American Idol 2010: Top 16 Results Recap

Let me start off by saying that right now, I am not a fan of the worsters.  I blame them entirely for Paige Miles and Tim Urban still being in the competition over Alex Lambert and Kaitlyn and Lilly.  WTH worsters??? 

I knew it was gonna be bad when Ryan started the show off by saying we could be in for a surprise or two.  Really?  You think so Ryan?? 

I felt like I was watching a reunion of the Brady Bunch/Partridge Family when the Top 16 belted out Michael Buble’s “Just Haven’t Met You Yet.”  Sounded lame and out of touch to me.  In fact, the majority of the songs this year have pretty much sucked.  Bring it on with The Rolling Stones.

Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud graced us with their presence with a duo straight from Elton John and Billy Joel, with the battling pianos and everything.  All they did was remind me why they were eliminated last season.  Scott has a new album out on itunes called Heartstrings if anyone wants to check it out.

On to the results.  Yes the worsters win again.  Paige and Tim are both safe.  I mean come on!  Paige turned “Smile” into a funeral dirge and still got in the top 12.  I’ve lost complete faith in America.  Tonight we said good bye to Kaitlyn Epperly first then Todrick Hall.  Ok, these two I get.  Kaitlyn hasn’t had a great performance the last couple of weeks and even though Todrick got great feedback last night, it was too little too late. 

The next two were Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott.  Something is not right with this.  Alex finally proved why he should be in the competition with his song “Trouble” and even though I didn’t care for Lilly’s take on Patsy Cline, she shouldn’t have been eliminated so soon.  Who to blame?  America for not picking up the phone or the Worsters for making the call?  Perhaps both.  I’m disappointed with tonight.  Can’t you tell?

What did you all think?  Did the right 4 go home?




  1. I’m curious how you can be a fan of Alex Lambert? Really, he never come out of his “shell” and always seemed timid. That, an American Idol does not make. He needs confidence which, unfortunately, didn’t find him soon enough.

    Not a big fan of Lilly’s look or faces she makes while singing, but she has a distinctive voice and originality. Don’t agree with her going home quite yet. Definitely agree with Toddrick (ick) and Kaitlyn, however.

    Go Crystal!

  2. Wanna make it to the top 12 on American Idol?
    Sing “Halleluah”.
    Jesus saves.
    Even if u suck.
    Seacrest out.

  3. I am still in shock over Lilly being gone. Keep thinking I am going to wake up and it was just a dream….

  4. Yeah, i don’t know if it’s just me, but I think this year’s top 12 are ugh.. Or maybe it’s just because I liked last year’s contestants much better. Couldn’t wait to watch it last year. Now, I don’t even care if a miss it ! It was good to see Matt Giraud again 🙂

  5. Absolutely astounded. The only ones I agreed with was Todrick and Kaitlyn. Now that Alex is gone, I’m done tuning in to the show. He has the only voice worth recording…I’ll be watching for his CD. America voted wrong!

  6. I am so disappointed in the results tonight! Alex is the best, given time he would have come out of his shell. Lilly is SO much better than Kaitlyn and I’ll miss Toddrick’s performances, Aaron Kelly has to go!!!

  7. NOT AT ALL ON TWO OF THEM! I think that Adam was FANTASTIC and Paige is safe what in THE WORLD! She hasn’t show us any talent AT ALL! Lily is WAY better than Paige. America has gotten it wrong AGAIN!!!

  8. I am so upset with the results. Alex and Lilly were on the top of my list. I can’t believe the top 12 that America has voted in. I am a huge A/I fan, but I think I’m done. I will just be frustrated when I see the worsters perform. Big Mike is alright, but it seems to me that he is getting a little bit cocky about it. Crystal should win, but she seems too sick or something she never smiles. I don’t know whats up with this show but in my opinion it’s the worst year yet.

  9. Shocked that Lily and Alex went byebye. Still have favorites but who knows after tonight? Traditionals still seem to reign overall. I am 66 and love the new inovative singers. Keep it up!

  10. I am so spoiled after last year’s talent. With the exception of Megan Joy the rest were very good especially Kris, Adam, and Allison. This year I like Lee, Crystal, Big Mike, and that Magnus girl(can’t spell her first name!). I think the four eliminated tonight were the right choice except I would have axed Didi..she is boring.

  11. America got it all wrong. Alex keep your head up . We will see you soon.This all might be a complete mess right now.The door is open so open it. Luvyababy

  12. This is bs! I actualy just downloaded Alex’s Everybody Knows off of itunes. I loved his rendition of the song!!!!! He should NOT have been voted off and neither should Lilly. The show was lame before but I was still hooked. Now, it’s a sell out show. Sucks to be you Bowersox – if I were you I’d be embarassed to be on the show at this point.

  13. I can’t quite describe how much I wish I could wipe Vote For The Worst off the map and tell them to mind their own business. I really do think it’s partly their fault why we don’t have spectacular talent this year (cuz we keep voting them off early!)
    My top four favorites this year are Aaron Kelly, Casey James, Siobhan Magnus, and Lilly Scott. So obviously I am way disappointed that Lilly got axed and Katie Stevens did not. Or Lacey Brown. Or Paige Miles. Or Didi Benami.

  14. I am so disappointed! Alex was my favorite. I loved the sound of his voice. It is so unique,to me the best of the guys by far. What about that wildcard thing aren’t they doing it this year

  15. I’m very disappointed with the results…Why in the hell Paige Miles is still there??? She is so far the worst American Idol finalist. Get her out of there soon…please AMERICA

    I hate when Alex Lambert got eliminated so soon. I want to see more of him especially now that he’s showing some confidence.

  16. Alex was the only one in years that really interested me. Anyone else I hear on the radio any day. Someone please, offer him a contract. I’ll buy his album!

