American Idol 2010: Rating the Top 9

Here is my ranking of the Top 9 for American Idol Season 9 as I see them at the moment from worst to best.

9)  Tim Urban is the worst finalist AI has ever had.  I can’t stand the fact that he is still on the show and I really don’t care to ever have to write about him again.  He is tone deaf and lacks any musical talent whatsoever. 

8)  Andrew Garcia was so much better last week than any other performace since entering the Top 24 but he needs to continue to deliver to come up on my list.

7)  Aaron Kelly – He has some ok moments but nothing spectacular.  I think he definitely has the teenie bopper vote.

6)  Katie Stevens did much better last week but she is in no way the next American Idol.  However to only be 16 years old the girl can continue to improve and could have a career sometime in the future.

5)  Siobhan Magnus needs to quit screaming at the end of every song or I think America will get bored and quit voting for her.  She fell down the list after last weeks performance.

4)  Casey James is one fine man and I love to hear him sing and play the electric guitar and yes I am well aware this is a singing competition and not the search for best looking man but based on the last couple weeks,  he has stepped up and done well.

3)  Big Mike Lynche has some great vocals and I believe will have a long career in R&B.

2)  Lee Dewyze – It pains me not to put him first and if he continues to deliver as he did last week he will move up past Bowersox because he is more current and could actually sale records right now.  He is by far the most improved of anyone in the competition.

1)  Crystal Bowersox still gets the number one slot and I liked seeing her try something different last week but I do believe Lee is catching up with her so she better watch out.

How would you rank the top 9?




  1. Crystal Bowersox is far and away the best contestant. I just want to buy her music. I disagree that Lee is more current, though I do like his voice.

  2. Crystal is te next AI, i love her, buy im still sad about Lilly and Didi elimination. i think Siobhan is in the final wiht Crystal and Lee…… Tim Sucks

  3. Ashley I sort of agree with you in your comments but not in the rank 🙂 I love Andrew and I put him on the top 5 moving Casey which would be the 6th.
    Anyway I agree with you completely that if Siobhan doesn’t change and keeps screaming she will lose votes (crossing fingers that we are mistaken) I really think she has the potential to win.

  4. Marta, if andrew keeps singing as he did last week he will definitely move up. I pulled for him during the auditions so I hope he continues to improve.

  5. I think someone is jumping the gun a wee bit by placing Andrew Garcia in the top 5 at this point. I admit, he had his best performance EVER last week. But every “other” performance he did, he was rubbing elbow with perpetual bottom feeder, Tim Urban for the worst of the week.

  6. I think I was one of the few people that saw something in Lee, way back in the early auditions. As he has that perfect gritty tone to his voice that lends itself very well to rock or blues music. While I think Adam Lambert from last year is a great, if not fantastic performer. I think Lee’s voice is more recordable because of that gretty sound. I see better things ahead for Lee than many of American Idol finalist from years past, once the show is over … if he can start believing in himself

  7. I think a new poll should be made on when and how to get Tim Urban out. I believe there were a lot more deserving candidates rather than him that should be included. I agree when Simon Cowell said that it doesn’t matter whatever the judges comments, people will still vote for Tim Urban.

    It’s an embarrassment to still see Tim Urban there, which is against the original concept of American Idol, I.e. To find the next American superstar.

  8. are you idoit nut??>>>>>kevin

    i agree with you the top 9 Ashley….but i dont agree with is casey better than Siobhan…

  9. yes i agree with Kevin ..

    TIM URBAN is better than ANDREW ( Voice + Look + Performance )

  10. i am not sure about the voice you said….

    and the performance are suck!!!

    he look is ok but this is a singing contest not a look contest

  11. Crystal is obviously the best, and I do agree about Siobhan’s screaming, but I still think she’s 2nd or 3rd. The rest, I don’t really care about cos I’m really mad that Lilly and Alex were voted off. Soooooo many others were a lot worse than them!!

  12. Tim performance is better than ANDREW’s… cos its active, not boring, pleasant to see..

    ANDREW performance , every week boring… Andrew voice suck!!! ?? the voice is not clear, come out from the throut which is bitten by dog..

  13. I think Aaron Kelly is the best!! The rest are not very good. Crystale is least favorite!!

  14. Based on the last performance…I think Siobhan delivered the song “ok” but not superb. Nevertheless…Siobhan for me is the best singer amongst all of them. Tim..get ready..your next!!! haha

  15. Not on the Crystal bandwagon at all. she always sounds the same, she is not versatile, got her same old same old style. And whilst she has a nice face, there is nothing about her that screams “Star”. she will sell records, but never be able to headline a concert.

  16. I agree with almost everything you said!Only Casey and Siobhan are better(more interesting) than Michael.
    Teflon Tim

  17. 9) Tim Urban
    8) Andrew Garcia
    7) Katie Stevens
    6) Siobhan Magnus
    5) Big Mike Lynche
    4) Casey James
    3) Lee Dewyze
    2) Aaron Kelly
    1) Crystal Bowersox

    Please hope every1 in American start voting for the right people 2 go out. I can’t vote so I am hoping 2 keep Aaron Kelly in coz I think he is the dark house, he the one 2 watch but Crystal is the one 2 win out of the girls.

  18. Come on people are we being serious here?! Andrew Garcia is BY FAR my absolute favorite and he has been since the beginning. He should be top 2!! He’s made a few mistakes on song choice because he was over thinking it but the guy can really really sing. Why would you ever put Katie Stevens, Aaron Kelly, or Casey James ahead of him??

    I don’t think the world needs another rocker guy like Lee or Casey, I think it needs someone different like Crystal or Andrew. I don’t find him boring at all, I find him original. This is what I think the top 5 should look like.

    1. Andrew Garcia
    2. Crystal Bowersox
    3. Micheal Lynche
    4. Siobhan Magnus
    5. Lee Dewyze

    I do agree Tim Urban needs to go home but he will eventually and I’m guessing the judges will do a save if knocks out one of the front runners.

  19. The only ones with quality voices are: Lee, Crystal, Big Mike and Andrew……

    Not getting the Siobhan thing at all…..Tim is horrible, Aaron is a Backstreet Boys reject, Katie is average and can’t hit the big notes.

    Casey is the wildcard….decent to good voice, and has the look……

    But there are only 4 pure singers there…. Andrew, Lee, Crystal and Big Mike. If you didn’t get into Big Mike’s “Ready for Love”, and not see a real singer there, you weren’t watching……the big guy has some pipes, and he doesn’t go all over the place like alot of R&B singers do. There’s a little Luther Vandross in Big Mike……that will serve him well. I actually think he’s better than Studdard.

