American Idol 2010: Can Shania Twain Bring Some Humanity Back to the Judge’s Table?

In Tuesday night’s episode of American Idol, Shania Twain will join our panel of judges in Chicago and hopefully bring some much needed compassion to the table. Mary J left me with a bad taste in my mouth and Victoria’s only contribution was telling Simon off for rolling his eyes. Shania could actually be the person to bring some warmth and friendly criticism to the contestants.

Now I am going to get bashed for this but I do not feel that Kara is doing that bad of a job.  You all seem to think she is a hateful, spiteful person who doesn’t deserve to be on the panel but I just disagree.  She is a songwriter with several top 20 hits and knows the music business.  Do you not all remember the first couple of seasons of american idol when everyone hated Simon Cowell?  He was so despised, no one had ever heard of him and they wanted him gone.  Now look at him.  People think the show will crash without him. 

And what about Paula?  I remember so many times when she laughed at the contestants during the auditions and sent them running from the room in tears.  I will concede that Kara is brash and outspoken but so what?  If these kids truly want to be the next american idol then they are going to have to learn to deal with criticism and defeat because it is going to happen a lot.  I just don’t see where all the loathing for Kara is coming from.  She is doing nothing different then any other judge in the show’s history. 

The guest judges so far are just flat and unhelpful.  These competitors need real, fair criticism if they are going to succeed and maybe Shania Twain will be the one to bring it to them.  What do you think of the guest judges so far and do you think Shania will be any better?