American Idol 2010 Top 6 Elimination Results

We’re about to find out who will be eliminated from the Top 6 tonight on American Idol 2010 and who will move on to the season’s Top 5. There’s no chance for redemption this week after the Judges’ Save was previously used so someone will definitely go home and we’ll be one step closer to the season finale.

Based on your votes in our Top 6 performance poll I’m seeing the trailing contenders for tonight’s American Idol elimination as Michael, Aaron, and Siobhan. Siobhan makes up our own Bottom 3, but she’s far enough ahead that she should be okay. I’m expecting either Michael or Aaron to hit the road.

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait to see the big reveal.

American Idol 2010 Top 6 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Siobhan Magnus
  • #2 – Michael Lynche <-- Ryan reveals he is safe
  • #3 – Casey James

American Idol 2010 Top 6 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Siobhan Magnus

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!




  1. WOOHOO!!! im the 1st person to comment! so i think big mike siobhan and casey will b the bottom 3 and i hope casey or siobhan goes home

    xoxo~tosha <3

  2. I Think the bottom 3 is
    and Mike Or Siobhan will eliminated tonight………

  3. I think Aaron or Big Mike will hit the road although I’ve also been haring Siobhan all this while. I’m not sure why but there’s something about her singing which I don’t like. Tho I must add she is sexy. My guess is: Big Mike

  4. Funny. The first poster called it. Siobhan, Mike and Casey in the bottom. I think Mike is going home, though

  5. mike should not go home he should not be in the bottom 3 crystal should be up there for that performance last night

  6. if anybody else would have had a performance like that they would be voted off quickly

  7. America made the right choice. Mike should have gone long ago. Siobhan will be next. These two just haven’t delievered enough sound performances to stay.

  8. i disagree with the comment about crystal being in the bottom 3. She sang well, sang on key and it just wasn’t the kind of song she usually sings. she has never been in the bottom 3 and never will. she did not give a bad performance.


    bye mikey…

  10. mike better go home…his family needs him and we need a break from him…if casey goes home so does a majority of the audience…the age of the audience will drop to 13 yr old average…an advertisers nightmare.

  11. i think Aaron got all of tim’s votes and he might just win this…don’t think he is the most talented or at least has not hit his peak..but he must have the 10=16 votes locked up…the final three should be lee, crystal and casey…but something tells me it will be aaron, crystal and lee.

  12. i don’t understand how someone can say Casey will win the prize, until last night, he just stood there strumed his guitar and looked like he was bored in my opinion. the person who will win will be the one that has consistantly given good performances, CAN SING WITHOUT BEING OFF KEY, and is versatile in the range of songs they are able to sing.

  13. I agree with @Chichi about Aaron getting Tim’s votes. That makes sense. DialIdol showed Aaron in 1st place. I would really hate to see Siobhan or Casey go home tonight.

  14. oh mike was safe…makes no sense. if casey goes…i will post one more post and never again.


  16. i agree with K. she knows what she talkin about! AARON KELLY ROX!!! and he SHOULD get all of tims votes cuz he deserved them in the first place instead of tim! VOTE FOR AARON KELLY!!!

    xoxo~tosha <3

  17. Aaron has been my pick from the beginning . I teach midddle school and I think he will win.
    Crystal will male a great album, but

  18. WOW. I’m shocked. I’m in Hawaii… so can’t see the show for another 5 hours… getting my ‘spoiler’ fix here.

  19. casey better get some turnout next week…no way does he deserve to be in the bottom two…mike should be packing…makes absolutely no sense. mike sucks. he can become an opening act for taylor hicks maybe.

  20. America, I am sorry, but everyone who voted for Siobhan’s elimination and left poor singers as Casey and Aaron in the run does not deserve any kind of respect… I’ve been watching the competition from Brazil and Siobhan is far away one of the best and more creatives candidates ever….. I stop watching the show tonight…. Crystal is good but Siobhan is fabulous…..Looking forward for her next jobs…..

  21. WTH ! Mike should have gone home tonight no Siobhan ! America got wrong once again !

  22. Yes the irriting shouting queen is gone. Next have to be the FATTY….MIKE…irritating and he have to go next week.

  23. maybe if Chi Chi and Leandro had vote 4 Siobhan she would still be around think America got tired with her SCreaming HighNote


  25. bob i vote for casey…my complaint is that mike is still in the running…he has no business being there. he should never have been saved. its been a real spoiler. he sucks.

  26. siobhan was average. the final three should be lee, casey and crystal. but not sure how it will turn out…but when casey goes…i won’t watch again.

  27. yes! No more screaming!!!! I love the remaining 5…its going to be enjoyable nights watching idols from now on…WOW…FEEL LIKE CELEBRATING…

  28. Mike or Aaron should have gone home tonight. Casey did not deserve to be in the bottom 3. Siobhan got screwed. This is ridiculous, but I shouldn’t be surprised.

  29. SO happy Mike is safe. All the people who actually LISTEN, actually appreciate a clear, strong voice have got to love Big Mike. Most of the people who comment here are too young to recognize quality vocals. Reading comments where some girl voted 100 times for Casey makes this voting unfair. I think they should limit people to 1 vote per phone line.

  30. talent went home tonight.. I am done.. no more idol.. I get my tuesday and wednesday nights bacb…

  31. I hope Mike goes home next!!! Siobhan was on her way out; her screeching was irriating and her low register was weak. I’m thinking it’ll be a tight competition from now. The public is pretty accurate with whom they want as their idol.

  32. Prediction Mike will win The Bigest Loser and Siobhan will win the hollering contest for the Alabama state fair.

  33. Since the beginning of this fuc…season, America voted very badly and again this week…!!!! Siobhan deserves to be on the top 3 !!! Not eliminated ! I can’t believe America likes Kelly and Dewyse…I’m sick of it…and I won’t watch American Idol anymore…

    Siobhan please go ahead !!! Canada is with you !!!!

  34. Aaron has a amazing voice and why are you deciding on next weeks votes when you have not ever herd them yet…. a lot can change in a week and just because mike is a little over weight does not mean he can not sing. you guys need to chill!!

  35. Yay I guessed Correctly.. Well not exactly but I did say I didn’t like Siobhan since day 1 (4th or 5th comment). Lol

  36. Can’t believe Siobon went home…she’s so much more well rounded than Aaron or Mike…they are so ‘one dimensional’ while Sioban is so unique. So, so, so sad.

  37. Also if you dont like the voting dont whach the show…. thats how it works people.. its called life its full of surprises…

  38. I am surprise at the outcome of idol elimination of Siobhan. I really thought that Big Mike would be the one to leave tonight. I was also surprise on last night show that the judges said favorable things about Siobhan. It look likes Simon rules and the screamer was sent home. I really hate to see Siobhan leave and I will miss her.

  39. Siobhan SHOULD NOT have been booted! And Casey CERTAINLY SHOULDN’T HAVE been in the bottom two! Big Mike is THE WORST and should be gone!

  40. Once again, American got it wrong! What is up with Idol? In the last two years the ones that have the least talent (not saying they don’t have talent, just not as much as the others) seem to stick around forever. You all know who I mean from last year and this year if you are not tone deaf!!!

  41. No, America is filled with mainly idiots. It Does not surprise me they sent an extremely talented girl home. I know Simon agrees with me.

  42. The Show is faked. And the judges already planed to kick off Siobhan. so for the last, they didn’t say bad to her . and they turned to Crystal . And ELlen was keeping saying , it will be tough week to send someone home….Well the votes was not counted…and this show is faked..and i also have my time back instead of interesting this show…

  43. Rich there is talent in mike i agree with you… but compared to others? he is 10 steps behind. im sorry… I think america is once again, fooled by Kara. who doesnt know how to judge. please put Paula back! no more Idols for me… 😐

  44. The only interesting contestant is now gone. At least I don’t have to waste my Tuesday & Wednesday anymore watching the show. Crystal will win, hands down, so why watch anymore. And Mike, Aaron & Casey are all BORING and will never have successful records. At least now Siobhan can go get her own record deal & start selling tons!

