American Idol 2010: Get Ready for Songs by The Beatles


The theme for the Top 9 of American Idol Season 9 is the Lennon/McCartney notebook so basically songs by The Beatles.  I wonder if Paul McCartney is the guest mentor next week.  None of the songs written by George Harrison will be sung as they are owned by his estate.

Rihanna will sing her new single “Te Amo” on results night but not sure who else is performing with her.

It should be obvious to everyone that Crystal and Lee are your front runners this season but of course from the way things look I wouldn’t discount Tim Urban.  I’m thinking Tim will probably sing “Imagine” and could do a decent rendition if he can stay on key. 

Several Beatle’s songs have already been sung this season so song choice should be interesting next week.  What do you think the contestants should sing?




  1. Imagine is not a Beatles (Lennon-McCartney) song. It’s just a Lennon song, so I don’t think it qualifies for this week. Thank god for that.. if Tim Urban tried to sing it, John Lennon would roll over in his grave.

  2. Bella, I think the contestants can sing any song written by lennon or mccartney so imagine will qualify. Hopefully we will get another list from itunes soon.

  3. I think any beatles song will do the trick. Some people should sing slow songs and others fast songs. They should choose the song if they can relate to it though, not just because. There needs to be some kind of emotion to it or else no one will vote. The contestants have to remember that and they will go far. (hopefully)

  4. Huge Beatles fan…. I hope Tim gets voted off before he sings, so as not to degrade one of the ‘great ones’ songs

  5. I wonder what Aaron will sing this week. It will probably be tough for him. Any choices in mind? I can’t think of a single one.

  6. I like Tim. I hope he sings imagine! I think that would be really good… as long as he stays on key of course.

  7. I think this can be the week that tim can shine.Because he has a similar voice tone to Beatles.İt will be hard for andrew and aaron though.

  8. Crystal is clearly #1, but I think Siobhan is still a solid #2. Her perrformance this week was sub par, but you can’t discount her other performances. She has incredible range…Even Kobe or LeBron have off nights.


  10. Lee is probably going to have a tough night. I really want someone to sing “I wanna hold your hand!” Can anyone think of who that could be???


  12. Siobhan will screeeeeeeeeeach Twist n Shout (very loudly)

    Tim will sing Jailhouse Rock because he does not have a clue who Lennon and McCartney are… LOL

  13. Casey should sing “Come Together”
    Crystal should sing “Helter Skelter”
    Siobhan would be awesome or scary on “Twist and Shout”

  14. @KIM

  15. What about they all sing 2gesser:
    (that an AI singer to singing equals a cow 2 synchrosized swimming

  16. Lee should sing Eleanor rigby!!! David cook performed that in Beatles week!!! Lee will be great this week!!

  17. siobhan should sing Helter skelter or twist and shout because the only good thing about her is her screaming! Other then that…well there isnt much else for her to do.
    Tim should sing Imagine! as long as he stays on key that would be perfect for him
    crystal should sing a slow song
    Aaron should sing Dont let me down
    Big Mike………
    I think you get the picture

  18. now we have the ultimate evidence that Jesus did not give his life in order to save the human mankind – no – he died because he didn’t wanna lissen 2 those AI talents. How right he was.

  19. Lee should sing Oh Darling.

    Casey should sing Drive My Car.

    Tim should sing, You Know My Name, Look Up Me Number

  20. “It should be obvious to everyone that Crystal and Lee are your front runners this season.”

    It isn’t obvious to me, about Lee. He has had one good song since the larger AI audience got focused on the contestants and 4 forgettable or bad ones. To me, you have a pack of 4 besides Crystal that could be in the Finals with her. Siobhan in the lead of that pack with her wild talent and crazy devoted fan base. Then Casey, Lee, and Andrew. Andrew has a special voice, big fan following, and AI would love to see him continue to go farther than any Mexican-American has. Casey is Tim Urban with talent. Hunkitude, plus. Then he is also a 1st rate guitarist and has a decent voice.