  17. WTF America.How on earth can Lilly Scott be voted off over Katie Stephens who doesn’t have a clue of who she is. This is just wrong, wrong wrong. I agree with Katelyn going as she became a bit non descript. As for the guys, I think the only reason Todrick has gone is due to the fact that he was summarised as being a musical performer rather than recording artist (of which I totally agree) but having said that he was bold, changed the songs as requested, looked comfortable and could move. He had the star package. Although he wouldn’t have been my overall winner he is way better at this stage than Andrew, Aaron, Tim,Alex and Lee. Ok everyone calm down Alex has an unusual voice/tone according to the calamity of judges. He also has an unusual haircut too, Alex was just too late in coming to the front and needs more experience. I’m glad he went over Aaron who has been more consistant throughout the show.
    Ok so its final 12 time and we only get to see one voted off per week. Is Crystal (she doesn’t smile a lot – not due to being ill but has incredibly bad teeth) and Mike goiing to be our final 2 or will Andrew pull out another Paula Abdul number that he can sing that will see him shoot for pole position. Will Aaron start singing more maturely? Will Katie ever discover who she really is and stop listening to the confusion coming from the judges mouths. Keep going Lacey and Didi -I love that you know who you are and continue to run with it howevr look what happened to Lilly. The final 12. More like a jury than competitors hungry to win a singing competition. Maybe just maybe once Simon has gone the show will also follow him.

  18. WTF you got to be kidding me!! After eliminating Alex Lambert I’m not sure if I’ll still be watching the show. He is very talented and his voice is so unique. His song Everybody Knows is the only thing I downloaded this season. This is all wrong!!!!!!

  19. The only true talent this year is Chrystal!!!!! Over and out! The rest can suck it! This is the worst year ever. If Chrystal doesn’t win, I’m never watching American Idol again! It will be crap without Simon anyway!

  20. I was really upset when Alex Lambert & Lilli Scott did not make it into the top 12 WTF. They were two of my favorites. American Idol is definitely going down hill for me this year. America wake up!

  21. I think America got it wrong this week

    1.Alex Lambert was better week after week than Tim Urban. That’s ok, Tim will sing himself out in the weeks to come.

    2.Eliminate Lilly Scott? Take Paige Miles or Katie Stevens instead. I know Lilly sounds like Kate Nash.

    Next Proper Elimination: Paige Miles, Katie Stevens, Tim Urban, and Aaron Kelly

  22. I was really upset when Alex Lambert & Lilli Scott did not make it into the top 12. They were two of my favorites. American Idol is definitely going down hill for me this year. America wake up, you really have it wrong this year!

  23. Although I originally routed for Andrew, Alex did much better, and Andrew should have been voted off. This needs to be about sound.

  24. You have picked all the same people that I like
    & I am so disappointed that Alex & Lilly are gone! Todrick did nothing for me, though I thought that he had a good voice, same goes for the blonde that did Carole King this week. See how much of an impression she made, can’t even remember her name! What I would like to know is what is wrong with Crystal tonight, she looks really upset, no smile, etc.
    anyhow, I will keep an eye on Lilly & Alex, loved them both!!! Good luck to them!!

  25. You must be kidding!!!! Eliminating precious & unique voiced Alex?? He & his Trouble brought me to tears last night> What are the voters thinking???? Lilly???? over Little Katie— who sings w/out passion or a true evolved style such as lovely Lilly Scott– I hope she goes on to a bright singing & recording future. The judges were as stunned as this audience member !!!

  26. From Canada…America, you cannot be serious ? I lost my faith in America ! Shame on you ! This AI really sucks…I hope it’s the last year because is really, now, a circus…the really worst circus I even seen…

  27. The problem is the little kiddies out there vote about 200 – 500 times for their favs. It’s not a singing contest it is a popularity contest. I have read blogs where one girl voted 2000 times for her favorite. I wonder if American Idol gets a cut of the text charges. What percentage of the votes are text and what is the split with Idol. Think about it young no talent stay but they are “pretty”.

  28. Just disgraceful. He has to be fixed? Lilly, probably one of the coolest singers on idol ever. It was very clear who should have gone home. Judges obviously in on it by their comments. Fixed fixed fixed. Not arching anymore. Really annoyed.

  29. Most of the top 12 is right. Michael and Crystal are givens. Tim Urban, I don’t get it. No way. Siobhan, yes. Lacey, yes, but should go by 8 or 9 left. Didi, maybe she’ll get better, she’s the cutest. But okay, the total shocker is Lilly going. Can’t phantom it. Katie over Lilly? Paige over Lilly? I’m beside myself. The other misjudging was Tarrock. How long will we have to put up with Tim Urban? Ugggg. Maybe like last year, AI needs a top 13. Bring back Lilly!!!

  30. I love Alex Lambert and Lily Scott. They are unique and incredible singers. Paige Miles, Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens were the ones who truly deserved elimination. This is the worst season of American Idol ever! Good that Simon is leaving the show! Who will care to watch it after that…. yea, America go on, keep voting for losers like Paige and Katie!! Yuck!!

  31. I would have picked a different four tonight – Aaron, Katie, Paige, & Tim (though I loved Halleluah). But I don’t see any of them making the top three or four anyway. I think we’re just differing on how we rank mediocrity. Unless Didi is consistently amazing or if somebody on the judging panel actually starts “geting” Andrew. I expect we’ll probably have to hear Lee be pitchy for some time because the judges fawn all over him and forgive weak vocals in the name of what they define as “relevance.” Casey will continue to be a competent, solid performer who’s “easy on the ear and the eye. (I love the singer he wants to be and almost is.) Whatever order the rest of them leave, I think it’ll come down to Siobhan, Crystal, or Mike.

  32. Well, we know now, that all the great sounding , clever, and truley talented contestants are closer to loosing than winning. The Judges seem to want individual sounding talents and they don’t want a contestant to sound like the original artist. They encourage this and ask the contestants to make the song their own and put their own spin on the lyrics and the way they sing them.Show your talent with ORIGINALITY! BUT!!! That is where America’s voters and the Judges differ. If that uniqueness is not what America wants then they CAN and WILL vote contestants off. This was obvious by the votes tonight. Wow! Still can’t believe it.

