week, Adam Lambert. AI loves it that everyone is keyed up and interested. But, think about this.. They are looking for a person who has the whole package of vocals, looks and stage presence. They want the person who can sell the most CDs and draw the largest ticket sales at concerts. Its all about money, guys.. Now my other two cents worth: Please limit calls to one per phone number, or even three, as long as there is a limit. But I can’t see them doing that because they want to be able to say how many votes came in and have an amazing number to be impressive. Get it?.. Top 4 favorites- Crystal, Casey, Lee, Mike.


  167. Mike should not be in the bottom, but he’s boring as hell too! Aaron should be the one to go this week…so’s tim too who should be gone weeks ago!! So I hope Mike & tim are the 2 going next week! The only person whose record I’ll buy in the future is Lee’s (Adam’s record is the only idol I brought so far!)

  168. I agree that Mike should not have been in the bottom 3 at this point. But, I can’t understand the reason why people are getting so worked up over the mere fact he was there. As he is not exactly top 3 material either. And if it is because of racism (like is “always” mentioned after a black performer in the top 10 gets voted off) … try and ask yourself how black folks would vote if the viewers of a American Idol type rap show was 95% black. I think blatant racism against whites would be the norm for voters in such a show, if it existed. And nobody would think anything of it.

  169. Are you kidding me! Of course they did! He is a seasoned professional in my opinion. Doesn’t matter anyway, he will be a star!

  170. To Karen #120, You’re praising Mike for missing the birth of his child to chase fame and fortune on a reality show? Tell that to our servicemen who have missed out on the birth of their children because they are serving overseas.

  171. To Jim Williams #134, I agree Siobhan’s voice reminds me of why I love Linda Ronstadt. Would love hear Siobhan sing Blue Bayeau.

  172. He should be sent home big time ….why should he be saved ?
    Judges should follow the voting result because that what the public wants..and in the end there can only be one winner so what the point of saving as literally the least favorite will go home in the end.
    Losing now doesn’t mean that you not winning later.
    Why should they saved him?..besides his song choice was always been boring and boring..he always sing a girl’s song or something got to do with a girl song and to me he lack of star-quality and not appealing enough to public.
    Perhaps public have seen similar talent like him in the past so what he did is not refreshing enough to them and that cause the lack of interest. He’s not doing something new.
    In competition, they are categories of 1)good singer and likeable, 2)good singer but not likeable/lack of likeable appeal, 3)not so good singer but likeable and 4)not so good singer and not likeable..
    He probably fall in that category 2 – good singer but lack of likeable (coz if he is likeable he will not get the least votes and will not need a mercy of the judges to save him)..maybe something that public see about him or whatever that didn’t appeal much too their interest.
    There are some good singer out there but never hit it big-time of selling massive amount of records because it never appealing enough to public either their product or they themselves. When u hear them singing you couldn’t help to say wow what a voice but will you buy the product its up to you if that what you want.
    And there are artistes who sold amazing amount of records despite not having the greatest overpowering voice in the world because public simply love their product and the sensation create by the artists.
    and its rather unfair to say the other fellow contestants who don’t hit the note or not having a voice like Big Mike because they may not have a bigger voice but they still got singing talent and they got kind of appeal factor that public want and after which is potentially ‘star-quality’ , real personality , humility and so on.
    If you are saying bigger voice with vocal acrobatics should win, then might as well have a special competition for singer with bigger vocal octave and soaring vocals or the judges shouldn’t put the those with ‘limited’ vocals in the top 24..get it ?
    All those 12 contestants were chosen out of hundred of thousands and there must be something special about them and the judges need the public to re-confirm if that what should be a successful recording everyone on that bigger stage have an equal chance to stardom with what they got and I’m pretty happy to see those in the top 6(not in the bottom 3) because they did a good job which with what they got and they sounded and look very very current. They don’t have to be a super-singer or hitting the highest note or sing a big song to prove their talent or to win. They just need to find a good song which suit your best vocal ability which will appeal to public and make them remember to vote for them….public just need to refresh back their mind to the past seasons to see the point..
    David Cook also sand ‘Eleanor Rigby’ in season 7, but did he end in the bottom three?..never…because what he did at that time appeal to public big time.

    If the judges need to save , they should have save Lily Scott because she offer something different than others, different than Big Mike, she far far more exciting to watch than Big Mike I got to say……sorry for the Big Mike fans.. cheers

  173. Mike is by far the best singer on AI. Mike is actually above most contestants left and just needs a record label as Randy had been saying for the last few weeks. I do believe a lot of teeny boppers vote and everyone needs to vote on their singing that night and nothing else.