  20. 1-Siobhan(best voice, last week had a toff time:( )
    2-chrystal(always gr8/ dnt like her style of music)
    3-lee(gr8 voice)
    4-casey(he’s a rock star)
    5-big Mike(last week he was amasing)
    6-Katie (she’s allright)
    7-aron(kinda boring/ good voice)
    8-andrew(didnt like any of his song choices soo far)
    9-Tim (no comment :P)

  21. I’m extremely bummed about Didi.My taping bailed out before a potential save.Did any judges want to save her?I thought she was so unique,and have great vocals.SHe should have sung different songs,but still showed talent.I feel disappointed in the show,when good talent leaves,and then people keep voting for Tim.A great singer might not win,because people aren’t voting on good vocal skills.My top are,Crystal,Mike,Casey,and Aaron.Lacey and Didi had great voices,along with Alex Lambert.VOte for voices,not looks.(Casey is good looking,but can also SING.)

  22. I agree that Cyrstal is #1 with Lee not far behind. Not a Siobhan fan at all. Also not a Big Mike fan..Luther Vandross you kidding right.

  23. Casey James will forever be my number one…I like him so much and he has the talent…he rocks America and Philippines….go!go!go!


  25. I like Crystal, Casey and Siobhan in that order, but Lee sure did perform well last week and Siobhan not as much. Crystal is the next JJ and I look forward to her work.

  26. I don’t think Tim Urban is the worst contestant ever. What about Sanjia? sp? and I could name more. Tim is only in because he is VOTE FOR THE WORST choice. I don’t think this is the worst year for contestants overall though…the show is almost boring in parts this year. And Cara needs to stop acting like she’s a teenager. But back to the contestants…I agree Lee is getting better, Casey, I used to like, but now, not sure, Sibahn can sing but she needs to stop getting mad when the judges critisize her…(she looked very upset last week)..and yes, she needs to stop screaming everysong..Crystal, is pretty good. I vote for Lee though to win. I can’t tell through if he’s shy or a little arrogant or both.

  27. Here are my new rankings, now that my favorite is out:

    1 – Andrew – relevant, nice sound, love how he goes acoustic with typically electronic-sounding songs
    2 – Crystal – she is great, just not sure if she has the ability to REALLY care about this and try some unusual choices – but she does what she does really well.
    3 – Aaron – wonderful voice, country sound is not overbearing, just young in stage presence
    4 – Tim – I really like his sound and how he doesn’t embellish too much. Reminds me of Mraz… but he needs to get more natural on stage. I love his outlook!
    5 – Mike – nice R and B sound, just not sure if the market needs him. So many like him already – Ruben?
    6 – Lee – don’t get me wrong, he is an attractive man, but his voice is not that good. When he tries to change up a song, it just ends up being the same pattern over and over.
    7 – Siobhan – stop screaming. She is honestly just a bit too awkward.
    8 – Katie – her voice and presence seems not organic, like she is trying to mimic her favorites. Who is she really?
    9 – Casey – great guitar player, but his voice is not good. There is a reason why he doesn’t hold notes out. He doesn’t have the tone quality to show off.

  28. the fact that some of the contestants are leaving earlier than they deserve to is TICKING ME OFF. This was the only week when didi was in the bottom 3, and tim’s always in the bottom 3. I’d be pretty ticked if I were didi

  29. Tim is perfect for TV (a singing/sit com), but he needs to show a little skin to keep the gay vote. Lee is wonderful, professional, but he needs more confidence. He too could show some sexuality!! Crystal is there!!

  30. I just wish that the majority voters would think for themselves. Don’t just bad-mouth a contestant since they have been singled out by others. Make your own choices.

  31. I think Siobhan has potentials. Crystal is good, but it’s all the same week after week… Liked her performance this week, by the piano. It was different. Siobhan is making an effort every week, trying something new each time. Yes, her “scream” at the end of each song might irritate some, but if that’s the way it’s to be sung, why not? I am very surprised that so many girls are out of the competition before the boys, considering that the girls generally had higher standard than the boys all along. Sorry to see Lacey and Lilly out and in a way also Didi. Many of the boys are worse. I have to say that I laugh every time Tim is saved… He’s so surprised himself, he is just enjoying the show, knowing that he should never have been there in the first place…For his good spirit and his way of knowing reality, I like him…

  32. Hey i kinda disagree with u at sum points . U r in my opinion definitely underestimatiming tim urban . herez how i would like to rank the top nine :
    9_Andrew Garcia
    8_Sioban Magnus (shes gud one week n the next shes so borin)
    7_Tim Urban
    6_Crystal Bowersox
    5_Casey James
    4_Big Mike
    3_Lee Dewyze
    2_Katie Stevens
    1_Aaron Kelly ( i think he has the full potential to become the next american idol)
    PS: I am really sad about didi leavin this show . she was the best of em all .

  33. Siobahn is the only one that stands out from the crowd…-..she`s the only one with charisma…Crystal sounds the same week after week..she doesn`t evolve…she`s boring..bored as hell just like Simon is. The others..,please!!!And that Big Mike is so predictable too..just a Big fake,,

  34. #36 your ranking i dont Agree!!!

    how come TIM are in number 4 and Lee,Siobhan.Casey are the last 3???

    anyone with me??

  35. Fizz,
    I am not underestimating Tim. He is popular due to what I wrote. He simply enjoys being a part of the show and just smiles, no matter what. And that is why I like him. However he is still the last one on my list, due to reality and that is his voice… The others are simply having better pipes than he has… And as far as I know, this is a singing competition and nothing else… If it would be a smiling competition, yes, then Tim would be number one…

  36. Shin, I summarized my reasoning by my rankings. You are more than welcome to disagree with me. I am interested in hearing your reasoning.

  37. My Top 9:

    9 – Tim
    8 – Aaron
    7 – Katie
    6 – Casey
    5 – Sioban
    4 – Mike
    3 – Andrew
    2 – Crystal
    1 – Lee

  38. I think that it would be an interesting experiment to have a similar competition, but without the visual component. Then it would be solely about the singing.

  39. I have been watching American Idol since season 2. I think that out of all of the people that auditioned for American Idol the Judges could have done much better than this. What a sad bunch of contestants. None of these appear to be an “American Idol”. Sad,I think this is about the end of American Idol.