  33. WTF!!! Alex Lambert eliminated??? I am not ever gonna watch American Idol again…Tim Urban or Andrew Garcia should have been kicked ou!!!I think judges should use their infleunce and bring him back again…like they did Anoop Desai last year…they could make it a Top 13 again…then ill watch again…my whole family is crying over this week’s results…and Lily, the most unique out of all the girls, save Crystal…worst, worst season ever!!! yes Simon is leaving the show too…yeah i mean considering the way Americans vote…who would want to stay…clearly the judges opinions and advices are not being considered!

  34. this is a joke right? hahahahahaha america actually voted out Lilly and kept page?

  35. Alex Lamvert and Lily Scott! You are both WINNERS no matter what!! You were two of the most UNIQUE and TAlENTED singers that we’ve ever seen on American Idol!!! Alex, much much much love to you!!!

  36. Americans, you have no shame, You are the ones voting your talents off the show, and here you are, whinning and mourning…… for what ? who’s fault is it if not yourselves…. Get off your high horses maan.Cos you guys are so annoying right now…….. HABA? What kind od “wahala” be dis?

  37. And by the way, leave Page alone ya’ll, she s much better than a lot of those gals…….Sies maan

  38. The only reason Tim Urban is still there is because of his looks. When the judges pick the top 24, they need to pick all ugly people because there are just some people that vote on looks alone. Sad but true.

  39. Ha, Ha Ha! Americans! I don’t whant tosee more American Idol. Good Buy Alex. By brave!
    Lilly has right! Americans don’t know what music is good!

  40. So surprised with the results having Tim and Katie still on the competition …something’s not right (especially with Tim)…goodbye idol…won’t be watching you anymore…lost one follower…

  41. wat on earth is dis????y is tim urban,paige n katie still doing in da competition???
    America…wake up…

  42. I am really ticked about Lilly I thought she’d be in the last few shows. She had a lot to offer.
    She is so much better then a few of the girls staying.

  43. Lilly gone? come on! she was so unique and brilliant! she even had a better back story as just a sandwich maker with unbelievable musical ability than a pre-school teacher who colors hippos. please bring lilly back! wild card now!

  44. Why does Kara treat Ellen with such contempt? She has not spoken to her the whole time, and just ignores her. But spends the whole night staring into Simon’s eyes and leaning up against him – anyone would think they were having an affair. Be nicer Kara!!

  45. I agree. Kara is trying to come on to Simon all the time and ignores Ellen like she has the plague. Ellen might not know as much about music but at least she deserves to be treated as a human being. Kara thinks she is better than Ellen, but is mistaken.

  46. Let Alex and Lilly back in the track… They don’t deserve to be out of the competition.

    I don’t really know how come Tim is there? From the begining, he was not good.

    Is this a singing competition?

    America, are you partially deaf?

  47. i hate the american idol this season!!!.. why they eliminate lily scott… she was very very very great , the same with alex lambert……

    the one who deserves to be eliminated are paige, katie, todrick and between tim or aaron.
    america sucks

  48. What are ya’ll hearing? Alex???? There is nothing special about him and Lily was off pitch when she sang Patsy Cline. She couldn’t even reach the low notes. I still say Shioban is the best in this competition and i still say, you will not get any better than Adam Lambert. Thats Adam!!!, not Alex!!!

  49. Yeah, i agree with Emma. Kara is acting like she is the one. Since Paula is not there anymore, she thinks she has moved up. Didn’t she feel let down a little last season? I guess she is doing Ellen the same way she felt like she was treated by Paula. Ellen is too sweet to be treated like that. Be nicer and socialable, Kara.

  50. American!!!! how can you not choose Alex. Unique and good. Make him back to the AI Finalist!!!!

  51. Wrong choices but the reasons are obvious.

    I don’t think Kara is coming on to Cowel. I think she moving away from Ellen. Do I smell a homophobe?

  52. yeah. ditto with Forest’s views and choice on who should be eliminated next.

    “I think America got it wrong this week

    1.Alex Lambert was better week after week than Tim Urban. That’s ok, Tim will sing himself out in the weeks to come.

    2.Eliminate Lilly Scott? Take Paige Miles or Katie Stevens instead. I know Lilly sounds like Kate Nash.

    Next Proper Elimination: Paige Miles, Katie Stevens, Tim Urban, and Aaron Kelly”

  53. At the end of Wednesday night, the singers I wanted to hear again were Siobhan, Crystal, Michael, and Todrick. Everybody else had something going for them, but couldn’t put it all together.

    The Top 12 have had 3 weeks now of Singers’ Boot Camp and will have at least 1 more. A lot depends on how much each learns.

    At this point last year, there were two groups: Adam Lambert and everybody else. Chris Allen never won: He just never lost.

    At this point, nobody is really dominating. We’ll see!

  54. I was upset to see Tyler go. I loved his Jim Morrison impressions. I can’t disagree with America on elimanating Alex & Todrick, Even though it should have been Tim. Katelyn yes, Lillie no. Paige, beautiful voice but boring. Katie undecided. My 2 faves of all would have to be Big Mike & Crystal.

  55. I was so shocked that Alex and Kaitlyn were sent home and they kept Tim Urban and Siobhan-“Cinnabon”. It was depressing really. Alex had a LOT of potential. What a great voice and so much room to grow! Bad decision people.

  56. There are always surprises with Idol and it’s TV, so there should be,to keep us watching. Remember Chris Daughtry and Kelly Pickler.? Not Winners, but did they let that hold them back? Not a chance. Lilly – few have that very different look about them without looking like they’re trying to look different. You carry that chic style and wear it well. You’ll find another Ave to market yourself if you look hard enough. Your rendition of Patsy Cline was great. Don’t take this as a defeat. Get up and show them what you’re made of. Alex -the world should be begging your for forgiveness.Just because you’re young and nervous. Two years from now, after some coaching and training from someone who knows how to lead musically, you will be a voice to be reckoned with. Your voice is very unique and smooth to the soul. You just need some coaching. Then go back 2 yrs from now and try out again and show them that you didn’t stand still. Lilley and Alex – you both should still be on the show. Sometimes life throws curve balls, don’t just swing and miss, go practice and come back, then hit a home run to the crowded stands. Then when you take your bow, it will be ever so sweet.

