American Idol 2010 Top 12 Revealed

The American Idol Season 9 Top 12 singers were revealed last night when another four performers were sent home, just short of the season’s major milestone. Ryan Seacrest promised us a few surprises last night and I’d say he delivered when it was revealed that early fan-favorite Lilly Scott was amongst those cut loose. Rounding out the four were Todrick Hall, Alex Lambert, and Katelyn Epperly.

Last night’s American Idol results show delivered us the season’s Top 12 performers who will begin a new round of competition next week where one singer will be eliminated until we arrive at the May 26th finale show. Here they are:

American Idol 2010 Top 12:

  • Didi Benami
  • Crystal Bowersox
  • Lacey Brown
  • Lee DeWyze
  • Andrew Garcia
  • Casey James
  • Aaron Kelly
  • Michael Lynche
  • Siobhan Magnus
  • Paige Miles
  • Katie Stevens
  • Tim Urban

Did your favorite make the cut? Who do you think will take the early lead next week? Share your thoughts below and then get ready for more Idol!




  1. ohh i love watching AI..from from asia but this show inspired me to watch. I’m glad Aaron Kelly made it to top 12. I do like him very much because of his personality. This kid is really an idol for all ages. He is so humble and this character will make him go farther. His parents are really lucky to have a son like him. Great respect to his family and American Idol show which makes him known by everybody. I wish you the best Aaron…..

  2. ohh i love watching AI..i’m from from asia but this show inspires me to watch. I’m glad Aaron Kelly made it to top 12. I do like him very much because of his personality. This kid is really an idol for all ages. He is so humble and this character will make him go farther. His parents are really lucky to have a son like him. Great respect to his family and American Idol show which makes him known by everybody. I wish you the best Aaron…..

  3. I swear if Crystal and Lee are eliminated before Sanjaya I am done with AI. Tim Urban is the worst singer to ever made the top 12.WTH.

    Maybe America should vote only when it final 2, so that great singers like mullet guy can get a fair change.

  4. Last night’s episode is the last I’ll watch. I don’t think America is “getting it right” anymore. Lilly and Alex should not have gone home.

  5. I am in total shock that Lilly Scott went home. She is one of the most talented singers that they had this year. I think America made a big mistake letting her go. I wish her the best with her muscial carrwe. She has a ton of potential.

  6. I am so sick and tired of watching a popularity contest. How about people staying for their talent, what a novel idea!! I don’t even want to watch the show anymore and I am not alone. Maybe the judges whould start deciding who goes home from the people who america place in the bottom, It’s time

  7. I never really followed American Idol till season 7. It looked like the show had a chance to reach ALL types of music fans. After last nights eliminations, I can see that its just bubblegum! Really! Good luck finding REAL singers and musicians to try out next year. I don’t see it lasting many more seasons. Who the heck vote this anyway…week 9-16 year-olds?

  8. I believe Michael Lynche will be at the top as far as voice quality. He has an amazing voice and great control.

  9. I am so mad that Lilly and Alex got voted off. This is a joke, right? Please tell me they will have wild card this season because they need to replace Katie and Tim with Lilly and Alex. America needs to vote for SINGING not looks. All the young teenage girls voting out there are just looking at their faces.

  10. Why??????? two of the best singers gone,, this show is a joke,,,,, will not watch it any more

  11. Alex Lambert should never have gone home ,,he was one of the favorite to win the whole thing ,, He is great kid, humble and has an amazing voice and looks. Im sure he’l will get lots of calls , remember Jeniffer Hundson and Chris Douthry?, They made on their own ,, because they were eliminated ,, now tell me where is fantasia , wehre is Ruben or even the dude from last year,,wher is he?I even forgot his name and I watch idol all the time.

  12. I think Kara needs to act more professional instead of “playing” with Simon. They all act like they don’t want to be there or don’t even care. I know Simon is leaving, so he probably doesn’t care, but it’s ridiculous how Kara is acting, and she doesn’t even pay attention to Ellen. I don’t think this show is right for Ellen, but it’s obvious that Kara doesn’t care for her. What do you guys think?

  13. im soooo mad that Alex Lambert got voted off!!!!!!!!!!!!! i voted for him like 100 times no joke!!! 🙁 im mad!!!!!!!!!


  15. I am done with AI……Lily Scott is incredible and deserves to be in t op 12.
    I’m not watching anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. R U kidding me? Lilly Scott is amazing and apparently thought the voting would be based on talent. If the judges were the word, she would have stayed…and yes, I think Kara looks like an idiot bumping into Simon all night. What is she, 13?

  17. I have said that this is fixed and after this elimination I say it again. It is unbelievable what happened last night. I didn’t have Alex nor Lily as my favorites BUT the elimination was unfair. This as many say is a good looking, young and popularity contest and not a TALENT contest anymore. Page and Tim should have been eliminated this week not Alex and Lily. Everyone is saying America is wrong!!! I wonder if the votes came through or is a producers decision based on what Simon thinks best. I have always respected Simon for his sincerity and coldness to say things as they are but he is human and also makes mistakes. This season I have watched him and my impression is that he has not delivered as he used to. He is too sour and definitely too offensive. Kara is useless, contradicts herself every week and is more worried rubbing Simon than doing her job. Ellen doesn’t want to hurt anybodies feelings and the panel cant just be supported by one Judge Randy who has been the most consistent and honest of all. Randy is doing his job but is not enough against the others. It is a pity that such an important platform has been contaminated by interests instead of talent. What America thinks is not important anymore, the lines are always busy and people cant reach the votes. The decisions have been made in advance. I wonder what would happen if nobody picks the phone to vote, then what!! Result: they will always have an elimination because is already fixed. What a shame.

  18. i’m from asia and i am very fan of AI. i just thinking why alex lambert and lily scott had voted off. they are both really good singers and i thought they gonna make it until the top 5. i wish AI must have wild card so that the voted off ones which are good and talented may have the chance to go back and sing for us. pls. do it for us fans. some people maybe really mad because of what happen to the voted off ones.

  19. Everyone who made it to the semis and got to sing live to 27,000,000 people is a winner. A band would have to play a stadium concert every day for a year and a half to reach that many people.

    I think the judges have too much power. A singer sings for 2 minutes, then the judges get two minutes to tell the audience what they heard. And the judges, only one of whom can sing, are usually clueless.