  40. ok Jovesta this is my comment

    for lee first-he is the best two singer in this season…he sing well and keep improve until last week…he made it and he didnt sing bad before….

    and Siobhan-she is a cute girl and she can sing a rock song..and she did it….abour the scream….i think is cool…not much people can made well and didnt sound bad…if you said hate it,what about adam?

    now is Casey-he have a good voice and he did so well in electric guitar…come out the result

    finally is TIM-he have a look but i dont think he can sing….hear him sing “Sweet Love” are suck(sorry)…i didnt see him try to improve or work harder on it…he is always smile only..didnt see ask about the judge about where i did wrong…

  41. my top 9

    9. TIM
    8. AARON
    7. ANDREW
    6. CASEY
    5. KATIE
    4. MIKE
    3. SIOBAN
    2. LEE
    1. CRYSTAL

    that is based on last week performance..

  42. Jovesta, good idea, good thinking. It is the sound, not the look that should be the final choice…
    Debbie, fully agree with you. Last season the exceptional person was Adam Lambert. This season Adam Lambert is Siobhan Magnus… So she will not win, but come second as Adam… I think Crystal will win, but for me she is a bit like Chris, forgettable… Adam and Siobhan! That is my choice…

  43. These are my top 9, im sad abt Didi’s elimination, i believe she is the next american idol.. Thus, i feel that casy james will be the winner. I think casey and crystal will be the last two standing to fight for the title..

    9. Tim
    8. Mike
    7. Andrew
    6. Aaron
    5. Sioban
    4. Katie
    3. Lee
    2. Crystal
    1. Casey

  44. Ok..
    first of all, i cant stand watching Crystal perform.. she is annoying to watch but amazing to hear. Lee is number one so far. Casey is a good guitarist but not the best singer. Aaron Kelly is decent. Tim Urban should have never been in the top 12 or even the top 24. Andrew Garcia needs to stick with the acoustic guitar. Big Mike is awesome but forgettable. Siobahn is definitely the dark horse in this competition. This year had some of the best talent in the beginning but the Top 12 is the worst since the years of Jordin Sparks

  45. Yes,AMerican Idol has always been my fav show.However,totally bummed ths year.Didi had a great voice,andthen Tim stays in?????????????I don’t get shiobon at all.She sceams,and is off pitch,more than ever.My fav is crystal,Lee(I forgot to write him),Mike,casey,andAAron.People need to start voting for voice,not bubblegum,or a bad singer will win the whole thing.

  46. Just for the record, I never liked Adam Lambert. Actually, Siobhan is a bit better than Adam, although she is not great. There really are no clear frontrunners at this point.

  47. This is how I would rate the top 9 starting from the worst to the best.
    Tim Urban
    Katie Stevens
    Aaron Kelly
    Andrew Garcia
    Casey James
    Lee Dewyze
    Siobhan Magnus (I’m tired of her screaming)
    I wish there were two winners. If there was ,I would pick Crystal Bowersox and Michael Lynche.

  48. 1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Andrew
    4. Casey
    5. Siobhan
    6. Mike
    7. Aaron
    8. Katie
    9. Tim

    That may not be the order I would like, but that is what I think based on talent.

  49. i think you’re wrong….

    ..i predicted it… see if this is true…

  50. Thanks Rod! You have the same number 1 as me… I do however agree with Victoria that Aaron is a dark horse. He’s only 16 and he has a good voice…

  51. Lee seems to struggle at times, if not much of the time, and his tone, periodically, falls flat during the song. Crystal is very consistent and it comes very easy for her. Lee might still win if he chooses the right songs but his selections aren’t as abundant as Crystals. In the end he will faultier, as we’ve seen many times in the past.

  52. It is unnecessary to bash Tim Urban. He has done absolutely nothing wrong. It is not wrong to try out for AI. He is trying to do the best he can just like all the others. Perhaps he is not as talented as some, but it was the judges who brought him to Hollywood and into the top group. It is not true that he has no talent. He would probably be able to sing locally, just not as the AI winner. He is just a kid trying to do his best. Don’t be so cruel, please. Have some consideration for the hurt you must be causing him, even though he is nice enough not to show it. No, I do not know him, I just feel sorry for him because of all the cruel remarks. Just say who you like, but leave out who you don’t like. Okay?

  53. 9-Tim: Not sure how he lasted this long.
    8-Aaron: Less experience and voice is still developing, plus the hip moving is really freaking me out lol.
    7-Katie: Shows lots of potential but judges are confusing her too much.
    6-Siobhan: Loved her at the beginning but the screaming has gotten on my nerves.
    5-Casey: He needs to mix things up, lose the guitar for once.
    4-Mike: Awesome R&B voice but boring.
    3-Crystal: Incredible artist but I won’t be buying her CD anytime soon.
    2-Lee: Daughtry/David Cook comparison here… Huge potential to make it big as an artist.
    1-Andrew: The most talented out of the entire group. Has what it takes to be the winner of American Idol.

  54. i believe next ai would either be lee or crystal.. but is suppose its lee coz in some aspect he is similar to dc.. i love dc

  55. Vocal Coach….I haven’t noticed anybody “bashing” Tim Urban. People are just commenting on his no talent as a singer. That’s what this forum is here for. He probablly does have some talent in something, but its not singing. I don’t blame him for trying out. I guess he has some illusion that he can sing. Maybe his mother told him and he beleives her, but truly he stinks. I’m glad he’s having fun with his fantasy though.

  56. I’m not a tween, and I like Tim. He is NOT the worst Idol finalist ever. That would be Kevin Covais (top 12) or Sanjaya Malakar (top 10). You’re all just hating on him because he made it further than Didi, Alex, Lilly, Lacey, etc. I still think Crystal should win, but Tim isn’t nearly as bad as everyone is saying.

  57. my favorite top five are :
    Casey- Just a rock star
    Katie- For being sixteen, very good She AI material.
    Mike- Personable and good R&B voice
    Lee-Has some grit
    Chrystal- lovely voice, but like Rich said i wont buy her cd anytime soon. Absolutely not AI material, just a hippie.

  58. Casey- Just a rock star wow,! NOT ONE OF THEM AS GOOD AS ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Katie- For being sixteen, very good She AI material.
    Mike- Personable and good R&B voice
    Lee-Has some grit
    Chrystal- lovely voice, but like Rich said i wont buy her cd anytime soon. Absolutely not AI material, just a hippie.

  59. My take at the moment, is that Crystal and Lee are ‘tied’, with Mike VERY close on their heels. It should be an interesting couple of weeks coming up. I STILL feel,Crystal had been lose that attitude of hers and at least ‘try’ to appear on stage looking a)interested, and b) like she is serious about winning. If she doesn’t, Lee has the competition.