  174. i think that big mike should be gone. his performance was not good. i think it is unfair to the others.

  175. Big Mike’s version of “Ready for Love” was impressive…..and I could listen to that often……great stuff.

  176. -Lee has got to win, simply because of his fantastic voice and distinguished sound. -Crystal has a shot for the top 2, definitely.
    -Casey’s great, but gets unoriginal because of his song choice , all being in really similar genres.
    -Siobhan is really good, but the screaming kills her performances, and it really showed how cocky she was with her reaction to the judges criticism, and that could be her downfall on the show.
    -Katie is really underrated, since she seems to be constantly in the bottom 3! She has one of the most powerful voices, especially considering her age.
    -Tim gets his votes from the 12 year old girls… Simon’s comment was spot on; saying how despite Tim being the worst of the bunch, he smiles knowing he’ll get votes and be there the following week.
    -Mike has a really soul/jazzy vibe with his performances, and has produced some amazing performances, and deserves to be there.
    -Andrew has been inconsistent, although the talent’s there. He’s just not blossoming! I liked his ‘Forever by Chris Brown” remake a couple of weeks back.
    -Aaron is really good and has time. He is only 16 and produces some fantastic performances, but he wont win.
    * I still think that ALEX LAMBERT should have stayed, and has a spectacular sound…
    anyone agree?

  177. i was right with the prediction of bottom 3 this week and next week i want this week bottom 2 to go..they been around like 8 weeks already and had enough chances already..good singers but lack of appeal and performer showmanships..right now hope everyone rooting for lee,crystal,casey,siobhan and tim..they are good singer with great personality, that all the public need and they need good breakthru…the save was a total waste coz he dont deserve unfair to others..even after he been saved he didnt show any sorts of humility that he was in fact at mercy of the judges..for someone who just been save should look like someone just being saved..

  178. This result show seemed like a huge set-up. Since losing to DWTS in rating last week, AI needed to do something to grab the audience’s attention. What a coincidence that they use the judge’s save the week after losing to DWTS.

  179. Tim needs to show some some skin and sing “Loving You;” he has a chance with some coaching!!

  180. I personally dont think the judges should be able to save anyone, The public vote should be final.
    Andrew to me stands out as does Siobhan, Crystal I just dont get… she comes across as though she thinks she is above everyone else.
    No one this year compares to Adam Lambert.

  181. No one, any year, compares to Adam Lambert. He is unique as was Elvis or Michael Jackson, In a class by himself.

  182. Just found out next week’s theme is songs from the movies. So let’s see your picks for who should sing what.

  183. In my opinion Adam Lambert is a combination of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Freddie Murphy all wrapped into one person. I hope that someday I will be able to see a live performance.

  184. You are correct Freddie Mercury. I guess there is a reason I am a senior citizen. But who has the money to spend on albums? Not the youngters.

  185. Whoops@ #192,

    I agree, it was a shocker that Lilly Scott was voted off, just before they went into the top ten. But the so called “save rule” only kicks in after to top 10 is reached. So the judges were powerless to use the save on her. To think Lilly Scott is not still in the compitition, while Andrew and Tim still are is almost tragic.

  186. Mike should have been saved because he is pretty good. How Much longer to we have to listen to no talet Tim Urban.. I understand he gets the teeny vote but I can sing better them him

  187. Obviously a scam to try to keep interest. This is not only not a talent show, it is a show just used to generate revenue for those who receive it. My opinion is that Mike is probably got in the voting top 3, perfect one for the producers to scam it up.

  188. I sure hope that the contestants do not read all this garbage. I do hope that the judges read these. The only person who should be off the show is Ryan Seacrest. I hope the people who are paying him big bucks reads this.

  189. Steve (#208.) Actually, the SAVE kicks in during the top twelve. Lilly could not be saved because she went home on the last cuts to determine the top twelve. I agree that this whole competition is not the same without her. I mentioned earlier that several friends of mine stopped watching after that happened. That’s one reason I’m virtually certain there is no rigging of results, because certainly the producers could not have been happy with the results that night. Human nature seems to create the impression for many that when things don’t work out as they think they should, that someone must be ethically challenged and caused the mess. By the way, I’m also a senior citizen at 62 years old. Maybe we should get T-shirts!

  190. Mike is really good and sometimes it stinks that little girls can vote you off just because you are not cute enough.

  191. Mike should have stayed. AI has almost become a joke. Have you guys heard of Vote for the Worst (dot) com. Well, they are probably half responsible for Tim staying in the competition. Tim needs to go. He is like Sanjaya; who stayed when good singers were voted off. Check out their website….it’s like a big joke and a popularity contest instead of getting the real. The best seasons were 1-2-3-4; it went downhill (for me) after that.

