American Idol 2010 Los Angeles Auditions Recap

Wow!  I didn’t think Avril Lavigne could pull off posing as a guest judge but I had no idea she’d be so freaking exasperating.  She was awful!  Not only did she act immature and childish, she came across as someone who absolutely did not know what they were talking about.  What were they thinking, letting her sit on the panel.  I didn’t like how she said no to Jim Ranger, the worship pastor, who had a good voice, just because he had children.  What the crap is that about?  I’m slightly frustrated right now if you can’t tell.  I mean, how many singers and entertainers are out there with families?  I’d say over half at least and somehow they make it work.  The only person Avril seemed to like and not say no to or laugh at was Mary Powers who was a rocker and sang Pat Benatar.  I’m so fed up with the first day and having to watch her on the show that I can’t comment anymore about it.

So let’s move on to better days and Katy Perry.  OMG!  The one I thought would be superficial and juvenile was actually a delight to watch.  I knew from the first words out of her mouth when she said arriving by helicopter was ridiculous that I was going to love her.  She was honest and straightforward and cynical and could quite possibly be Simon Cowell in female form with an amazing voice.  I say bring her on.  She and Shania Twain are my favorite guest judges and think how fun it would be to have them both on the show.  Talk about polar opposites. 

We saw two contestants in our top 24 tonight.  The first was Andrew Garcia and I loved him!  He grew up with both parents in gangs and now is a father himself and wants better for his family.  He had an amazing voice and I am looking forward to seeing him on the show.  The second was Chris Golightly.  Talk about a hard life.  To grow up in 25 different foster families and overcome devastating odds and sing like that, he is my new favorite.  I loved him and I loved his story.  I thought it was hilarious though when Kara was going on and on about his life and how great he was and then looked at Katy and she says, “it’s not a lifetime movie.”  You gotta hand it to Katy, she says exactly what’s on her mind. 

Who stood out to y’all in these auditions and which judge did you like the best?

Update: Did Katy Perry and Kara DioGuardi push their feud too far last night?




  1. Avril Lavigne was there to be a guest judge on singing talent not to decide if someone would be committed or not. A lot of contestants have families and have been worship leaders. Of course sitting there with a hoodie with horns on it kind of tell me it was more about her opion about the contestant Jim Ranger being a Christian.

  2. I have never commented on AI been watching since season 1. I sat and watched in total disgust at that Avril L. sit there like a 13 year old spoiled brat ridicule the paster who was great. Come on guys get a clue she was the worst judge and it’s all the talk on my local Fox news channel. And local radio who is pulling her songs today in protest of her childish rude behavior.

  3. I personally was not that impressed with Katy Perry. I thought she made things just a bit uncomfortable. I think comparing her to Simon is not exactly accurate as he at least has a sense of humor, she didn’t seem to laugh that much, she was uncomfortably critical. I think they need to find someone that has a sense of humor,isn’t full of themselves yet can be unbiased and professional.There is no need to have discord between the judges as that puts the attention on them and not on the singers, who I thought this show was about.
    As for Avril, she was rude and immature. It was clear that she didn’t like the Christian man and came up with the lame excuse of him having a family, absolutely pitiful. Glad he made it through anyway.

  4. i hate the auditions they barly show anyone sing but i do like the guess judges they add something different everyweek at least i don’t have to fastforward when ever paula talking.

  5. I would like to know how the guest judges are picked. Because the show appears to be pretty desperate. Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry, were true disappointment to the viewers and the show. Please pick judges who at least appear serious and not so immature and self-centered. This is not about the judges recieving the attention, but for those who try out.

  6. Karen

    The description of the person you think AI needs to find is the exact description of Ellen!

  7. I thought Katie Perry was very rude and didn’t do a good job judging AT ALL but seemed like she needeed the attention! It was childish all the bickering and catfighting. Avril lost my respect after watching that! She acted so immature and clearly couldn’t recognize talent unless they were rockers which is not fair. I wasn’t sure why the pastor’s job came into play along with his kids seeing as so many others had children that made it to the finals and they also had jobs…that should never have been an issue. Shania Twain was the best guest judge so far! I can’t wait for Ellen!

  8. skotie68
    Wow, I re-read my post and you’re right! In the end I really hope they don’t go with Katy Perry next season..big mistake in my opinion. I think she might think she is to good for the show anyway.

  9. I just arrived LA CA a few days ago from London UK. think both Avril & Katy are just trying to make themselves outstanding, hence the comments. However, prefer Katy more (as opposed to my previous thought!), she is more fun watching! Also, both of them got commerical with a skin product company “proactive”, is this fix? or is this compulsory by FOX?
    As I m from the UK, I dont know if I have seen this series yet, but I think I did:
    I watched Mary J Blige as guest judge in (i think) Nashville, on UK tv 1-2 wks ago, is this the latest series, it seems so…
    I also recalled watching Victoria Beckham on the show on tv, now wondering which series would this be, as just found she is not on tv here yet…

  10. Who was the one responsible for bringing in these guest judges. Avril was simply a gigly teenage acting singer who was trying to guess the commitment and read peoples minds as if no one could do what she has done who had a family. She is just another celebrity out of touch with reality. There are people everyday that have more commitment then her who wake up everyday to work hard to make it through life. That gentlemen I am sure has mor commitment than her.
    And as for the dim bulb Perry, who made a crack about the helicopter, demonstrated that the only thing more rediculous was her pompous attitude that Kara could have an opinion that was different than hers. She was rude and even demonstrated more divadom than the helicopter landing. There is not enough air in the world to fill her space between her ears.