  57. NO! I am an AI fanatic but was so upset that Alex Lambert didnt make it that I dont even feel like watching the show anymore. I’m going to try and keep up with his carreer because I want his records. I thought Lilly was also bettter than a few who stayed.

  58. Very disappointing outcome last night. What is going on with Kara? Her behavior toward Simon is outrageous. Respect yourself,the panel, contestants, & viewers Kara.
    Lilly asked after her shocking elimination I wonder who is voting? Good question. To keep Paige or Katie over Lilly? I don’t get it. Alex was another amazing natural talent who continued to get better. Tim, or Aaron, would have been the most obvious choice to go. Simon has already told us it’s a girls season & Crystal’s to lose. Why are we watching?

  59. Tim and Katie should have been cut. Alex and Lilly should still be there. I don’t know who is voting, but they are idiots. I voted for Alex and Lilly. I can’t believe this.

  60. I wonder if they’ll have a Wild Card again??? Maybe they will bring Alex back! That would be great! Even if he didn’t win-the experience he would gain would be monumental! He’s so talented and hasn’t even begun to see what he’s capable of accomplishing! Go Alex!

  61. I agree with almost everyone else that I have read. what a piece of crock to eliminate alex and lily. Alex had a great unique voice and would have gotten better in the weeks to come and lily was terrific. i have lost a lot of respect for the show and wonder if this is a turning point for the show. i think the show will start to loose viewers myself included and and a few of my friends. We feel now especially since last nite that the show has lost its edge. Now we have except for bowersox and siohban thats it. good luck american idol you have really gone down the tubes.

  62. Lily Deserved to be in the top 12;not to say the top 5! Her voice is so unique! Paige should of gone home. Sorry America,you got it wrong! Ales was great but I can see why he was booted off. He needs Confidence!

  63. I am still in shock that my favorite performer, Alex Lambert, was voted off. Sure he was a little nervous, but he had a distinct vocal quality that I found very unique. He was much better that two of the guys that are in the top 12. Alex’s renditions of Everybody Knows and Trouble were great. What a shame!!! I was looking forward to watching him progress as he gained more and more confidence. He deserved to be in the top twelve. I hope he doesn’t let this deter his desire to become a great singer. He sure as hell has a distinct sound that I would love to hear more and more.

  64. Lily, I feel should not have been voted off. In fact she really could have made it into the bottom 3. Her voice, her look, everything about her- made me looking forward to her performances each week. Alex also went home way too soon. He should have made it to the top 12. To me he sounded a lot like Paul McCarthy. What hurt him was Ryan talking about how nervous he was- it made Alex look like a timid little boy- who was not ready for the spot light.
    I have to admit- I start voting when I have finally made a decision as to who I feel is the next AI. I have not voted yet this year. However, I have made my decision and it is Crystal who I will start voting for. I do not want her to be voted off like Lily and Alex were.
    AI has got to start limiting the number of votes that people can make. On Dancing with the Stars you can only vote so many times. The way the voting is set up by AI you are losing good artists. The young kids are deciding who is the next AI as they vote all night long for their cutest singer- not best singer.To have an artist like Lily voted off and have the girl who sang Smile remain- totally wrong.

  65. I was really shocked when Lily Scott was eliminated.
    The Judges should vote for her and give her another chance. Compare to Page and DiDi it is shame that she was voted out

  66. I was very surprised that Lily Scott did not advance I think she is an incredibly unique and talented singer. I hope someone in the recording industry signs her on quickly. History shows that it is not always the most talented that become the American Idol

  67. I think they should have kept Alex. He was starting to come out of his shell. My Daughter was very upset. She wanted to see more of his singing and I think Paige should have been voted off and Lily stayed on. We, will see what happens and wait till they start singing the Rolling Stones songs. But, I think Crystal will be the Next American Idol she has the Voice.

  68. I am mortified. My husband was laughing at me last night for getting so upset over a tv show. I really don’t get it. Alex and Lilly should definitely be in the top 12. Yes, Alex was nervous, but that was part of the beauty. I was looking forward to his transformation on the show. That IS what AI is about. And although I don’t believe he would have won Todrick should still be there too. Paige stinks.. nothing she has done so far is worthy of ..anything. Lacey is beautiful but her voice is annoying. Tim. what? and Aaron, although I was a fan early on, killed it for me with his version of “My Girl”. He sounded like a nanny goat. Not sure that I will watch any longer and I have been an AI fan since season 3. Very disappointed in the direction the show has taken. UGH!

  69. Don’t we get it by now, the show MUST be fixed.
    Daughtry and Taylor Hicks, who sold the most albums?
    Kris Allen great guy good musician but beating Lambert
    In the finals!?!? Kris Allen last week sold 80,000, the
    lowest ever for an “Idol” winner. Lambert sold 198,000 in
    the first week. And I could go on with this for hours.
    In short, somehow the best selling artist the “real Idols” do
    NOT win on this show but get voted away.
    I am just saying.

  70. I have lost ALL faith in this show and don’t care to ever watch it again! Lilly hit the nail on the head when she said, “America sent some really good talent home tonight!” Katelyn Epperly is such a talented girl and didn’t get to show us all she can do, but she will show America some day that they sent her home way too early! Oh well, I am also getting tired of watching Kara hang all over Simon. Get a room!

    Ex-American Idol Fan

  71. so did Alex and Siboha (however you spell it) have a little love connection? she was balling when he got voted off and the cameras kept showing her crying over him! i think crystal lost her friend lilly because she seemed really upset about her being voted off to. i think katie should have gotten the boot and I was glad to see katilyn go!