  60. I had meant to write (above) that Crystal had better, not been ..(sorry). Also I forgot to mention Casey – who is quite fabulous – but will not likely win, which won’t matter because some country superstar out there will come along and be only to have him ‘front’ for them (re: Kellie Pickler’s start)in concerts. He has a brilliant future ahead of him.

  61. Siobhan… Better than Adam Lambert??? Are you for real.

    Firstly… Adam has a much better range and key than Siobhan will ever have.

    Secondly… He took comments/criticism well and acted on advice (not sulking and throwing toys out of pram)

    Thirdly … He has such more stage presence than Screaming Sulking Siobhan will ever have…

    If you are going to make comments, at least bring your head outta the clouds to do so, and not talk outta your arse!

  62. Adam Lambert is way much better than sioban.. Adam has special vocals. i dont think crystal and big mike has special voice. casey and katie does/.

  63. thank you Elsika and i agree with your list but aaron is the one 2 watch

  64. Thank you Rose. I like Crystal but her music doesn’t appeal to me. This is just my opinion. I’m pretty sure she has a strong follower and lots of people would want to buy it but I won’t be one of them. Andrew on the other hand has raw talent. His voice is unique. His music style is current and something I would definitely hear on the radio.

  65. I can’t believe so many people on this website are calling Andrew Garcia a “raw talent”. Good to see that he finally stepped up his game last week with his version of “Forever”. His best performance by far. But, look at every week before that (going back to hollywood week and Andrew was rubbing elbows with Tim Urban for worst performance, week in and week out. One good night does not make a consistant perfomer.

  66. My dream ranking

    9) Katie
    8) Andrew
    7) Aaron
    6) Mike
    5) Tim
    4) Crystal
    3) Siobhan
    2) Casey
    1) Lee

    It will be really fun to see Tim all the way to top 5. w/o him AI will be boring.

    I wont even mind if he can come up to final two

  67. i really think my top 5 will be
    1 crystal 2 mike 3 Siobhan 4 lee 5 Aaron
    6 casey 7 andrew 8 katie 9 tim

  68. Yes, Lee does have a nice, gritty voice well suited for rock, but am I the only one to notice that he doesn’t have nearly as good a range as David Cook or Daughtry? The most Lee has shown has been maybe two octaves, but those others have 3. I don’t really recall Lee hitting a really big note this whole season -he just stays in his comfort zone.

    Siobhan, on the other hand, at least dares to take chances -although it doesn’t always work out great. SHE is the real “raw talent” in this group, in my opinion. Crystal has a great voice, but she seems a bit TOO professional at this stage. Mike, too – he seems a bit too polished, like an experienced wedding band singer (although his version of “Ready for LOve” last week WAS great).

  69. and I agree with Rich that Casey needs to lose the guitar once in a while. Although he is an impressive guitarist, I think the guitar has become a bit of a crutch, or maybe even a barrier, for him -it detracts from his vocal ability. He needs to get a little away from that rock star image, and concentrate on setting himself apart as a VOCALIST in order to win it.

  70. Tim is a good singer…He just needs some traning in his voice. Stop picking onhim, like he is the worst because he is NOT!! Siobhan screams and sounds like a cat! She is not good at all….

  71. I agree, Ashley. Worse than Tim: Fantasia, The Asian chick who got to top three one year, Bo Bice…

    Tim is obviously a sweetheart with some vocals like Jason Mraz… He just needs some more confidence.

  72. Brain, good point. Casey loses the guitar and we hear what he truly sounds like, which is not too special.

  73. Top 9:

    3.Big Mike
    1.Casey(love his voice,look, and guitar skills!HOT!)

  74. 1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Mike
    4. Casey
    5. Sibohn
    6. Katie
    7. Aaron
    8. Andrew
    9. Tim

  75. I totally agree with #36 Jovesta, except I like Crystal over Andrew. Not like the others, Crystal LOSES herself in the song while she’s singing, and isn’t that what we want to feel when we listen to music? With the on-stage thing, she doesn’t seem to let herself want to feel judged until she blinks out of her euphoria. She’s not snobby. She’s just INTO it. I like her best ‘cos SHE GOES TO HER ZONE and brings us with her!!!

  76. Where is the range some of you are talking about with Crystal? She does the same thing all the time, and I feel like she doesn’t take any risks. I would not buy her music, but that’s just me. I think Lee is the one who deserves to win- he is so talented, and he improves every single week. Crystal might be the judge’s pet, but Lee is more deserving.

  77. America, please, for the love of American Idol, please, please, please vote Tim off the show. He’s unbearable to listen to. Put the poor guy out of his misery and embarrassment. He will never be a star!

  78. Your ranking sucks Ashley. The only accurate ranking is Crystal at #1. Siobhan has awesome vocals (one bad week) and s/b #2. Lee is over rated and sings out of tune regularly. I’d put Mike #3, Casey #4 and Lee #5. That is much more accurate! I don’t care about the other 4 because they are all pretty awful imo.

  79. Who would put Andrew Garcia at the top of eveyone? Based on what performance? He is one notch better than Tim Urban if you ask me.

    My ranking based on consistency every week is:
    1- Crystal
    2- Lee
    3- Sioban
    4- Big Mike and Casy James (tie)
    5- Katie and Aron (tie)
    6- Andrew
    7- Tim

  80. Isn’t AI about the whole package?? Well, that’s Casey folks….. he’s rock legend material ~ my grandchildren will be talking about him (and still listening to him) 40 odd years from now. He has the sound, the looks, the name and that special sparkle that makes people feel better when he’s there!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the gift of you CASEY JAMES! 🙂

  81. I HATE TIM URBAN!!!!! HE IS SO UGLY LOOKIN’ i dont know what chicks see in him!! BUT HE HAS GOT TO GO!!! seriously i’m sick of listening to his stupid voice!! so annoying!!
    BUTTT!…. i love ARON ,BIG MIKE and CRYSTAL! they r my favourites!! love themmm all the wayyy!

  82. # 1 Crystal, a honest sincere straight forward person who knows who she is, she will go far.

  83. #1.Lee Dewyze
    #2.Crystal Bowersox
    #3.Andrew Garcia
    #4.Casey James
    #5.Michael Lynche
    #6.Aaron Kelly
    #7.Katie Stevens
    #8.Siobhan Magnus
    #9.Tim Urban

    This was base on this weeks performance!!!
    For the author don’t base the rankings on the past performances!!!