  192. i am so happy , that tim wasnt in the bottom 3 ! tim is amaazing ; mike isnt .. 🙂

  193. I’m sure the judges by now are regretting using their one and only ” save “. HIstorically ( and I have watched and voted from the first show ), fans have a weird way of showing everyone that they will vote for their idols, no matter what everybody else, including the judges, say. The judges, especially Simon, may be able to sway some of the voters, but throughout the years, the fans know who they want, whether or not that contestant is the best among her/his competitors. It’s a shame that fans ” diss ” on each other’s favorite idols. Everyone of these contestants are talented and they should be proud of themselves, as are we. Those sour grapes should stop living in dreamland and put their money where their mouths are and try out for next year’s show. We’ll see how far they can go. So I say, may the best man/woman win, and all of them , in my opinion are doing great!


  195. true that the save only applies strictly during the top 12 bracket..but they can offer a special ‘wildcard’ to Lily Scott and make it a top 13 (12 public choice + 1 judges wildcard)..She is far more exciting to watch and hear that Big Mike who got that Big Save..and i dont think he deserve that save coz
    1) he’s not unique enough.we heard singers like him all the time and dont think he is a star material and if he think he got big personality then he’s wrong…he is superboring from song choice to what he said and how he react to judges critics..i dont think he know how and able to handle judges critic if you look at this face expression.
    2) that’s was already the 7th week of competition(almost 2 mths) so public already hv sufficient exposure of what and who they want to see more.
    so when the judge save him , actually what placing they want him to be? 8, 7 ,top 5 or top 3? that’s not right..
    plus it seem that judges already have in mind of whom they want to save or worth to save(from the beginning they not going to save everyone- im sure they not going to save tim or katie if they are in that position even if they sing really awesome that week.) so its not right..
    3)its alright to introduce save in last season coz they dont have that 3 weeks semifinal so when the contestant made it to the final 12 it was only their 2nd time singing on stage so the public exposure still lacking but this season when the contestant reach the final stage it already their 4th week singing on stage (when MeganJoy sang during the top 9 last year was her 5th time on stage and Big Mike in this year top 9 was already his 7th time) so i personally think this year judges save should be scrap.

  196. i think the judges are right….Big Mike does deserve to be in the top 3…Tim Urban Suck like hell….Siophan??????…i’m not sure why are you still in the show….my choice of top 3 are….BIG MIKE, CRYSTAL & the talented LEE

  197. one more thing…..if this is how we americans vote…then we are all foolish & crazy…being racist on idol!!!that’s crazy…tim urban my ass….you pre-teen girls should be eliminated…….

  198. With AI’s ratings falling this year, no surprise they would save Big Head Mike. Don’t want turn off a certain demographic there now do we ??

  199. I think the judges made the right decision. Big Mike has a strong stage presence and deserves to be there! Thanks judges for doing the right thing!

  200. Mike has the best tallent on the show but due to his RACE! All the young rich WHITE kids that get to vote on the text message rates Vote for the kid they think is cute they can’t sing. Some poor kid in a Government housing may watch and want to vote for Mike but knows if parents find high rates on phone bill he might get abused!

  201. miked (#225) maggie (#214) and many others. I’d buy that account IF things were set up that the voters were voting somebody OFF the show. Since, that’s not the case, I don’t see the logic in your argument. Voters vote for whom they want to see again the next week. The only way someone can be voted off the show is by not voting for them, so the teeny-boppers can’t be voting Mike off. My guess is if they didn’t vote for Tim, Aaron, or Casey they’d probably just not vote at all. Again, regarding race, if I don’t want Mike back because he’s a minority, I have no means to vote against him. Truly the logic on some of these posts is perplexing.

  202. The telephone operators are probably messing with “big mike’s” lines making it difficult for voters to go through or someone else is because i just can’t believe that Americans are not voting for such a great talent. He is simply great and truely deserves to be in the top 3. This is America, we should be celebrating good music and great artists not good looks and rubish singers. “big mike”, you look great by the way.

  203. if Tim urban wins he will only reflect the music industry nowadays. he’s a cute guy and they can autotune his vocals and he will be just like any other current artiste. easy. we should be celebrating great music and artistes but the current music scene does not reflect that 🙂

  204. Big Mike is a decent singer I suppose, but not the best. He’s a bit too touchy-feely with other people and I really dislike it when he “pouches” his lips out—don’t know what that is for.???