  72. Paige and Tim of all people are still there???? What the —- is going on? How in the heck could they have gotten rid of Lily????? I know paige and Tim will eventually be cut, but its such an insult to any of the others to even have to sit with them. Oh! Except for Katelyn who also stinks.
    When people voted , I think they misunderstood what they were suppose to vote for. They much have thought they were suppose to vote for the worst singers not the best singers. I give up!
    I am also disappointed that Toddrick went home.

  73. I was definitely surprizes at the eliminations, except for Todrick and Katelyn. I don’t know who the fan bases are for Paige and Tim, but they certainly don’t know music. I never expected Lily and Alex to make it all the way, but they did earn to go further in the competition.

  74. Lily out and Paige in, you’ve got to be kidding. Bet Lily finds a contract out there pretty soon. She may not have won the whole thing but she has enough ability to have a career.

  75. To keep Paige Miles over Lily was shocking to me. Lily is unique. Tim Urban needs more time to learn and grow as a singer. I was disappointed in the results.

  76. Keri, I wondered the same thing last night watching Siobhan when Alex was voted off. Hmmm looks possible there was some love in the air.

  77. I think the reason Katie is still in is because she is a HS student and the whole school is probably voting for her. Lilly should still be there. I was shocked to see her eliminated. I think someone will pick her up. I think she has a bright future in the industry nonetheless. WHAT WAS UP WITH CRYSTAL last night. She looked totally out of it. I hope she is taking care of her diabetes. She looked very sick and oh so sad! No smiles. Weird!

  78. Pure DISAPPOINTMENT…losing interest in show-I will MISS Alex and Lilly, good luck..yea we should vote…

  79. I think they should change the voting method and have America vote for the person that they want to leave not the one they want to stay. I think there are some large fan bases out there that are voting not on talent but on looks and something I can’t quite put my finger on. This might save some of the better talent that just doesn’t have the large (I’ll vote for them no matter how bad they do) fan base. Just my humble opinion.

  80. This whole season is such a disappointment… and surely Idols last! No “real standouts” at all…and Kara and Simon are rediculous!

  81. Agree. Lily and Alex should not have been eliminated last night. Would say even the judges and saved contestants were obviously surprised. I think Crystal Bowersox and Mike Lynche will be the final two.

  82. charlotte I said the same thing! i think they will be the last two too. but you never know! look at last night. i would have never thought alex and lilly would have been voted off. this season is horrible. and simon and kara get in my nerves! i mean does her husband not watch the show and she how she is always all over simon. they hated each other last year. i think after this year they should just retire the show! maybe we just got spoiled with last season because there was so much good talent. i dont know. im just dumbfounded!!!!

  83. America, are you serious?? Sending Lilly home, and allowing Paige and Katie to stay??! Lilly was probably the most unique girl this year, and should have been a top contender. This just proves to me that the voting has little to do with talent and originality, but everything to do with youth and looks. I think Lilly has a promising recording career.

    As for the men, Todrick I understand, but Alex had a cool,very unique voice. I think his lack of confidence did him in. I’d much rather hear Alex sing than teenybopper cornball Aaron.

    Very disappointed that Kaite, Paige and Aaron are in the top 12.

  84. Shame on America for the loss of Lilly. She is a true artist. I am not a Patsy Cline fan but Lilly brought the song “I fall to pieces” to a contemporty level and pulled it off. Shame Shame on America!

  85. I am saddened at the loss of Lilly. Can we not appreciate the artistry of her last performance and the constisancy she has displayed? Too bad!

  86. no,I did’nt get it at all. Alex was one of the best male singers. It should have been Aaron.

  87. I, like many were shocked about Lilly. She was awesome and one of the best of the girls. Alex, had a very unique voice. I think it is one of those voices people are either going to love or hate. Sadly, I guess more went to the side of not liking it. I hope they got the exposure necessary to give them a boost in their careers because I think they will both go far. I am sure for both of them this is a starting point rather than an end. Todrick and Kaitlyn no great suprises. I am surprised both hung in there as long as they did.

  88. I also believe that Lilly should not have been sent home. I think it is time to make some changes on American Idol. Have the judges eliminate, they know music. Or change the voting, to one vote or 5 instead of being able to make thousands of calls. I am disappointed that once again it is a popularity contest.

  89. This just goes to prove that you cannot leave the voting up to the viewers. The rules have to change. I’m not going to watch the ramaining shows. How stupid can these viewers be. No doubt (by anyone who has any brains), Alex & Lilly should still be there.They have talent. Tim had one (questionable) good showing & that’s it. Page had one good showing. GROW UP VIEWERS – TRY TO GET IT RIGHT.
    I’m just livid about this.

  90. The problem with these early public “votes” is that we are voting for the “best,” when the decision being made is who should be leaving. The “best” get all the votes and the others do not get a meaningful consideration. We should vote for the people to leave until the final twelve!

  91. I was surprised by at least two of those who left last night. I don’t really think that Todd was that bad. If people voted on their performance each night, he should have been given another chance. I was blown away that Alex was dismissed. He has a great voice and proved it in his last performance. Paige didn’t do well on her last performance. I was really shocked that she would choose “Smiles.” She has such a strong voice. She was worth saving for another chance.

  92. It was certainly surprising that Lilly and Alex were sent home. Paige was extremely fortunate to survive. AI always throws these curve balls.

  93. Based on what I’m reading, my thoughts are not far off. The only thing to hope for is that someone who counts (in the industry) sees both Lilly and Alex for the true artists that they are! How regretful that they are gone this early in the game. Makes me not want to follow the show.

  94. In my last comment I spelled my own name wrong. Eeks! I have one other thought…Kara and Simon ruin the show! I can’t believe that the producers don’t move their chairs. Very aggrevating.

  95. This is the first year I have watched American Idol and it will be the last. I can’t believe Lilly Scott got voted off. I am so disappointed. If she makes a CD I will buy it for sure! I would bet that Crystal Bowersox gets voted off too, leaving the Barbies with mainstream sounds in the finals.