  45. Without Siobhan this year’s American Idol is not worth watching. Now it’s really going to be boring and predictable. Everyone left is going to continue to sing their same old boring style. No big Star to watch for. So I will stop watching as of tonight.

  46. Thank you… And just because I speak the truth you hate me shows how low you are
    haha I love this some people are so stupid
    Just because they dont get there way they get mad and dis people

  47. OK for all the Mike haters…He at least TRIES something new each week..Siobhan’s songs all sounded the same and each one had that “scream”. If she could learn to use her voice and not always go for the high note, she’d still be there. Big Mike has a great voice and other than the week he sang Eleanor Rigby, he has been consistent every week. I mean he even made Shania Twain tear up and she said he actually “got” her. She did not say that about another contestant last night.

  48. Thank you melissa
    And hahaa See you later this will work all the people that matter are there all the people that can tell the diff. between “SCREAMING” and “MUSIC” 😀

  49. Leandro you’re right ! I completely agree with you ! For my side, I can’t wait to buy the Siobhan CD !

    America will see soon how BIG Siobhan is going to be !

  50. Ashlee, what are you 12? did you vote for tim too? he was so talented! lol.. I’m sure you’re a professional music expert. They should really consider you when Simon leaves. hahaha go to bed youngin. Stop making comments, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

    p.s. spell your name like a normal human being,

  51. Buh Bye drama queen Siobhan, screaming is mot singing. .Crystal is a true artist not a wannabe.

  52. What a freaking joke tonight was…..Mike is about as much an idol as Taylor Hicks was….I think the show has totally lost site on talent and strictley went on popularity…..I think the show needs a enema

  53. @ Emma I hope you are right about Siobhan making it now. I posted in you tube something interresting and i was deleted. Maybe A.I. owns the contestants and wont allow a good agency to sign them up. What can A.I. offer Siobhan with all the put downs they did on her? A.I. is just a business oriented company as a show. They don’t have the finese to follow up and make Siobhan into the amazing star she can be. I would like to see her sing live at the greek acropolis with an orchestra. Don’t be surprised if my comment gets deleted soon.

  54. I just don’t understand why mike stayed, it should be him before anyone else. Shiobhan has a great voice and could be a professional singer, i bet she’ll become famous too.

  55. Read #89 response….REALLY? SERIOUSLY? What “new” thing has Mike very tried, oh wait I know, sing a ballad with a high note at the end? The guy has nine notes that he can sing. Yes those nine are good, but REALLY?

  56. Hey Justin why dont you be quiet and pout let the others!! 😀 like I said dont be jelious

  57. for Bob # 71.

    Please America keep forever this discusting Pam Anderson…For sure, we want Siobhan in Canada !!!

    Bob, you are a real american….(and it’s not a compliment bobette !!!)

  58. Oh Ashlee ur such a moron lol xD.. U don’t speak the truth u just speak whats on ur mind, its like ur saying what u say is the truth, that’s called self-appraisal.. u just response differently because u r not use to the stimuli that ur brain receive… Funny that u told me i’m stupid even though i’m a proffessional who graduated with flying colors.. hahaha simpleton XD

  59. Hey im not black smart one gosh and I can read but apparently you cant hear if you liked her!!

  60. I am not am not going to even answer that. You cant even write, talk to me when you graduate High School. It’s stupid young people like you that vote. There should be an age limit. You’re just not intelligent enough yet! Your day will come. Peace

  61. Ashlee, just curious, how old are you?
    That is not meant to be mean, just trying to figure out what age group is voting for each person.

  62. ok brain surgeon ummm ya sure you did, did you just look those BIG words up in a dictionary hahah do you even know what you are saying hahaha lol I crack myself up lol but Ya I know what I said!! you know its true to bad I dont care about your history im talking about AI not your sad life haha

  63. WTF. This really sucks. Siobhan is really good. Not to say that she doesn’t need polishing but you have got to be KIDDING!!!!!Aaron is still here. Mike is still here. Crystal stank the other nite. America got it wrong. WAY WRONG! That was the way wrong bottom three. It should have been Mike, Aaron and Crystal up there. I am so totally annoyed. And Casey was the BEST yesterday. How does he end up almost going home. I swear if either Mike or Aaron wins this show, this is my LAST SEASON. On a less bit$^! note, this may be a blessing in disguise for Siobhan. Most of the winners don’t amount to much. It’s usually the runners up that have the real successful careers after this dumb show.

  64. Im not watchin this show anymore too.. Only paid attention to siobhan’s performance every week. What a joke

  65. Ok, away from the drama of these comments and back to the real thing. I think Crystal is amazing, but has lost something along the way. Lee has, on the other hand, gained some experience and personality. I love Aaron and think he has a great voice, but very young and not really ready to be an Idol. Kasey is not my favorite. He needs a bit of polishing. After Siobhan left tonight I really don’t care who wins.

  66. Hahah xD oh my god.. you call that big words.. thats just below average words for u to understand little girl lol

  67. Steph, I agree with you!! Usually the runner ups do better professionally, i.e. Daughtry, Adam Lambert and I am sure Siobhan will do great with a wicked cool CD!!

  68. Ya um no And will you quiet calling me a f-in little girl I am 25 so screw off and get back on the subject of AI so quiet hatin

  69. Hey Pammiej-Mike mixes it up a bit..and he has more than 9 notes to his voice..Siobhan only had the scream and that was it…all her songs were sung in the same tone..with that darn scream..last night she sang one of the best Shania songs is an anthem and she sang it like she was in slow motion..I am not crying that she is gone..that is for sure!!

  70. AND ANOTHER THING….WHAT THE HELL WAS THE WHOLE THING WITH SIOBHAN HUGGING SIMON? He rode the hell out of her the entire season. Did everything he could to make sure she didn’t get votes and now TROUBLE MAKING RYAN feels that the thing to do is to push a hug on. I guess it was policitally correct for her to give him one but she sure didn’t look like she wanted to.

  71. here is what i have heard,someone gave out aaron kellys phone number on siobhan facebook .so all the people who thought that they voted for siobhan were instead voting for aaron,its true.right now there is a pitition online that u can sign for this reason.the site is,or go to google,siobhan magnus.

  72. Melissa relax. I just think Mike has the least talent out of the ones left. He truly has no range and no riffs, nothing that really is very exciting. The save should not have been wasted on him especially that early in the show.

  73. For Ash-lee…you’re probably smoking good stuff when you are saying than Aaron has a wonderful voice…lol…

    Aaron tiene una cara de capullo…

  74. Ya do you even know what that is you freak… And ok night night who goes to bed thibs early ha be sure to give your mommy a kiss!!

  75. Ya what ever I am tird of all the haters on here so im gone peace out all the ones that can handle rejection 😀 bye bye be on next week 😀

  76. Terry, you are right. That comment was not necessary. Everyone has their own opinion and not everyone likes the same person. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to express their feelings about contestants. However, expressing opinions about each others comments truly shows immaturity.

  77. Terry I agree about the C@nt comment ,Matt should warn Justine about her filthy mouth. Sorry Ashlee your opinion is yours and the personal bashing is soo wrong.

  78. Hey Steph, I think Simon rides the ones he actually feels have talent the most. I thinks he expects more out of ones that CAN do more!!

  79. at jp it takes too much to accomplish and proove this. Besides Crystal is going to win anyways, if she doesn’t who the hell cares? Even her own fans won’t support her enough to make her into an amazing future star. The best thing to do is to stop watching as of tonight, don’t leave anymore comments here starting next week and do not vote for anyone else just to make someone loose> Because that is just making more money for A.I. Unless of course you really love another singer. Everyone is free to do whatever. But if you are like me, I only kept watching because Siobhan was so unique and now there is nothing in A.I. left worth watching.

  80. Ok im sorry I hate drama and i just started it you have your own opinions and i am sorry that she left. but we should still watch the show you dont have to vote just watch it, because it is an awesome show and we all love it so just because your fav. singer left dont forget about the show!!