    This year, the “Winner” will get to sing for a huge audience 14 times. So will the “loser”. And in a couple of years, no one will care, because the marketplace will take over.

    Frank Zappa, Willie Nelson, Bobby McFerrin, and Bruce Springsteen could never have won AI,
    but they’ve done just fine.

  20. Gonna stop watching idol now. Is American people stupid or tone deaf. It was very clear to me Alex Lambert was the most unique and original sound. This really sucks

  21. I loved Alex Lambert. I was shocked to see him go. His voice was amazing. I expected to see him in the top 5. Im hoping a producer will pick Alex up, he would be well worth the money.
    I wish I could afford to help him produce a record.

  22. alex & lilly are two of the best. crystal is the only other decent singer. she will probably win. my bad – i should have voted.

  23. The one’s who were eliminated this week shouold have been on the top 12. America got it all wrong and I believe the show will suffer for it. Personally I am not very excited about watching now and probably will not vote this year. Something is wrong when raw talent that is as good as those eliminated left while some other..ho hum folks are staying.

  24. Stop the lip-syncing in the opening number with all the contestants sounding so perfect. It looks unreal. So they get off key or make some mistakes, that’s o.k., let them be for real.

  25. Lilly and Alex got voted off…realy. I do agree that someone will pick up Alex and possibly Lilly soon. It may be best so they can get their careers started right away and not be tied down to the AI folks.

  26. ai becoming uninteresting..lily should have not
    been eliminated..the one who sang SMILE last week
    should have been the one to be eliminated instead
    of lily……to kara please stop being over acting–your crying was a ellen stop
    playing with words -you were not the right fit
    to be a judge at AI…simon has lost his energy.
    he doesnt care anymore…what a pity AI SEASON9 SUCKS..

  27. I think America had it right! My predictions were Alex, Todrick, Katelyn and Paige. So I guess I got 3 out of 4. Lily Scott should not have sang a Patsy Cline song. That was where she went wrong. That song has been stuck in my head since she sang it on Tuesday, and I’m about to claw my eyes out because of it! And I could not be more happy that mullet boy is gone. Could he sing? – Kinda. Could he perform? – Not so much. He looked like a blank piece of paper. Maybe if he gets a haircut and starts showing some personality while he sings, he’ll be better. All I’m saying is, I would never pay money to watch him in concert, and I doubt a lot of people would. Oh and btw… Go Crystal and Andrew!! 🙂

  28. i believe AI is a fixed game….whoever is
    behind this crazy thing is out of his mind..
    they are trying to eliminate the good singers
    so that the management’s favorite will have
    an easy access to winning the title of AI….
    ELLEN is a nice person but not as judge of AI
    because she is not fit to become a judge of AI
    with all those nonsense comments..KARA PLEASE
    LOOK TIRED AND SLEEPY…..i think randy is just
    the only one doing his job as a judge…….

  29. Does anyone out there know what the demographic of those who actually vote is? I always watch the show — as do many of my friends, but we would never vote.

    If the AI producers are listening, please do a wildcard this year, so atleast there is a chance we will see Lily or Alex again.

    There are a lot of us out here who watch the show and buy Cd’s that simply don’t spend the time that a bunch of 12 year old girls do in voting. I hope you will take that into consideration. Thanks.

  30. i really cant believe what happened last night.. its just not fair. Alex Lambert & lily scott deserves to b there. Tim??? come on… i just dont get it.

  31. please bring back paula to the judging table of AI….and fire ellen – kara and simon…………
    with the judge’s nasty nonsense comments except
    for randy -they are just confusing the contestants…………

  32. i think this is the last season of AI…..
    everything is fixed….they are just fooling
    the contestants……

  33. Already was not thrilled by theis season, but as my favorite, ALex Lambert, is out, I am finished with the show.

    Will not turn my TV on channel 11 to watch AI.

    Asta la vista

  34. I was surprised, but not shocked. I have always said that “So you think you can dance” has the better system. The fans vote the bottom three and then the judges decide which one to let go. Virtually every ultimate winner (don’t have actual stats, but memory serves) was in the bottom three once or twice and may have been eliminated, but had a chance to improve and prove themselves.

    If the judges have no input other than a few comments that seem not to matter, then why have them once the audience starts voting?

  35. My wife and I have been dedicated fans of American Idol for years. It is amazing the amount of talent that comes out of nowhere.
    Our concern-It seems really obvious that this weeks results seem to be skewed. We have to believe the voting system has been compromised or hacked. Something is not right from our perspective. Regards, Dave and Kathy Albin

  36. I am with the rest of the crowd – Alex and Lilly. Paige still in and Tim still in? Wow. Even tho I don’t think Alex or Lilly would have taken the AI title – I was sad to see them not be in the top 12! Darn it anyway – is this truely the way America is voting?


  38. I agree that Lilly shouldn’t of been voted off, Ellen doesn’t fit and Kara is childish. Crystal is the best female singer but what is going on with her. She appears to be so down or somewhere else…most of the time?

  39. Well I was very suprised to see Alex cut. He had to be the most improved by far. The rest are just staying the same. Not that Lilly is one of my favs, but to see her go when Paige really blew it Tues is suprising as well. Hopefully our votes really do count. I know my household votes – we very rarely ever have trouble getting thru – we are in the mountain time zone. Keep on voting folks – happy idoling.

  40. Todrick did well last night unfortunately his last. They got it right though,its stiff competition. Lily’s voice sounds off key at times, like a pitch problem.

  41. I agree with Paolo and the voting system. The “tweens” that are voting are screwing it up. But I’m telling you AI is not going to be on much longer…Or they will just move it to the Disney Channel.

  42. What a joke!! American Idol just lost a fan. Alex, Lilly and Kate should be in the to 12. American Idol is rigged.

  43. i don’t think lilly scott or katie stevens should’ve even been up there. especially lilly scott. it was very disappointing to see lilly scott go. as for the guys todd and alex should not have gone. it should have been tim urban and casey james. this is a popularity contest. it doesn’t help when the judges keep saying how cute tim is because he is not. he looks like a dork. again lilly got robbed. and if katie would’ve got the boot she would’ve got robbed too.

