American Idol 2010 Los Angeles Auditions Recap

Wow!  I didn’t think Avril Lavigne could pull off posing as a guest judge but I had no idea she’d be so freaking exasperating.  She was awful!  Not only did she act immature and childish, she came across as someone who absolutely did not know what they were talking about.  What were they thinking, letting her sit on the panel.  I didn’t like how she said no to Jim Ranger, the worship pastor, who had a good voice, just because he had children.  What the crap is that about?  I’m slightly frustrated right now if you can’t tell.  I mean, how many singers and entertainers are out there with families?  I’d say over half at least and somehow they make it work.  The only person Avril seemed to like and not say no to or laugh at was Mary Powers who was a rocker and sang Pat Benatar.  I’m so fed up with the first day and having to watch her on the show that I can’t comment anymore about it.

So let’s move on to better days and Katy Perry.  OMG!  The one I thought would be superficial and juvenile was actually a delight to watch.  I knew from the first words out of her mouth when she said arriving by helicopter was ridiculous that I was going to love her.  She was honest and straightforward and cynical and could quite possibly be Simon Cowell in female form with an amazing voice.  I say bring her on.  She and Shania Twain are my favorite guest judges and think how fun it would be to have them both on the show.  Talk about polar opposites. 

We saw two contestants in our top 24 tonight.  The first was Andrew Garcia and I loved him!  He grew up with both parents in gangs and now is a father himself and wants better for his family.  He had an amazing voice and I am looking forward to seeing him on the show.  The second was Chris Golightly.  Talk about a hard life.  To grow up in 25 different foster families and overcome devastating odds and sing like that, he is my new favorite.  I loved him and I loved his story.  I thought it was hilarious though when Kara was going on and on about his life and how great he was and then looked at Katy and she says, “it’s not a lifetime movie.”  You gotta hand it to Katy, she says exactly what’s on her mind. 

Who stood out to y’all in these auditions and which judge did you like the best?

Update: Did Katy Perry and Kara DioGuardi push their feud too far last night?