American Idol 2010: Siobhan Magnus Eliminated

siobhan_magnusSiobhan Magnus, best known for her loud scream at the end of her songs, was eliminated from the competition tonight. 

After the best night of singing I’ve heard from the idol contestants and over 33 million votes cast Mike, Casey and Siobhan landed in the bottom 3.  Mike was sent to safety which left my man Casey standing with Siobhan.

I was nervous for Casey and after he gave such an awesome performance last night I was shocked to see him land back in the bottom two.  I had my fingers crossed as I waited for Ryan to give the news but my fears were put to rest when he said Siobhan was leaving.

It should be no secret to any of you that I disliked Siobhan’s voice so I can’t say I’m too disappointed to see her gone and even with her additional endorcement from vftw, she couldn’t be saved. 

We have our Top 5 and I can’t wait to see how they manage with songs from Frank Sinatra next week.  How do you feel about Siobhan getting eliminated?