  44. I too like so many others think that Alex and Lily should be brought back in. They should be in for at least the top five and give them a chance, they were one of the better vocal entertainers regardless of some faults. There are so many others that should have been gone by now. This thing of viewers voting is not working, my friends and I would not buy any music that would be done by others but these two that were ousted are unique and much better then the similar kinds of boring ones that are just wasting the space.
    Crystal Bowersox is also the tops so far. Hope she keeps it up till the end.
    Please for any future seasons AI, do not let anyone audition for this show unless they can sing more current songs or remake old ones into something very new like Lily did. Alex’s voice is unique and he should be encouraged to continue working on his self confidence.

  45. Siobhan Magnus will take the lead now that A.I. picks the genre. She is one of the most versatile singers I’ve ever seen.

  46. ellen is sorry and kara is out of her mind. is that woman loaded? ai needs paula abdul back. i believe 12 year olds are voting these contestant in and out. and ai will be on the disney channel if they don’t change their format. having snot nose kids vote on real talent….can’t happen. how in heck is tim urban still there? it’s probably because ellen keeps saying,”i like you, you are cute,people think you’re cute, they’ll vote for you because your’e cute, now give me a hug” she’s ridiculous. she needs to go. along with kara. she is getting the contestant confused about what they should and should not be singing based solely on their age and the lyrics of the song. so this means the youngest contestant should be singing barney songs and nursery rhymes. again, ridiculous. get it together ai before it’s too late.

  47. This is such a liberty! Katie and Paige should have gone. Lily and Katelyn both have talent! So does Adam Lambert! Arghh.

  48. I was shocked last night that Lily and Alex were sent home. They were both 2 of my favorites and I have been voting for them every week. If Lilly ever gets a CD out I would buy it. They are 2 of the most unique and great vocal people in the contest. I still am shocked, and disappointed in American people that they would vote for some of the others that I thought shouldn’t have gone through.


  50. I’m sad that Todrick, one of my faves, got voted off. Alex has a distinctive voice, but seems not confident enough to put some more life in his performances. He just needs more time to polish the way he delivers he unique sound. Lily, like Lee, has some pitch problems, but surely she deserves to be on the list of 12 tops. Tim is like the Sanjaya effect all over again. Unlike Ellen, I don’t think he’s cute at all. Paige got really lucky. She does have a good voice, but she’s hasn’t found niche. Aaron has a sad story and modesty to help him get up to this point, and Mike doesn’t just have a story but also the voice! Man, he was awesome last night! Blew me away! I began to actually like this big bear with an attitude. I’m thankful that Crystal, Andrew and Didi get thru. I just hope Crystal would get stronger. I think she’s still unwell. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her fitness.

  51. I think Lilly is a girl with so much potencial to go home . Paige should have gone , she did sing terrible this last time and between her and Lily give a break here Lily is 100% better. But i think the reason , Lily doesn´t know to thank to the judges every time they did a comment to her that doesn´t look good on her if she was a little more polite may be she had stay. AI is not only about singing good is the all package and special the personality is very importante( because singing they all have that is why they are at the top 24 . You have to be more humble ( and don´t talk back to them ) you have to be smart about this little things but they are big for you to stay. Lilly was not very humble special to say thank you to them ( just ok is not enough ) . Follow their advices is very important because doesn´t matter how good you are you still new and learning don´t think you know everthing and to show that to them thats is a huge mistake. My opinion for Lilly look back to everthing and change and came back next year you good girl and young and for the other ones the same advice. Lets see know how will be this AI.My girls are Katie ,Siobhan,Crystal for the boys:Andrew, Michael

  52. BTW, I’m not surprise to see Katie survive. She reminds of the Philippine’s singing sensation Charice Pempengco. She has this big, strong, mature voice whom, I believe, lots of parents (especially moms) and Oprah’s fans love. Her song choices are alike. It’s no wonder. She should stick to singing songs by Whitney and other big-voice singers back in the 80s and 90s and she’ll sail thru despite what the judges ask of her: to be more current and relevant to kids her age.

  53. Lilly blew it and showed she could not sing!Alex sucked,Todrick ruined a Queen song and Katelyn should not have been in the competition at all! Tim Urban was outstanding with his version of Hallejuah! I would but that now. He is the American Idol 2010 winner.

  54. I was soooo disappointed with last night’s results!! What the heck are you doing people!! Does Tim Urban’s smile just melt you away and so you vote for him (all you teenagers anyways..ok stupid!!) Think people think before you vote about who has talent and not just good looks. It broke my heart to see Lilly Scott and Todrick Hall go as they are both so talented and have a wonderful stage presence that is fun and interesting to watch. Alex Lambert is a very unique singer as well; in the future if he can get past the shyness he could be great! My favourites are/were Lilly Scott, Siobhan Magnus, Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze, and Michael Lynche. I really think the 4 judges should have more say in the results as it appears America is voting with their eyes and not their ears.

  55. I am with the majority. Lily is amazing singer. She should be in the top 5. To bad we cannot vote here in Canada. The American people seem to be confused. I think AI should re-think the last vote. Here’s hoping Big Mike takes it all.

  56. Btw I think Alec Baldwin would be a great replacement for Simon on American Idol and Ellen Im sorry to say you dont cut it!

  57. Lee will win it all…..Lilly should have stayed….Tim Urban….NONONONONO should have left….Lee has the best voice of today’s music…love him….another Jack Johnson

  58. Lilly Scott was the best – american got it all wrong. Hope someone will pick her up – would certainly support her recording career.

  59. What was Kara’s problem with Casey James???She actually acted annoyed./….did he ignore her advances or what? I thought last night he was really good…..I do think tho that Lee is one of the best if not the best!

  60. I forgot………..Lily is or was great too….what a mistake on America’s part!!!!


  62. What a joke! Can we have a program to watch the eliminated contestants? I don’t know that any of the four that left last night would have won but they were easily better than several of the ones who are staying, better and more interesting…! As for 2010, I am OUT!

  63. Janet – you are sounding like Kara and Ellen – a little silly my dear! Tim – AI winner in 2010? Wow – but then again, not totally insane. There have been some winners that did not deserve it. Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtrey, Bo Bice – all thought for sure they would take the AI title and did not.