  11. Katy Perry acted like a spoiled brat. So young and already knows everything. I bet she wasn’t so great when she started but has had a lot of help due to her looks. Avril looked like she was ready for Halloween and spoke like a baby. They want to judge others, they need to look in the mirror and do some soul searching.

  12. Katy & Avril were diappointing to say the least. Both were immature & made stupid comments outside the scope of judging someone’s talent…….never thought I’d say this, but….WHERE’S PAULA WHEN YOU NEED HER?

  13. With my wife out of town I let my daughter stay up a little extra late and watch idol with me. After having a little bit of dinner and then huge ice cream sundaes, we settled in for idol. Within the first 5 minutes she said “I don’t like that girl with the horns (Avril)” So she even rub 6 year olds the wrong way.

    Another thing I found funny was he comment to some guy about how his audition was ‘punk rock” It crazy and embarrassing what kids consider punk rock these days. Avril..your pop…and not even close to punk rock.

  14. Avril did’t like Jim Ranger because he’s a worship pastor, not because he has children!

  15. Avril was a waste of time if there is anymore of her the show won’t last the season let alone another year. It was like listening to a 12 year old 🙁

  16. I am an embarrassed Canadian today. Avril Lavigne you were an awful representative of our country. You obviously have a lot of growing up to do…

  17. Horrible guest judges last night. Avril brought nothing to the table. She wasn’t able to articulate any positive or negative feedback…she behaved as if she’s never had to interact with adults. Katy wasn’t much better…just slightly more entertaining/goofy.

  18. If Americsn Idol is going to mask their discrimination against Christian contestants with “good intentions” we see right through that and you will alienate oh…I say about 5-10 million viewers. Keep it up.

  19. OMG! Kara WAS FANTASTIC!!! U GO GIRL!!! Sisterhood “SHOULD” reign but it didn’t. I support Kara! She had some good insites on contestants. Wish I could send a hug from sister to sister. Don’t want to talk about Perry. I won’t listen to her sounds anymore. Call it a “GIRL-COTT”;-)

  20. I completely agree with the comments regarding Avril. When she first opened her mouth I cringed! I have never seen a judge act so ridiculous and with so little knowledge. There are hundreds of capable judges who are singers, why, oh why, did anyone choose HER???

  21. “Guest judges” is an idea gone wrong. They are irrelevant and distracting. I don’t think ratings would go down if they gave us 75% talented contestants and 25% “challenged” singers for counter-point and comic relief.

  22. If Katy Perry is the Simon Cowell replacement, AI will lose a lot of viewers. I won’t be watching. How long has pretty baby Katy been famous? Not long enough for such diva behavior. Kara didn’t deserve disrespect and Katy didnt do herself any favors.

    Hey Katy! Someone who deserves diva status is Shania Twain whose graciousness should be emulated by the likes of a young pup like you. She took the opportunity to say something constructive and informative instead of showing off like a toddler.

    Go Kara, you go girl!

  23. Loved seeing Katy smack down Kara. Hey all, idol leads into the State of the Union Address tonight. I hope you all will watch it as well.

  24. I thought Katy perry was great on the show. I’m sorry but seriously so many of the American idol contestants in the past had long ass stories and just okay voices. This Chris guy was okay, not to the standards of other past contestants. I have to say he most likely will make it to top 12 just cause of a sympathy vote -_-. But nonetheless You GO KATY PERRY!!!!

  25. Katy doesn’t get the whole Idol thing yet, the story helps capture viewers and their loyalties. And I agree, Simon may sound “mean”, but you can sense there’s not a meaness behind the comment, she needs to lighten up or she’ll turn everyone off.

    Kara was right on in her comments, nice depth for a short review and I’ve got to say that she looks great this year! She was ok last year but she’s looking great and those are some hot smokin eyes she’s packing this year!!!!

  26. I agree with a lot of the comments here about Avril…She sounded very immature, she looked completely bored during the auditions, and she should have never mentioned Jim’s kids…that was very unprofessional of her and showed NO CLASS whatsoever!

  27. I have been reading about the 24 contestans and how one of them got cut. If that happens with another contestant the one who should be one of the 24 should be Samuel Larsen. He is very talented and serious about his art. He deserves a chance to be there after dedicating 16 years out of his 18 years old strictly in music. He has a very good voice, plays different instrumenta,writs his music and he is good looking. He has the full packege as a talent.

  28. Avril, Avril, Avril, what a nasty chick you are. Your job is to comment on his singing ability. Jim is quite capable of organising his family and his church should he make it in without a child telling him he wont “handle it”. That part of it has nothing to do with you. You were selfish, and unjustified in your comments last night, and I can’t believe Simon or the others did not stand up for Jim and put you on the right track as to what you were meant to be there for. You deserved to be thrown out with that obnoxious comment.

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