American Idol 2010 Top 16 Elimination Results


It’s time for this week’s American Idol results! Tonight the four performers with the lowest votes, two guys and two girls, will be sent home when Ryan Seacrest announces your voting results. Stick around and we’ll be posting the results live.

Based on our unofficial American Idol polls for the guys and the girls we could see Todrick Hall, Aaron Kelly, Paige Miles, and Katie Stevens going home as they were in the lowest pairs for both groups. Lilly Scott is running a tight third place for the lowest girl votes though so I wouldn’t be surprised if she went instead.

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait and see the big reveal. Meanwhile, see how Simon got his last-night wish when Randy showed up in his bikini!

American Idol 2010 Top 16 Elimination Results:

  • Girl #1 Eliminated – Katelyn Epperly
  • Girl #2 Eliminated – Lilly Scott
  • Guy #1 Eliminated – Todrick Hall
  • Guy #2 Eliminated – Alex Lambert

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.




  1. This guy will be around, he is an awesome talent
    I was hoping we would here him sing some Lou Rawls
    He fits the bill all the way .We will see you Todrick ,You are not done
    sincerely Gerald

  2. American Idol definately eliminated one of the wrong girls tonight……Katelyn Epperly should be continuing in the journey, Paige, she did awful…so awful this week that I can’t believe she got the votes that she did, especially after looking at dial Idol! Now hoping a guy wins, Michael Lynch!

  3. Sorry America you got this one WRONG!!! Lilly should not have gone home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yeah i am happy that Todrick Hall is eliminated…i don’t see anything special from him, vocal..performace. Is Randy sick or being something else ? well thanks God atleast!

  5. its obviously not a singing competition if your cute and 16 your in even if u sing awful

  6. HUGE mistake with Alex!!! Great voice, but needs work on approach. Katelyn should have stayed. WOW Lily??? She’s unique and has a great vibe. It only shows that America votes from popularity and not talent.
    A loss of 3 greatly talented people.

  7. Lily is good at performance.. but i think lack of attitude..she is cocky.. good voice though…that is the personality, others need to give attention. just like Alexis grace eliminated.

  8. Lily? Really? I thought for sure Paige and Katie should be gone, they completely cracked, Never in a million years Lily… Even Kaitlin was great I thought anyway. Well, good luck ladies, you’ll continue on…

  9. Aaron sing great…he has such a mutured voice…and its powerful .. age doesn’t matter…well he is IN

  10. Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott America got them wrong. These are two of the most talented on 2010 American Idol.

    I strongly believe that we will see more of them to, I hope they believe on themselves.

  11. Alex Lambert was one of the best. No way he should be going home. What happen to the save this year? This makes me not even want to watch from here out.

  12. NO way, i think they got it COMPLETLY WRONG! the people that should have gone home are: Aaron Kelly, Katie Stevens, Paige Miles, and Maybe Todrick. The contestants who went home tonight were wonderful and will have an amazing future. Hopefully Aaron and Katie will be gone next week. They are only there for their “cuteness”. its talent that matters. Did you see the judges and contestants shake their heads when Lily was voted out instead of Katie!


  14. NO WAY…Katelyn should have gone. Lilly is way more current and interesting to listen to. Whoever voted for her is LAME!!!

  15. I almost wanna stop watchin this season b’cuz they sent home three of the best singers this season!I kind of figured todrick was leaving srry but that was no surprise! but the others… Really? Really!

  16. America did a wrong decision my God it should be Paige and and Andrew

  17. I just hate to see Alex go. He has such a phenominally unique voice. I’d uy his records today!

  18. Got it wrong BIG TIME!!!! Alex Lambert rocked and America blew his chance to be the next American Idol. This show isn’t what it used to be…it’s not based on talent.

  19. Lilly Scott’s departure is a big mistake. The show’s producers should fix the hole.

  20. oh yeah, sorry . MY MISTAKE.

    ALex should stay.

    ANDREW should been sent home….whats wrong with AMerica.

    ANdrew vocie is suck. nothing come out from the throut…

  21. Hi. I’m a fan of american idol and i thought this week was not right. Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert should have stayed. Lilly is way better then Katie or whatever her name is and Alex I thought was better then Tim. I’m not trying to offend anyone I’m just stating my opinion.

  22. Too much good talent is going home tonight! I would buy an Alex Lambert CD right now if he had one and I vould say the same for Toddrick- especially after his last performance. I’ll miss Lilli as well- she’s so unique. Oh well…the remaining ones are good too, but if I were in charge I would have kept those three.

  23. Glad that Crystal made it to the top12 congrats ! to mad seeing Katie, Paige and Andrew in the top 12…. america got wrong !

  24. Stupid, fool, brainless,

    OH MY Lilly,alex , why why why why why

    who vote fore Lacey and paige grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  25. I think America got some of it right. I’m not surprised to see Katelyn go. I wasn’t that impressed. Nor was I surprised to see Todrick go. I think he’s really talented but the judges probably got it right when they said they could see him doing Broadway not being a recording artist. I would love to see him really performing. I hope this stint on AI helps him out. I was surprised that Lilly got sent home since she has been so consisitent over the weeks. I didn’t see that one coming. As for Alex Lambert,he definitely got better with time. I was warming up to him. I think the other guy, Tim, should have gone home, not him. He always looks so surprised that he is still there….join the club!

  26. Alex and Lilly were too good to be gone. Paige should have gone instead of Lilly and Taudry instead of Alex. Pretty disappointing. I just don’t really love anyone yet this year. I think it’s the weakest year in a long time.

  27. America’s opinion sucks!!! We should only let the judges vote. That way real talent would be kept and shit would be voted off.

  28. God it’s such a mistake! Lilly should stay and instead Paige or Katie should leave!!! Andrew had too many second-chances given and he didn’t used much of them! Todrick or Alex definitely deserve the spot better…!!

  29. Lily and Alex should not have been eliminated. These are two real talents who will go on to make it without the help of American Idol.

  30. I saw my favorite singer leave tonight. Alex Lambert… He has a great voice and was refreshing to watch. Keep singing Alex!

  31. Tonight we should have said goodbye to Katie, Paige, Aaron and Tim. They will go soon. But losing Alex makes me lose interest in watching.

  32. Wow, america has no clue, Alex lambert has such a cool voice, why would he lose out to guys like tim urban with 1 good performance total. Even andrew the one trick pony is tiresome and that performance sucked. This season is LAME and very predictable except for Alex , wtf.

  33. Alex Lambert was so good. I loved his voice. Voter’s screwed up with this Lambert decision just like last season. If this continues to happen American Idol will no longer be so popular. I for one will not watch.

  34. Alex Lambert was totally unique. One of the best voices on the stage, but obviously not enough teeny boppers voted for him.

  35. Tim Urban is the new Sanjaya. He can’t sing and is only there because of his look. Sorry to see the mullet guy go..he is awesome

  36. good new, next 3 week we knew exactly who go home
    bad new, i dont watch AM idol again

  37. Wrong Wrong Wrong. America got it wrong and didn’t vote for the favorite.
    Paige or Katie should have been the second girl.

    I hope this show is not rigged somehow.
    I can’t believe Lilly is off, her and crystal were the most unique.