  84. Tim Urban is so fine. He is soooo good lookin’ Chicks dig him big time. Yo, Yo Dog his performances are awesome………

  85. I totally agree with Dunja. Tim Urban is horrible. Its a shame to even call him a singer. I dont know how he made it to the top 9. Terrible singer. i love Aaron Kelly. He is so hot. and i think katie will go far. she is a good singer.

  86. #1.Lee Dewyze
    #2.Crystal Bowersox
    #3.Andrew Garcia
    #4.Casey James
    #5.Michael Lynche
    #6.Aaron Kelly
    #7.Katie Stevens
    #8.Siobhan Magnus
    #9.Tim Urban

    This was base on this weeks performance!!!
    For the author don’t base this on there past performances!!!

  87. Katie wears diapers………. Aaron Kelly licks his lips too much. Tim’s eyes are gorgeous…. Tim Urban is everything wonderful!!! HE is the next AI!!!!

  88. KATIEEE DOES NOT WEAR DIAPERSSS!!! maybe u doo coz u oviously can see whos good and whos not!ur just jealous!!OK!! i think ur gonna be crying on thursday coz tim is gonna go home!! hahaha SUCKED IN!!!

    p.s “go change ur diapers”hehe they smell bad hehe

  89. Note to Ross-Lily is not even on the show anymore…how can she be number one????? Zees…and these are prople who are voting. no wonder I predict this will be the last of AI

  90. CASEY JAMES is my favorite!!!!! listen to his voice and forgive him for
    being the best guitar player on Idols ever. He knows who he is already.
    Lee 2nd and Crystal Bowersox third choice.

  91. Tim wins hands down. No contest at all. Can’t you guys understand that???!!!! He leaves all the rest shaking in their boots…..

  92. Don’t I hear the tardy bell ringing? Don’t you kids need to go to school now?

  93. I hope that Tim stays! He is my fave and I will probably quit watching if he gets out. His voice, hair, eyes and personality are gorgeous! I hope he sings.. “I love her” tonight! Keep it up, Tim!

  94. Tim deserves to be the next AI. He really has more talent in his little finger than the rest of them all put together!

  95. My ranking based on consistency every week is as follows:
    No. 1- Crystal
    No. 2- Mike
    No. 3- Lee
    No. 4- Sioban
    No. 5- Casy James
    No. 6 Katie
    No. 7- Aron
    No. 8- Andrew
    No. 9- Tim

  96. 9. Andrew Garcia
    8. Tim Urban
    7. Casey James
    6. Katie Stevens
    5. Big Mike
    4. Siobhan Magnus
    3. Aaron Kelly
    2. Lee Dewyze
    1. Crystal Bowersox
    If Didi was still in she would of been my # 3 instead of Aaron. Didi did not deserve to get out it shud have been either Tim or Andrew.

  97. Quit debating this. Whoever will win will win. Just think of Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian won when he was by far not the best singer, so give up trying to determine who’s gonna win.

  98. As of today:

    9) Andrew
    8) Tim
    7) Katie
    6) Big Mike
    5) Aaron
    4) Crystal
    3) Siohban
    2) Casey
    1) Lee
    For me – this list changes quite often. Tonight should be good – they have a lot of songs to choose from, hope they rock and roll.

  99. @Steve, people are entitled to their own opinion. If each of the contestants were to put an album out right now, I personally think Andrew Garcia would be more successful. Has that translate well in AI yet, well no, but if he continues to thrive, there’s no doubt in my mind, he will be top on this list. His voice is unique and his music is current.

  100. I agree with Steve. We are all entitled to our own opinions. Chris George, you should read properly before putting comments. I didn’t put that Siobhan is better than Adam Lambert. I put that she will not win, just like Adam Lambert didn’t win. I don’t know what program you have been watching, but Randy has been saying “unique” about Siobhan, just like with Adam Lambert. To me they are both unique which is obviously something America doesn’t get, because if they did, Adam would have won.

    “Chris George
    April 5th, 2010 at 7:03 PM
    Siobhan… Better than Adam Lambert??? Are you for real.
    Firstly… Adam has a much better range and key than Siobhan will ever have.
    Secondly… He took comments/criticism well and acted on advice (not sulking and throwing toys out of pram)
    Thirdly … He has such more stage presence than Screaming Sulking Siobhan will ever have…
    If you are going to make comments, at least bring your head outta the clouds to do so, and not talk outta your arse!”

    So Chris, the only one to talk “outta your arse” is yourself! Since this is what I wrote….

    April 5th, 2010 at 12:46 PM
    Jovesta, good idea, good thinking. It is the sound, not the look that should be the final choice…
    Debbie, fully agree with you. Last season the exceptional person was Adam Lambert. This season Adam Lambert is Siobhan Magnus… So she will not win, but come second as Adam… I think Crystal will win, but for me she is a bit like Chris, forgettable… Adam and Siobhan! That is my choice…

    As you probably notice, if you actually can read a comment properly, I am not saying that Shiobhan is better than Adam Lambert.

    So you get out of your cloud!

  101. because there is a niche for everyone it is still too hard to call but i believe lee is like a lot of singers on the radio and that makes him current but not unique – crystal is very, very good but not top 40 radio material performer – siobhan has great voice but needs to show more of her softer side – casey is great musician and will make it win or not -and the rest are runner ups –
    1 casey
    2 crystal
    3 sioban
    4 lee
    5 mike
    6 aaron
    7 katie
    8 andrew
    9 tim

  102. I would buy Crystal’s album today! She is the only contestant ever that I would say this about.. It feels like we have the privilege of seeing her begin her life as an artist, not once has it felt like she was competing in a competition. Everyone else seems to be competing. Crystal is so comfortable showing us what to expect to hear on her album.. it’s really awesome.

    I like Lee’s personality, voice and style. He will be easy to promote in this industry.

  103. Oh, yea.. what experiment was AI trying to do with Tim Urban? I have to close my eyes and hit mute every time he comes on, I’m willing to not watch the show anymore until he is gone.

  104. 1.) Lee

  105. Hannah, I think you are the only one (except myself) that put Siobhan before Crystal.

  106. Rick, I think you have a positive spirit… Do you really think America will vote that way? If they do… Well… Let’s wait and see…

  107. I have loved Lee from the start and pegged him as an underdog. I would buy his music TODAY!
    Love Crystal. So glad she kept her look but yet cleaned up a bit. I hope it boils down to a showdown between Lee and Crystal.
    Disappointed in Siobahn – but she definitely has potential.

    Tim’s adorable but…

    Sorry Andrew, but it is time for you to go.

  108. Gotta agree with you, Lee is improving so fast,…his voice could be really great in record, just like ALex Lambert’s voice

    Casey / Siobhan is the dark horse.

