American Idol 2010: Top 16 Results Recap

Let me start off by saying that right now, I am not a fan of the worsters.  I blame them entirely for Paige Miles and Tim Urban still being in the competition over Alex Lambert and Kaitlyn and Lilly.  WTH worsters??? 

I knew it was gonna be bad when Ryan started the show off by saying we could be in for a surprise or two.  Really?  You think so Ryan?? 

I felt like I was watching a reunion of the Brady Bunch/Partridge Family when the Top 16 belted out Michael Buble’s “Just Haven’t Met You Yet.”  Sounded lame and out of touch to me.  In fact, the majority of the songs this year have pretty much sucked.  Bring it on with The Rolling Stones.

Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud graced us with their presence with a duo straight from Elton John and Billy Joel, with the battling pianos and everything.  All they did was remind me why they were eliminated last season.  Scott has a new album out on itunes called Heartstrings if anyone wants to check it out.

On to the results.  Yes the worsters win again.  Paige and Tim are both safe.  I mean come on!  Paige turned “Smile” into a funeral dirge and still got in the top 12.  I’ve lost complete faith in America.  Tonight we said good bye to Kaitlyn Epperly first then Todrick Hall.  Ok, these two I get.  Kaitlyn hasn’t had a great performance the last couple of weeks and even though Todrick got great feedback last night, it was too little too late. 

The next two were Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott.  Something is not right with this.  Alex finally proved why he should be in the competition with his song “Trouble” and even though I didn’t care for Lilly’s take on Patsy Cline, she shouldn’t have been eliminated so soon.  Who to blame?  America for not picking up the phone or the Worsters for making the call?  Perhaps both.  I’m disappointed with tonight.  Can’t you tell?

What did you all think?  Did the right 4 go home?