  96. I watch from Australia and I am frustrated at the results again.You Americans got last years final so wrong and the proof is in the pudding with Adam Lambert becoming a household name here as well as in America and possibly other countries.The guy who won was”nice” but I don’t think he is heading for greatness.
    This week proved to be another stuff up IMO.Yes,Todrick and maybe Kaitlyn deserved to go But Alex and especially LILY should still be there.I thought Lily was special as,not unlike Crystal,she brought something special to the table.
    We can’t vote from here…I wish we could!!!

  97. Very sorry to see Lilly Scott go!! I would have loved to see what she would do with a Stones tune! What is America THINKING!
    *Lilly: I think you should immigrate to Canada! I will buy your CD’s!
    Does anyone know if she has released anything on CD etc….?

  98. I absolutely agree with you. Have been a fan since the show started but this season has started out pretty bad and sending home Alex Lambert was a big mistake. I’ve had it with Idol. Cowell’s right, it’s time to leave.

  99. The show is just not the same this season…Last season read all I could and never missed a night watching…This season not as much talent as last season. I watch result night and follow rest on net. Just not as interested anymore…Maybe because tired of hearing the same old judges comments. Sorry Lilly ousted out so soon. Oh well that America voting…after the judges set the stage!!!!

  100. What happened last night is greatly due to AL trying to hype call numbers by allowing unlimited voting. I actually saw a note on the AI official site where one young girl was bragging about being able to register 182 votes for Kaitlin before the voting was cut off. While perhaps one vote per is too limited – could do it like several of the other competitions and allow one vote per # of contestants left in the competition. Obviously something needs done to turn it back into something other than a popularity contest skewed by teen-agers with nothing better to do than make 182 phone calls.

  101. Two comments and ONE question: First the question–do we vote on each night’s performance or the singer as a whole? B/C if it is based on EACH performance & your fav has an off night, that sucks…but it may be fair…I don’t know. Paige sucked the other night and hasn’t connected with anything yet as far as I know but we’re trusting something the judges saw I GUESS…

    Now as FOR the WORSTERS–Knock it off! Don’t watch the show if you hate it! Don’t wreck it for some great artists b/c you’re spoiled wackos who don’t have lives. We’re trying to help out some talented people!! YOU ARE RUINING CAREERS OF GREAT ARTISTS…WHY DOES THAT PLEASE YOU?? I DON’T GET IT….

    Second, okay Alex DOES have a great voice but in fairness, he’d never be the idol b/c he does suck in terms of stage performance. I love his voice but it’s painful to watch him cower….And hey, that counts. I wish he could come back with some experience b/c THEN he could make it —-but to have Tim Urban stay on with his ONE good song-I admit he did well last week-and Todrick-too little too late…

    The women…wth?? OMG Katie–nice girl, but YAWN….go home and sing for 2 years & come back when you have a style of your own. Katelyn–I loved her last week but thought she blew it with Carole King’s song. I admit I feared she’d go home based on that performance.
    So The thing is, do we base it on ONE Performance or what? I mean, damn Lilly, why did you pick a Patsy Cline song (which I ACTUALLY like) –but wondered what she was thinking! Why not do “Crazy” –if you’re going to do Patsy Cline, do her best stuff and show your range!! IT came off as so NOT relevant and too quirky and out there, but it was only one night —and that should not have gotten her eliminated…or do we vote by EACH performance? I’m asking…

  102. I can’t believe Lilly is gone. She might not of won American Idol but she should of been there until the near end. I always looked forward to her appearances on the show. Also Kara quite fawning over Casey you give woman a bad name.

  103. I agree with Tracey Boyd…These little kids are voting 182 x’s a night and that makes it NOT a singing competition and is not worth the trouble of voting…..Change the voting rules of loose viewers!!!!!!!

  104. I agree with you Marilyn. It seems to me that Paige and Katlyn much have had a lot of friends voting for them over and over. something needs to be done about the voting process.

  105. I just hope next week is fun. It is getting harder and harder to stay awake. ZZZZZZZ…Randy is the only judge I like this year….

  106. I’m with you Judy. When Lily comes out with her first album I will certainly be buying it.
    I can’t wait!

  107. This American idol is intresting.There is not to much competition this season. But Yes I think America voted Lily and Adam off to soon. Big mike did an excellent performance singing “A Womans Work” I would buy his cd. I just hope in the weeks to come there will be more good perfomances, where you sit there and say “Wow” that was good !!!!


  109. I’m very disappointed too!!! Lilly was in my top 4 females. And Alex left too soon. Katie and Paige were terrible and should have gone home. Same goes for Tim. The farther they go, the more annoyed I will be.

  110. Perhaps the producers need to find a way to neutralize the voters who are voting only to sabotage the voting process so the BEST young talent is thrown aside. The show is no longer reaching its goal of showcasing and promoting the BEST young singing talent in America. How about a combined points total between the call in vote and a voting scale by the judges to send the right people home so mistakes like last night do not happen in the future. It works well on DWTS. Or finding a way to accept only one vote per phone line. in combination with judges scoring. Make a stand up decision to bring back Lilli and Alex whom the judges as well as afore declared fans felt were far better than a couple of the 12 that did make it. You have done that before when you picked 13 instead of 12. Take control of this show with still providing the options you do for viewer participation.

  111. Alex should not have been voted off. He has the most unique voice of all the guys. Once he gets confidence and loses the stage fright he will be amazing and will make it with or without AI. It would be cool if he was brought back as a wild card.

  112. Jeannie…you’re right. Crazy would have been a much better choice for Lily to sing.
    I base my votes on overall performances, not just one good night. If I only watched the show one night, I wouldn’t bother voting.
    I’ve voted for Lily, Chrystal, and Micheal the whole time. After Toddricks last performance, I also voted for him.