  109. tim urban could be the one who stands alone at the end,dont write him off so fast,when the beatles came on the seen in the 60s people who where has old as these judges hated the beatles, but the youngsters didnt, so tim may have a base, that is underground.they didnt like the beatles,those who where from the big band era

  110. Well, tonight it’s not about Tim or anyone else… Tonight is a Barca night… Messi (number 10) scored 4 goals against Arsenal (they scored 1), so right now, I don’t care if Tim or any one else will be the winner or not… I am sure that Tim will get far because he is what he is… For some ladies a beautiful young man… Talent? Yes, in a way. He always smiles, no matter what. That is also a quality… But like someone said before, he does need training on his voice… Just seeing his face every time he is saved… That should tell the American people that he does not belong in the competition this year. Maybe next or the next after that… He should also consider his hairstyle…

  111. 1. Casey
    2. Crystal
    3. Big Mike
    4. Lee
    5. Katie
    6. Siobhan
    7. Tim
    8. Andrew
    9. Aaron

  112. far and away siobhan has the best recording voice of all the remaining idols.go to you tube and listen to her studio versions and u will have to agree,she sounds amazing.she also has more to package as far as looks,and makeover.i see her maybe not winning this year,but she will win big time after idol season 9 ends.she will be a star,no doubt about it.

  113. For sure tim will be out this week since the countdown is getting serious

    casey , aaron & crystal are among the best I bet crystal will be the next idol

  114. its tim , im going to vote for him he is only going to get better.he has got what it takes. he stands up for himself.the judges dont like it cuz it robs them over their power. i mean what is ellen doing there, what song did she sing that made it to #1. vote for tim.

  115. Most people (not all) agree that either Crystal or Lee should be the one to win. I get very much agree with that. They are both the most consistent, week in and week out. And I can somewhat understand those that think Sioban should be up there near the top. But I don’t understand those that think either Andrew or Casey should win. Casey has good looks and a average voice. Try and visualize him without the guitar and I guarantee it would not be a pretty sight. In fact it might be down right awful. And that is why he ALWAYS hides behind his guitar. Andrew on the other hand has always been one step above Tim Urban for worst performer every week but last week. Kind of hard for me to get excited about him. That’s all I’m saying.

  116. from worst to best:

    1) tim urban
    2) andrew garcia
    3) aaron kelly
    4) katie stevens
    5) big mike lynche
    6) casey james
    7) siobhan magnus
    8) lee dewyze
    9) crystal bowersox

  117. Siobhan is the best singer!
    She will win!
    No one comes close to the quality of her voice
    and her performance skills.
    She had one bad week and
    3-4 great weeks.

  118. Ok….Let me get this out before I expload, Crystal is GREAT at SINGING and playing a guitar BUT she has the personality of a ROCK, I agree with the number one, BUT, I think from here on out if she’s gonna continue to be number ONE on this list she has to show us that she can actually let go, let her dreads down and just be someone who we can ALL relate too, Lee is my number one, and I STRONGLY don’t agree with where you put Aaron, He not only has the teeny bopper vote but he also has the COUNTRY music vote, and thats a HUGE honor to have as COUNTRY music is the nations NUMBER ONE Genere, Im also a singer in the country music world, Check out my site

  119. and Ren, she is NOT the best singer, she has a GREAT Gimmick, the screaming thing is NOT singing and that is something EVERYONE has to understand, as well ALL saw last week, she is NOT and I repeat a GREAT SINGER, she has that 5-7 seconds of spotlight when she screams, thats the only thing she has vocal wise, sorry, but it’s true

  120. Best to worst Realistically speaking…
    1. Lee ( He is the best!)
    2. Crystal (shes boring, but has a good voice)
    3. Siabhan (She can hit her high notes and i dont mean her screaming haha)
    4. Andrew (He has a good voice, but hasnt pick the right songs)
    5. Mike (too many people that sound like him)
    6. Aaron (sounds good for his age)
    7. Casey ( his looks its what helps him)
    8. Katie (shes like whatever)
    9. Tim (?? i dont what to say)

    Ranking from i Like to dislike…hehehe

  121. I want Aaron Kelly to win!!! he is amazingg! i love his voice, i also ike Big Mike and Casey James. I’m voting for one of those 3!!! 🙂

  122. Siobhan may scream too much, but at least she’s interesting. Still, my favorites are gone; everyone else bores me. Looking at Tim makes me want to vomit.

  123. Billy @ #152 … Your list is the the exactway I would place my own. Except that I would swap the order of Big Mike and Casey.

  124. Krystal is currently number one because she is a remake with a twist for the better of Janice Joplyn, whom I loved. Casey has the grit to his voice that makes him awesome for those like me that love true rock and roll with a blues flavor. Lee has that gritty ridge to his voice that makes him pure rock, the kind of yesteryear and the kind that will never die. As far as the rest are concerned I say just send them all home. The top three are giving tiny boppers a great taste of the rock and roll their parents and grandparents loved, unless their parents were raised during the disco or pop era’s.

  125. 1.Crsytal is number 1..shes just natural…way ahead of every1 else in the competition!!!
    2. Next to her is Siobahn..though shes sceaming too much her voice still awesome, none of the contestants can hit high notes like her, cant put her as number 1 coz Crystal still much better
    3. Lee- love the rasp in his voice..nids to put in some attitude.
    4. Andrew- always creative, hes got lovely soft raspy voice. Last performance was awesome..hes made a comeback..hope he maintains it.
    5. Michael- very passionate singer..hes got nice RnB type of voice but he cant go high!!! I think hes a cool sensitive guy
    6. Aaron- lovely voice, very plain hardly pitchy..he’ll fit well in to a band
    7. Casey- hes hiding his voice behind his electric guiter…hansome though
    8. Katie- She can try again next year…she needs to get rid of her obvius. Maybe shell be better off doing country like wat Simon suggest coz pop is not her type..dont agree with Kara. Also the judges are confusing her too much!!!!
    9. Tim- dont understand why hes still in

    well dats my top 9 ranking…Lilly and Alex should have replaced the last 2.
    2 bad i cant vote coz i live in the Pacific…love American Idol…gud luck to the contestants.

  126. Siobhan’s control was amazing tonight. She had the most challenging vocals with the song with the slowest tempo…makes for more difficulty.
    Crystal was gifted as always with her personal stamp.
    Tim stayed the truest to the Fab Four….his best night.
    Katie had her best night and demonstrated some vocal athletics.
    Andrew, Lee, Casey, Mike, Aaron–fun to listen to…..

