American Idol 2010 Top 5 Perform Tonight


There are only 5 remaining singers for American Idol 2010 after last week’s surprising elimination of Siobhan Magnus. This week the theme will be Frank Sinatra with Harry Connick Jr as the mentor to lead our “brat pack” through the “rat pack.” What? You don’t get it? Look it up!

Ashley discovered yesterday that a few of the Idol hopefuls will be disappointed to learn that guitars are off-limits for the week. That should make for an interesting night when everyone has to focus on their singing for a change!

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  1. Sorry Richard T…methinks she is still in… hopefully until the final.

  2. I think it’s time they stop with the theme weeks ,I am ok with the mentors but forcing them to select a song from a particular Genre I don’t think its very productive quote honestly, when is the next time you think Crystal would sing a Sinatra… seriously I am sure they can all do it and I kind of understand the logic, but I think it has proven to not be in the best interest of the contestants, or the viewers.. Another issue is I think they really need to change the voting process, I think 1 vote per phone # is a;; that should be allowed, this will eliminate the whole VFTW crap and it will also stop making it seems so impressive when they spew statements like in a all time record vote of 32 million etc, etc… Please 1 vote per phone # and let the real chips fall where they may and never mind this BS process now with busy lines, etc. etc..

    I think the final will be Lee vs Crystal!!

  3. It doesn’t matter, because they are all OK, but nothing superb(like last year Adam).
    This season there are much better themes though.
    I’m looking forward to hear F.Sinatra songs, but I don’t expect too much.

  4. I think the reason for making them sing the different genres is to get them out of their comfort zone and to find out which genre suits their vocals best. It’s like a cooking competition. Do they just make what they are comfortable with, no. It forces them to do something different and be creative. Same thing applies here.

  5. I agree B. #4 especially the voting process. And I hope the final two are Lee and Crystal. The judges all keep saying they don’t know what type of artist they are, Well, let them sing the songs they want to see if they are the type of artist they want to be. Just like when Adam Lambert put the twist on the Johnny Cash song, It was supposed to be Country but that is not the artist Adam was so he did it his way but Simon did not like it, that’s his opinion as I enjoyed it. Everyone, to each his own and let them be the artist they want to be and put their own version of the songs into their performances. Either the voters like it or they don’t. “GO LEE”

  6. I think Sinatra week will push the idols to really “push the envelope” so to speak. If they can take Sinatra to the next level, they so deserve to be there. Let those vocals shine this week guys. They are each unique in their own way. I’m excited to hear what they can do with these song choices! I understand that Harry will be doing all the arrangements for them too. So they better be spot on with their vocals because that is what they will really be judged on this week.

  7. I am so looking forward to hearing these 5 idols sing Frank Sinatra and not being able to use a guitar. What will Casey and Crystal do?????

    To all the Mike fans……Its nothing personal, its just preference. Mike was eliminated once and I just can’t see how he can come back and win this. He has done nothing exciting to be the winner of AI….JMHO

  8. first big mike
    2 crystal
    3 casey
    4 lee
    5 aaron
    aaron will go home today,he is too nervous on stage infront of the croud.
    big mike will win comfortable in four weeks.

  9. Aaron may be nervous on stage, but Lee and Casey also suffer the safe problem. Aaron’s vocals are definately better than those two. As for Mike, I think he has too much stage presence at times. Crystal is comfortable in her own skin without overdoing it. If it comes down to vocals, it will be Crystal and Aaron top two.

  10. why the judges give big mike the save,because they see him as a star,and alos american idol winner.big mike wont let the judges and is fans down,he is doing a good job.

  11. aaron to win!!!1mwah!!!i love you to the core aaron kelly!!!ur hot and talented…

  12. i like the top 5 alot they all doing a great job.but i believed big mike and crystal will go to final,and big mike will win over crystal.

  13. big mike is way different form the others by singing and stage appearance.he is so comfortable infront the judges and the audience,he will win comfortable.