  81. Well Im not taking up for either person on here….But I have a young daughter and just think the cunt word is very disrespectful….I promise you that if somebody calls your daughter that you will not like it

  82. So the next show im not to crazy about the song choice they have to pick from its gonna be very interesting

  83. I felt Siobhan was too involved with making an impression on people rather than be involved in the song. This was evident with her long high pitched delivery that was broken abruptly as if it gave her pain – at the end of the song – which Simon quite rightly likened to giving birth. It seemed forced and deliberately designed to show-off. The other performers gave sensitive performances with total involvement in the meaning of the song – the sign of the true artist.

  84. This is all so de’ja vu. I had the same feelings last year when Kris won over Adam. Who has the biggest selling CD now? Guess I should just learn that the true artist never really wins as of late.

  85. Siobhan comes across arogant and conceited even if she is not. It wasn’t that she did not have the talent- I had her in the top two but am sure that the ones that did not vote did so because of her attitude. That is just my opinion. Aaron isn’t as good but is a sweeter person. Siobhan’s temper tantrums got her in trouble.

  86. Thanks for keeping it real and honest Steph. I look forward to commenting with you next week. Just curious.. who do you want to win?

  87. Yeah plus last night I did not like how Siobhan walked around the stage but b4 when some others did that they got shot down for it. It like ok why is it ok for her to do that but everyone else that tries its a sin?

  88. I agree. I don’t think people were sick of her singing by any means but her attitude.

  89. Do you really want to stop watching it why are you guys fighting, you need to say your opinion and move on. Life is short live it to the fullest!

  90. Seeing Siobhan go is disappointing, but not a surprise lately she has been slipping and other than her high note/scream she nothing new to bring but she was amazing. But when your this far in even the good ones go home, and American idol does end up favoring guys over girls (Katie Stevens leaving before Tim Urban perfect example cause he was pretty bad but he got votes cause he was cute).

  91. What I am saying is why fight. You only live for so long. Why should you wast it fighting on a ai comment page?

  92. It’s only my opinion that A.I. is not worth watching after tonight because everyone left bores me. I don’t waste precious time on giving ratings just for the hell of it. I might watch again next year if it seemslike an ok idea to do so. So again, I’m not going to stop watching just because Siobhan is gone, it’s because no one left interests me to continue to watch. And it is because of Siobhan that I kept watching this season. P.S. Simon should be proud he didn’t give her constructive criticism, only destructive criticism. He’s only smart enough to get money out of ratings and votes for his show.

  93. For Pammiej 156..

    you’re right ! Adam Lambert is so talented and I like to know is a best talented/seller than the winner 2009 !

    Siobhan next one !!!!

  94. Siobhan is bad at singing Aaron is like 12 Big mike is awful at singing and Crystal bowersox is a person who can hit high notes but isn’t amazing lee dewyzee and casey james the best ones this year

  95. dont worry. the baby shiobhan had while singing will come back in 16 years and win american idol (actually, the x-factor or something, american idol wont exist). or she will scream her way to elimination like mommy

  96. i never watch this show again…American people just listen following to the judges and no feelings about her…immitate…stupid

  97. Siobhan is awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwfffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what you guys are talking about she’s not good and stop pitying her simon knows what he’s talkin about not you guys. And yeah half america voted her off so eat it

  98. Ya I see where your coming from but why so harsh??
    I love the judges and Ryan
    I love how they run the show and the singers are amazing next year will not be the same and everyone is so negative on here. I got to go ill be on next week.
    F&A AI

  99. then lee dewyzee will win it you guys all better be reading these comments because im callin it

  100. See aaron heres a song by bon jovi that half the world knows Woooahhh were halfway theeere wooooahhh were livin on a prayer take my hand and we’ll make it i swear wooooahhhh livin on a prayer nobody does not know that

  101. r any of u guys on i don’t want to go to sleep im bored i don’t have a phone and i have no friends………….. im lonely 708-456-3290 for any girls or guys that want to be my friends and for the chicks im free friday to sunday and i can be your boyfriend hahaha

  102. Definetely not! I am still in shock. Shiban is by far the most talented. The range of her voice is amazing. The remaining contestants are so predictable and boring. I am done with American Idol. I hope someone like Clyde Davis contacts Shoban. The judges seemed to have it in for her during the whole competition. I feel they just want Crystal to win and felt that Shoban was too much of a threat to her and that is why they were so critical. How hypocritical of Randy to tell her tonight that she has a great future ahead of her!

  103. not to disappoint anyone but it’s already been predicted by one of the judges that it would be a boy and a girl in the end – i wish it was Casey & Lee

  104. I’m done watching American Idol! Siobahn was
    definitely the one with the most show business talent. It was boring to watch this season except for her. Too bad! Adam Lambert screamed and hit high notes and he was amazing!
    American Idol is dead…….

  105. Oh my god send Aaron home next week PLEASE! He gives me the creeps, with his weird little hip thrusts.

  106. I doubt that the vote was the real vote of America. EVERYONE said Mike would be eliminated, but for some reason, the judges want Mike to win this year’s competition. So, I suppose we will see him right up until the end. Siobhan was 100 percent better than Mike, yet he was saved and she was dropped. Go figure.

  107. here we could go to how to train your dragon (im only allowed pg movies yeah i dont get it im like 13 but i and my parents don’t want me seeing anything more graphic soo….) and i could by you some popcorn and after we could eat at mcdonalds with my parents (sorry supervision at all times) thats my motto

  108. Beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more you toot im so funny aren’t i
    I love dragon tails and blues clues

  109. I agree with Wendy. I think there should be a massive boycott of American Idol as of tonight. Stop watching…stop voting….
    American Idol has lost sight of their viewers and we are all ignorant to continue to support this stupidity. They need to bring back a quality show that presents us with well rounded talent. I am supporting Siobahn but AI will continue to insult unless we do something about it…like a massive request to execute another “save”..

  110. It will be really difficult to continue watching American Idol as they eliminate the true talented contestants and keep on saving Mike. The remaining four are so much better than Mike, and it is shocking when AI keeps on saving Mike.

  111. I think that Adam Lambert should replace Simon next year. He was such a great mentor and
    really knows what it takes to become a “star”.

  112. I agree with Meri 196. The show has become too predictable, and it is just not as good as it previously was. They have one too many judges, and their remarks (especially DeGuardia) are goofy, contradictory and time consuming. The Judges are determined to name Mike the winner. Just watch them “manage” the votes so Mike will be saved.

  113. Aaron has a lovely voice, and he sings in tune. He’s barely 17 right now. Can you imagine what he’ll sound like in 5 years? He’s already fantastic. I think people should recognize a prodigy and not have as much respect for some of the older ones that still haven’t worked out their intonation problems and other issues.

    While I don’t like the fact that the judges used the save, I think Big Mike is going to do well during Frank Sinatra week. At this point, it wouldn’t shock me if the final showdown was between Aaron and Big Mike. It would be like David and Goliath. Hopefully, the audience will get it right and choose Aaron (I am sucker for prodigy types), but Big Mike seems to be like Jason in Friday the 13th — he just keeps coming back! You never know.

    I don’t have any problem with Siobhan being sent home tonight. Her attitude was a lot bigger than her voice. As much as she’d like to compare herself to Adam Lambert (what a joke), there’s only one Adam Lambert. He’s one in a million (or more). Siobhan is just not at that level, and I don’t know if she will ever be. Adam is at a whole different level as a composer and artist and has much more experience. While Adam is still getting better and better, many in this contest will never get to the level where Adam was when he first started with AI.

    Right now, I look forward to a showdown between Aaron and Mike. Could it happen? I don’t know, but it would be so cool.

  114. This is completely wrong.. Siobhan is the best, they “accidentally” published Aarons numbers in Siobhans page and that’s why she got eliminated and Aaron even wasn’t in the bottom 3… no more American Idol for me..