  21. Since this is about the Beatles, some songs that would be good that aren’t overairplayed, over-covered:
    (Dispensing with song selection for Urban, cheesy Big Mike, cute Katie, and Aaron (who I like a lot!) to focus on top 5)
    1. Lee – he could do wonders with a broken down, contemporized version of “Ticket to Ride”.
    2. Casey – “Yer blues”. Right in his alley. And throwing in some hot licks off his ax may not be a judges plus, but the knowledge of squeee gurls shifting from Urban and texting like wild for their new hunk as he ripped it would be music to Casey’s ears.
    3. Siobhan – A truly beautiful ballad, meant for heart and soul and soaring lyrics with range behind them would be ideal for Siobhan this week. Words she can take to places past what McCartney and Lennon (both great singers) could do, without getting into truly difficult and dangerous singing range that caused her “Through the Fire” strikeout. The song is “I’ll Follow te Sun”.
    4. Crystal could solidify her lead even more with an upbeat song that she and the audience would have fun with. “Help!” And she could still put a most original, bluesy interpretation down.
    5. Andrew – My exception to the overcovered/overairplayed: Give him “Blackbird”. His voice and adding a Latin flavor to it would be most helpful in his recovery back to true contender status.

    Whatever the top 5 do, I hope they do it well, especially Siobhan, my fave. Be nice to see her bounce back, even absolutely kill what she selects. I like Lee and Crystal almost as much. And I would also like to see Aaron have a good week.

  22. Casey can’t sing “Taxman” -that was written by George Harrison.

    “You Can’t Do That” would be good for either Casey or Lee.

  23. Tapy, I am happy to see someone has some faith in Lee. If it was one singer that’s left in this group. It’s Lee’s voice I could listen to every day. He’s will do great, he the only one that gets better every week. Crystal and Big Mike will always be in the game. Lee is just my favorite, he’s my Kris Allen this year. I cried like a baby when Kris won. Even though Kris’s CD isn’t doing so hot. The second one should do well. The record company just spits out the first record, right after the summer tour. Everything is too rush to get it done. Winning isn’t always the best, but making to final rounds really helps these singers get notice. All right gang, I have shared my opinion long enough. Until next week!!!!!!!

  24. “Twist and Shout” is NOT a Lennon/McCartney song so please stop suggesting that.
    I think it’d be really interesting if someone tried one of their more experimental songs like “I Am the Walrus” or something

  25. Lee or Casey should sing ‘Come Together’ Aaron could sing ‘Michelle’ Chrystal could sing ‘Blackbird’ I could actually see Big Mike singing ‘Imagine’ it would suit his sensitive side and connection with the audience. It should be a good night!

  26. Somebody should sing “Hey Jude”…too bad “Here comes the sun” and “Something” are George Harrison songs, it would be nice to hear someone sing those..

  27. Hi all 🙂 I think Aaron will be great singing Yesterday, Lee will sound very good singing Let it Be, Casey probably Twist and Shout, I picture Chrystal singing Across the Universe, Big Mike And I Love her,Andrew Anna, Siobhan Dear Prudence, Tim Urban Help (lol), Kathie Happiness is a Warm Gun. That is what I would like to hear.

  28. Siobhan – Blackbird
    Crystal – Across the Universe
    Tim – This Boy
    Casey – Here, There & Everywhere
    Katie – I Will
    Mike – Strawberry Fields
    Andrew – Eight Days A Week
    Lee – Sexy Sadie
    Aaron – Oh Darlin

  29. The Beatles songs were good because they had interesting back-up mixes and they harmonized beautifully with each other. The small band they use on AI will wreck the songs.
    Unless the singers concentrate on Paul’s solos.I don’t know if any of the singers are strong enough to pull this off…maybe Lee.

  30. My suggestions:

    Aaron -I Will
    Andrew -Blackbird
    Casey -Day Tripper
    Crystal -Oh Darling
    Katie -Penny Lane
    Lee -Can’t Buy Me Love
    Mike -With A Little Help From My Friends
    Siobhan – Got To Get You Into My Life
    Tim – It’s Only Love

  31. Aaron – Woman (John Lennon’s solo song)
    Andrew – I Feel Fine
    Casey – Coming Up (McCartney and Wings)
    Crystal – Starting Over (Lennon)
    Katie – Silly Love Songs (Wings)
    Lee – Live and Let Die
    Mike – Get Back
    Siobhan – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
    Tim – Drive My Car

  32. One thing I don’t understand, is why do they push for some of these artists to show their versatility? Last time I checked, Usher hasn’t done any country?