  127. I agree with NSK.
    Tim looked like a Beatle.
    My fav will always be Crystal, but Siobhan blew me away tonight. She doesn’t do much on stage, but her audience would probably always be very captivated by her.

  128. Tim was the winner tonight!!! Katie was soooo boring. Casey is a dream…. Aaron is a nice guy and needs to have another chance. Big Mike is great as well as Crystal, Lee, and Andrew. Siobhan was better tonight. But overall Tim rocked the house.

    To Dunja,

    I’m not crying yet! Maybe you had better get your Kleenex box out!

  129. “BIG MIKE” if he dosen’t “HE WILL” get a recording contract which is better than winning. He is the most professional of them all he uses his voice like a professional not someone trying to sing. He uses the stage to his advantage and relates to the crowd

  130. Voting for Tim hardcore. He sounded fantastic tonight. I also loved Katie. What a great night for these two! Kudos to them!

  131. 1. Crystal Bowersox ( She has the best voice out of all of them and is the only one whose performance i remember well and would buy on itunes or ever)
    2.Michael lynche (his voice makes you feel good but doesnt have the same presence as crystal)
    3.andrew garcia (he puts a nice twist on the songs and has a nice tone but nothing is as good as the first 2. I would however be excited to hear an album from him)
    2 (again) Casey James ( He has a great voice and presence but doesn’t change up the songs like andrew and crystal)
    4. Siobhan Magnus (she has an great voice but it sounds like there is something stuck in the back of her throat. The screamy thing is cool but the 3rd time it’s not as great.)
    5. Aaron Kelly (He has a great voice and presence but like casey doesn’t change up the songs as much as some of the others do)
    6. Lee Dewyze (great singer and good presence but his performances never stand out. He needs to open up and do something more risky and memorable)
    8. (yes I think the last 2 are so bad that i had to skip a number) Katie Stevens (she looks when she’s singing like she is staring at her self thinking about how “cool” she is. She is not the best and the only reason she stands out to me is because she is not ready for this at all. she is pitchy and like siobhan has something in her throat.)
    9. Tim Urban ( He has a bad stage presence and has the presence of someone that knows that they have to move so they go on a walk and move all over the stage looking bad. He is pitchy, has an ok voice, and is just trying too hard. None of the nights have had a stand out part other than when he stopped singing. Stop trying so hard and just focus instead.)

    Tonight (wednesday) I thin either tim or katie will go home but most likely tim.

    So there is your top 9 from a 12 year old girl.

  132. Lady Priest… I agree with you about Mike and I am very suprized that the majority of commenters seem to be putting him 4th.
    When I heard he was going to sing Elenor Rigby, I thought this will be interesting. It’s to me a boring song, but he was fabulous.
    He is a true professional.

  133. Lee was the best last night. Hey Jude was just excellent.
    ….and Casey looked so good I will even put a poster up of him,and I’m fussy!

  134. well dude… whoever posted this thing… before you comment on “who should be the finalistsnof AI”, you yourself should know if you can sing… all finalists are finalists because they can sing… so you have no right to say that TIM is tone deaf, although he is being inconsistent, he can still sing…

    i love the performance of siobhan and katie… but lee was just amazing…

    crystal was more concentrated on her guitar, some of the lyrics of the song couldnt be heard because she was taking her mouth away from the mic because of the guitar, but whatsoever, she is still the best…

    this night gave tim a chance to prove that he is an AI finalist…

    i was bored with casey, but good perf

  135. i think at the end, it will be a battle between bowersox and dewyze or bowersox and magnus

  136. Here is my top 9:

    1. Lee
    2. Siobhan
    3. Crystal
    4. Aaron
    5. Andrew
    6. Casey
    7. Mike
    8. Katie
    9. Tim

    Even though “Big Mike” is probably going to win it because he didn’t get a pass to come back for no reason. I love American Idol but I do believe it is rigged.

  137. oh my ranking wud be from least to best


  138. my rank would be, 9.andrew, 8.aron, 7.tim, 6.katie, 5.casey, 4.mike, 3.lee, 2. siobhan, and 1. crystal

  139. there was a comment somewhere that tim was like sanjaha (however you spell it) I think andrew is he so annoying, and has no talent, he is boring

  140. Based on last night’s performances, I think that either Aaron or Andrew will be headed home tonight. I am happy that Tim and Katie turned a big corner last night, as I knew that they could and would. I just hope that it Andrew is voted off, he isn’t saved by the judges. He just is not a consistantly good performer.

  141. The point is, American Idol is not a cutesy pie contest. It is singing talent! Americans failed miserably when David Archuleta didn’t take the title. They realized the mistake too late, but David walked away with grace and dignity. Aaron is a desperate David wanna-be and its not going to work. He is so far from Davids class and repeating that he keeps saying he’s even younger, we know, because it shows every time he opens his mouth to talk! I hope there will not be jokes and comparisons to David tonight because he certainly deserves respect and not insults, but someone will probably say something just for tv drama. Once again David will show grace and acceptance no matter what. Please end the misery and send Aaron packing.

  142. CASEY JAMES….. You are Number One! Best Voice, Best Guitarist, Best Looking!
    What more are you looking for in an American Idol!

  143. Based on the performances last night, my ranking is
    1. Tim
    2. Crystal
    3. Lee
    4. Katie
    5. Aaron
    6. Casey
    7. Andrew
    8. Mike
    9. Siobhan

  144. You can argue all you like about who’s the hottest left, but the truth is… and you all know it… is that Alex was by far hotter than any of them left, and based on that alone, he should never have been voted off. AI may be a singing competition but most people don’t vote for who sounds best, like they should, they vote for who they think is the best looking. Hence, IDOL! Someone to model yourself after.

  145. No matter how good Katie did, she does not have the fan base or votes. She will be gone soon. My thoughts are that Andrew goes home. He will be sitting in the bottom three with Tim and Aaron.

  146. 1: Siobhan (great looks, amazing voice, most inspirational, and she has screamed once, in superstition. the rest are high notes. love you siobhan!!)
    2: Lee (true rock star, brilliant, top of the boys no questions asked.)
    3:Casey (very good, liked him from the start)
    4: Mike (very good singer also, just not my kind of music)
    5: Crystal (overrated, very good singer but shes just a one trick pony with a not-so-good range, unlike siobhan)
    6: Aaron ( youngest, and also one of the biggest voices)
    7: Andrew (liked him from the start, but his performances are getting quite repetitive)
    8: Katie (just doesnt stand out for me)
    9: Tim (if he doesnt go home tonight, it will be a huge mistake.)

