American Idol 2010 Episode 6 – Dallas Auditions – Open Discussion

More American Idol 2010 auditions tonight as Simon, Randy, and Kara head to Dallas, Texas where they’ll meet up with Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Jonas to hand out golden tickets to Hollywood. Join other Idol fans in our American Idol chat room and feel free to use this post to share your thoughts and commentary live.

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Let’s hear what you thought of the guest judges and Dallas talent!




  1. Niel Patrick Harris is , in my opinion, a self absorbed, egotistical second rate actor who thinks he is a “celebrity”. Someone should tell him he is not enhancing his image/popularity by pushing his rude attitude.

  2. I just finished watching the Dallas Auditions. One stand out item that I noticed was the lack of rudeness, vulgar language, and attitude. Kudos to all those who tried out and performed. I was impressed at the level of competition and politeness out of Dallas.

  3. What was the name of the guy who made up his own song for the audition? and also sang with Fantasia previous to this?

  4. That last singer who had cancer, the 16 year old girl, does anyone know the song that was playing right prior to her coming on?

  5. I loved Neil Patrick Harris as a jugde and think he would make a fabulous replacement for Simon!

  6. Todrick D. Hall was with Fantasia in the Color Purple!! He wrote his own musical called OZ the musical that Dianna DeGarmo was going to play Dorothy. It was cancelled in July which now I think why!! My daughter was going to be a munchkin in the show!!!! Go Todrick!!!

  7. well i really loved the show tonght it was very good,better then last night.. patrick and joe was a pro and

  8. Neil Patrick Harris is AWESOME! He said it in the show. If the contestants can’t take criticism now, then they most certainly won’t be able to deal with it in Hollywood. He was very honest and upfront with the contestants. He’s a very successful Broadway performer, and has been professional for years. We didn’t get to see much of Joe Jonas, but overall from what we did see, he was very nice in his judging.

    NPH stole the show. He isn’t arrogant, he just didn’t put up with Simon’s crap.

  9. But….they got a lot to make up for that atrocious show they made us suffer through last night and I’m not talking the contestants!!

  10. I hope N.P. Harris isn’t naturally as pompous as he was last night. One short appearance and he seemed to feel like he had the right to take total charge. Simon isn’t pompous, just honest,(and sometimes brutal) but with a lot better personality than Harris.

  11. I am so upset that you hired Ellen, she isn’t going to be why people watch and when she starts, I will be watching another network cause I don’t care for her at all. Hire the guy with the pants on the ground instead of her, then I’d watch. When Simon leaves you might as well pull she shades down, Idol is over,
    Jerry Sanders

  12. when simon leaves i will still give it a shot see who comes in to fill his spot,billy joel would be good.or maybe faith hill or shaina need to be in paula place, how about pat benatar?

  13. Dave Pittman stood out to me this week. My family and I can relate to his condition. It brought tears to our eyes, because it is not an illness that is accepted in our society. Most with this condition are embarassed and go to great lenghts to hide it and suffer in silence. He is a role model and courageous. We wish him the best even if his talent doesn’t take him all the way. Idol gave him the exposure that he needs to prove that people w disabilities are talented and can be successful. Especially with the love and support of their family.

  14. I wanted to see the girl sing with the black halter dress on what wuz her name?
    spunky black chick

  15. Neil Patrick Harris. He held his honer as a judge. A little egotistical, But thats Ok. He could very well be a “Check Mate” and fill Simon’s shoes as judge when Simon leaves the show. He was fair and spoke his mind in a appropriate manner and showed he could have fun too. Joe Jonas? What showed no effort or make me a believer in him at all. No more said “Thumbs down.”

  16. last night i like the guy with the glasse i thought he was going to get booth off boy di he blew me away he was good, his little baby was so cute. one thinng i think i saw a sexual ahrassment last night when kara told the man to take his his hair down and take his shirt off ??

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