    I really think that the top 5 are: Crystal, Big Mike, Andrew, Lee and Casey……with the Top 3 being Lee, Crystal and Big Mike. Don’t count out the big guy…….he’s got some killer pipes….and he’s quite likeable. I sure hope we tell Tim bye this week…..

    Horrible is just the start……he’s bad.

  33. Lee- Eleanor rigdy
    Crystal- Da
    Andrew- Blackbirdy tripper
    Casey- Come together
    Katie- In my life
    Michael- Yesterday
    Siobhan- Let it be(i suggest this song because she needs to pull it back a bit and refrain from shouting)
    Aaron- The long and winding road
    Tim- Michelle (this is better for his low range)

    I bet the contestants will do great with this song specially lee and crystal… but i don’t expect anything special from tim, all I’m expecting is he could stay on key. He really needs to go.

  34. Lee is my favourite..! He should sing “Let it Be”… with his voice it’ll sound amazing..!

  35. hrhbdb ya you’re right i remembered carly smithson taook on that song … simon really hated it.

  36. What a fun question!

    With tongue firmly in cheek, I suggest:

    Aaron – When I’m 64

    Tim – With a Little Help from my Friends

    Mike – I am the Walrus

    Katie – Yesterday

    Crystal – Why Don’t We Do It In the Road

    Siobhan – Rocky Raccoon

    Casey – Back in the USSR

    Lee – Those Were the Days

    Andrew – The Long and Winding Road

  37. What about the Ringo songbook? “No No No I can’t smoke it no mo……I’m tired of wakin up on the flo”

  38. Personally, I don’t care what CASEY sings…just as long as he keeps singing! I love the voice on this guy! He is really talented and VERY easy on the eyes. He doesn’t get as much attention as the others (like Crystal and Lee), but he is my favorite!!!

  39. ^ that would suck. our first Terriblyoffkey-mumbly-rambly-guitar pick eating American idol.

    Tim should sing I am the walrus. or helter skelter. reggae style of course. with a slide at the end. He is here only for the lulz factor so he should totally exploit that. if he did that I will vote 🙂

  40. Crystal:Blackbird.
    Lee: She came in through the bathroom window (see: Joe Cocker version)
    Andrew: Across The Universe
    Katie: Mother Nature’s Son / Here there and everywhere
    Mike: The Long and Winding Road / With a Little Help from my Friends
    Siobhan: Helter Skelter / I’ll follow the sun
    Casey: Come together
    Aaron: if I fell
    Tim: Revolution # 9

  41. Do we have to have a Beatles night every season? I’ve been a huge Beatles fan ever since I can remember but this is getting pretty repetitive.

  42. I do not watch Idols ever. 3 Weeks ago while working with the TV on in the background a voice made me look up and stop what I was doing. I turned up the volume. No matter what happens, Lee will be recorded. You cannot throw away a voice and talent like that. Also something about him reminds me of Bruce Springsteen. And he will do the Beatles proud.

  43. hey zachy!!! write all your suggestions in one write, you’re flooding mailboxes!!!

  44. I’d love to hear Lee do Joe Cocker’s cover of “A Little Help From My Friends” (from The Wonder Years). I think that would be awesome.

  45. in my opinion, lee dewyze should sing either help, yesterday, or come together. im a HUGE fan of lee dewyze!!! U GO LEE!!!!!

  46. I’m not a fan but If I Fell would be perfect for Andrew (Maroon 5 cover.. youtube it and give it a listen).

    I really want Lee to rock it out this week and sing Helter Skelter. I also think he could do something intresting with Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds or I Saw Her Standing There.

    I could see Casey singing Back In The USSR or Get Back.

    Big Mike will predictibly sing something about loving his woman LOL

    I don’t really know about the rest… I just really hope they pick different songs than have already been done on the show.

  47. Its true Casey doesnt get as much attention as Crystal and Lee and also TIM…whom i think should go home by now…and why doesnt Casey get that much attention? He oozes confidence and knows what he’s doing, but he’s unassuming, is not arrogant, but just being him. Has lots of personality. Vote Casey!!