  38. I’m really disappointed in this season, Lily did not deserve to go. I agree with her when she said I don’t know what America wants.Very weak season, I’m starting to look for something else to watch.

  39. OMFG. That’s it! IDOL SEASON 9 IS OVER FOR ME! Are you kidding me? Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert? HOLY COW, AMERICA GOT IT WRONG! Only goes to show how they still choose karaoke-talent over the real ones. Even Katelyn Epperly shouldn’t have gone home yet. DAMN! I’m so disappointed!

  40. What a disappointment. I was shocked that Lily Scott and Alex Lambert were sent home. They each have unique interesting styles and I was looking forward to seeing those two perform again. I bet the judges would have picked differently. Speechless…really.

  41. NO WAY!!! America got it way wrong…Alex and Lilly definitely should’ve stayed. I can’t believe this!!

  42. I think Alex getting kicked off was a shocker! He was so much better than Andrew and Aaron!

  43. They got three out of four wrong. There’s no way Todrick should be going home instead of that milktoast Casey. And sending Lilly home instead of Katie?? You’ve GOT to be kidding me. Lilly can sing circles around Katie and she has so much more stage presence than Katie that one has to wonder what the heck people are thinking.

    Crystal is one heck of a firecracker, she made it very clear she is miffed at the choices and unfairness of tonight’s results.

    Todrick, Alex, and Lilly…. hang in there, you DO have talent!!!

  44. i think american dont want idol next year so they ruin it now , fool, stupid, brainless

  45. Give me a break, just think how many of the winners have been successful in eight years let alone the top 16 people. you will never hear from any of these losers again after 6 months.

  46. This has become a joke! It is nothing more than a teenie mag type show with the winners being the cute young ones with the adorable face. The really talented ones go home. I don’t blame simon for wanting out. This is no longer a contest to find talented singers but a contest to find the next cute face.

  47. Idol is so on the way down now it is not funny. It is in it’s death throngs. When Simon leaves if he does, the show is done. I give it two more years.

  48. You don’t have to win AI to be a mega star. Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert prove that.

  49. greatly DISAPPOINTED with the results… Alex and Lily should have stayed… they have made progress and a big mistake but leting them go.. i believe that you need to really look at what happened.. last year you all over looked that time when they disagreed and this is just like that.. please bring them back…….

  50. Unbelieveable…..Alex and Lily should never have been sent home….I don’t really understand the voting of Amergican….Alex and Lilly both had something very special and unique…Andrew…should have gone home for sure…I am so disappointed about Alex and Lilly….the show will not be the same without their talent…Both…Incrediable singers!

  51. maybe ill tell my friend try idol next year, he sing like crap but have a angel face, so maybe some fool will vote for him

  52. I agree. Nobody is a real stand out this year. I had real high hopes to be surprised by Andrew. I hope he can get it together or he is the next one out and Paige too. Overall a really disappointing season so far.

  53. I really feel America got it wrong thi week. Lilly and Alex should have stayed. I think Paige and Andrew should have gone.

  54. I was glad to see Toddrick go; he might have been a good dancer but he was never really a singer. Yes, he could hit the high notes semi well, but that’s about it. As for Alex and Lilly, that was a mistake. Especially for Lilly. I only got to see a blip of Katie’s performance but from what I’ve heard about her entire performance this week, she should’ve gone home, not Katie. Crystal sure looked pretty angry. What was up with that?

  55. Oh my… the results, oh god, I don’t know how to react!!! I’m not a fan of Lily but I didn’t expect she would be living this early.

    Alex Lambert and Katelyn are one of my favorites! there elimination left speechless!!!!!!! Todrick I’ve already predicted he’d be oing home!!! Alex didn’t deserve to leave Tim should!!! and Paige! oh god!!! the worst performance of the week!!

    America why is Paige and Tim still there!!

  56. Casey James doesn’t even have to compete next week. He’s got the votes in the bag. Still can’t believe that Tim Urban is in the top

  57. I just wish Katelyn would have shown American what she can really do…We’ve known her for years and she can absolutely blow your socks off!!! Wonderful young lady..Shania had it right…We all can see Katelyn with a big hit!!!!

  58. Paige should’ve completly gone home. I missed that in my last comment. She was horrible this week and I haven’t been impressed the last several weeks. I’m starting to lose interest as well in the show. It’s starting to be a joke. Speaking of, Ellen, find the guts to be honest and quit worrying about hurting their feelings.

  59. Siobhan is the only one left that I’ll keep on waitching…nobody elese now that alex is gone!!!

  60. Very annoyed. Alex, Lilly and Katelyn should have stayed!!

    Tim, Todrick, Paige and Katie should go home

  61. Aaron dont need to sing next week. He just need to come out and show his cute adorable lovely sexy supid face and people will vote for him,
    like a ton of fool like jonas band

  62. every year there was that one or two where you just had to wait until “the others” were gone to see who got it in the end. Where is that one or two this year?? They seem to be all the same.

  63. I’ve been watching idol from the beginning how could Lilly be voted off.. Something is definitely wrong she’s fabulous original and a natural… The 16 year old is a child learning to sing!!!!Seems very strange I don’t believe it’s the peoples vote!!

  64. Crystal seemed like she had an attitude throughout the show, then it completely turned to disgust at the end. That could turn her fans off and hurt her. Siobhan was certainly crying quite a bit; did her and Alex have a thing?

  65. I hope Alex will release an album. Confidence will come with experience and I love his voice!

  66. i’ve seen some close calls b4 and obviiously i dont always get who i want. But this is outrageously ridiculous!How can Alex with such an incredible and unique voice and he hasnt even reached his full potential yet and lilly who already sings and performs like professional not make it into the top 12!

  67. American Idol got it ALL WRONG! Lily & Alex should have definitely stayed! And Kathryn, too. Paige & Katie should have been zapped.
    This is discusting! Who wants to bother watching if AI can’t get it right either. The phone lines were busy busy busy everytime we tried. This is ridiculous. Bring Lily & Alex back on a wildcard please!

  68. I wasn’t surprised that Aaron Kelly and Katie Stevens got pushed through by the teenage voters, but to see Lily Scott get voted off was actually painful. She is such a unique singer that she deserved a chance in the top 12. Paige and Tim are only mediocre singers and get voted in by their looks. How honest is that? Do we want to listen to our singers or watch a video with the sound turned off? I think this year will be the last year for AI.

  69. American made two mistakes this year… For whatever the reason, the younsters made it in… Lilly is by far more talened then Katie and Alex should be in instead of Arron….


  71. And i forgot lacey… Her spot belongs to Lilly!

    Paige spot belongs to Katelyn!!! She’s really awful that I never thought expected that she would get through!!!

    and obviously Alex Lambert deserves the spot of Tim!!!

    America REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY! got it wrong!!!!

  72. I have been watching this show for years with my kids and I have been disappointed before in who has gone home but could usually understand the rationale….Tonight…HUGE MISTAKES. Lilly was a current unique voice and Adam….America are you for real! Adam was full of talent and sincerity. I am praying Randy or Simon sign them..they will make a fortune.

  73. I only voted for Todrick.I thought that Lilly and Alex would have enough votes. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen in years past. This is a wake up call if you don’t vote the best can go. Please vote,vote,vote baby boomers!