  115. I hate American Idol!!!!!!!! SIOBHAN WAS THE BEST
    My blame list from worst to best

    3. America- You guys got it all wrong again. Other countries watch it, hands chopped off, can’t voteand then we watch you screw it up again!!!!!!!!

    2. BIG FAT FAKE MIKE- The save was wasted on him and now Siobhan goes. I knew this would happen!!!!

    3. you guessed it SIMON!!!!!- For lashing siobhan every week and putting false images in people’s heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  116. i think mike should sing strangers in the night by frank sinatra. am happy he’s still on. siobhan will be successful am sure of that. at the end of it all its only one who will be left. am stilling voting for lee

  117. I agree with John. I would love, love, love to see Adam Lambert as a judge. I think Adam has the ability to be a wonderful teacher, and I think he’s the type of person that would always be looking to help each and every person reach his or her true potential. He has great talent but also great compassion. It would also be nice to see some young blood. Making nasty comments doesn’t help anyone to improve, and how awful it is for people to have to suffer criticism after a performance. People just want to enjoy the applause after a week of hard work. I think Adam would be able to make a fair critique while still keeping everything upbeat. Isn’t that what we all want?

  118. As far as Siobhan goes, I think Simon was being cruel but fair. As someone with musical training, her voice had some potential but it just wasn’t “there” yet. I would rather hear a simple song sung perfectly with no mistakes in intonation than for her to take on a song that’s too big for her and hit even one bad note. One bad note is too many (for me). She made it to the top ten. Let’s see what she does with it.

  119. The honorable judges wasted their SAVE on Mike. He has no star quality, he won’t make it!

  120. I always enjoy watching and listening to Casey. Casey should choose songs that will showcase his voice and guitar equally. Since the guitar is one his strengths, he should not downplay it. He should simply find songs that allow him to show off both singing and guitar playing.

  121. I will not be giving Mike anymore votes, only because I don’t agree with the “save” system. I think he’s a nice guy, but I also think a married guy with a baby just doesn’t fit my image of an American Idol. He feels “too old” for me. I like him, though, and his voice is just nice. I could see Big Mike in movies, too. I don’t know if he’d consider acting, but I could really see him in some movie roles.

  122. John has a good idea….Adam Lambert as a judge. Maybe they could have a real show again…
    As for me, I’m on of the American Idoless!!
    BRTB (Bring real talent back)…
    Gonna watch Criminal Minds now instead of AI

  123. Joanne, Crystal has a child and just like Mike doesn’t portray that “idol” image.

  124. Exactly, Meri. If Adam were a judge, he’d also be around to perform. I so miss being able to watch him perform regularly. I would be happy if they made Adam a regular “opening act” for the show. They definitely need to make more use of his talent, and I do like that he was a mentor this year. However, I want to see (and hear) more of him.

  125. John, I like Crystal. I have said before that if Crystal won this whole thing, I could not be upset because I feel she is very musical and talented. However, she does have an “older” feel to me. Just to give you an example, Adam Lambert just feels a lot “younger” to me than Crystal does for some reason. Maybe this is just a personal thing with me. I think Crystal has amazing talent. As someone who is musical, I appreciate her ability (vocal and instrumental). I think maybe Crystal would look younger if she lost a few pounds. Weight tends to make people look older. I’m sure at some point, she’ll have her own image consultant. She will do well.

  126. Joanne (212)-Chris Daughtry is also married and has children and when he was eliminated during his season of idol there was an outcry of AI being rigged and he has gone on to be MORE successful then the eventually winner, Taylor Hicks. I don’t think being married and having children mean you cannot live your dream and become the American Idol and that is just what Mike and Crystal are trying to do.

  127. Judge “King” Simon’s prediction is wrong.
    Casey is reaaa..lly improving in his opening up and overcome his shyness. He still needs to throw his shy mask away and reveal his inner self to us. His voice is consistent and xtremely good for an album and imo far better than Crystal.

    Crystal’voice (sorry)for me, is flat and lacks “body” except for a few notes that is her signature but i find it too soft and lack energy. A bit over-rated by Simon and she is over confident, complacent and egoistic. Compare with Casey and Lee, her voice is mundane and mediocre.

    Lee has also open up his personality and loosen up and seem to be with the audience now. His voice is sexy and impeccable, full of “body” and “well-rounded” (acoustic) – love it x3!

    Aaron needs to “let go” (too conscious of his voice too controlled) and not try too hard or expects too much and let go of the tension and be in his age and not try to be an adult or old fashioned. Need a bit of creativity there, otherwise can become stereotype and monotonous.

    Big Mike, of course,imo, soulful and sentimental, but quality of voice not good enough for albums but excellent for orchestra/ballroom /secretary (Pavarotti type)/Las Vegas valentine shows (its a compliment not insult)

    My personal choice of idol in order:-)

    1. Lee – (My american idol)
    2. Casey (Rocks)- can form a band
    3. Crystal – soft, demure, hippie Hari-krishnan
    type (“Beatles” era type of songs
    – will suit her)
    4. Mike – sentimental type
    5. Aaron – up and coming young artist eg Justin

    Good Luck, Top 5 Idols.

  128. I’m all for dreaming, Melissa. I’m just giving my opinion here. America may not agree with what my image of an American Idol is. I tend to gravitate toward more youthful people. Right now, I’m listening to Jason Castro. I wish I had been advising him the year that he was competing, because I think he could have won the whole thing with some different song selections (but I digress…).

  129. I dont know wat the American public was thinking wen they voted Siobhan off. There are more crappy singers then her.With Siobhan gone, i hope that Crystal wins, Mama sox rox…Charlie from Australia

  130. Honestly the “judges” wud of been better off keeping thier “save” for Siobhan instead of saving Big Mike..I hope that they (judges) see the error of thier ways and support the real talent..Crystal to win..

  131. Charlie, I don’t think that they were voting Siobhan off as much as her last performance didn’t inspire people to pick up the phone and vote a thousand times. Her last performance had some issues (for me, anyway). As far as the ladies go, Siobhan has great potential but is not as polished as Crystal. She has the chops but needs some more training.

  132. this was a sad night for me…siobhan was the main reason i watched the show…she was so interesting…i can’t believe it…in any case look at adam lambert…he didn’t win and now he is a superstar…and what was the name of the winner…uh..america does not pick the most talented person…they got it wrong tonight…i doubt if i will watch the rest of it…

  133. I think The reason why Siobhan was eliminated was because Ryan only mentioned one number to call if you want to vote for Siobhan. He missed saying the second number for Siobhan (he mentioned #6 and not #6 and #12 when all the other five contestants’ two numbers were announced after each performed). While everyone received votes using two numbers, Siobhan’s fans only got to vote through a single number. Watch the replay and you will see what I am talking about – the part where Ryan would tell the audience which number to dial to vote for a certain contestant….

  134. My top three was Lee, Crystal and Siobhan – so it was sad to see Siobhan go……

  135. America got it WRONG! Siobhan was the most talented individual artist there, who has a style of her own. Unlike Crystal who is a boring one trick pony.

    Now that I have that out of the way…

  136. i’ve always thought Siobhan would at least be in the final 4… something’s messed up, she’s never been in the bottom 3 ever

  137. Siobhan is the one scream pony are you kidding me Thought she be around for 1 or 2 more weeks but everyone was over the SCREAMER Incorrect she was bottom 3 last week

  138. No more AI for me..this is stupidity!!!All the surveys show that Siobhan is on top!! It’s a shame America…you failed again!

  139. How does anyone know if I stop watching Idol? WHo takes the polls to see? I think the last 2 yrs. have not been as good as when they first started with everything, all good things come to an end.

  140. I thought that she would have made it to the semi final. She is a star and will shine over the rest.

  141. Siobhan was never going to win but I think Aaron should have gone home this week so Siobhan could get another chance to sing. Big Mike and Casey for the final. Crystal and Lee, to me, have no charisma – don’t get me wrong, they can sing (well, Crystal can anyway) but they’re not performers and will soon be forgotten (what’s the name of the guy that won last year?).

