American Idol 2010: Can Shania Twain Bring Some Humanity Back to the Judge’s Table?

In Tuesday night’s episode of American Idol, Shania Twain will join our panel of judges in Chicago and hopefully bring some much needed compassion to the table. Mary J left me with a bad taste in my mouth and Victoria’s only contribution was telling Simon off for rolling his eyes. Shania could actually be the person to bring some warmth and friendly criticism to the contestants.

Now I am going to get bashed for this but I do not feel that Kara is doing that bad of a job.  You all seem to think she is a hateful, spiteful person who doesn’t deserve to be on the panel but I just disagree.  She is a songwriter with several top 20 hits and knows the music business.  Do you not all remember the first couple of seasons of american idol when everyone hated Simon Cowell?  He was so despised, no one had ever heard of him and they wanted him gone.  Now look at him.  People think the show will crash without him. 

And what about Paula?  I remember so many times when she laughed at the contestants during the auditions and sent them running from the room in tears.  I will concede that Kara is brash and outspoken but so what?  If these kids truly want to be the next american idol then they are going to have to learn to deal with criticism and defeat because it is going to happen a lot.  I just don’t see where all the loathing for Kara is coming from.  She is doing nothing different then any other judge in the show’s history. 

The guest judges so far are just flat and unhelpful.  These competitors need real, fair criticism if they are going to succeed and maybe Shania Twain will be the one to bring it to them.  What do you think of the guest judges so far and do you think Shania will be any better?




  1. I’ll admit that I’m coming around on Kara. Maybe with Paula out of the way she’s been able to step forward a little more. Either way, she’s done a better job so far this season than I thought she’d do.

    Hopefully Shania will do for us what the past 2 guest judges haven’t!

  2. Maybe some people don’t like Kara cuz she MAKES FUN of the contestants. It’s SO PROFESSIONAL to make fun & laugh at people’s singing!!

  3. I think Kara is great. She is honest and straightforward. I have not been very impressed with the celebrity judges. All Victoria had to say revolved around fashion and appearances – very few good comments about musical talent. Mary J didn’t say much at all and really did burst into laughter. Kara tried to be humane and cover it up saying that Mary wasn’t feeling well. Let’s see what Shania brings.

  4. We will see…What these people need to be told is that by standing in line and waiting so long, that is a sign that that had nothing better to do…or that for something that they want.. it shows that they are determined to do what it takes….if singing is not what they are good at then for something that they are good at …they have shown that they can stick to it…

  5. I think Shania will bring a lot of true opinions to the table. She is a very talented person and in my book, is very qualified to give her opion.

  6. I have to agree. Paula could be very rude during the auditions. She was always the one openly laughing.

  7. Sorry, but some of these characters are funny to watch. Why do you think they showed up with gimmicks,because they KNOW they can’t sing and the only way to make it on TV is to be different. I LMAO at some of these characters.

  8. Shania Twain is an excellent selection for Judge. Can she take the permenant position instead of Ellen D??? Ellen has no music background but will only supply spark in the judging booth. If this is all about the contestants, why is she there?

  9. I think the earlier seasons showed more talent in the beginning weeks, whether it was vocal or comedic. I hope this next week gives us more of that. Although there was a little bit too much talk and not enough singing, I was happy to see Victoria giving it a go at Simon (even though I really like him and his gruff persona). Mary J cracked me up! To me she was the best entertainment of the entire first week, and I wish she could be a judge every night right up until Ellen gets there, and maybe even after.

  10. I admit, I will miss Paula. She alway brought some compassion to the contestants.
    I think Kara is doing a much better job this year than last,
    she isn’t afraid of telling Simon to back off.
    I too was totally unimpressed with Mary J, I expected as a performer herself, a lot more class. Laughing openly.
    left me cold to say the least, I guess she’s perfect and never faced criticism.
    Shania Twain is very talented, and I do feel she could possibly bring something positive to the auditions. I love the show and I just hope Simon’s departure will not be the end of Idol.


  12. I can guarantee you that Shania Twain will bring out the best in the contestants. In my opinion, Shania should have had the permanent position as a judge as opposed to Ellen. What does Ellen know about music? Shania does and Shania is so down to earth and compassionate. Trust me, Shania will not be laughing when judging and making fun of the contestants.

  13. I love the show but I thought that Mary J and Victoria appeared that we were wasting their time. Slouching in their chairs and looking very disinterested. Although Mary picked up after the first person chosen to go to Hollywood. Kara is great. Why Ellen?

  14. I watch the show faithfully and i think that Shania Twain should have been one of the permanent judges. She has character and knows the business. After watching the show I truly believe that she should be a permanent judge and I am not sure that Ellen will be a good judge and not sure what will happen to the show after this season.

  15. Shania Twain: “A Perfect Match for American Idol 2010” I thought she would be passive in her judging. Surprised me thatshe really dug her heels in when it came to contructive critcism. She showed that she knows the true art of music. Kera has really improved and in more control now. It’s Funny, when I thought I would miss Paula being on the show. Not at all. She got out at the right time. The “Dog” still the same as usual and he likes what and where he stands on the judges panel. I think Simon is getting a little burned out and showing no enthusiasm this year. He definately needs to move on and get out for his name sake. It may be too soon to say anything about Ellen being as a judge. What was American Idol producers thinking. She a comic and talk show host. Where do they see her talent as musically inclined. There is enough comedy watching the contestants auditioning on the show. Anyone agree?

  16. yo no se lo que piensan en usa, yo soy de chile y me encanta shania como juez, es equilibrada y justa con sus comentarios y sugerencias…por favor sean mas humildes y respeten el talento de esta excelente dama…SHANIA VE CON TODO QUE AQUI EN AMERICA LATINA TE APOYAMOS…EXITO…TE AMA HANS

  17. Katie Perry and Kara had a nice little stare down during judging. I think Kara called her B! Anyone remember that?
    Victoria looks like a mannequin. Simon leaves the show and it is all over. Changing the channel to the X-FACTOR.
    As Simon says the judges are very FRUUUSTRATING.

  18. Shania Twain is BY FAR the best guest judge so far on American Idol. She was nice to the contestants but told them the truth. She also was mature and didn't laugh unlike the other judges. Kara is an awful judge!!! She goes on and on about one comment that could have been said in 5 seconds. Instead she took 25 seconds. She is a gorgeous woman but she is really not a good choice for a judge on American Idol. She always is staring at Simon and flirts and never admits it. SHANIA TWAIN SHOULD BE THE NEXT "NEW" JUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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