  14. My favorite at this point, based on how consistent they have been each and every week are (best to worst):

    1- Crystal & Lee (tie)
    2- Casey
    3- Aaron
    4- Mike

    I don’t think there are any bad performers at this point. But, I will not be surprised if Aaron goes MUCH further than he should, do the fact he is the only one pre-teens are voting on, no that Tim Urban is gone. And Mike might go somewhat further than he should, as he is the ONLY one black folks are voting on.

  15. respect to randy jackson,simon,kara,ellen,ryan and the top 5 contestants.i am one of your biggest fans,but i will give micheal lynch the edge over the others contestants.big mike will pulled the biggest upset ever on american idol show.

  16. yea i agree with crafty..aaron has a better voice compared to casey and lee..but like what the judges many 16 years old dare to go up on stage and sing well besides justin bieber???and aaron’s voice has a huuuge difference compared to justin’s..aaron has done well for his age..his vocal cords will mature as he grows ……and that’s why i want him to win AI..the more votes he gets the more confident he is thus the less nervous he will be..and i bet when it comes to the final 2..he will be GREAT!!!like wat archuleta was after he was voted to be in the final 2!!!

  17. @ #1 Richard T..
    Richard go to youtube and check out SIOBHAN singing House of the Rising Sun on Ellen..awesome. This girl is going to be great!

  18. no jokes about big mike he pulled a big come back,his new born,wife,family and fans are so proud of him.he is a sure winner.

  19. tonight is the real big night to choose the best american idol,i do hope american gives big mike what he deserved.he try every week and he have done better and better each week.i see him as the next american idol winner.

  20. i think casey,crystal & mike will make the last two weeks, this week Aaron may have to go.

  21. sorry aaron u will of go home this week,lee next week,thats will leave us to choose from big mike,crystal and casey.but i am carrying big mike to the end.

  22. #2488fngrslouie…..I saw Siobhan on Ellen and you are 100% right, she was awesome….thats singing, thats talent……
    #1 Richard T…Your 100% right….the best left last week.
    I also heard she was just as good on Letterman.
    We are definitely going to hear and see a lot more of her…..I know I will be buying are CD, can’t say the same for the remaining 5……Sorry…JMO

  23. kara,ellen,randy and simon u guys a great.with your help on american idol show,all the family is having such a good time.i am so glad u saved micheal lynch,because he deserved it.we can not wait for 7pm tonight for the show to start.we all gives big mike god blessing.

  24. america america i am so glad we all makes our right choices by choosing seasons 9 winners, it is down to top 5 now and the show will be more interessing to watch.i like big mike the most because he try alot,and he really wants to win.

  25. I’m not sure why everyone thinks Mike is so great! He has been nothing but cocky and has had a major attitude since they saved him. He needs to go! He thinks he is hot shit and he is nothing close. Lee and Crystal are the real idols as far as I’m concerned.

  26. I’m not sure why everyone thinks Mike is so great! He has been nothing but cocky and has had a major attitude since they saved him. He needs to go! He thinks he is hot sh*t and he is nothing close. Lee and Crystal are the real idols as far as I’m concerned

  27. crystal,
    big mike and casey
    will go to the next rounds,but i dont know about lee and aaron status.lee may stay in but aaron will definite go home wednesday.

  28. a trying man is a trying man ok,well big mike is the only person i see tried,because he wants to win and i think he is the only one left,looks like the winner.

  29. casey,big mike and crystal will advance to the top 4.but i dont know about lee and aaron,lee may stay in and aaron will definitely go home.i am voting for big mike though.

  30. big mike u r large to be the american idol favorites now,i agree with the fans and all the websites that supporting you.u r on top big mike go for it.

  31. big mike is soo boring and sounded the same every week.i dun get why are u guys still voting mike?!!!he’s so favourite is siobhan but she was voted off so i will be giving my vote to aaron kelly now.he’s the only contestant that deserves it.