  142. aaron should go. he’s getting too monotonous without any variation from his previous performances. by the way, his movements are off the beat and he can’t dance so please no fast songs for him.

  143. Hip hip hooray! Siobhan is finally out of our hair, poor thing. Big fat Mike should hit the road next, he should go endorse some weight loss product!!! Crystal is the next AI, the sooner everyone gets used to it, the better! bwahahahahaha

  144. Siobhan’s main problem is that she has no brain. Seriously, she is dumb. She could be likable if you consider her a childish person with a low IQ. Sorry folks.
    Let’s hope she will not try to make it in show business because she is likely to get really hurt. I’m saying this because I am worried about her.

  145. who says aaron is not good enuff to win american idol??!!!he kinda reminds me of david archuleta even though archuleta did not won ..i wanna see lee and aaron in the final two..i dun see cyrstal as a successful recording artist sorry..big mike has to next and then casey and then cyrstal..aaron definitely made me proud tat night..gogogogoogogo aaron~~show america what you’ve got~~~

  146. well mandy you@are obviously tone death, crystal
    is i a league of her own she is brilliant! Casey is good
    looking in a generic way and thats why he gets votes although jealous guy was good. Lee is too nervous aand michaael is tii fat to@be idol’
    aaron is cute amd he should sing the sarah mclaughin song again so mandy
    number 1 crystal 2 lee 3 aaron 4 mike 5 casey and that is thecorrect way

  147. next to go –
    after mike –
    after aaron –
    crystal or casey
    win –
    lee dewyze

  148. Good bye Siobhan, thanks for giving us 100% effort… all the best with your career ~ sure you’re gonna do great things!! AMERICA!! HOW IN THE WORLD COULD YOU ALLOW CASEY TO SLIP INTO THE BOTTOM 2?????????? HALLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHAME ON YOU!!!! YOU HAVE A LEDGEND HERE! Give Casey the respect he deserves, he’s well worthy of the American Idol Title!!

  149. wow that singer was so beautiful in that satin blouse and skirt. the female singers tonight were very beautiful great job they did tonight

  150. In my opinion, this is the best top 6 we’ve ever had, all of them are really talented and i’m so proud of them. Its such a shame to witness them being eliminated week by week. But still, someone has to leave until we crown the next american Idol. I’m so sorry for Siobhan as her AI dream has ended here this time, but the journey for her musical career has just begun. Another thing is I didn’t expect that Casey was in the bottom 2 this week. However, Hot favorites Lee and Crystal continue cruising strongly. I genuinely hope Lee, Crystal and Casey would become the top 3 of AI 9.

  151. Contestants don’t get “voted off” this show. They get “voted on” to stay for another week.

    If the audience was asked to call in to vote for who should be eliminated each week, the results would be dramatically different. I’d like them to try it next year.

  152. Sad to know that Siobhan has been eliminated. She makes the show interesting to so many i believe. She screams, but she definitely has what is required of an Idol. Who goes next?? Maybe Lee or Crystal?? Well the trophy goes to Aaron or Fatty Mike!!

  153. I’m so glad that Siobhan has left. She has been annoying me since the get-go. My sister is going to be so thrilled when she watches it tonight. We live in Australia and can’t watch it for another 2 hours. We are both Aaron Kelly supporters 😀

  154. Although Siobhan’s screaming is really annoying, I think she is more deserving for the save than big mike..

  155. It seems on American Idol that sometimes the “vote” results have nothing to do with the performance. Siobhan Magnus’s performance yesterday was the best of the night in my and my family’s opinions. The judges gushed over it and she was placed at the end of the show, where they usually put the best performance. Today she is gone. Why? Who is calling the shots?

    Some people report that there was a mix up with the phone numbers on the West Coast and Aaron Kelly got her votes. If you recorded the show and her number was either missing or incorrect, please report it to the show and newspapers and that you have a copy. If so, Idol should bring her back and have a double elimination if necessary. Otherwise, why bother voting or even watching that phony show?

  156. Wait and see – the Judges will take big mike all the way. AI hasn’t had an Afri-American in a long time, so I am sure they think they need to name one. When Clay Aiken was up against Rubin Stoddard for the finals, Rubin won; but later it was announced there were many votes for Aiken that were not counted, which if counted would have put Clay over the top. They gave some lame excuse, but they admitted they did it, and once Rubin was named winner of AI, they wouldn’t reverse it. That incident showed that AI can change the votes to be what they want. I hope Mike doesn’t win, because he doesn’t deserve to win. He is not a singer nor a musician. They want the winners to go on to be great recording stars, however, I cannot see Mike doing that with his squeeky voice. But, wait and see. I hope I am wrong.

  157. Well it only goes to prove now that many people out there disagree with the result. Get real people, Fatty Mike has to win to please the Afri-americans. Think,again this is not about race. if he is really good, i believe he would definitely have lots of support. Casey in bottom 2 after such a brilliant performance!! well its too weird. America grow up!! Hope Siobhan will not stop believing in herself though, many would be pleased to see her leave, but its a loss to many others cause she does not deserve this, right this week. Hope Lee does not get eliminated next week. Yeah people hand it to Fatty Mike!!!

  158. Its just sad that Siobhan left now. She should have made top 4 at least. I really,really wonder what Aaron and Big Mike are still doing in thus competition. Katie Stevens is far better than Aaron and Lilly Scott should be in instead of Big Mike. Hope those 2 go next. Tired of watching them sing talk less of listening to them. Very Boring!!!! Top 3 hopefully will be Crystal,Casey and Lee. Anyone of them can take the crown. They are all already carving a niche for themselves in the entertainment world. Wish those 3 best of luck!!

  159. Every year American Idol starts out by saying they are looking for a person who is different, unique, and stands out from the average. Then they proceed to try to turn that person into their American Idol clone. Well, Siobhan was different, unique, and sang well enough to get to the top 10. The comments about her screaming didn’t start until Simon started them. She handled herself on stage well, especially when the Idol bigshots decided to pick on her because she was not their choice. It’s time the viewers think for themselves and not be guided by the judges. This show was rigged just like when Melinda Doolittle was not in the final two. It’s time to deep-six this show. It is over. Many of us already know it was never about the viewers’ choice. It was about what the producers wanted. This year was boring except for Siobhan. Even if you didn’t like her style, she was interesting. Also, the week she did not use her big voice, she was criticized by the judges. No matter what she did, it did not suit them. I don’t care who wins. Eliminate all of them, including the judges who just repeat what Randy says, except for Simon whose goal is to get a reaction from the audience.

  160. No way. She was wonderful. Strong, beautiful, different voice. Exactly what IDOL needed. Sorry honey.

  161. I’m an older AI Fan; having watched it since it began. At the end of the day, the winner will be one who will sell a lot of records.


    The screaming skeleton that shows every tooth in her head was warned enough times she had the voice to take it all but was to bull headed and wanted to do her own thing so she can really go do it now. Her defiance really showed in the last and final song directed to the judges with the birth scream to Simon. Crystal, why are you dogging her on the last performance she is a country girl from Ohio and this was a country song. She knew exactly how to handle it as she has mastered all her performances’ Lee, is great and the two are the real competitors. Guess What? Next week Frank Sinatra songs. This is crazy; they want to put everyone to sleep. ( JUDGES, Mike should do great with Sinatra) If Mike keeps hanging in here I will never watch a fixed show again.
    Read the below fixed American idol proof.

    Wikipedia Reports

    “On May 21, 2003, Aiken came in a close second to Ruben Studdard, who won the contest by 134,000 votes out of more than 24,000,000 votes cast. The result was controversial, as some hypothesized that Idol’s voting system was incapable of handling the number of attempted calls.[26] In an interview prior to the start of the fifth season of American Idol, Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe revealed for the first time that Aiken had led the fan voting every week from the Wild Card week to the finale, when the possibly-random voting result gave Studdard the win.[27] Though officially, Aiken was the show’s “first runner-up,” he has since gone on to be the second season’s best-selling star.”