  147. Thank you Alex for having the same number one as me… Not being able to see AI live, can’t see it until Sunday, I am so excited to read tomorrow who is leaving the competition. Generally I think the guys were worse in the beginning, and was surprised when only girls were voted off. Tonight I think it will be (without hearing the performances yesterday) Tim, Katie and Andrew or Aaron in the bottom 3. If Siobhan or Crystal would be in the bottom 3 and one of them would go home, I’m sure the judges will use their save…

  148. 1. casey
    2. lee
    3. crystal
    4. mike

    and the rest i agree with ashley , i disagree wut u say abt casey,i think he has a gr8 voice as well as looks. sometimes i think no one wants a rockstar to win AI or is it just me.

  149. I would love to hear Crystal Bowersox perform the song….”Brand New Key” (Melanie)

  150. For all of you doubters, Tim wasn’t even in the bottom three tonight!! Take that! I think that voters got it right with the bottom three.

  151. My ranking based on their overall performances:

    1) Lee Dewyze
    2) Crystal Bowersox
    3) Michael Lynche
    4) Casey James
    5) Siobhan Magnus
    6) Aaron Kelly
    7) Katie Stevens
    8) Andrew Garcia
    9) Tim Urban

  152. And my ranking based on performances, originality, uniqueness, personality, modesty, politeness, character, etc etc :

    1. Lee Dewyze
    2. Casey James
    3. Siobhan Magnus
    4. Crystal Bowersox
    5. Andrew Garcia
    6. Aaron Kelly
    7. Michael Lynche
    8. Tim Urban
    9. Katie Stevens

    *On top would have been Alex Lambert if he were still around…and did anyone see his haircut..super cute 🙂 🙂

    *Also, Michael did not deserve that SAVE one bit, no originality..and his lips are just..eeeuuuu

  153. Crystal is sooooo OVERRATED. And Gawd, is she proud of herself 🙁

    Injustice was done to ALEX LAMBERT. The Judges should have used the save for him instead of Big Mike who didnt deserve it at all – he might sing powerfully but thats about it…no originality.

    Lee Dewyze, Casie, and Aaron, and Siobhan are the BEST!!!

  154. If it came down to the bottom 2 I’d pick Chrystal and Mike, but with Tim still there, when he should have been the first to go… If next week they eliminated Chrystal and Mike, I would be toooooo suprized. They are clearly the best two.

  155. The List goes
    1. Lee- (because his current style)
    2. Crystal (b/c she has an amazing voice)
    3. Casey James(only b/c he’s improved last 2 wks)
    4. Andrew (the uniqueness in his tone)
    5. Siobhan (dont like her but amazing vocals)
    6. Tim (Stage performance Love his style)
    7. big mike (Man knows how to perform vocally and stage presence)
    8. Aaron (I dont want to see another chris Allen win this year, they always do boring sleepy songs that no one will listen too.)
    All and all i love this season…its interesting and im attached to all the singers!

  156. 1.Siobhan

    I think that Crystal will be the elimination shocker!!!

    Siobhan didnt showed her strongest performance yet… I have a feeling that she will wow us in the next few weeks.

    The judges made a big mistake on saving mike!!!

    Lee will be in the top two if not, he will be in the top 3… thats for sure…

  157. Tim is at bottom or almost at the bottom on almost everyone of these. How does he still get voted in? Is there a way to cheat when voting? I think someone has figured out to do that who votes for Tim. How else can it be explained?

  158. Barbie…Of course there is a way of cheating. How else do you think Tim or any of the other non-talented people stayed so long.
    You can make as many phone calls for the same person that you want. You can vote for Tim or any other one person many times withing the two hour allotment time. That is what is so wrong. With most voting poles, if you call more than once, you get a recording saying that only one call is aloud. That’s what needs to be done.

  159. Because of the fact that voters can cheat, a very talented person like Mike is going to be voted out. Now that is sad.

  160. No matter what others say, ANDREW GARCIA will still be the best for me. He just has this uniqueness in arranging songs that would always leave a trademark that is very Andrew. The songs that he has chosen might not be everybody’s favorite but they are really great if you are into his kind of music.

    Here’s my ranking:

    (2) Crystal Bowersox
    (3) Lee Dewyze
    (4) Casey James
    (5) Siobhan Magnus
    (6) Katie Stevens
    (7) Tim Urban
    (8) Aaron Kelly
    (9) Michael Lynche (I just find him really arrogant especially when he rebels against Simon’s comments on him, I just don’t like his arrogance)

  161. I think they all need to step up and start singing!! They all sing slow and easy songs and it makes for a very boring show. I have fallen asleep during 3 shows. It’s the same show week after week as far as I’m concerned. Yes, there is some talent but so far I haven’t seen anybody really rock the house with any outstanding performance.

  162. This is so interesting. Did anyone else see how divided we are about who will win? Just goes to show you everyone thinks differently. I just have to say I really like Ellen. But she is out of what should be her comfort zone here!!She says some of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Look at Simon’s face. He can’t wait until this year is over! Laurie, You are so right! They really do need to step it up! The talent last year with ADAM LAMBERT & Kris Allen is not among this group!

  163. TIM URBAN is the only one that i feel weird about that why he still in the list? he cant even sing at all even his performance.

  164. My list from best to worst:

    1.Lee Dewyze
    2.Crystal Bowersox
    3.Casey James
    4.Siobhan Magnus
    5.Michael Lynche
    6.Aaron Kelly
    7.Katie Stevens
    8.Andrew Garcia
    9.Tim Urban

  165. Top 9:

    9-Andrew Garcia
    8-Tim Urban
    7-Aaron Kelly
    6-Michael Lynche
    5-Katie Stevens
    4-Casey James

  166. So, here we go:

    1. Lee
    2. Crystal
    3. Michael
    4. Siobhan
    5. Tim
    6. Casey
    7. Aaron

    Don’t argue with me, I’m right and you know it

  167. Nope, you’re all wrong! It’s:
    1: Casey
    2: Lee
    3: Crystal
    4: Siobhan
    5: Michael
    6: Tim
    7: Aron

    Well, lets say the top two, at least are non-negotiable…. 🙂

  168. i dont like crysle put big mike (michael)in her place i dont like a lot of people on american idol like tim aron

  169. 1.casey
    2.big mike(michle)
    thats all
    crystal in therd
    place because
    i dont like
    inebodi but
    casey and
    big mike
    do not
    ask me y
    i put it
    like this
    im bord

  170. I am sad to see Tim go. He was really improving with every week. Kasey should have gone instead. He is just the same every week now.

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