  74. Lacey can’t even sing, she is just saying words. Tim has no voice at all, just cute teen looks.. this season is really boring and weird… Last season was MUCH better!

  75. ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME, AMERICA???!!! ALEX??!! Really??!! N u chose to keep Paige?? WOW, u really got it twisted!!

  76. Maybe next year american idol will turn form a singing competition to who is the most beautiful adorable handsom guy. Teens dont care what they hear iam sure

  77. No way Alex got voted off – that’s some BS!!! He is so much better… Hope he gets a deal soon and outsell everyone else in AI 2010!!

  78. I agree to a certain point! Todrick definitley has talent but more so in a musical broadway type setting him going was right. Alex should have stayed and either Tim or Andrew gone. Katlyn was a correct choice but even though i didnt think much of Lily she should have stayed and Paige gone. and just to comment on an earlier post about them being all losers and not ever being sucessful you need to do alittle research because several from last year as well as previous years have gone on to be sucessful with their careers as well as being some upstanding citizens whom give back.

  79. i am so fustrated!!! why alex and lily ….. alex got a voice he just needs more experience …lily has been doing well for the past weeks and she gets voted off !! I dont get it … those that are not meant to stay like katie and paige are they buying their votes!?!??

  80. I blame the judges for giving Tim Urban such great comments last night. I didn’t get all the love for him by the judges.

  81. So iam thinking Aaron will be next american idol this year. Who care you can sing or not

  82. Voting off Alex was sooooo wrong! Can’t really understand how America thinks Tim Urban is better than Alex Lambert…come one now! As for the girls, I think they got it totally wrong as well. Katie and Paige should have been voted off. Although Katelyn and Lilly’s performances weren’t a 10, they have much more to offer than Katie and Paige. Todrick, nice try but stick to Broadway…way better fit.

  83. Well it is official. American Idol has turned into a high school popularity contest. I cannot wait to see Aaron,Tim,Lacey and Katie try to perform a Rolling Stones song next week. Thanks America for just making AI like a B Movie.

  84. Losing Lilly was a crime – keeping Mike was a sham – his performance was crap at best – is the fix-a-roo on with Mike and Crystal ??????

  85. There are other talents on American Idol other than Alex, but Lord knows I ain’t rushing home to turn on the TV anymore… Sad.

  86. Hope Crystal and Lee bring their best game each night cuz the votes are stacked against them. They don’t fit the AI profile.

  87. I think Lilly got voted off because of her personality, different and I (ME) like that, but I think America as a whole do not embrace that type of personalities. But then again, I thought they would like Alex, but apparently not, so what do I know… Todrick, I’m not too surprised about, but I didn’t think tonight would be his turn to go.

  88. it should be tim urban who should go home. Lilly Scott should stay in AI, Paige should go home. That is so sad!!! Alex Lambert should be staying in AI as well! what’s wrong with you AMERICA?

  89. i think it all Simon’plan . He want to ruin this show. Yes, he succeded, ill never watch this show again for my entire life

  90. Alex must come back, he has unique voice, very
    touching, different, very very unique, actually he should be the idol, with no experience but one unique voice and talent
    he must be trained and become famous. Love his voice and love his singing.

  91. WATCHING FROM CANADA EH, we have lost our own Idol show and have been watching both American and Canadian Idol since they started.The music business iS a very hard nut to crack and you have given a lot of PEOPLE with amazing talent the chance to show the world what they have and to give them a break they would otherwise never get. But tonight America you got this totally wrong and sent home a lot of very talented people.REMBEMBER WHAT THIS CONTEST IS ABOUT… GIVING THE PEOPLE WITH TALENT AN OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME A GREAT ARTIST. This is a singing competition not a popularity contest.

  92. Lily also is unique, among the girls I would vote for Kristal and Lily, the rest of the girls must go home. she has her own unique talent as well as Kristal, these two girls are real singers.

  93. We are from Canada and we all want Alex back.
    He deserve to come back. we love to hear his voice and his singing.
    Alex you are unique, and from the begining we were in love with your voice and your way of singing, we hope you will be back next week,
    we want to see more of your singing.


  95. Wrong decision!!!! Paige, Lacey, Todrick and Tim should go home…. Not Alex, Lily and Katelyn.. tsk tsk… wrong wrong wrong!!!!! american idol sucks this season

  96. lily is so great.that katie girl sucked.she sould of went home insted of lily.the people i like are casey,lily,crystal,lacey,and siobhan


  98. I cannot believe that alex got voted off! I absolutely loved him! also i dont believe todrick should have gonne home but then again i like all the guys accept aaron…as for the girls i think it was the right choice

  99. Awww, Lilly! And loved Alex ! Still tho’ serious attention should be for Crystal, who will not win, but will rise up and knock our Bowersox off if she doesn’t get scared off and revert back to the subway. My next hopeful is Siobhan, ‘cos she could handle the spotlight better than Crystal. Guys? Hmmm. Mike might pull off some more soulfulness and lure us in. Not excited about any of the other guys. I’m thinking that America will eventually vote for a safe choice like Lee De Wyze, but he won’t let go either. I love crazy on stage. Last time crazy-ish happened for guys (besides Adam Lambert-xox) was with Taylor Hicks and they made him quit dancing his crazy dance. They stripped away his mojo and he was never the same for me. Loved him.

  100. America is getting it wrong again. Alex and Lilly did not deserve to be voted off. Both are talented and I enjoyed watching their performances. Why is Andrew still on? He has bored me every week.

  101. i really really dont wanna watch it anymore after loosing alex! but i do have a lot of favorite guys! <3 big mike…hopefully a guy will win this year

  102. Terrible decisions with Alex and Lily. Obviously not an indication of singing talent. People are crazy. Too bad! Meanwhile Paige continues. Are you kidding me.

  103. America s***wed the pooch. Not simply wrong, abysmally awfully wrong.
    Paige and Katie to name 2 should have gone before lilly. I saw Lilly as one of a few that could maybe stay with crystal. Toddrick was in my bottom 2, and Alex’s nerves are tough to watch. But Lee, aaron and Tim were certainly not any better.

    Every year theres a whisper of vote manipulation. The girls vote ought to start that up, big time. I’m in Ca., so I haven’t seen the show. Definitely curious now.

    I’m stunned.

  104. I bet if everyone here voted for their favorites as much as the Worsters voted for Tim Urban, Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert would still be here. AT&T features text voting where you can send hundreds of votes to who REALLY deserves it in a few minutes.
    I say it’s time to come right back and not let VFTW totally take over this year’s competition.

  105. Our household believes America got it wrong tonight. Lily was second only to Krystal as our favorite girl. Alex was wonderful, with that raspy voice reminiscent of Rod Stewart. We are wondering if we need to continue watching Idol. Allowing kids in at age 16 is a bit premature…they aren’t ready for the big stage yet.

  106. You got it all wrong!! This is very disappointing.. Alex Lambert has so much talent and has a lot of potential!!! They should have sent home Todrick, Andrew, Paige and Katie Stevens.