  163. Some people are getting way too involved in all of this. It’s not a real singing contest with judges with degrees in music from Peabody Conservatory here. The voters are fans, many of whom are 9 and 10 years old and are going to vote over and over and over again for whomever is the cutest or the coolest in their kiddie brains. People who enter these little contests have to realize this. The upside is that if you do happen to land in the top 10, you get a lot of media exposure. They should all hope for the best, but they should know that it’s all a bit “random” here.

  164. Reading all the comments about what seems to be going on when it comes to wrong numbers, forgetting to count votes and so on, I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked… There is corruption everywhere in this world. Personally I think that it should not be peoples votes that are deciding who sings the best. It should be professionals. By that I am not saying that the 4 judges are the people to decide, but a bigger group of professionals should maybe be the ones voting. Since I’m not living in America, I can’t see this latest show until Sunday, so can’t judge this weeks performances and don’t know how Siobhan did. However, she has been my favorite over the show and now I’m not sure I will bother to watch on Sunday’s any longer. To me she has that different and unique approach that makes her special. Crystal sings good, but she’s the same every week, week after week… If the judges had not saved big Mike, they could have saved Siobhan this week. I think it’s a pity they used the save too early. Simon has been anti-Siobhan all the time. But I’m pretty sure he will sign her up for an album, like he did with Paul Potts and Il Divo and I think with Susan Boyle. He has a good sense for where he can earn the money… When Paul Potts was singing the first time, Simon is rubbing his left ear… That means “money”… Simon knows…

  165. Personally I loved Siobhan, and I am 45 years old. I thought her uniqueness was awsome. I also like Casey and Lee and hope one of them will win. There is no doubt Crystal is talented just not my favorite. Sad to see the results last night.

  166. Hmmm.. interesting discourses over the past 24 hours. {smiles}.. time to add mine.

    … Shiobon leaving {sigh} – though I have a strong distaste for her (screams, and the daughter of frankenstien look), and I would like to she go (I would NEVER buy a song by her), she was not the worst Monday.
    … Casey in the bottom two. OMGosh, that is a big surprise – he sang better than that. Though I don’t think he should win (another that I would not buy), I didn’t see him in the bottom.
    … Crystal, with her Bonnie Raitt & Janice style is my favorite. And to some others, so what if it is the same every week (for the most part). If you do something well, continue doing it. She has a great style, and I would buy every cd/song she puts out (gee, think I am biased?)
    … Mike – time for him to go. Very tied of the big man with the falsetto voice.
    … Aaron – SHOCKER. The boy came alive. Its going to be interesting to see how he handles Sinatra – the right song and he will rock.
    … Lee. He is my second choice (after Crystal. And I did buy his album. His Annibelle was awesome. Give him some Springstien material and watch out.

    Okay – final comment. Many in this thread have inferred a “fix” is underway. Nope. Just the voting power of those that care. The collective ear (just like those that will be buying CDs) of the public as specific tastes – the it looks like Shoibon and Casey don’t hold many of those ears – and thus would not sell many CDs.

    No fix, just people. And that makes it all alot of fun and surprize!

    Next week … Sinatra. Crystal might have some issues. Casey and Lee also. Aaron will rock (if he picks the right song). Mike will middle of the road it – unless he tries to falsetto his way through (and then he will be gone).

    No idea who leaves at this point.. I hope its not Crystal or Lee.

    All said IMVHO.

  167. casey and crystal are the most complete artists,
    lee though has a nice voice, he is limited and has a David cook kind of voice but not in his league.

    I think another good song selection from casey will put him in top 2 again,

    Aaron and mike though good voices have limited audience appeal.

  168. I’m sorry to say this…but, I am now convinced that American Idol is rigged. Many people have thought so for the last several years, but last night truly has me positive that the show is rigged. Siobhan did not get voted off because of lack of votes, she has the largest fan base out of all of them, and we are rabid voters for her every week (whether she does awesome or just o.k.) so please don’t say we slacked off on voting this week cause that is the furthest from the truth. They did not want her on anymore because she was too much of a threat to the “chosen ones”. It was a very sad night for us Siobhan fans because mainly of the shock factor. I’m done with AI and the corrupt way they have been eliminated the best people in the last few years. The others are sooo boring, I’ll definately find something else to do on a Tuesday night from now on.

  169. At this point i don’t care if i get kicked off this forum or not. So here goes:
    How many times has Micheal Lynch been in the bottom 3 before and after the save?
    after the save? 2/3?
    What does this tell you? that he cannot and will not be a strong enough singer to carry an idol win. What is this, Affirmative Action in play? No matter how bad or how many times he is in the bottom 3 he can’t be sent home? PLEASE. Luther Vantrose? Make me laugh. It is clear to me that AI is not paying attention to the votes cast, just doing what THEY WANT TO HAPPEN.
    For weeks, Crystal has been told, ” your’s to lose, raw natural talent, versital, confident, up there with the greats, and now it seems that one song choice and they are ready to throw her under the bus. Siobhan needed to go, along with mike, aaron and yes casey. mediocre, did you hear that AI? MEDIOCRE. This is the first season that i have ever watched Idol. I am watching for one reason only and that is because of Crystal Bowersox. I think the judges did a poor job of selecting the constestants to compete. Poor performers, whiners, and apparently it doesn’t matter how many times you are in the bottom 3, you still get to stay.
    I will watch one more time, to see what happens with fatty mike. I don’t want to hear another R&B sounding selection from a Sinatra song. That’s all he has, and it has never been enough. It is unfair to the millions that vote to have this “LOSER” continue to stay.What will happen is that people will stop watching and that will be the end of Idol. They will lose confidence in the process. Another thing….when Ryan made a comment about Twain’s teeth, was he insulting Crystal? there is something going on with idol and i don’t like it. DISHONESTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am 57 years of age. Have a Masters degree in vocal music. I can hear when a singer is off key (flat, sharp), poor voice control etc. What has been going on for the last 2/3 weeks cast suspension on everything. Tell me, what do you think the following people will sound like trying to sing Sinatra?: Casey, Aaron, Lee, Mike…… casey: sinatra and guitar? Make me laugh. Aaron: will try to hit high notes and a song he can’t sing. Lee: another guitar player. MIKE?? girly sounding backstreet boys kind of crap.
    CRYSTAL BOWERSOX? i can guarentee you she will come out with something BIG!!!!!!!! since this is what the judges want from her.

  170. wait, you say siobhan got voted off, becase ” a threat to the chosen ones” what do you mean by that????????? if everyone wanted her to stay they wouldn’t of given her the boot, obviously not enough people wanted her to stay means not a lot of votes.


    Lee blows the rest out of the water, so talented.
    AARON (an innocent little lamb) IS ANOTHER clay aiken, did anyone ever buy/listen his music??? i didn’t.
    And big mike another Ruben Studdard.
    Although, Crystal is a great siger, I am not a fan of her style so I wouldn’t end up listening to her music.



  175. 268 Barbara Thank You! I agree completely. Actually the only comment here I can say that, completely. Again thanks, for a great sensible comment!

  176. ok, but Mike will be voted off soon he is just another Ruben Studdard, from previous American Idol winner, we already had that, and he didn’t end up doing well.

  177. I know what you mean, Crystal is great but too hippie/earthy, wouldn’t end up buying her music in the end, but she is talented, just not my style.

  178. 271 BEN Your answer is here
    No he was not the winner at AI however he was the winner., even tho the Fix went to Ruben Studdard.