  64. Sherri, agree with your thoughts and am with you on favorites. My favorites also are/were Lilly Scott, Siobhan Magnus, Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze, Michael Lynche as well as Andrew Garcia. I think he will keep working things out and he is fun to watch.

  65. Could it be possible that more lines are open to some candidates and less for others?

    I’m just wondering if votes by phone is 100% fair…

    Maybe I’ll switch to America got talent instead of AI?

  66. My money is on Crystal Bowersox and Michael Lynch. They are both excellent singers, which is the object of this program.

  67. This happens just about every season of Idol and I almost decide to quit watching! I find it too much to believe that Paige beat out Katelyn and I really cannot accept the fact that Katie beat out a real talent like Lily! It truly is as Simon says, it’s a popularity contest and not a singing contest. A great big “BOO” to all those who voted for Paige and Katie.

  68. OK-really?? last night proved, this year just IS NOT RIGHT. Last season I went to Little Rock when AI came, and it was freakin awesome. I’ve just lost interest in the show this year, the spark just is not there. And now, I am so upset at last nights results. They WERE NOT RIGHT!

  69. Tim Urban should have been kicked off. His vocals are average at best and Alex Lambert should have stayed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. i really like lily scott .i dont know y she got voted off ..damn i hate american idol ….i dont know y is katie stevens in the top 12 ..lily scott is definitely better than her …..and this stupid tim urban is still here just coz he is cute he cannot sing at all…alex lambert is definitely better than him ………..i hope lily scott releases a album or something ..i would surely buy it ..i really love her ..:)

  71. So sorry to see Alex and Lilly go. I’m so surprised! Alex has such a unique voice and style. He should have had more time to get over his stage fright. That’s what Idol is about, for me, not about the one who is great right out of the box but one who grows and improves as time goes on. Lilly, a unique style with great appeal. Hopefully, both will find their audience!


  73. Oh, well, Alex & Lilly gone…sigh. Paige will crash, Garcia next, and poor old Tim will be short lived. To Alex & Lilly, both of you will succeed, away from this debacle with the immense talent & promise you both have…always remember two wonderful words…Jennifer Hudson…

  74. I’ve read everyone’s support of Lily. Did you
    hear the same song I heard? She brutalized it.
    She can sing but her song choice cost her big

  75. quick someone give Lilly Scott a contract and get her on the radio before this season is over with a #1 hit. AI is a mockery


  77. Very bummed and shocked to see Lilly and Alex leave. They were definitely two of my favorites!

  78. Richard T,

    Patsy Cline is one of my fave singers and Lily’s version was quite cool. she managed to give it her own little twist and I did really enjoy it.

    As for Michael Lynche’s “Woman’s work” — I so didn’t get it. There’s some guy on YouTube who sings it 100 times better than Michael did. Unfortunately, everyone fell for his story about just recently becoming a father himself. That’s great, but shouldn’t have completely influenced a person’s judgment of his performance.

    Also, even previous idol Jason Castro’s performance of Halelujah was much better than Tim Urban’s.

    As for Alex, I really dug his voice. I can’t believe people were dis’n him for being a little nervous out there. Even nervous — he typically sung much better than many of the others.

  79. Richard T – I think we all heard the same song – did you hear Paiges? Talk about wrong choice – she butchered it. Don’t think most would say that Lilly would be the next AI, but she has surely done better than Paige and Lacey. She deserved another shot or two above Paige and Lacey. JMO tho.

  80. Wow I agree that Lilly should have stayed and Lacey Brown should have been eliminated. Lacey will be the next one. However, I have this feeling the final three will be Crystal, Michael, and Casey.

  81. I think that it was a mistake to let Alex Lambert go. He has a great voice and with the right training Alex could be the next superstar. Alex looks like a young Paul McCartney. I voted many times for Alex, maybe someone is not counting the votes right.

  82. DIANA……YOU THINK!!!!

  83. America got it wrong last night, please let the judges save Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert, these two are two of the best talents the show has seen, it would be a shame to see them go. Either one of them could be the next idol. I think everyone assumed they were safe, so they didn’t get enough votes, but this won’t happen again.
    let the judges save them please…. I love both of them.

  84. guess AI has to have the “shock” factor going on so we can all get on this blog and give our opinions!~ None of the contestants have the goosebump, wow affect so far. Any of them could go anytime – so vote, vote, vote. There will be another “shocker” yet this season. So far all think Crystal and Big Mike. One will get cut earlier than suspected – that “shock” factor thing!

  85. Paige should have gone home . Lily was good and so was Alex. The girl with the short red hair should also go.

  86. First, the system should be tweaked, with judges having a wild card to save someone at least till later on in the show. Also, it is about music…who can sing, who can exhibit creativity within the given song selection. Idol should be about greatness, and help good talent become great. Judges need to be more spot on about the musicianship of the proffered selection. Not just, it didn’t work for me..why did it not work for you? Judges should have reviewed the rehearsals so they are able to formulate a coherent answer, aside from I’m a fan..and turn off the waterworks, what on earth is that? Actually, exhibit more professionalism all around please.

  87. Although lily isnt a favourite of mine and i doubted she was gonna win the whole thing anyway, i didnt think it was her turn to go home last nite. America got it right with todrick and katelyn, they deserved to go, but not the other two. Its sad also because i really enjoying listening to alex’s voice, i love it……btw, go lee and crystal!!:) and people stop feeling sorry for andrew…its no one’s fault but his own that he sucks!

  88. Rolling Stones next week. Could be interesting. Don’t know that any of them are “rockers”.

  89. I don’t know what everyone thought was so unique about Lilly’s voice? She sounds almost exactly like Didi – And they both sound like the girl who sang on the movie Elf. And seriously, just cuz the gray hair worked for Taylor Hicks doesn’t mean it works for everyone. I agree 100% with Richard T. on that one.

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks “America got it wrong”? Some people just have a bigger fan base than others. Seriously, look at Chris Daughtery. He got like 5th place and is more popular than 3/4 of the people who actually won the American Idol title. And I’m sorry but there was nothing amazing about Alex Lambert. Seriously…its time to move on!

  90. Rolling Stones this week…This should be interesting and will either make or break me from watching all together with this group of 12.

  91. Good looking women are first to leave, regardless of their singing abilities. It is a proven fact. Good looking men are there to stay for as long as it takes. The contest has become ridiculous.