  107. Sorry America but you got it wrong…. Voting off Lily Scott over Katie or Paige who have did NOTHING but struggle thru the live shows. Where as Lily made every song her own grant it her last performance was her weakest. I am highly disappointed in how this has become a popularity contest and not a singing contest. I feel that they give it to the voting audience way too soon the judges should have made the decisions about who are in the top 12. I think if American Idol sticks around they need to rethink how they do things

  108. Alex, that voice, it makes me think very bad things about how, why, etc. votes went so wrong here. Lilly too, but Alex has a sound that we all want to hear now and always. No doubt it went silent there over that one. Not silent now though, not going to be for a long time over this one.

  109. Are you kidding Lilly Scott was one of the best she should have been in the top 4 this year. the one that should have gone home had a OBAMA factor she was bad and you all know it.

  110. This is ridiculous. Todrick, Lilly, and Alex should all have stayed. All of the talented ones are getting voted off. This is so unfair! I wasted my minutes voting when the rest of America was too stupid to realize real talent!

    This reminds me so much of last season. Kris Allen, who is boring at best, beat out Adam Lambert, one of the most talented vocalists of our generation. Americans like mediocrity. So disappointing. I’m just so unsatisfied with this show right now.

  111. I am not thrilled with America’s vote, but one thing that I find really annoying is how Kara hangs all over Simon now that Paula is gone. I think she wanted Paula gone so she could get more attention. The other thing is I am sick of comments made on ages and how they dress. If they think some are too young then there should be an age limit like 25 to 32. What difference does age make and how they are dressed if they can sing. Wasn’t this suppose to be a singing competition??????

  112. Lilly Scott should have made it to the top 4 this year some people got it wrong. Lilly was one of the most creative Idol’s we had. I hope that some big star grabs her up and makes her a star. Hey carri you’ve got the money please help her with her dreams………….

  113. Oh my…

    I agree that Lilly and Alex should have stayed. It’s strange that they were voted off the show considering their strong potential in becoming a great singer.

    If there’s to blame, partly I think it’s their fans. They shouldn’t have been so confident for their idol and think that their votes would be insignificant…

  114. America probably got part of it right tonight with the guys. I was surprised with the girls.

    Katie and Paige sounded awful to me on Tuesday and this vote felt like a backlash against the harsh critiques of the judges.

  115. America got it wrong big time. Todrick was one of my favorites…I still can’t get his audition song that he wrote out of my head, but up until his performance last night, he has not been that great….so I understand why he was eliminated. BUT LILLY SCOTT…ARE YOU KIDDING ME! She is so much more talented that those other girls. I usually do not write and make comments like this, but eliminating Lilly…errrr… mad about that. I can’t believe it. I blame the judges feeback….they did not give her the credit she deserved. America got it wrong…big time.

  116. From Canada…I can’t believe it ????? This AI is a really “scrap show”(B..S..) !!! How is possible than Aaron, Andrew and Tim are still there when they are so bad, desapointing EVERY WEEK !!! America gone very bad this week…
    Dear Alex, my favorite, please come back ! I’m waiting now for Siobban..I hope !!!

  117. What has Obama got to do with this. They were wrong last week Michelle should have stayed, now they were compelled to keep Paige. They should have kept the other latino guy now they were compelled to keep Andrew. Todrick they let him go so as to keep Mike. Lilly goes so Krystal has no challange. Its a reality show lol

  118. It’s too bad that some of the talented and unique contestants were voted off coz america prefer the looks to their talents, wrong choice people, if I were in the US I’d vote for Alex and Lily for sure…AI has become a popularity contest… which means AI might lose its popularity as well…I hope the producers would read ALL of these comments…

  119. Its all fixed and it sucks. Lilly are you kidding me and Katie is still in? Katie is always off key, so is Paige. Andrew still in, what a joke

  120. why is Paige still there? I thing she is bad and if she wins she’ll be just another American Idol who! or where are they now.

  121. I don’t know why I let this bother me year after year…But it does. No matter what the level of talent from season to season…It is my hope that ultimately, the most talented person will win. That rarely happens(the most embarrassing instance being the season with Taylor Whats-has-name and Chris Daughtry). I still feel that from week to week…The least talented person/people should be the ones to leave. I don’t like suffering through more mediocre performances than necessary each week. For instance…I feel that Alex Lambert should have been around longer than Tim Urban. Tim has been horrible every week and continues to pull in votes. This leads me to believe that a huge group of tone-deaf pre-teen girls are running up phone bills all over the country. Do I think he would have won the whole thing? Probably not…But I feel he deserved the chance more so than Tim or Lacey or a few others whose names I can’t recall. It’s sad really. It isn’t unlike last year when I had to stomach Megan Joy and her crappy renditions of classic songs because some idiots kept voting for her. It’s a SINGING competition! Or did I miss a memo?

  122. Errrr. Still so mad about Lilly getting voted off. She is so talented. Judges are to blame

  123. Half the nation had to be shocked when Lilly Scott got voted off. Not that I like her type music but she was a true professional….. Much more than many of the others. You could see the shock on her face as well.
    I would imagine Crystal Bowersox had to thinking, “WTH.”

  124. Wow….after reading these comments (including mine)I am amazed that Lily was voted off the show. I thought Ryan was joking. It must be a demographic shift because it was like Disney TV–
    Alex is incredibly talented, but he could use a little experience to calm the nerves. He did not demonstrate poise or readiness. It was almost painful to watch him. We will see him again somewhere.

    I disagree with the folks that said Simon (or any of judges) was “fixing”—Simon clearly likes Crystal and she is excellent–I think the judges were shocked tonight.

  125. America is deaf.. seriously. Katelyn didn’t do so good this week, but i LOVED her version of The Scientist last week. Also, Lily is just amazing. I thought she’d make it really far! I thought Alex Lambert was really good too, they should’ve sent home Tim Urban. He’s onl still around because he’s good looking.

  126. I personaly think that it wasnt fear to eliminate LILLY because there is worse singers than her that need to get out!!

  127. Again from Canada…It’s the same for Lilly…What a great talent missed in AI when you are thinking than Katie, Paige and Lacey are still there…AI sucks very hard !!! America, please, don’t tell me anymore than AI is a singing competition ! You are a shame !

  128. Its just that its rediculous that is why I sometimes think its fixed to make us watch as we will be in suspence, otherwise if we knew and were right all the time, and its predictable, why watch. Maybe the judges are to blame, maybe their comments are misleading, how else did Lilly go. Katie has all the 16 and younger girls and boys vote for her so does Aron, it will be tough to get rid of those 2, they are there to stay for a while Tim urban is handsome and little girls will be voting him for that too- we need a bit of some professionalism there, otherwise it does not make sense at all

  129. Alex Lambert has one of the best natural voices ever heard on American and was growing each week. I would highly recommend he tryout next year or that some recording study take him
    under their wings . .. this kid has serious talent!!!! Totally at odds with this fluke elimination of his . . . hopefully, his name did not have anything to do with it since it was heavily heard last season . . .

  130. Many AI viewers don’t recognize talent!!! Among all the contestants, Lily is the most talented artistically and most unique vocally. Lily is a big loss for AI.

  131. WOW. I can’t believe the votes tonight! Is America NOT LISTENING? This is not a so called “beauty” contest, but rather a singing! Alex and Lilly should not have gone…TIM and KATIE are not right for Idol and should be long gone.

