American Idol 2010: Rating the Top 9

Here is my ranking of the Top 9 for American Idol Season 9 as I see them at the moment from worst to best.

9)  Tim Urban is the worst finalist AI has ever had.  I can’t stand the fact that he is still on the show and I really don’t care to ever have to write about him again.  He is tone deaf and lacks any musical talent whatsoever. 

8)  Andrew Garcia was so much better last week than any other performace since entering the Top 24 but he needs to continue to deliver to come up on my list.

7)  Aaron Kelly – He has some ok moments but nothing spectacular.  I think he definitely has the teenie bopper vote.

6)  Katie Stevens did much better last week but she is in no way the next American Idol.  However to only be 16 years old the girl can continue to improve and could have a career sometime in the future.

5)  Siobhan Magnus needs to quit screaming at the end of every song or I think America will get bored and quit voting for her.  She fell down the list after last weeks performance.

4)  Casey James is one fine man and I love to hear him sing and play the electric guitar and yes I am well aware this is a singing competition and not the search for best looking man but based on the last couple weeks,  he has stepped up and done well.

3)  Big Mike Lynche has some great vocals and I believe will have a long career in R&B.

2)  Lee Dewyze – It pains me not to put him first and if he continues to deliver as he did last week he will move up past Bowersox because he is more current and could actually sale records right now.  He is by far the most improved of anyone in the competition.

1)  Crystal Bowersox still gets the number one slot and I liked seeing her try something different last week but I do believe Lee is catching up with her so she better watch out.

How would you rank the top 9?