  48. This is the song choice list
    # A Day In The Life
    # A Hard Day’s Night
    # Across The Universe
    # All I’ve Got To Do
    # All My Loving
    # All Together Now
    # All You Need Is Love
    # And I Love Her
    # And Your Bird Can Sing
    # Another Girl
    # Any Time At All
    # Ask Me Why
    # Baby You’re A Rich Man
    # Baby’s In Black
    # Back In The USSR
    # Because
    # Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
    # Birthday
    # Blackbird
    # Can’t Buy Me Love
    # Carry That Weight
    # Come Together
    # Cry Baby Cry
    # Day Tripper
    # Dear Prudence
    # Dig A Pony
    # Do You Want To Know A Secret
    # Doctor Robert
    # Don’t Let Me Down
    # Drive My Car
    # Eight Days A Week
    # Eleanor Rigby
    # Every Little Thing
    # Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
    # Fixing A Hole
    # For No One
    # From Me To You
    # Get Back
    # Getting Better
    # Girl
    # Glass Onion
    # Golden Slumbers
    # Good Day Sunshine
    # Good Morning Good Morning
    # Good Night
    # Got To Get You Into My Life
    # Happiness Is A Warm Gun
    # Hello Goodbye
    # Hello Little Girl
    # Help!
    # Helter Skelter
    # Her Majesty
    # Here, There, And Everywhere
    # Hey Bulldog
    # Hey Jude
    # Hold Me Tight
    # Honey Pie
    # I Am The Walrus
    # I Call Your Name
    # I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party
    # I Feel Fine
    # I Saw Her Standing There
    # I Should Have Known Better
    # I Wanna Be Your Man
    # I Want To Hold Your Hand
    # I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
    # I Will
    # If I Fell
    # If You’ve Got Trouble
    # I’ll Be Back
    # I’ll Be On My Way
    # I’ll Cry Instead
    # I’ll Follow The Sun
    # I’ll Get You
    # I’m A Loser
    # I’m Down
    # I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
    # I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
    # I’m Looking Through You
    # I’m Only Sleeping
    # I’m So Tired
    # In My Life
    # It Won’t Be Long
    # It’s Only Love
    # I’ve Got A Feeling
    # I’ve Just Seen A Face
    # Julia
    # Lady Madonna
    # Let It Be
    # Like Dreamers Do
    # Little Child
    # Love Me Do
    # Love Of The Loved
    # Lovely Rita
    # Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
    # Magical Mystery Tour
    # Martha My Dear
    # Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
    # Mean Mr. Mustard
    # Michelle
    # Misery
    # Mother Nature’s Son
    # No Reply
    # Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
    # Not A Second Time
    # Nowhere Man
    # Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
    # Oh! Darling
    # One After 909
    # P.S. I Love You
    # Paperback Writer
    # Penny Lane
    # Please Please Me
    # Polythene Pam
    # Rain
    # Revolution
    # Revolution 1
    # Revolution 9
    # Rocky Raccoon
    # Run For Your Life
    # Sexy Sadie
    # Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
    # Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
    # She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
    # She Loves You
    # She Said She Said
    # She’s A Woman
    # She’s Leaving Home
    # Strawberry Fields Forever
    # Sun King
    # Tell Me What You See
    # Tell Me Why
    # Thank You Girl
    # That Means A Lot
    # The Ballad Of John And Yoko
    # The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
    # The End
    # The Fool On The Hill
    # The Long And Winding Road
    # The Night Before
    # The Word
    # There’s A Place
    # Things We Said Today
    # This Boy
    # Ticket To Ride
    # Tomorrow Never Knows
    # Two Of Us
    # Wait
    # We Can Work It Out
    # What You’re Doing
    # What’s The New Mary Jane
    # When I Get Home
    # When I’m Sixty-Four
    # Why Don’t We Do It In The Road
    # Wild Honey Pie
    # With A Little Help From My Friends
    # Yellow Submarine
    # Yer Blues
    # Yes It Is
    # Yesterday
    # You Can’t Do That
    # You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
    # You Never Give Me Your Money
    # You Won’t See Me
    # You’ll Be Mine
    # Your Mother Should Know
    # You’re Going To Lose That Girl
    # You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

  49. People are so ignorant..

    I had a great laugh reading people’s posts about people singing Twist and Shout and Imagine? Are you serious? Is this a 12 – 15 years old blog or what?