  92. I agree with Ashley…Tim Urban should not still be on the show. His last performance was better than the other 2 but he doesnt have what it takes. Alex may not be the next Idol but he certainly was miles over Tim.

    With that being said, whose coaching these kids? They seem to be really confused as to what they should be doing. I’ve been watching AI for many seasons now and I’ve never seen them look so lost before. Someone tell them they dont all have to be Dave Cooks. Tell them to look at the previous seasons!

  93. I am disgusted with all the favoritisms clearly demonstrated on this show! The womans results last night was an insult to viewers, we all know who should have been leaving last night! Then the same behavior with the mens side. We again know who couldnt sing if his life depended on it. And Kara, if you cant get a grip on your emotional outbursts….do all a favor and leave the show! You will never be another Paula so just get over it.

  94. Agree with you Susan (#100), Stones will be interesting and won’t be easy for some of the singers. I think this round could be good for Casey, Lee and Andrew. Just gotta pick the right song.

  95. After last nights fake results…….I will no longer be watching this show and participating in any way. You may fool me once, but you wont fool me twice. You are fake fake fake fake fake!!!

  96. After last seasons winner was Kris I started to suspect that voting is rigged after last night I am positive voting is rigged. There has to be the drama always the drama. I feel that the voting system needs to be redone most shows have a set limit of votes to a phone line and people are not allowed to text voted 100 times for a person. I think they need to go to something more like America’s got talent where the judges make the final decision between the 2 contestants. But in all honesty the ratings of AI have dropped so is this the final season

  97. Agree this could very well be it for AI. Once Simon is gone and X-factor is in, AI won’t have enough support to stay a-float but maybe one more year. It used to be that Ryan would annouce how many votes (33 Million, 32 Million, etc.) I don’t think he has done that this year, has he? Did I miss it? Wonder how bad the voting and ratings have dropped. Must be a bunch after last years winner was announced because 90% of all bloggers just knew it would be Adam L. I personally liked Kris better – not the drama queen that Adam was – more like a Cat Stevens type with Kris.

  98. Oh please! Lily killed her chances by that disgusting song choice! Krystal is definitely the standout this year with that strong voice and passion. I just wish we had another Adam Lambert-like contestant! Now what a voice and entertainer!!

  99. Haeley should get pulled back into the compitition she was the best!!! I also love Paige and I was really happy!!!

  100. who is voting for tim urban? who??? what is keeping him on the show? The judges keep repeating how much talent there are this year. On what show?? its not AI. There may be 3 people with real talent and the others are just a surprise to see still there week after week. Is the American public fried??

  101. I love Ellen as a comedian and her show is great!! BUT, She should do the job she was hired to do and that is to be a judge. Not everyones best friend and bud. Randy I can respect at times. Kara should never have been selected as a judge to begin with. She has the personality of a wet mop. Simon is real. he will tell the truth no matter who it hurts or hangs. lol Come on these pitiful people have been lied to enough by family and friends who didnt want to hurt their feelings by telling them they could sing. So pitiful. To mislead and have them make fools of them self. If Simon is leaving then the producers have their work cut out for them.

  102. omg katie stevens need to seriously go home already…. so sad that mullet boy and lily got sent home…

  103. Lilly Scott was HOT. Great style. I’d buy her record. She was in the top 6. Also Todrick, very talented. Just to have some teen age that aren’t that polished, but can sing.

  104. Yes, all my favorites were in the top 12 but I can’t believe that Katie Stevens has taken the slot. It should be Lilly or Kaitlyn. They’re way too better than Katie.

  105. hi emy, yup me too…but am pretty sure that lilly/kaitlyn will have their own albums…

  106. exactly what AI NEEDS & WANTS – a CONTROVERSY so people at least TALK about AI as ratings are DOWN. the whole build up of this season SUCKS – every year you could identify 5-6 top talent. I have struggled to come up with 2 – all around, mass market appeal through the auditions. I quit watching – husband cant stop watching the “train wreck” – funny thing is I go in to bedroom and he is FAST ASLEEP “WATCHING” – lmao.

  107. Lilly, hmmmm the goth look is not working for her! She looks as if she is part of the cast of thriller. Can she say “makeover”? I understand creating your own style but unless she is trying out for a part in New Moon she is just strange looking. Adam Lambert had his own style, Lilly is just scary.

  108. I’m disappointment with the show. What happened to all of the talented artist? Why do we need to keep these youngsters who are annoying and can’t sing crap!? Just because the majority of the views are young people doesn’t mean we prefer these 16 year old contestants. By the way, I’m not saying that because I’m older. I’m only 18 and talent has nothing to do with age. Either Americans aren’t voting fairly or the whole show is a cheat. I feel sad for Alex Lambert. I really felt like he had a natural talent and a great sense of believability in his songs. I hope we will see him soon. He deserves it all the way.

  109. Last year America voted between 2 very talented guys. For some reason America chose the one with a down home look. Find another way to vote for these people because this one isnt working out. Lets give the most talented their just deserts. Crystal and Mike are the only ones that really deserve to be on this show this year. Lets just cut to the chase and save us the misery and struggle of watching hurt feelings and tears of sending these elevator singers to the house, in which they should have never left in the first place. Stay home and sing to “mommy” she is your only fan anyway.

  110. I think everyone who is crying about their favorite being eliminated should shut up and vote instead. That’s what happened . Don’t blame the show for the fact that you didn’t vote . They don’t determine who stays , we do. I truly feel those who didn’t make the top 12 wouldn’t have won the show anyway. They obviously couldn’t get the votes. So SHUT UP AND VOTE.

  111. AI this year sucks..Alex out??..Lily Out?…what??..i just don’t understand what happening..people don’t vote for talent anymore??.

  112. When Kris won over Adam last year…I thought I wouldn’t watch any more… but I gave it one more shot. Bad Idea!! The voting process is a joke. Kara needs to get off of Simon, and they all need to work on CON-structive remarks instead of DE-structive remarks. Here’s an idea, why don’t they tell them something that will actually HELP them instead of CONFUSE them. If AI doesn’t save Alex and Lilly with a wild card or something, I’m done. I’ve watched EVERY year, but I won’t waste my time any more. Sorry AI…your show is beginning to stink up my living room!