  113. Would be nice if the voting would change somehow to block those 182 votes! Most of us have other things to do than just sit and dial or text. Don’t think any of the contestants voted off last night would have been the AI champ – but would have been nice to watch a few of them a couple more times over some that are still on. Todrick didn’t shock me a bit – Alex and Lilly did. Thought Katelyn was better than Katie or Lacey or Didi. What a shame, what a shame, what a shame. Oh well – gotta have something to blog about I suppose. Kara is so silly! She should be voted off! Miss Paula –

  114. Jeannine –
    Personally me and my household vote for the performance. I never voted for Alex until last week. To me he was the most improved and did a darn good job. I voted for Katelyn every week except last week and was sorry to see her go just because she had one bad night. Guess I outta vote for the person I would like to see more of no matter how bad that one night was. Shoot – pick your style I guess – stay a fan for your fav no matter what, or go off of each nights best!

  115. Please, please bring back Alex and Lilly! Also, the producers need to talk to Kara about her attitude. She is flirty with Simon which people do not want to see. She doesn’t even look at Ellen. Ellen shouldn’t be on Idol, it’s not her thing, and Randy seems to be the only one paying attention to the show! Please someone talk with Kara. It’s disgusting.

  116. Bottom 2 next week should be Tim and Katie. Katie was soooo lucky she got in to top 12. It definitely should have been Lilly and Alex in there. People need to pay attention to their voices! Get rid of Kara and Ellen. Kara annoys me, and Ellen doesn’t know music. They need someone who knows music.

  117. Kylie M –
    I bet Simon is glad he is leaving also! His gal is probably ready to wring Kara’s neck! Kara will be divorced soon if she doesn’t straighten up. She is way to flirty and it is sooo annoying. I felt sorry for Casey as well, but he has seemed to shrug Kara’s BS off. Can’t wait to see Simon’s X-factor show.

  118. They definately need to find a better way to keep the better talent on the show. I’ll do what I can to follow Alex Lambert, but what a shame to keep lousy singers and jetison the better ones….

  119. Lilly should still be there! What do they want. She was one of my favourites – I also like Crystal. I would pay for their stuff and I buy very little music. They should have a wildcard which they can use to keep one person who they feel should astill be there.

  120. The ability of AI to produce the best talent took a hit tonight since two really good singers were eliminated while two of the worst went on to the top twelve. The show needs safeguards.

  121. It is agreed upon in our family that while Alex may not have been the best performer, he definitely has the best voice of the 12. He has a Brian Adams/ Rod Stewart kind of voice and I’ll bet the recording moguls will be lining up to get hold of him. He can pick up the performing part in time,but the others will never ever pick up a voice like his. We also totally disagree with Lily’s departure this early.

  122. I actually booed and got very upset with the TV when Lillie was eliminated! What’s up with that? Paige should have been the one-not all that good!

  123. I was so unhappy when Lilly was eliminated-she was my gal from day one she was picked.

  124. The talent who have REAL heart and are what this show was origially about are gone. Alex was like he chicken catcher of America’s got talent.. He should still here, as well as Lilly. Very Disappointed. I’m a 40 year musician and writer/producer so I can say that…

  125. What???? Lily voted off? She should have been in top 5. I think it’s time to hand it back over to the judges. The ones to go should have been Katie, Paige, Aaron and Tim. Toddrick seemed doomed but redeemed himself in the last round. Alex has such a unique and great voice, he should be around for at least the next cut. Katelynn should have made it to the next cut. She has a great voice. It’s allll wronggg!

  126. American Idol is a great show! It brings so much talent out to be enjoyed by all.

    Unfortunately, the voting system sucks!!!! It needs to be revised. Way too many talented people are eliminated, because the infatuated teen girls (for example) are voting for the “untalented” 16 yr. old heart throb that they have a crush on. i.e. “Sanjaya” Give me a break, YUCK!!

    The show needs to set up a different voting system, because it is turning into a fiasco. I use to enjoy the show, but it is surely going down hill.

    Although there is some talent there this year, it is by far one of the weakest group of singers they’ve had.

  127. I am absolutely appalled with this week’s votes. The problem is the format of the show. Instead of America voting for their favorites, they should be voting for the worst contestants. If this were the case, I can guarantee the show would be much more fair and honest!!!

  128. I think Alex is too innocent for the average american. A grrreat singer. I hope that this mis-voting won’t break him down. He is the kind of Idol I would like my children to look up to. Too bad not everyone feels the same. The fact that he gets stage frights should not stop people from seeing his potentials. Look at that British singer Leona Lewis…Great voice. Looks very uncomfortable on the spot light, but she was given her chance and truimphed over her fears and is doing great. Sometimes we are too picky and eventually end up making the wrong choices and hurting the more vulnerable people. Alex is what we want our children to be, talented, sweet and gentle. People! I will never understand. Lily was my 3rd favorite among the girls. Don’t know if I’ll continue watching Idol. My 10 year old son said, “first Paula goes, next Simon is leaving and I like Alex too. Everybody I like is leaving the show. I don’t like it anymore.” What’s up America?

  129. I can’t believe that Alex Lambert and Todrick Hall were sent home, both have absolutely gorgeous voices! Completely different but fantastic! I wish both of them success and hope to hear more of them in the future.

  130. Kara’s behaviour is annoying. She’s constantly all over Simon like a flirty schoolgirl! How embarrassing for her partner!

  131. I hate to think what Stones songs will be wrecked forever next week. Will Paige sing Satisfaction? Will Chrystal sing Brown Sugar?
    None of their songs are for young,immature girls.

  132. I have to say this. This season, singers arent that good. With Lily Scott going off, I’m pissed by it and it feels like there’s no other meaning to watching the show.

  133. Lily,
    You are 100% correct when you stated that there is an audience out here that appreciates you! You belong in the top two! American Idol please do not blow this one! Overturn the voting!

  134. I can’t believe Lilly is gone. She blew me away w/Fixin’ A Hole. Yeah, she also blew it Cline’s song but still. And the look on Lilly’s face when both girls just knew that Lilly was safe and then, whamo! That other girl, what’s her name(?) is….lucky, let’s just say that. Okay, what in the world is Tim Urban still doing in the competition? Both those goners are heads above Tim. Todrick is style & grace & class & entertaining. Tim? Alex has a voice Tim would drool for. Alex, what more confidence booster do you need than do be in the top 16, & should have been a top 12’er. Dude, you can sing, girls love you, you’re young. Stop w/the doubting. It gets old & not too pretty very fast & also, you’re a goner too. Go Crystal!!! You rock girl. You need to win the hearts of girls like Angie Twe.