    Very dissapointing-

  132. I was heartbroken to watch Alex Lambert get eliminated. I hope he will continue to pursue a career as a music artist. I love the sound of his voice. Alex if you see this, please don’t let this discourage you. You are a wonderful singer and I can’t wait to buy your albums!!!

  133. Wow… America voted right on for the guys. Alex was nothing special; And the other guy to be eliminated can’t be that good? C’mon,I’ve been watching the entire season so far, and he’s the only one on the show who’s name I still don’t know.
    But, the girls? I thought Paige should have gone home over Katelyn 100%! Paige sounded horrendous last time; how is this girl in the top 12?!! And Lilly, she was one of the last I expected to see go.
    Didi Benami is definitely the best voice in this competition though! So sweet and pure. Hope she wins!

  134. Didi does but like Alex does not have enough confidence somehow not like Siobhan for example. She needs to quit crying, and being so emotional

  135. America got it wrong sending Alex Lambert home!
    He was one of the very few guys I was excited to watch and I would buy his album today!

  136. Sorry America, you got things wrong….. again !
    Lilly and Alex should never have gone.
    Idol producers – maybe try restricting the eligibility vote to one per registered phone number and then you may get a TRUE result and not one based on luck in getting through.

  137. I agree with Susan..Didi doesn’t have enough confidence. Crystal is really talented…but every week she is singing the same kind of songs…it’s quite boring.

    For me, the best one is Siobhan and YES SHE ROCKS !!!!!! Since the beginning she’s my favorite !

  138. NO the voting did not go right tonight. It was HORRIBLE…Alex Lambert should not have been sent home… He was the best on the show. This really makes me not even want to watch this show anymore… Totally RIDICULOUS…

  139. Alex Lambert had such a unique voice! So what if the kid had a little nerves going on. I know given a few more weeks more he wold have shined.I want to hear him again!!!!!

  140. Alex Lambert had such a unique voice! So what if the kid had a little nerves going on. I know given a few more weeks he would have shined.I want to hear him again!!!!!

  141. NO!! I’m mad! American did not get it right & we lost GREAT TALENT! I’m not sure I still want to watch the rest 🙁

  142. Alexe’s voice and song still in my head,
    hope you make an album, we would love to buy it, your singing gives peace,comfort and joy,
    never never never give up, work hard to become famous because you got it-the total it. Everybody loves you and want to hear more from you, you can be another Michael Booble in your own way.

  143. While I agree with the female eliminations, America DEFINITELY got it wrong with the guys. Aaron Kelly and Andy Garcia were hanging on by a thread and got through; while, Alex Lambert still had some punch left. I was STUNNED that Todrick Hall didn’t make it. He and Michael Lynche gave powerhouse performances!

  144. I am not impressed whatsoever with the way America votes. I know that eventually everyone gets voted off except one person, but they should both have gone a lot farther. Alex had one of the best, most unique voices on the show. I have a feeling Andrew Garcia will only go far because of his fanbase, similarly to how Taylor Hicks won a few years ago. Alex, if you read this, I agree with shaotv, you should DEFINITELY make an album, I know there are tons of people out there who appreciate your music and would love to buy it!

  145. America should not have sent Alex home!!
    Alex is a natural talent! He has that very distinct, recognizable voice that you can imagine, as early as now, will be doing really well in the music industry for a long, long time. I would definitely like to hear more of Alex!!! So the guy has stage fright…he’ll get over it and learn the ropes! America is not hearing right!!! Now, it is only Siobhan I am cheering for!

  146. Speaking from Canada, What a vote ! American’s
    where are your ears..Bad vote. Lily Scott and Alex Lambert should still be there.. What a shame…Talent you just voted off the stage.
    Alex and Lily I hope a scout has seen you and
    whisked you up quickly..Good luck. Sorry to see
    you go..This is when I wish on American Idol,
    American’s didn’t have last say…What are you thinking Simon ?????????

  147. Why do people keep saying that “Andrew should have gone home, not Alex”. It wasn’t even a competition between those two specifically anyways. Andrew just happened to be called up with him. My guess is that the AI Producers knew of his huge fan base and hand-picked him to be one of the last 2 guys for added-drama/suspense. If it truly were a competition of talent, the last two guys Seacrest should’ve called up should’ve been Tim and Todrick because they aren’t as great as the others.

  148. I do not think the girls that got voted out should have been voted out. There is girl who are worse. These two girls should not have been voted off. The guys I am fine with.

  149. John, I totally agree with you! Andrew will be getting a bad rap from Alex’s fans because of how he was paired up with Alex at the end. It is the presentation of the contestants…I guess, AI did it because they already know that people will be reacting this way–so there will be more buzz about the show. Still my heart goes out to ALEX alone!!! Siobhan rocks!!

  150. America got it way wrong…Adam Lambert should NOT have gone and neither should’ve Lilly Scott, they were both some of the best of this season. What the heck happened?

  151. Alex, Tondrick and Lilly should still be there. Paige, Katey and Aaron need to go. This is just so ridiculous. Like last year, Adam Lambert should have won. We don’t even hear about or see the winner. And for the life of me as I type this, I cannot remember his name. Ah, Chris Allen. AI also needs to change the equal number of girls and boys bit in the top 12. The boys are stronger than the girls this year. They need to choose the BEST singers from the beginning with the 24 and go from there. The votes are being taken over by texting teens. The judges need to have 51% say and the public should only get 49. It is a popularity contest. Not a singing contest.

  152. Ok, I agree with just about everyone here…Lilly and Alex should NOT have gone home!!! That’s just insane really. I guess VFTW really does impact the show unfortunately. Also I do think that Tim Urban is getting the big Christian vote like Gokey did last year, which will take him farther then he deserves. This is a singing contest not who is the most religious contest. I’m not watching anymore because the show is bogus. My heart broke for Alex, he was even in Entertainment Weekly this week – he has something special but with out the weeks of upcoming cultivation it will be harder for him then Lilly I fear…she has a lot of confidence which will bode her well. Good luck Alex – someone better snatch up that kid before he gets lost – he will be huge under the right mgmt.

  153. Aaron kelly is very good talented & knows what he wants , i gotta go for him also he did a wonderful job tonite , ellen is the worst jusge very unfair. KARA is RUBBISH

    But i do like simon & his honesty cannot imagine the next season without him too bad….

    Simon said KARA is rubbishaaron kelly is a good singer

  154. if everyone agrees that alex and lilly should of stayed then how did they get voted off by america? i love alex and won’t be watching now but i can’t complain because i didn’t vote. i assumed he would be safe.

  155. AARON KELLY is the winner of american idol this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    his voice is amazing, incredible, awesome
    i dont care about his face
    i only care about his voice
    his voice is the best!!
    alex lambert is strange, abnormal, his voice like a girl, so strange…. he should go home

    top 3: AAron kelly, michael lych, and crystal
    i think….