  113. Here’s hoping that separate booths for the judges be set up so that they won’t be able to see and hear the reviews/comments on all the performers. Meaning, they won’t copy or contradict opinions. They’ll be giving their own individual critique. To each his own. Same goes for the Top 12. To have an even playing field, they must not be allowed to witness each other’s numbers.

  114. Come on…. this is not right at all… “Alex Lambert and Lily Scott”!!!!! please choose the talent…not based on the popularity…

  115. Lily seriously sucks in my opinion. Tim is not that bad. Casey and Aron should be out .Lacy should be out instead of Cathlen. Now i’m cheeing for Lee.

  116. To prevent unfair elemination of good talent, perhaps the judges should judge and select the top 12 or even the top 10 before opening to the public for their votes.

  117. I was angry last night but today I am beside myself. The only way to save this show will be to have two wild cards this week. One for the guys and one for the girls.

  118. This was the worst Idol cut that I’ve ever seen. I usually buy most of the songs and watch every show but after last night I’m never watching again. Lilly should have been there. If Simon hadn’t put her down I believe that she would have stayed. Simon you need to be more careful of what you say. It changes outcomes when it shouldn’t have!!!

  119. I am very shocked at the results—Alex Lambert should still be in it and Tim Urban out. The judges even told him he improved the most. Alex’s has a good voice-differnet than the others. I can listen to him sing over and over. Alex’s hair looked good on him. He is a handsome boy. I don’t think it was fair on the comments made about it. Tim Urban looks like it month’s since he got a haircut and nobody said anything about his hair. Simon said that he saw a big improvement in Alex and the last week tells him that he never seen a change in him. I am sure that it is not easy being up there facing the judges. Just because they don’t like a certain person–doesn’t mean other don’t. Everyone has their own taste. What’s this? I voted for Alex for 2 hours straight. Personally, I don’t think America’s vote has anything to do with it. AI clean up your act and go for talent–I am done watching
    Can’t wait for Alex to record a cd.

  120. I’m happy to see lee in the top 12!!
    but sad to see Alex, lily, and katelyn go home.
    and before I forgot disappointed to see Tim and paige in the top 12!!.

  121. Maybe something should be done with a site that promotes the worse? Has anyone seen what they do from there. Just look up votefortheworse.

  122. even I’m not lily’s fans, but i feel so disappointed to see her go. She is one of the best – even some of others better -, lily can be the part of top 12, and Paige out. Alex also. He is better than Tim Urban. I hope I can vote for those people but I live at Asia and can’t vote 🙁

  123. Hi, Watching in the UK and can not believe how the voting went this week…

    Lily didnt have a great voice but easily had enough style and elan to get into the top 12..her quirky presence will be missed

    Katelyn hasnt been mentioned much but personally I thought she was a real dark horse, a talented musician and a natural performer who would have shone on the big stage, very disappointed to see her go..what Paige is doing there instead of her is anyone’s guess?…

    but the real shock was Alex – his version of the John Legend song ‘No-one knows’ last week was the best performance of the series, and its a travesty that we wont get a chance to hear him again….

    come on American public..dont just vote on a smile and a set of white teeth..give us something worth watching!

    Liverpool, England

  124. Have people lost their minds?! Is this a talent contest? (I don’t think so) It just so happens that anyone with real talent gets voted off, Lilly and Alex had the most personality and great voices, they were different. Why is it that anyone different is kicked off? They just keep picking the wrong people, first they pick Kris over Adam and now this? I am so over this show! not even kidding!

  125. ohmigod – I’m devastaed – I loved Lilly and Katin Epperley – I hope they go onto bigger and better things…

  126. I’m just happy that 3 of my favorite made it to the top 12 and they are, of course #1.Didi, #2. Casey and not but not the least #3.Aaron…Good luck to the three of you…but I’m betting on Didi to be the next American Idol…

  127. god, what a damn american idol , didi binami is one of the finalist of top 12, i think she’s not diserving on her spot and i think its better if they put lily than that f@$%^* girl (didi)

  128. DUDE!How did Alex get voted off?! And I’m a tween but i know better than to vote for Tim freakin’ Urban! AI is based on talent right? Wrong. Yeah we all argree it USED to be. But now stupid girls who think they have a chance with Tim urbarn vote on good looks. I mean SERIOUSLY if American Idol was based on talent these days then Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert would still be here!

    Man I really hope they do a woldcard this year!

  129. i was completely shocked with the results? like what?! alex and lilly double really two of the best talents ive ever watched in AI.
    hmmpphh, this is not good!

    ps:im a AI’s fan from Malaysia but i think i started to hate AI now.

  130. I’m done with being shock! After giving my comment for 7 times, I think the shock moments are gone. Right now I just wanna rate the contest..

    Top 1- Lee Dewyze
    Top 2- Crystal Bowersox
    Top 3- Michael Lynche
    Top 4- Siobhan Magnus
    Top 5- Andrew Garcia
    Top 6- Didi Benami
    Top 7- Casey James
    Top 8- Katie Stevens
    Top 9- Aaron Kelly
    Top 10-Lacey Brown
    Top 11-Paige Miles
    Top 12-Tim Urban

  131. I think that they should do their voting like how SYTYCD does it. In the top 20 phase, similar to the top 12 on american idol, SYTYCD has you vote for who goes through and the 3 dancer pairs do solos to impress the judges and then the judges decide form those three pairs who goes home ( the two people, 1 guy 1 girl, who go home aren’t necesarily from the same pair). then once they get to the top 10, similar to the top 12 on American Idol, fans have all the say. This would be a good fair way to vote because then the judges can take off the less talented people but people can still save their favorites.

  132. My girlfriend and I are adults who watches AI from time to time. We got hooked in this year by the competiton between many of the talented artists. We will not watch it anymore since Alex Lambert was voted off. He has a very unique and exceptional voice that would be popular in any generation. We have decided to boycott the remaining season since the most interesting voice is no longer there. Most of the remaining contestant are good but offer no originality. Please bring Alex back as a wildcard.