  135. I’m really disappointed that Alex Lambert, my most favorite, and Lilly and Todrick are gone. I wish them all the best and hope to hear more of them. Good luck you guys, I love you!

  136. I’m glad they got rid of Toddery. Simon was right, “she’s” no more than a broadway butch. Just too arrogant and full of herself.

  137. i would like to see more positive reactions from the judges these kids do try some are not good singers at all some are but lets just get fair pick this week

  138. crystal needs to smile bad teeth or not she looks mad or like shes got it won already hey fact is never think u know the winner u will be wrong every time i say big mike will be in the front for a while his voice is great humar is wonderful and he is right out a good singer

  139. we goofed America not voteing for Lilly and Alex I devided my vote between 3 others I thought were good now I wish I had voted for these two as well.

  140. I’m seriously debating continuing to watch A.I., except that I would still like to lend my support to Crystal and Siobahn. Last week’s elimination solidified for me that A.I.’s voting system needs reforming. America’s tweens and their poor taste cannot solely make or break the careers of talented people. The judges’ votes should be factored in as a percentage of the total vote. Also, multiple voting/texting from the same # should be eliminated. It is hardly shocking to me anymore, however. There is a reason why artists such as James Morrison or Paolo Nutini, or bands such as Keane, Muse or Bat For Lashes, enjoy such immense success in Great Britain, Europe and the rest of the world, yet have barely achieved moderate acclaim in the U.S. As long as we’re happy with the likes of the cute, yet completely talentless “artists” like Taylor Swift being crammed down our throats by record company execs, to the point that we can no longer use our own ears, hearts, souls, or brains to decipher good from bad, this will happen. I swear it is just another indication of the dumbing down of of America. How else do you explain the elimination of the insanely soulful, adorable and authentic Alex, over his moderately talented, yet bland teenage male counterpart? I’ve watched Alex’s “trouble” over again on youtube….it was amazing. Same with Todrick’s “Somebody to Love”. From the soulful falsetto at the beginning, to the pitch perfect note for note power of the entire song (not easy to fill Freddie Mercury’s shoes), it couldn’t have been any better, and Todrick should know that. And Lily has such a strong sense of self as an artist at such an early age, and originality.. she should never have been sent home so early in the competition. This contest is designed not for true musical artists to pursue their careers, but for manipulated maleable, mediocre singers to churn out more uninspired gimmicky drivel for the masses. As a side note, Todrick should take heart, Queen, arguably one of the greatest rock bands of all time, had only moderate success in the U.S. with several of their “stadium” songs, while the entire rest of the world held them in the highest regard (filling stadiums that seated 75,000 people and up), until the very end. There just isn’t any accounting for America’s taste.

  141. Lilly Scott should have been in at least the final four, if not the final two. That result was outrageous. I hope they have a judge’s choice like they’ve had before and they can bring her back.

  142. Boy it really sucks! Kaitlyn and Todrick ok i got it, but Alex and Lily, no way. what does America wants? bet its fair for them to keep on sending all the better ones home. It really sucks

  143. I agree Alex & Lilly should not have gone! I cannot believe that Paige has not been voted off I fail to see the talent in comparison to the others. Wish I lived in USA so could vote!

  144. I really thought Alex was safe. I tried to get through all evening and just got busy signals. I am sooo… sad. There is no one like him. He really has something special.

  145. Here in South Africa, we watch all the shows back to back on Sundays so I sneak a peek on the Net on Friday, because I cannot wait !
    This is the MOST disappointing year EVER the highlight is ELLEN as a new judge. Crystal and Mike top two, with Aaron running a 3rd plave is my guess. Crystal needs to get her teeth sorted and hair fixed…..

  146. Huge fan of the show! Love watching how diverse the contestants are, but am just plain disappointed with this season. I feel like my favorite sport is on strike or realized my favorite show was just discontinued. Alex was great and would’ve demonstrated a star in the making…humble, shy, and just on the verge of becoming great. Can we get a recount? Compared to prior years, this season is lacking. Lee is cool and sings well, but isn’t the under dog that’s fun to root for like Alex was. Love Ellen though!

  147. The right four did not go home. America got it totally wrong or the worsters got it totally right. I still get teary-eyed and a lump in my throat when I think of Alex being voted off. Tim Urban, Aaron Kelly, Lacy Brown, Paige Miles or Katy should have been the ones going home. I miss Alex so much that I don’t enjoy watching anymore. VERY SAD and UNFAIR. I hope Alex makes an album soon because I’m wearing his rendition of “Trouble” out.
    PS: Tim Urban’s Hallelujah paled in comparison to Jason Castro’s

  148. still teary-eyed over alex lambert being voted off…best voice, so unique and special, and so humble…hope he makes an album soon…LOVE YOU ALEX!!!!

  149. Kara’s homophobic refusal to face Ellen, and insistence on saying “the guys” when she means Ellen and Randy is disgusting. She paws Simon as if to prove she is heterosexual, and constantly turns her back to Ellen. What’s your problem Kara, a little too insecure?

  150. I didnt realize they were letting the judges save a costantant again this year. I wonder why they didnt save Lilly?

    Debbie I 100% agree with you about Kara! I think she is a homophobe! I think Ellen is funny and all of her little comments but its like Kara doesnt even look at her. She gets on my nerves how she is all over Simon. Maybe theres something about Simon that we dont see because him and Paula were like that too. And that episode Kara’s husband was on the show. I guess she doesnt care that she looks like a sleeze on national tv. I wish it was just Ellen, Randy and Simon.

  151. @keri
    The save applies to those who make the top 12 and can not be used after the competition reaches the top 5. It can only be used once.

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