  156. aaron kelly has a great voice
    he is very talented
    you are crazy if you think that he is only have a cute face
    i dont think he is even cute at all

    when i heard he sangs Lips of an Angel

    i feel like
    OMG, this kid has really really huge and strong voice
    his voice is amazing

  157. yeah, even though aaron kelly forgot his lyric in that song
    but i agree his voice is WOW!!!!!!!
    i cant even said it in words!!
    aaron kelly’s VOICE (not face) is WOW!!! FANTASTIC!!!!! i agree

  158. why they need to sing at all, just show their face and the some stupid will decide whom they vote , all u need is just a cute baby face . that all

  159. i’m happy alex lambert is going home

    his voice is BAD

    and he’s not natural
    not relax, like a ROBOT (terminator)hahahaha
    he doesn’t have star quality

    AARON kelly is the BEST

    you should accept that!! alex lambert goodbye!

  160. I was very disappointed and SHOCKED! Neither Alex or Lilly deserved to go. In fact, I saw Lilly as being the second to last woman standing…Crystal winning. Both Paige and Katie were set to go, Katie knew it. And for the guys….Alex? No, he is shy, but great, unique voice. Tim and Andrew both needed to go with Todrick, and they knew it too. Amazing…it really makes me wonder about the integrity of the whole thing….SERIOUSLY?????

    I used to not watch Idol,and now after getting hooked,the last two seasons,voting every week,(I know),I will probably not watch it now. Too questionable to invest my time.I saw the truth tonight. Too bad.

  161. yeah u right, why should bother to watch and vote for them, we knew exactly who be next idol now.Just look at them, people now vote for their face ,cute and if they sing like crap so who care

  162. You got it wrong wrong wrong!! I don’t think Lily should have gone home over Kate. Kate is so inexperienced that she is all over the place but Lily brings a very refreshing uniqueness. Wrong, it’s just wrong.

  163. Actually, I take that back. It should have been Page going home as she was not good with any of her songs.

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  165. Aaron Kelly is next American Teen idol for sure.
    Aaron Kelly
    Aaron Kelly
    Aaron Kelly
    Aaron Kelly
    Aaron Kelly

  166. i’ve never watch American Idol in my whole life…
    til this season, because some day my friend tell me about this incredible person who has AMAZING VOICE in this season, makes me curious amazing like what???
    so, i’m starting watching it…
    and…… really…. this person have a really really great voice, because of him, i can not stop watching american idol this season,
    that person is AARON KELY
    he is soooo WOW!

    aaron kelly was fantastic last night!!! I hope he and lee dewyze make it to the final 2.

    Aaron kelly
    why dont you try to sing the song
    “Broken Vow” by Lara Fabian
    your voice is so huge and strong, i think you will be incredible with that song

  168. Oi Oi Oi What happened there??? I only got 2 out of 4 right, bad choice USA 🙁

    Paige is stil in unbelievable!!!
    Andrew is stil in unbelievable!!!

  169. This elimination was so disappointing that it made 205 comment within 9 hours.

    Paige was really awful and Tim was almost awful, yet why are they there!!! A total disappointment..

  170. First John Park now Alex Lambert!!!???
    American Idol is not cool now ~
    Alex Lambert has unique voice and just awsome…
    he’s keep better and better every week~

    Oh Man~ I guess the only reason i Watch AI coz Lee and Shiobhan …
    Not Cool~

  171. Does someone have a deaf ear? Alex Lambert should have not been voted off, Simon should bring him back.

  172. I think America got it right. What was up with Crystal? I know it’s up-setting to see one get voted off, but she looked like she was upset by getting voted in to the top 12. She really acted strange last night. Was she stoned? i still say Shioban is the best, and Paige should have left. I think we know whats going on there. Figure it out. I have a feeling that Crystal will win. Yuk!!!!!!!

  173. Don’t wanna watch AI anymore. There’s something wrong. Alex Lambert,he is so wonderful.Nothing to say just” Don’t ever stop believing yourself,Alex”

  174. It’s pretty obvious from the comments on here that everyone knows that it was a BIG mistake sending Lilly and Alex home. Like someone else said on here, its NOT about talent anymore, its about popularity. America DID NOT vote these talented individuals off, it was the teenie boppers that did!

  175. Alex Lambert should NOT have been sent home, he needs to be brought back. Same goes for Lilly, she is unique and adds something different to the show.

    I agree not for sure about the integrity of the AI show anymore might decide just not to watch it anymore.

  176. If America had any sense of identifying talents then Lilly Scott would have stayed. I personally think, that American Idol is losing its objectives by commercializing the votes. It would be much fairer if the judges were given vito power over disgusting decisions by the public like the one on Lilly. My interest on American Idol is fading very quickly.

  177. Got it wrong once again. Toddrick and Katelyn clearly have much more talent than some of the others in the final 12. Sometimes it is truly amazing how the voting works out.

    I once again am a fan of voting people off than voting them on. Had I thought Katelyn would lose, I would have mounted an Internet Rally cry.

  178. i think American do realize about their top 12. some of them deserves the place and some not. for me i think, alex should be given a chance over michael lynche. whereas, lilly scott also should be given a chance for her to showing the vibration that the judges want. but overall, i am so much satisfied with the results:)

  179. The show last night clearly emphasized that AI is just a popularity competition for all the little teenie boppers that have cell phones and know how to vote hundreds of times for their favorite. That is nuts in itself. There should be some way every voter gets one vote and that is it, but that will never happen.
    I figured Lilly would end up being against Crystal at the end as they are both phenominal singers. But to toss her off and keep a few of the others w/less talent was crazy!
    If the voting process is not revamped this show is bound to be slanted toward the popular and cute and not the talented. Why not have people wear a paper bag on their heads to sing if it is truly a singing contest:-)

  180. Absolutely no problem with these four but it could have been another four too, based on the singing.
    There are a few singers I like (Lee, Didi) but there is no outstanding talent this year. I just don’t get the feeling when I hear them singing that “wow, this girl or guy has the ability, can be a star”.

  181. You people in America have to be kidding! If you can’t see the talent in Lily & alex, you need your head read!! That hurts. Here in Australia, we have a radio staion called triple j. It showcases both commercial & indy artists & they both had such a good sound that they could have been played on our staion which is played all over the world. For example… We played & fell in love with Kings Of Leon, 2 albums before America even knew who they were. Now they have a hit with Sex on Fire & Use Somebody, You re-own them. Get with it. Here in Oz we have our own idols for 2010. Lee…. be who you are (no sex on fire) & you’re a honey, & Chrystal… i agree with Simon – it’s yours to lose. You both are fabulous. Keep it going.xo

  182. once again America shows who really watches this show… eliminating Lily and keeping that 16 yr old and that red head over her is ridiculous… however… it’s not all that surprising. I just hope Crystal doesn’t win so she won’t have to sing that processed crap they make the winners put on their albums. It’s shows like these that really show the mindset of America’s television watchers. The elimination shows are the worst 30 minutes of television in the history of television! Watching those lame commercials and high school musical numbers they make the contestants do is excruciating. Keeping Tim was a mistake too and makes you wonder if that website that has people vote for the worst contestant is still around.

  183. Oh my heck!!! I loved Alex and Todrick…both are amazing….I just can’t believe it!!!! Why Alex imagine what he could have done…America totally let go a 2 huge talented people!!!