  133. 1. America votes not for pure talent-they vote for talent in their favorite “group” be it cute teen Katie, or only black woman left Paige, or who-do-we-choose unique female artist? Voters were told Crystal was it so Lilly got shafted. For the sweet boyish category that the teen and and tween girls vote for, Simon and the rest were tripping over themselves with complements to Tim and were luke-warm with Alex, so these impressionablely silly girls wanted to back the winner.
    2. Kara’s public cougar crush is beyond inappropriate given her position as a judge and hurt Casey’s chances of getting any fair critique, and also puts him in the embarassing position in front of millions of viewers-first it was how hot he was when he took his shirt off, then it was how disappointed he had made her since she had to backtrack after the first over-the-top gushing, and her hanging all over Simon is just as inappropriate. Show some respect.

  134. Can’t wait for the tell all book that will come out some day about the “fix” to promote some folks and the effort to sink others. Are the voter results true – one has to wonder after this last result posting.

  135. VOTE for the one you really think deserves the title AI season 9 winner no matter where you are. No more loyalty votes. Stop the sympathy votes! Don’t get influence by the judges’ rave reviews or criticisms. They’re there to confuse you. They are not THE experts who will guide you to select the best. Open your minds and let your conscience dictate the way how you will vote.

  136. OMG Americans are going down the same path again and I foresee the best person may not win again.I also commented while watching Alex that he looks like a young Paul McCartney.Sadly I won’t be seeing him again for a while.I must admit I was shocked that Lilly went home.Some of those girls are just not up to it and yet we have one who is bringing something different and good to the show going home.Whats Up Folks?

  137. crytal is good but im tired to hear judge said how good she is, for me she very boring

  138. didi banami should have made it through all the way.she had such a great spirit and her performances were amazing.and by the way casey james should be the next american idol

  139. Didi the BEST !!!! Crystal is really good but that acctitude hope she change it if not people will stop like her

  140. Lilly should not have gone off idols, i thought her and crystal would be the last two girls on idols. Paige isnt very good , i dont know why she still on!They say they want different but yet let them go!

  141. Lilly was quite right, she doesnt know what America wants! The personal trainer dude should stick to that he aint a Singer!

  142. I could not believe the talent sent home. I think there are people that vote on the cute factor and not on real talent. I try to look at who will become a recording artist that I would actually buy their work. I do buy and listen to many of the American Idol artist. Alex especially would be one I would purchase. Hoping they bring him back.

  143. I truely think that the comments that are given to the contestants about what they should do or not do, is VERY confusing, and some of Simon’s remarks are extremely hurtful, why does he do that???? I don’t think Simon cares about the show anymore, so why did he stay this season??

    I don’t see much talent this year, and Crystal looks very ill..They should tell us why!!!

  144. AI2010 Is great entertainment.Having the privilege to watch the talent that comes out to compete is all that. There really is a lot of great undiscovered talent out there, wow.
    What I don’t like is the repetitive comments made by the judges, “your not really feeing the music”, “not connecting too it”, … etc. I can’t even imagine how tough the job for the judges is, but you chose it, you promote it, so stop repeating yourselves and give them insight if you can. If you can’t….don’t repeat yourself.
    My favourite competitors are: Casey Jones and Crystal Bowersox. Music and rhythm seems to seep out of thier very being. Genuine artists awesome! Other favourites are Siobhan Magnus…these people [Casey, Crystal and Siobhan] are amazing and I cant wait to see what they do next!
    Aaron Kelly – wow, awesome courage, this guy is good a name to watch!
    Paige Miles – ??? Why is she still in this competition.
    Really liked Alex and Lily, too bad they had to go.

  145. Just wondering if the AI producers are reading our comments or not. Don’t just stick to votes over the phone lines which are so difficult to get thru, especially for people who don’t have the time privilege of standing by the phone line to vote. AI NEEDS to give WILD CARD(S) to BRING BACK THOSE DESERVING CONTESTANTS who were ‘accidentally’ voted off. Tim, who doesn’t actually deserve to be up on the 12, got a 2nd chance, so why not Alex, Lily or Todrick, who are way much deserving than Tim! I agree with you, Kate (comment#77). AI is not about all-ready talents straight from the box, but more about talents that improve throughout the process (the advice given and trainings and hands-on experience), besides of course, the growing personality and the X factor.




  148. yey!!! Go Didi!! ill continue supporting you. no matter what happen. im happy that you’re dreams (and rebecca’s) are finally coming true!

  149. well i gather it might be the last year for AI bein the most popular show. how do ya expect to accept that the talented contestants should be booed out so soon. Alex & Lily should not have been eliminated too soon, big mistake America!!!!

  150. I cannot believe that everyone thought that Lily was good last week, in fact she was terrible, you obviously not listening. Your views are sentimental and certainly not because she was great.

  151. Hi Minnie… Well, based on last week’s performance, frankly and personally, I have to agree with you. Personally, I didn’t like Lily’s rendition of Patsy Cline’s “I Fall to Pieces”. It was kindna weird, for me. Nevertheless, speaking generally, though not one of my faves, Lily is one of AI’s unique contestants this season and it’s a shame to see her not get on the top 12 list! Not cool at all to see that Tim instead of her or Alex or Todrick sail thru!

  152. the judges keep saying that there is serious talent talent but seriuosly we are most def. watching a diffferent show

  153. Hello to those that think that it is AI and the judges that are totally to blame for wrong choices being kicked off!! Has no one paid attention that there is a web site that calls upon those that love to ‘vote for the worst’? AND yes, that is the Sanjaya Ghost effect.
    And to add to all this, I agree that Lilly and Alex should still be there in place of some others that are wasting space. Its the uniqueness that is going to sell and not the ordinary or copy cats when it comes selling CDs to the majority that love music. I have to say that Big Mike should not be in the top 12. Too many just feel so sorry for him due to him being a new father, etc. Hey, what is so unique about him?…being huge and loves showing off his muscles or strengths that way?
    The show would also do BEST if they got rid of Tara. She seems to be more unstable to what Paula was. At least Paula was cute.
    Judges should not even allow OLD songs to be sung. I am so tired of elevator music or like church songs. If I want to hear such then would go hang out in those places for my fill of such!

  154. @Joel, how can you say that Big Mike should not be in the Top 12, he was by far the best last week, he is the one to beat, don’t know what Idols you watching.

  155. Really sad to see Lily and Alex go.I would like to know how Americans are voting.They should have been in the top 4 of this competion!!!Crystal did not look herself.