    Clay Aiken I will include to the limit about him

    [edit] 2003-2004: Measure of a Man
    On October 14, 2003, Aiken released his first solo album, Measure of a Man, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and was, with 613,000 copies sold in its first week, the highest-selling debut for a solo artist in 10 years, and to date the highest debut of any Idol.[33] The album received RIAA Double Platinum certification on November 17, 2003 (a Double Platinum plaque was presented to Aiken by Clive Davis on October 22, 2003, during Good Morning America). The album spawned both the hit single “Invisible” and his first hit song, “This Is the Night” (both co-written by British songwriter Chris Braide). Later that year, Aiken won the Fan’s Choice Award at the American Music Awards ceremony, and his CD single “This Is the Night/Bridge Over Troubled Water” won the Billboard award for the Best-Selling Single of 2003.
    [edit] 2004-2006: Merry Christmas With Love
    On November 16, 2004, Aiken released a holiday album titled Merry Christmas with Love, which set a new record for fastest-selling holiday album in the Soundscan era (since 1991).[34] The album debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 and tied Céline Dion’s record for the highest debut by a holiday album in the history of Billboard magazine. Merry Christmas with Love sold over 1,000,000 copies retail in 6 weeks and was the best-selling holiday album of 2004, receiving RIAA Platinum certification on Jan. 6, 2005.
    [edit] 2006-2008: A Thousand Different Ways and All Is Well
    Aiken’s second studio album, A Thousand Different Ways, was released September 19, 2006.[35] He worked on the album under the guidance of Canadian producer and A&R executive Jaymes Foster.[36] The album contains ten cover songs and four new songs, one of which Aiken co-wrote. Clive Davis is credited with the cover concept.[37] One additional song, “Lover All Alone”, written by Aiken and David Foster, is included with the album on iTunes. Debuting at #2 on the Billboard chart, A Thousand Different Ways made Aiken the fourth artist ever to have his first three albums debut in the Top 5 and scan over 200,000 in the first week.[38]
    Aiken’s second Christmas album, All Is Well (an EP of four Christmas songs), was released exclusively to Walmart on November 28, 2006, and was released to iTunes as a digital download in December 2007.[39]
    [edit] 2008-2009: On My Way Here
    Aiken stated in an April 2007 interview with People that he was planning a new album, and during his May 2007 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he mentioned that he was in Los Angeles interviewing producers for the new album.[40] Aiken found a song, “On My Way Here”, written by OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, that struck a chord with him and became the inspiration for the album’s theme in addition to the album title. For a cohesive sound, Aiken chose Mark ‘Kipper’ Eldridge to produce the entire album. On My Way Here was released May 6, 2008 on the RCA label.[41]
    According to an article posted on Billboard, Aiken and RCA parted ways shortly after his On My Way Here album was released. Aiken’s rep confirmed to People magazine that Aiken left RCA.[42][43] A fifth album, The Very Best of Clay Aiken, was released at the end of March 2009 on Sony’s Legacy Recordings Playlist Series.[44] This album was a compilation of songs that had been included on the previous albums released by RCA.
    [edit] 2009-present: Tried and True
    On August 10, 2009 it was announced on Aiken’s official website that he had signed with Decca Records and he would have new music out by early 2010.[45] Performing the songs from his new album, Tried and True, Aiken held a one night only concert at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh, North Carolina on March 12, 2010. PBS filmed the concert for a special broadcast due to air in Summer 2010.[6] Reviews for the concert, which featured Ruben Studdard and others, were overwhelmingly positive. The album is scheduled for release on June 1, 2010.[5] The album features songs popular in the 1950s and 1960s, including two Aiken covered during his run on American Idol, “Mack the Knife” and “Unchained Melody”.
    [edit] Television
    Aiken has made many television appearances.[46] He sang The Star-Spangled Banner on opening night of the 2003 World Series and appeared in numerous television specials during the winter of 2003, including Disney’s Christmas Day Parade and the Nick At Nite Holiday Special, where he sang the “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth” with Bing Crosby via special effects. Aiken starred in and executive produced his first TV special (December 2004), titled A Clay Aiken Christmas, with special guests Barry Manilow, Yolanda Adams, and Megan Mullally; the special was released on DVD later that month. On July 4, 2004, Aiken was one of the performers in the A Capitol Fourth concert in Washington, D.C. and performed in the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series in 2004 and 2005. He also sang “Isn’t She Lovely” on the popular television show Scrubs.
    Aiken was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live in 2004 and participated in several skits. He has appeared multiple times on The Tonight Show, interviewing with Jay Leno as a guest in addition to singing, and has become a regular guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Kimmel appearances often feature skits: in one, Jimmy Kimmel’s then girlfriend Sarah Silverman confessed to an affair with Aiken, and in another, Aiken expressed his distaste for Kimmel’s jokes about him by beating him up. In May 2007, he spent the first half of his interview on horseback while talking about his recent UNICEF trip to Afghanistan. A few weeks later he appeared as a spokesperson for “Guillermo’s Mustache” in Kimmel’s fictional DVD informercial shown on the Dancing With the Stars finale. Aiken made his acting debut on Ed in early 2004, playing himself, and in 2005, he was interviewed by Erica Kane on All My Children. He played the role of cafeteria worker Kenny on the Scrubs episode “My Life in Four Cameras”. In December 2006, he made an appearance as himself on Days of our Lives.
    After hosting and performing in the American Idol Christmas special in 2003, Aiken has had several subsequent hosting jobs. He was a special correspondent for The Insider for the 2005 Emmy Awards, and on the sets of the sitcom Reba with Reba McEntire and Dancing With the Stars. He co-hosted The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet in 2006, and on November 17, 2006, filled in for Regis Philbin as guest host on Live with Regis and Kelly. During an interview, Aiken covered Kelly Ripa’s mouth with his hand.[47] The incident drew considerable media reaction after Ripa complained at length about the incident on her show the following Monday.[48] Aiken made fun of the controversy on the 2006 American Music Awards the next night with Tori Spelling.[49] On the The Tyra Banks Show in 2006, filmed before the Ripa incident, Aiken mentioned wanting to have his own talk show someday, and Banks switched seats with him and let him interview her for one segment of the show. Aiken was a guest judge on the April 8, 2009 segment of Banks show America’s Next Top Model; in what the show refers to as a teach, he worked with the remaining 8 contestants on their acting skills prior to the judging.
    In November 2007, Aiken was a contestant on a celebrity edition of the game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?.[50] Playing for his charity, the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, he chose to drop out after the ninth question with $300,000, despite having a copy and a save at his disposal. If he had played the tenth question, he would have won $500,000; Aiken and the 5th grader playing with him both had the correct answer.
    In May 2009, Aiken made a guest appearance on 30 Rock in the season 3 episode ‘Kidney Now!’. It was revealed in this episode that he is the cousin of the show’s character Kenneth.[51]
    [edit] Broadway
    On January 18, 2008, Aiken made his Broadway dbut when he joined the cast of Monty Python’s Spamalot for a four-month run, ending on May 4, 2008. He played Sir Robin, in the Tony Award-winning musical directed by Mike Nichols. In addition to Sir Robin, Aiken played the 1st Guard and the Brother Maynard roles.[52] On August 12, 2008, it was announced that Aiken would resume his role as Sir Robin beginning on September 19 and ending on January 4, 2009.[11] On December 23, 2008 Aiken had his caricature unveiled at world famous Sardi’s restaurant.[53]

  179. For all of you people out there who are complaining about “screaming” Some of the best diva’s in the industry have the ability to carry those longs notes and do so in songs, whether you like it or not. Siobhan was the most unique and talented individual in the pack, not a sound alike. I am not only a Siobhan supporter but I also support Casey and Aaron who are also excellent.

    I apologize to all of the Crystal Fanbois out there, but Crystal is a one trick pony.. she sings the same way time after time and she proved it song after song. On Shania Night she FLOPPED and was the worst of the night – at least it was amusing to watch.

    Mike has a good voice.. but we all know that mainstream America is not going to buy his music, maybe in the 70’s.. but not today.

    Lee, I have never have been a Lee fan but he is at least showing some improvements.


    Lee blows the rest out of the water, so talented.
    AARON (an innocent little lamb) IS ANOTHER clay aiken, did anyone ever buy/listen his music??? i didn’t.
    And big mike another Ruben Studdard.
    Although, Crystal is a great siger, I am not a fan of her style so I wouldn’t end up listening to her music.

