American Idol 2010 Auditions – Episode 3 Tonight

American Idol 2010 is back tonight at 8PM with the third audition episode which takes us all the way to Chicago with Shania Twain as the guest judge.

After last week’s double dose of auditions in Boston and Atlanta the judges’ panel will move west in search of the next great thing, unless of course they already found it. I’d like to see someone in Chicago top “Pants On The Ground”. Safe to say that probably won’t happen.

So with word already leaking on who made the cut during Hollywood week are your favorite singers safe so far? Hopefully you didn’t pick Skii Bo Ski because he loves his mugshots almost as much as he loves American Idol!

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  1. I hope they will give us a taste of the real singers and focus less on the attention seekers. So far i can only remember about 4 good singers..the TN girl, Jermaine, the teen girl and the broken arm guy.

  2. Thanks to you that post this info. Ashley and now Matt. It is fun to read about my favorite shows and the comments as well. I The General’s “Pants on the Ground” was even featured by either Leno or Conan last night. I hope he does well

  3. Adam Lambert is on Oprah Winfrey right now and I read that Vanessa Wolf, the girl in the pink dress does not make it past Hollywood.

  4. Hey Phyllis, you are very welcome. Matt owns this site and has graciously let me blog a couple of times a week with him. Glad you enjoy it.

  5. Why is Fox not taking advantage of the popularity of American Idol and giving us 4 hours a week? I’m so disappointed we are only getting an hour a night. Fox could easily fill 2 hours for 2 nights and give us more auditions. Please reconsider and let us see more.

  6. I agree the show should run for 2 hours.There are far to few shows on T.V that the whole family can watch.American Idol keep up the good work you run a great program and this site ROCKS!!

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