  156. Crystal has not looked well ever since being hospitalized (that caused the guys to go first before the girls). Hope she would get well again to fight for the finals.

  157. This is from South africa, Lilly was so boring….so glad she has gone, she needs to colout that hair.
    Very sad for Alex, he wad awsome, but very nervous……
    Love Casey and Crystal and Tim was also awsone last night, very clever song, it one him lots of votes

  158. Wow, how did this happen? Alex going is easy to understand at this stage. But Lily???, Okay, slight pitch problems but she’s a top 4 contender!! She was Unique.. I’m going to miss her and her voice.

  159. A new week for the top 12…Let’s see what they can do. I am a huge fan of Siobhan Magnus. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table this week. I don’t think we will be disappointed. She rocks!

  160. @Minnie, I equal Big Mike to Ruben Studdard. Someone that is OK, but not unique with the appeal for the sounds or the style to be loved by many young people that either buy or listen to the majority of music out there. Similar as him and so typical sounding as him are not moldable to be adjusting to the newness the way the ones that either have a unique way about them or that will be able to be transformed to be so. So, said that, I am not the one that enjoys a person singing on some one time good performance. That is what would be what you call “sentimental” reasoning. I can go and hear such singing as he did on his last performance at a gossip place. He is just what I call ‘lucky’ and hopefully since he has some more chances due to some people that vote for the worst–that he has more chances than he should have to prove himself to be much better.

  161. I agree with you, Joel. Mike is surely a good performer, yet he so reminds me of Ruben. It’s like Paige and little Katie. Paige somehow blew it last week but was really lucky to get through. These 2 girls can sing well, but none of them stands out actually. They don’t have their own ‘thing’ to be able to really impress the growing music lovers today.

  162. My top 3:

    Michael Lynche
    Crystal Bowersox
    Didi Benami

    My Idol so far: Crystal Bowersox

    The worst: Tim Urban.

  163. I’ll be watching Tuesday because I’m curious to see how The Stones will be interpretted by kids today. Depends on who has a 60’s sort of vibe.
    I think the boys will do very well,but I don’t know about the girls. Maybe Chrystal.She’s sort of a 60’s woman. Depends on what song she chooses. ..something slow and sensual would be good.

  164. My real favorite contestant, Crystal, made the cut, which is not surprising at all. I think she is way ahead of all contestants and at this point in time I can easily see her in the final 2. I was, however, upset that Lilly didn’t make it. She was different, likable, had a great look and an awesome voice. What are people thinking…? Didi is charismatic, but in NO WAY she should have made it instead of Lilly.
    As far as the guys go, I wasn’t upset with the results. Big Mike and Andrew made it, so that made me happy. Alex elimination is causing quite a stir, but I don’t really get the reason why…

  165. Crystal Bowersox is TOTALLY going to freeking make it all the way. she will SO win.
    The black girl.. i think her name is paige? Why the heck is she still on the show? She is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blah, god. She shouldnt have made it on in the first place!!!

  166. @Joel, well that is your opinion which you entitled to, fortunately America does not share your sentiments.

  167. I am happy Crystal made it through. She is a fantastic singer and I hope she sails all the way to the top.

  168. Mona, and anyone that wonders why some of the worst are still in, while better ones are gone. I am sure I am not allowed to put up a link here so just have all these words together as they are: votefortheworst and have dot com after it or search the packed words on a search engine.

  169. I agree with the majority of the comments.However,I have a teenage daughter who loved Lily and Alex.People shouldn’t mke steretypes about how bad young teens vote.My daughter has a good ear for talent,and doesn’t look for bubblegum at all. I think there should be a growing list to have the wild card back.Top faves also are Lee,Chrystal,and Didi,and Casey has a great VOICE too!

  170. I hope there they make it the TOP 13……so Lilly can come back! She should not have gone last week! Fingers crossed PLEASE!!!

  171. Saw Lilly on Ellen. It’s not a shame but a MISTAKE that she’s not still in 2010AI. Seriously, some producer, maybe Randy or Simon should pick up JENNIFER BRAUN. She too got beat out for 2010 Eurovision by Lena but Jennifer is really good (and in my opinion better than Lena).

  172. siobhan magnus i believe has the clearest voice of all and a must better range, and wider talant range and great stage presence.
    so is so versatile and no fears

  173. Ohwell people no use complaining about it anymore!! I just want a good show, dont care who wins cos afterwards they all pretty much fade out….esp maybe kelly clarkeson, she was and still is the bomb!

  174. They didn’t all bomb.Carri Underwwod,Jennifer Hudson,Daughtry,Fantasia had a lead on Broadway,Adam Lambert,AND Kelly Clarkson.LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!! ELLEN I SINCERE,and FUNNY.ANNOYED WITH KARA’S FAKE FLIRTING,BUT SHE IS KNOWLEGEBLE,SIMON IS LESS MEAN,AND RANDY IS RANDY>TOP FAVE_Didi,Chrystal,Lee,Cassie,Lacey,and Mike

  175. Siobann has a screechy,nasal voice.I don’t get the judges loving her.Didi was phenominal,Lacey has a great voice,but was boring,chrystal is great,but doesn’t seem to care,Mike was great, Casey,and Katie stevens did much better.Didi is my fav,bowersox,lacey(although needs to be more fun),Mikey and cassie

  176. I miss Alex Lambert and want to see him back on the show. I’m not enjoying watching AI anymore. I fast-forwarded through most of the show on 3/15/10…it’s just not the same. I think Alex had a good shot of winning this season. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED????

  177. who does tim urban know???? i just knew he would go tonight and he didnt! dear god how bad does he have to be before america says “enough”?

  178. To those of you that say it is AI is a teenage girls popularity contest. My daughter always votes for a few contestants. Her votes went to Lily, Alex, and Crystal. If her voting patterns are indicative of the way teenage girls vote your theory is dead wrong.

    Personally I Couldn’t believe Lily went home but was glad to see Alex go.

  179. I, objectively,believe Michael Lynche was the correct contestant
    to be eliminated on 04/07/2010.
    From the 9 contestants left to compete,Michael has persistently
    delivered the same style,regardless of the song.
    I have been astonished at the uniform ultra-positive critique of the judges.
    To save face,Michael Lynche had to be saved tonight.

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