  32. @#21 Wrong!!!!! I am black and have not voted for anyone! So riddle me this!

    I believe in Mike, and feel that he will have a great future in music as long as he keeps persevering!

  33. well it is down to top 5 now,big mike,crystal,casey,lee and aaron done a great job.but i want to see them do much more,i am placing my bet on big mike,

  34. i dont care what people text about big mike,he is the best man for the american idol god man the guy tried so hard from the judges save to reach top 5,not because but they are all human.big mike is going to upset the others,he will win.

  35. i am totally agree with most of the text here.concerning the improvement big mike make since he got the save.i think it was a brilliant idea the judges makes on his behalf.he will win no one in compution can stop him.

  36. Angela@#40,

    Unbeknownst to you, you just proved my point. You say you are black “and you believe in Mike”. No big shocker there is it? How come you don’t believe in any of the other performers, if I may ask?

    The answer my friend is simply the color of their White skin. Because those besides Big Mike appear to be too White. And to you, that makes them not as nearly as right. My feeble attempt at poetry. 🙂 But you get the point.

    I strongly suspect Mike is the only performer that people are voting for him for no other reason than the COLOR OF HIS SKIN. I’m not saying everybody who votes for Mike is doing so because he is Black. As he has plenty of white fans. But, he is the “only” performer were a certain group are voting for him for no other reason than the color of his skin. I could be wrong … But, I don’t think there are many White people voting for Crystal (or any other performer) for no other reason than she is White.

  37. 44 steve, i am totally disagree with u about color,i am crystal fans,i votes for crystal an big mike every week.

  38. i agree with u crafty #16 and ginnie #18 i hope it comes down to aaron kelly and crystal and i hope aaron kelly wins cuz he deserves it!!! VOTE AARON KELLY!!!
    xoxo~tosha <3

  39. @#44 I do not vote because, with or without my vote, it will not make any difference as to whether he wins or not. I said what I said because I feel he has a future in music! And I did not prove your point, if you were listening to what I said sir, I said I believed in him and did not mention because he was black! You are the one that keeps promoting the skin color! Nor did I say that he would win either, so apparently you missed that!

    Oh and one more thing, since you know me so well, and read so much into what I say, I am a big Justin Bieber fan as well as an Adam Lambert fan! And I am still a black woman!

  40. big up to all the top 5 and the judges,i love this tv show,its open doors for amreicans to become point is that i believed big mike will win this seasons.because is voice sound way better than the others contestnats,i really think he is the man to beat now.

  41. It’s time for Big Mike to go home. He’s really got a nice voice, but nothing different that I couldn’t have heard on radio hundreds, and hundreds of time. He’s the same boring music the industry has tried to shovel down the music buyers throats since the end of the 80’s.

  42. @8 @10 @20 @ 25 I wish you all luck in rooting for Mike to win AI. I have nothing against Big Mike and the reality of the situation is he will not win. Mike does not have the fan base nor the support of the viewers. A lot of viewers such as myself do not like the save for any of the contestants. Big mike is going home if not this week I am sure he will be leaving next week. Big Mike is history. LOL

  43. OH Boy, it sure seams like I created a uproar with Angela, for me merely suggesting Mike is the “ONLY” performer who is getting A LOT of his votes for no other reason than the color of his skin. I’m not saying “all his votes” are based on that or that Mike is even a bad singer. But, I do suspect that if Mike sang the exact same way he does, but had White skin … you and most other Black viewers would not “believe in him” nearly as much. And I suspect that deep down, you know I’m right.

  44. gangster say big mike dont watch nothing,u hit bill board.our votes are yours,just be yourself and u will surely impressed the judges and your fans tonight on can do it.