  184. I really not understand why ALEX and TODRICK was eliminated. Seriously???He keep tim urban for the style but him voice is really horrible and AFTER 3 WEEK..! There are problems!! But ALEX who was good two week past and be not incredible this week need to go home??? WHAAAAAAT???!!! I dont understand. For the style and beauty?? What the hell…? Alex have unique voice! CANADA HES WITH YOU ALEX!!!! WE LOVEE YOU! ON T’AIME <3 in french!!!

  185. ok… after reading the responses in these posts I can’t believe all the love for mulletboy! his voice was ok… never hit a big note, put me to sleep most nights and looked like a deer in headlights everytime he got on stage. and that little country boy with the spikey hair reminds me a little of clay aiken… and that’s not a good thing. i’m a fan of talent and talent includes originality and musical ability. Andrew (who gets very little love from this chat group) is very original, plays a great guitar, and has a very unique sound. Pretty stripper boy is a great guitar player and sings well enough but has to do something different pretty soon, all his songs sound the same (but i still like them). lee is commerical sounding and can at least play the guitar a little and the only real rocker onthe male side. Big Mike is a sentimental favorite cuz he had a baby and he’s big and cuddly which should keep him around as the women (and that’s really who votes) will keep him. Little country boy does nothing but karoake every week, not all that bad at singing the crap he sings, but it’s still something you can see at any bad county karoake bar in the country. Siobhan has some real talent and Crystal has some real talent and Lily had some real talent… that’s about it.

  186. i never expected Lilly Scott got eliminated…her voice is great and unique..way better than others..and i think Alex is so much better than Tim…

  187. Alex Lambert shouldn’t have been voted out … It’s so sad… He’s really good and he has so much potential…

  188. Im happy to see lily go. I never knew what the fuss is about. I cant carry a tune down the block, Im arguably one of the worse singers I know, and I can sing along with lily and sound like her echo! So glad to see her go. As far as the other ones, Im most sad to see Alex go. he had a beautiful sound. I wish Tim would have went instead of Alex. I feel the same way about Tim as I do about Lily, waste of space in this competition.

  189. WHAT? Lilly and Alex is gonee! I really dont understand there was my two favourite… Now I have any Idol in the show… And why Tim Urban is not eliminate!!!! Alex was really best! And why paige is in the top twelve???? i never expected Lilly got aliminated too!! Horrible for her and Alex..! 🙁 The two have a incredible voice!! So Sad…

  190. ok people…last night was a wake up call. you watch the show, you have a fav., you VOTE…you call and call and call!!! why??? those stupid 12 year old Hanna Montana girls will out “do” you. i dont care if you think that your fav has it in the bag or not!! that tim boy should walk off the stage and GIVE alex back his spot. you know he knows. DO NOT assume your fav will get through. this is not an AMERICAN IDOL mistake. this is not an AMERICA mistake!!! this is a 12 year old little girls group take over…show em whos boss dont dial for only one, dial for ALL but that stupid NO talent TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. Why Alex is Gone if everybody loved him??? Holy Crapp!! I loved this guy! He have so much potential and a unique wonderful voice! For me he was supposed to be the next american Idol :'(
    why america vote for Andrew!!!
    And Lilly??? Seriously? 🙁

  192. Last night, IMO, was the biggest upset this early in the season with Idol. Lilly went home? WTH? She was by far one of the most original and talented singers ever on the show.

    There should be a recount, AND, again this year, the judges should be allowed a save. Lilly did not deserve to go home! She was by far one of the most original and talented women ever on Idol, and I’m more disappointed than I’ve ever been after seeing her cut.

    Please, please, let the judges do a save, and bring her back. At least 2 of the remaining 12 should have been cut way before Lilly, and imo, she should have at least stayed thru the top 5. American COMPLETELY got it wrong, or the count was off!

  193. There is something wrong this year if these 12 are the best singer’s in the United States. But if I had to pick last night, Paige and Tim should have gone.In my opinion none of these kids have the WOW facter. Don’t get me wrong, they all have great voices but so does some folks in our Church that sing every week. I think Crystal has the best voice but I wouldn’t buy her CD. I hope things get better for the sake of Idol.

  194. Without Alex (one of my favorite alltime american idol contestants ever) and Lilly there is no point in watching the show. Those two were the only truly original performers. They definitely had the IT factor. What a shame they were cut, I really hope both continue to pursue their dreams.

  195. No puedo creer todavía que ALEX LAMBERT haya sido eliminado. No comparto esta votacion hacia Alex. DE ARGENTINA

  196. I think Paige should of left instead of Lily. Yes, the opening song was lame. The talent this year is not as good as last year.

  197. I am soooooo disappointed that Lilly Scott is gone! Shocked and angry. Good luck Lilly. Hope you still do an album.

  198. This is WRONG!!!! Alex and Lily should’ve been in the top 6. I’m very upset. NOW as to the solution…take away the unlimited voting. Allow each phone number to vote so many times (say about 6) then they are done. It’s crazy to think someone can vote for a contestant 200 times in one night. Come on AI, get this changed!

  199. I did my best to keep Lilly and Alex in the competition. These two should NOT have been eliminated!

  200. What a GONG SHOW. BOO!!!!!!!!!Did you mistaken Lacey for Lilly. Lilly is great, Lacey is a freak, has no talent and the Judges are awful to make us listen to that THING. Chrystal, Lilly and DiDi were the STARS and kept me listening and kept me watching. They are REAL artists, singers, musicians and songwriters. I wanted to buy there concert tickets, t-shirts and cd’s and I believe in Lilly, I dont think she needs a GONG SHOW to be famous. She already is. Keep singing Lilly. The Munroes from Florida Love,Love,Love you.

  201. America did not get it right, they have been pretty good up until last night….Alex and Lilly should definitely have stayed…they were both showing such promise. I really liked watching and listening to both of them..I hope there aren’t any more suprises or “disappointments” in the next couple of weeks. For me the cuts are obvious….America should never be voting in the first place, if you happen to have a large fan base you could go all the way on little or no talent. If Crystal isn’t in the top 3 I’ll be giving up watching Idol…that will be evidence that it’s just not what it’s meant to be.

  202. ~ How sad….we won’t get to see that ripened, mushy banana turn into…a banana shake, a dried banana? He was just so adorable…the cute looking lovable guy everyone was rooting for to find his groove and blow AI through the roof! Alas, that story is not to be….Alex you were awesome! Keep singing dude! ~

  203. We all agree with “Pam”‘s comment.

    Alex and Lily deserved to stay, they both are top six. They both should be asked to come back.

  204. Alex..! it’s not right vote
    Alex..! what a beautiful unique voice
    Alex..! shay he’s only 19
    Alex..! go ahead with your self..good luck

  205. WOW! What a huge huge disappointment. Lilly shouldn’t have gone home…WHAT IS WRONG AMERICA…you don’t know talent anymore.

  206. what ??? alex should NOT have gone home !!! he was soooooo good and people were rly starting to like him , i didnt understand why he went maybe a mix up or smthn , it has to be !! after this and when simon leaves AI will not be the same …

  207. I think it was a kick in the face to Lily Scott to get bumped like that. Yes the other girl has a lovely voice but she’s hardly STAR material. She’s still a child & will need years of experience to get her in the class Lily is in. Lily was different, had great confidence, great stage presence & a great funky look that says she’s going somewhere! It was a huge mistake!!!