  205. OH Jesus. Sure as the sun sets everyday … Anytime a Black person is voted off once they get to the top ten, the calls of racism are sure to follow. Completely ignoring the fact that the judges seem to be bending over themselves to get at least one of them through every week, for as long as they can (for rating possibly). And now we have Patsy (and people like her) saying the telephone operators are “messing with Big Mikes phone line”. Why Am I not surprised?

  206. In response to comment 4: that option should have started in season 1. Mike is obviously a better and more mature singer than most there. Only one beating him is crystal. That will be a perfect finale.

  207. Big Mike should be gone. He was voted off like everyone else so he should be gone.I’m not impressed by him at all. The judges think he is so wonderful but theres others that out do him. I like Tim so why is everyone putting him done. I did’nt care for big Mike from day one and he has’nt changed my mind yet. He was voted off once he’ll be voted off again and thank goodness for that. C-YA LATER BIG MIKE

  208. The judge knows what is worthy and not worthy.Of course they have to keep the one who can sell a million. It is not because of who get the highest vote. If at the end no one will buy the song I am ashame.

  209. some girls should go home first before big mike.There are two or more girls who sing terrible. Big mike is way better than this girls. I think racism is still going around, because one of the latest block Idol who was voted of is very,very good compare to the other girls who stay. I feel bad when they voted her off.

  210. The judges would have had to be brain dead NOT to save Michael. I still wonder how Tim Urban made it this far… How did he even get thru the freakin’ audition? Guess he has lots of friends.

  211. OK… so aside from all the comments about Saving Private Lynche… Glad he got saved but personally, I think the only two people who have any real talent are Crystal and Casey. They stick to what they believe in (know what they are good at), they are consistent, they are pretty much pitch perfect and they are pleasing to the eye. Please, use your musical brains people!

  212. I think the judges should NOT have saved him. So many artists sound like him, and going to a “Big Mike” concert would be boring. America craves interesting, unique, quirky music. We listen to songs like “Fire Flies” and “Bad Romance”… though Big Mike is talented, the demand for his style of music is just not there.

  213. The problem with AI is it is a tv show. Most of the viewers must watch it but not listen. If it were on radio the voting would be very different. Try listening this week with your eyes closed and you will have a huge perspective shift…

  214. 1. Big Mike deserved to be saved. When he makes good song choices, he is up there in the top 3, maybe even the top 2.
    2. Big Mike deserved to be in the bottom 3 this week. He was not the worst, but Eleanor RIgby was not sung as a mainstream, accessible piece of music. It was very narrow in its appeal, and Big Mike should learn from this or go home in the next few shows.
    3. Racist? Get real. Is their a racial component? Of course. But at this point in the competition it should be helpful it is a real factor, and I can hardly think “racists” would vote for Andrew Garcia to send Big Mike home. Using the race card is a knee-jerk reaction. It would be like complaining that because someone is attractive he or she has an unfair advantage, or someone appealing to tween girls has an unfair advantage. If we are down to the last two contestants and Mike loses to Bowersox, would it be racist then, Mr. Rushfield?

  215. Glad he was saved – he should actually win – he is one of the best in the competition.

  216. It’s a horrible idea the “save” because 4 people with the control of America’s opinion? NO! I’m not against Big Mike. He is a great singer, one of the top 3 I believe. I also agree that Tim, Aaron, Siobhan, and Andrew are way not good as Big Mike, but I definetly do not agree with someone who said that Katie will be the next one out. She is GREAT. Krystal is very good too. That beeing said I leave you.

  217. oh m sooo happy that Big Mike is still..even thoug its obvious he wont win..he doesnt deserve to go out at this stage..dat Tim should be out…y is he still in..the judges made the rite decision..

  218. I totally agree with the judges 🙂 because Mike’s got talent. The problem is, for me, that people can decide who stays and who doesn’t, which is not fair, because voters don’t always vote for someone who’s got talent, but for someone who they like (for example, it’s more likely that teenagers vote for Tim, because he’s good looking, rather than voting for Mike, who can sing better definitely). The best thing, would be that the judges decided who leaves or stays; and voters can only influence on the decision but can´t say who stays or not. 🙂

  219. I think mike is alot better singer than Tim and Katie i believe the only reason they are still in this is because they are young and the fans think they are cute this is a singer contest not a beauty contest its not very fair to the ones who can really sing and should be there,I think that Tim and Katie should have been sent home long before Lily Scott..

  220. YEA Judges! i LOVE Mike!! I’m not fallin for the teeny bopper thing this time. It’s up to Crystal and Mike now. I just don’t see arrogance. All of you should have watched the show at the beginning to see the REAL Mike. He truly is a loveable guy and He can sing from so many ranges. Big or small, MIke’s got my call. Step back and see the real singers here guys. The best MUST win out.