  45. Alright, much as I like Big Mike, he has got to go. Plus, then he’d be able to spend time with his newly born kid. I want him to go because he does pretty much the same thing every week.
    The same thing goes for Aaron. Yes, he can sing. But does he have anything else to offer at all?
    As for Lee, I like him. But we’ve seen the same thing a million times over. First Chris Daughtry, then David Cook, and now him. Can’t some other style of singing take the fame this time?
    And I’d like to take the opportunity to rant on how biased the judges are. Seriously, if they trash Crystal one more time I’ll scream. Not only is she too good for the other contestants, she too good for the entire show. Honestly, I think the judges give mediocre reviews to the really talented ones on purpose.
    Vote for Crystal people!!!

  46. @#57 AWWWW! You must have missed me, because now you are using that psychic ability of yours to tell me, along with other black people how we feel deep down inside. I must say other black people he is good, and not forgetting to mention, sounds an awful lot like “Archie Bunker”!

    Just give it a rest, I said what I had to say, I do not have to continue to justify my beliefs to you or anyone else! Think whatever you want!

  47. big mike you do it again,no one can stop u randy jackson say u r going to win.just be yourself again and do your best next week.

  48. #21 & #45 are right. Most blacks would vote for Mike even if he couldn’t sing a word. I do not think his records will sell. I don’t know why the judges keep praising him unless they want a black to win. The judges try to convince the voters to vote for Mike by saying how wonderful he was, etc. The audience is smarter than the Judges think, and the contestants can see thru the judges, too. They are biased, and when they do not like a particular singer, they bad mouth them even if they are good. Mike is not good and should be kicked off tomorrow. If they keep him on tomorrow, it’s adios for me. No more AI.

  49. Show not fixed? What do you call the perpetual berating, by Simon, of the nice and interesting dress of Siohban and not one iota of criticism of the performer crystal who looks dumpy, greasy with that mated scrongey hair, dresses that you will never remember and an in general a I need a bath type look. Not to mention it appears she has bad teeth or teeth punched out in a bar somewhere. Moreover, her expression reminds me of someone who has had one to many tokes and or snorts.

  50. I personally think that the finale would be between Lee and Crystal coz they’re the best among them all. Casey, Aaron and Mike too, had incredible voices and once did some breathtaking songs. Wish them all the best of luck.

  51. My list purely based on the top 5 performances:

    1) Lee Dewyze
    2) Michael Linche
    3) Aaron Kelly
    4) Crystal Bowersox
    5) Casey James

  52. It is obvious to me Cryatal even at her worst is a far better singer than all the rest put together. Her talent is pure, her range is ahead of the times and she is not afraid to let it all out wide open. I love everything about her and to her detracters, I say she’s the best of the best, live with it !

  53. Endless apologies for mispelling Crystal’s name; all I can say is that I must be too crazy in love with everything about her to spell even my own name. Crystal, I love your voice; Cryatal, I love your face, Crystal I love you !

  54. Simon consistently berated Shiobans style of dress at the most important juncture of show. Oh by the way is it not Simon who emphasizes that it is a singing contest?? Family and neighbors thought Shioban not only had stage presence but contributed to the show by emanating ambiance, unique style, good diction, a touch of class and an intriguing singing style thus heightening viewer interest. In contrast, there was not one iota of criticism of Crystal who greatly lacks charisma, appears disheveled with knotted/matted hair, looks like she needs a bath and who’s style of dress appears dumpy. If you don’t call this the epitome of influencing who wins or loses I don’t know what is. PS Was it not Simon who said, in earlier shows, that people need more that just standing and singing and that in so many words have to aspire to the image of an idol who people will want to come see and hear? And Crystal is it? And please what is exceedingly transparent is the whole setup of them saving “Big Mike” and who now because he is trying soooo hard is surpassing all? The entire edifying Mike thing is sickeningly obvious. GIVE ME A BREAK HE IS NOT THAT GOOD.

  55. Come on folks wake up! This is really a no brainer! Crystal’s voice consistantly towers above the rest; Even when comparing her worst with their best. Where’s the contest now ? In the twinkling of an eye, Crystals vocal range effortlessly flows between tha most powerfull dynamics to the tenderest intimacy. To listen to her sing is to be in love and to love music.

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