  208. I would like to add to my comment. It’s been said since it began this year by the ‘powers that be’ that they want a woman to win this year. Simon even said he wanted Chrystal. Maybe the public’s opinion isn’t really the final vote. What do y’all think?

  209. I can’t believe we lost Alex! I hope they have a wild card and bring him back. I was ready to buy that kids’ cd! This is almost as big as a shock when Chris Doughtry got voted off. I really wanted to see him grow on the show, now who am I going to watch?

  210. They got it all wrong. guys should have been aaron and Tim and the girls should have been Paige and lacey. My favourite was Alex and I am not going to watch cause America has it wrong and the judge to be voted off should be Kara with her silly imitations of Paula. All that nudging Simon and crying over Michael’s song. It looks so staged and everyone is saying so. goodbye American Idol….

  211. What a shame, Alex & Lilly are top notch and have improved each week. I’m 70 and will miss them a lot. I hope the cut records.

  212. America did get it wrong! Alex Lambert has the best voice out of all the guys. I love his tone and can’t wait to here him perform again.

  213. america looked stupid!
    Alex Lambert shouldn’t have been eliminated…
    that’s all i can say.

  214. America got it WRONG!! I was really shocked as I thought all of the people voted off were really talented. I think the judges should bring back Lilly and Alex should be brought back for sure!

  215. OMG!! I cannot believe Alex and Lilly went home. America did get it wrong. Two great talents went home and lesser talents remained. What a shame.

  216. Sick of hearing this year there is great talent !! Sorry, this year SUCKS !!!! No one can compare to…Kelly Clarkson….Carrie Underwood…Katherine Mcfee…David(ARCHIE)… Come on get a grip !!!!!!!

  217. OMG! I loved Lily and totally thought she’d go pretty far. Alex going surprised me too!

  218. Millie is crazy… Sioban sucks! Crystal is awesome and she ( or maybe Lee) should win!

  219. i think with everyone commenting and disagreeing on the elimination is a bit intriguing.. O_O thinking that tim urban was just pulled back to the top 24.. he still managed to get it into top 12.. –most stupid people in earth.. AMERICANS

    why would lilly and alex be eliminated.. then all of a sudden you disagree with the elimination O_O

  220. I know that I will probably be struck down by the God of Mediocre Taste,but am I the only one who thinks Crystal is bland and dour?
    her new make-up and hair-do don’t really help to dispell this image,either.

  221. i really thought that Lilly would go further…
    well,this is a singing’s competition,everything is unexpected…

  222. i cant believe alex lambert went home! he was really good! and i wasnt a big lily fan but i was suprised she went home i was glad katelyn got elinated but instead of lily it should have been crystal. she is so arrogant and annoying. paige miles isn’t good either.

  223. When the first 2 of the top twelve are eliminated they should bring Lily and Alex back. Alex has a certain something special about his voice and his look. Lily is so unique and I love to watch her perform. America got it wrong and the judges should work something out to bring them back. Really disappointed.

  224. I wasn’t surprised that Kaitlyn and Todrick went home because I think Kaitlyn has been doing cheesy lounge act numbers, the last one being a karaoke version of a song with no range. As for Todrick, not many people like his changing the entire melody of songs and while his last performance was good, I also felt that it was too little too late.

    Now for Alex…maybe a little surprised because I thought he was developing some fans. He also has a better voice than Aaron or Tim. Tim and Aaron should have gone home instead of Alex (great voice) and Todrick (great performer).

    The most surprising is Lilly Scott. The judges like her and she was even in the pimp spot. I think this is the first time that someone in the pimp spot never made it to the top 12. She has a unique refreshing indie style but it’s not mainstream so I guess America didn’t get her. She should have reprised the song she sang in Hollywood, “Lullaby of Birdland”. It’s the one that got her in the semis so naturally it would have helped her get in the top 12.

  225. totally agree with the comment of sherry.
    Alex and Lily should come back in top 12.
    specially Alex. We like to hear from him the song “When a man loves a woman” it will sound
    so unique.

  226. They should change the format, kinda like America’s Best Dance Crew where the bottom 2 gets to battle it out and the judges decided who among the two goes home. So basically, America chooses who are bottom two and judges choose who they want to save and who they want eliminated from America’s bottom 2 selection.

  227. Okay, the judges constantly remind the viewers that this is “a singing competition.” So why do so many singers who have Pitch problems, or can’t sing on key stay? Why do REAL singers like Alex get booted off? I think the judges really must take some credit for the devestation to Alex, and American Idol. They constantly support their favorites, regardless of ability to SING. Yes, Alex was nervous. But the kid can sing better than most of the people on this season. I want to see him Wed on Ellen, and hope someone gets him into a studio soon!

  228. worst talent ever picked this season, most are mediocre next door-sit on the porch singers, nothing good, or deserving of idol status..except for Lilly who is gone, and the dreds girl. they should have went down to the wire in competition to at least keep it interesting. too bad, the boys stink, big mike ok but only one with any talent at all.
    with Lilly gone will be a very boring rest of season..

  229. Suprised result seeing talented people gone. with my voted counted, unfortunately not. I am non-American being loyal fans of AI since SI. This is typical & drama of AI, every year the talent people get quick off and keeps cutey faces in a show, vecaus ethis cutey faces will beings ‘big money’ to the show. They are like ‘bullet’ to shot the vote from American. This what we cal reality shows that grab the money for the business profit. This is call business.

    Again, for Alex, Katelyn and Lily of being the ‘victim’ of this ‘stupid business war’ of AI.

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  230. The people that should have gone were Paige, Katie, Tim and Aaron that is soooo obvious to everyone. Its a shame i could’nt vote here in England you obviously have the same loser people that vote in America as in England which is why I dont watch shows like Idol normally. Todrick, Alex, Katelyn and Lilly were four of the best but hey who wants to listen to people who can sing.

  231. With Alex Lambert gone. I have no desire to keep watching this season. I could understand if it was later into the competition. I believe Idol needs to step in and bring Alex back. It is not fair to mess with this young mans future based on a group of idiots trying to spoil the show. This guy is what the show is all about.

  232. lilly is awsome, yall made the most stupidist move in the world.. she has wayyy more talent than that domb mean poser paige (no affence)
    lilly is a wayyy better singer than any of them there.. well behind thte pretty girl wit hthe guitar BUT BESIDES THAT! some of you americans made the worrst freikan mustake of your lives, yall should be ashamed of your domb selfs, not only you voted her out… yuo hert this really talented person. and you hert her freinds. what do have to say for your sedlfs, that voted her out..
    YOU think nothing about nothing inless it involves your selfs
    i hope you no now what you stupid people did to hert lillys feelings, cause if you were up there….
    you would feel the same……

  233. Janae–no, the worst ‘freakin mistake’ was picking Taylor Hicks over Chris Daughtry followed very closely by Kris Allen over Adam Lambert.

  234. Alex Lambert deserve to be in top twelve,
    bring him back. He is unique and he was getting
    better on the stage every week. This should be the purpose and the goal of the show to make the idol from the hidden talent-voice.

  235. Daughtry am you like yos for Kalina S Nesbit
    choir Last year Nov age 22 singing be yos youlike Kalina S nesbi tprincess
    you like for kalima s nesbit cd;s Hannha montana the climb

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