    My picks would be:

    Crystal – I want to hold your hand (hopefully a rendition like the one from Across the Universe (film)) or I should have known better maybe with the harmonica.

    Lee – Come Together or You never give me your money

    Mike – Blackbird or Don’t let me down

    Casey – Revolution or Sgt. Peppers

    Andrew – A day in the life or Your mother should know

    Tim – Yesterday or Let it be

    Aaron – Hello Goodbye or She’s leaving home

    Katie – Michelle or Hey Jude

    Siobhan – Helter Skelter or It won’t be long

  50. Siobhan should sing..Fool On a Hill..or We Can Work It out..I hate that these kids have to pick from the cobwebs. I wish Idol would let these kids pick original songs from aspiring writers and let them arrange the songs with their own style. I love the Beatles and the oldies, but these kids are having to ressurect songs that have been ressurected 9 times. I think these kids are talented but have little material to work with.

  51. I think this is the best post to have the idols sing original songs introduced on idol and given airplay. Why Not?

  52. Paul Mcartney has hundreds of songs that he has written. Not all songs have to come from the Beatles…they have the option of choosing from Paul’s band Wings. Wouldn’t be surprised to here JET tonight!!!

  53. Crystal-Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
    Lee-Strawberry Fields Forever

  54. I agree with you, Chris Ford, that Andrew should sing Blackbird. I also like Siobhan for Dear Prudence because she reminds me of the alternative 80s band of the same name. Other than that, my list would be:

    1. Crystal – She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
    2. Casey – Rocky Raccoon. The country-music crowd is near to being in love with him. Might as well give him a honky-tonk classic. he could also do Sgt. Pepper.
    3. Siobhan – If not Dear Prudence, then I’m So Tired (White Album).
    4. Andrew – Blackbird
    5. Lee – I am the Walrus
    6. Kathy Stevens – Oh Darling
    7. Aaron – Let It Be
    8. Mike – We Can Work It Out.
    9. Tim – let’s face it, he should just go home.

    Incidentally, for those of you who think Siobhan should sing Helter Skelter, don’t forget that that is a heavy guitar song – only Casey could pull it off. Siobhan rocks for vocals.

  55. I love hearing Tim Urban sing! For those of you who think that screaming is singing – or vibrato that is all over the scales.. guess what – it really takes more talent to sing on key and with a beautiful straight tone. I also love his smile and his positive attitude. Tim has lots of fans and he is cute! Best Wishes, Tim! Love you!

  56. I would love to hear Tim sing..” And I Love Her”.. that would rock! and then if he smiles while he does – ahhhh!

  57. One of them should do Maxwell’s Silver Hammer just to through the whole bunch into a tailspin. LOL

  58. My thoughts:

    Casey: Shoot, I wanted him to sing “Let’s Do It In The Road”. But I guess I’ll recommend: “Revolution” or “Love, Love Me Do” or “Come Together”

    Aaron: “Things We Said Today” or “Happy Just to Dance With You” or “From Me to You”

    Andrew: “She’s Leaving Home” or “Hey Jude” or “Blackbird”

    Crystal: “Eleanor Rigby” or “Get Back” or “Dear Prudence” or “Golden Slumbers”

    Katie: “All You Need Is Love” or “The Night Before” or “Day Tripper”

    Lee: “Fixing A Hole” or “Girl” or “Don’t Let Me Down” or “I Want You”

    Mike: “Michelle” or “And I Love Her” or “Lady Madonna”

    Siobhan: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” or “Hello Goodbye” or “Nowhere Man” or “Good Day Sunshine”

    Tim: “The Fool on the Hill” would be perfect for him–see first line of the song’s lyrics or “Do You Want to Know a Secret?” or “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite”

  59. Minerva, cobwebs? I couldn’t disagree more. This is one night I am really anticipating. Course, I’m older than dirt, so . . . to be expected. I grew up with the Beatles!

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