  222. another thing, even if Mike’s performance last week was not as good as usual, doesnt mean thats the end of him, get rid of the ones that have a few bad performances..i assume the only reason why those youngens(aaron and tim) ars still in the game is because the young girls are going made for there looks, not their singing abilities…

  223. I was in tears when they announced that Big Mike was headed home, my gosh are these people for real?? Mike of all people, one of the girls should go home OMG thanks to the judges for saving Mike he is my favourite please good people are these results even fair? I do not think so, reminds me of So you think you can dance when Brandon didnt win, upsetting !

  224. Sindy I feel you sista I really do, same as So you think you can dance, Janine was not a better dancer than Brandon was!


  226. Don’t think they should have wasted the save on Big Mike. The judges should have the final say out of the bottom three on who goes home that week. Wish AI would make that change – Tim would be gone and so would Andrew. Don’t think Big Mike will last too much longer tho either. He is just too every day – can hear tons like him on the radio – nothing special.

  227. I think they did the right thing because the Tim dude could not sing as well as big mike he amazing. The thing is Tim has is good day and bad days but i don’t think he should have been in American Idol. The only reason he kept moving on was because he is amazaly cut. But the real hotty is Aaron Kelly ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    But you people that are putting down Big Mike back off he can probaully sing better then you. ( just pointing that out) 😛

  228. #72, Chris –
    Right on! Hoping AI will listen to your idea – it is a very good one and that is the way it should go down. Thank you!

  229. Of course they were right!Big Mike is the best one in the competition. I mean, who else would they save?

  230. Aaron Kelly has yet to relax on Idol and pull out all the stops during his songs. He has great stage persence the times I have seen him perform at concerts. If he is not destined to be the Idol, I hope a few other guys go before he does.

  231. Although Big Mike is a very good singer, I still feel he blew his chances on A. I. 2010. His rendition of the Beatles song was poor and should have been given the marching orders. Tis thing about the judges saving is just another publicity stunt. Big Mike will go soon especially if he sings the way he did in week 9. Pity Australians can’t vote….

  232. Crystal and Lee are the only ones worth saving. hope they will not ever be in the bottom 2.
    just curious, is there a comment page on the judges? :):):)

  233. Please fire Ryan Seacrest. He is a terrible host and very disrespectful to the judges and contestants.

  234. Update: Richard Rushfield thinks Big Mike was nearly eliminated because pre-teen girls are basically racist. Do you agree? Seems pretty bogus to us.
    I am going to show my complete ignorance here: but who is Richard Rushfield to know what motivates pre-teen girls? I have been watching pre-teen girls since I was one, decades ago, and only thing that sways them: is the guy (or object of affection) cute. Sophisticated, older teens move on to Hot.

    Who can really define cute? In the early 80’s Pet Rocks were cute. Muppets were cute. Elvis was cute. Michael Jackson was cute. Hamsters are generally described as cute. (They have a whole anima series to themselves.) DragonBall Z characters were cute. Weren’t they all Japanese? If we are going to get all ‘racist’ don’t you think that pre-teen girls would have rebelled at that point?

    Don’t forget about Rocket Boy from the early 60’s. He was a robot (japanese) and cute. The Munsters were cute. My Little Ponies are cute. Gremlins (yes really) were cute. Pick a time, era, decade, and even present reality, the idols that pre-teen girls love to worship are all… well cute. Until they hit bonafide teenage status. Then they are hot.

    Cute or Hot is defined by many things. The color, race, language, or national origin is usually not even considered. Lol. Heck, whether a person is even human does not matter! Cute is cute, hot is hot.

    Could be pre-teens voting on AI don’t consider Big Mike cute or hot. Oh well. Won’t be because of his race that is for sure. They sure do like Tim however, which is reminiscent of another ‘cutie’ couple seasons back. Every pre-teen heart throb is defined by his/her/it’s inherent cuteness, which has nothing what-so-ever to do with prejudice. What a silly thing to even suggest. Lol.


  236. wow, america thought he should go. now he is still in there. seems like something fishing going on to me. he can only sing one genre, and does not have the range nor talent as any of the others. this show is so rigged it makes me sick


  238. I think Simon is a terrific judge. The one that needs to go is Ryan. He asks dumb questions.

  239. Personally I am a huge Big Mike fan and I think the judges did the right thing by saving him. What sucks is that he missed the birth of his baby and he now says nothing was worth that. His wife believed in him enough to send him tho and I can feel big things happening for Big Mike!

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