  182. I am not sayinging she is NOT talented, just not my style, a personal opinion, we all have opinions, right? 🙂 …and should be entilted to them 🙂

  183. grow up…. its not all about you young people.
    i have a 8 x 10 wall in my living room dear with cd’s. ceiling to floor and wall to wall

  184. good point… Mike has a good voice.. but we all know that mainstream America is not going to buy his music, maybe in the 70’s.. but not today.

    Lee blows the rest out of the water, so talented.
    AARON (an innocent little lamb) IS ANOTHER clay aiken, did anyone ever buy/listen his music??? i didn’t.
    And big mike another Ruben Studdard.
    Although, Crystal is a great siger, I am not a fan of her style so I wouldn’t end up listening to her music..

  186. Mike will be voted off soon he is just another Ruben Studdard, from previous American Idol winner, we already had that, and he didn’t end up doing well.

  187. Thank you, thank you! I couldn’t listen to that screamer again. Sorry, didn’t get her. I was also sorry Casey in bottom three, but someone has to go now and they are all good. BUT, Mike has to go. Boring!! I love the rest, but still a big Lee fan!

  188. Pricetag Feel sorry for Siobhan, Simon never liked her and never gave her a good word. She was cool. Better than Arron,and Mike. Hope her does well in her life.

  189. How if Siobhan was a million votes ahead of many of the other’s in the phone votes could she possibly be voted off. I figured that these votes came to about 25 million. How could the 8 million text votes have totally negated the phone votes?

    Lee blows the rest out of the water, so talented.
    GO LEE LEE GO LEE LEE!!!!!!!!

    AARON (an innocent little lamb) IS ANOTHER clay aiken,already had that.

    And big MIKE is another Ruben Studdard- who was a previous American Idol winner…did anyone listen to his music after he won? NO

    Although, Crystal is a great siger, I am not a fan of her style so I wouldn’t end up listening to her music..

  191. I like Arron more and more each day. My daughter and I definitely will buy his records. Lee is stable all the time. I don’t think I’ll buy records of Mike, Crystal and Casey though I liked Casey the most in the very beginning, his singing style becomes boring. However, he’s a good guy. If he can sing some songs like Clay, he can go further in the competition. Crystal sings well but I don’t enjoy her singing loud. I also feel, like Simon, Mike’s singing is a bit ‘wet’, it’s due to his voice, but it’s not his fault, born like that. (Season 8 is so so so ……. TOP, that makes Season 9 very plain. Missing Adam, Kris, Danny, Allison…. and PAULA so much. AND, we’ll miss Simon, too, in all the coming seasons after this.

  192. American idol paid a few people to write comments with various names to try to convince people to continue to watch the show. Some of these comments include rediculous amazement for the boring contestants left on the show. The show is over guys. We are all free to watch or do something different on Tuedays and wednesday nights. Yeeeepeeee. Now we have to wait a whole darn year for Siobhan to get out of the stupid A.I. Tour. She needs time to grow into the star she can become. No one else worth watching thanks. You will see people here excited about other contestants, lol don’t believe it. Follow your own judgement. A.I. is just a showbiz hungry for ratings. It’s over for this year.

  193. People keep looking for reasons to convince others to watch. if u love Ellen, then watch her show. lol

  194. @ 168 barbara… Where did you get a masters in anything? Joe’s School of Music and Launderette? Your grammar, syntax and especially your spelling are atrocious.

  195. who cares what they will sing next? who cares who is voted out next? who cares who wins? This season is over! The only unique raw beautiful amazing talent is no longer viewable in A.I.nothing there worth watching. Can’t wait to see her become a big star. Take all the time u need to learn how to become the artist ur meant to be. I’m not watching as of this week. Love you SIOBHAN. Tnks 4 not letting A.I. be boring this year, at least up until now. 🙂

  196. for some rediculous comments on her being arrogant… She comes from a very humble and loving familly. The arrogant ones were Simon and Kara! Her answers to their put downs were so beautifully said that it always left them speachless. Think about how you would’ve responded to such embarrasing put downs? “Duh, the leaves are destracting” This is raw talent! The improvements come with a team of experts and professional coaching. Even though some of the idols left sing ok, none are exciting to watch. BOYCOTTING A.I. as of this week.

  197. there is no way Siohban should have gone home last night. She is a true artist not just a performer.. I really thought it woud come down on the last week between Bowersox and Magnus. The which eveyone won it would have been fair game.

  198. Siobhan Magnus can’t be eliminated! She was praised by all the judges on the Top 6 Performace night. The judges’ comments should be the most important consideration of voters. I can’t believe this!

  199. Great job, though, Siobhan. You were really incredible. I hope to see more of you on tv, even outside of American Idol.

  200. P.S. After reading all the other comments, I think AI has to redo the counting of the votes, just for everyone’s peace of mind, because I really disagree with Siobhan’s elimination from the competition. If proven that there was a mistake in the counting, I think it would be nice if they disregard that votation and have everyone vote again.

  201. Isnt it funny how after 3000 votes in the poll siobhan was clearly in the top 3 then all of a sudden she gets kicked out I think it is rigged wont be watching any more Big mike seems a nice guy but should never have been saved the judges who try to manipulate the voters

  202. What a load of crap why bother voting when the show keeps who they want and our votes mean nothing accept for the dollars it brings into the pockets of the show its rigged


  204. to stormy,
    i got my Master’s Degree from Loyola University in New Orleans. On Scholarship thank you very much. As for my spelling i was typing fast to get my thoughts down. Instead of insulting the author, (like the forum said) you should have left a constructive comment.

  205. The BEST performer AI has ever had. I watched ever season. The “Jug Band” style was very appropriate for this. Unfortunately, most American audiences today are not educated to real music. Bowersox is really way advanced for most audience. Screaming is a cover for lack of talent.
    The well known Memphis jug bands were small street groups, performing generally on Beale Street, and had their own blues style, using guitar, harmonica, banjo and a jug to accompany their blues and dance songs.[1]

    Crystal: I love her: I am a grandma and in my 60’s. Real talent is difficult to find. Someone compared the screaming skeleton to Susan Boyd, what a laugh!

    Crystal is the BEST performer AI has ever had and I watched ever season. The “Jug Band” style was very appropriate for this. Unfortunately, most American audiences today are not educated to real music. Bowersox is way advanced for most audience. Screaming is a cover for lack of talent.

    The well known Memphis “jug bands” were small street groups, performing generally on Beale Street, and had their own blues style, using guitar, harmonica, banjo and a jug to accompany their blues and dance songs This fit the song.
    Yes, this style was different however a fit for the setting in country music.

  206. Sorry, the above comment got duplicated and messed up Grandma was not repeating myself LOL

  207. Yes they did get it right.Siobhan Magnus screamed too much in her choices of songs. I did not like her singing at all.

  208. Bulletin!!!! People Magazine has just named Adam Lambert one of the World’s Most Beautiful People. As if we didn’t know that already. Congrats Adam.

  209. about Adam Lambert…….
    is he gay? or does he just wear eyeliner and nail polish to draw attention to himself? and you know what else? HE’S A SCREAMER TOO. sorry folks, i think he is arrogant and glad he lost.

  210. What’s this world coming to when no one can see real talent anymore! Why is casey still on?Come on America wake up and see what we just lost!Siobhan had more talent and I like her unique style. How about her and Adam Lambert doing a duet!!!They would rock the stage and make everyone think again!!

  211. I personally think that Siobhan Magnus has a much better voice than the stone cold Casey or Lee. She is more commercially viable than both of them and I cannot believe that she got voted off. I am wondering who is monitoring these phone votes, Idol by themselves or also an independent auditor to make sure that the votes are not tampered with.

    I just cannot believe that American voters cannot see that Siobhan’s overall performance has been much better that Casey or Lee’s performance. Siobhan has a better stage presence, better singing range, and is more pleasing on the eye.

  212. The new Idol should be Crystal. She is amazing in anything she sings and she is real. I would buy her albums any day.

  213. Absolutely disgusted…Siobhan is a true idol and I have no doubt that she will go much further than any of the others..she is memorable hits notes that none of the others do has a strong voice beautiful voice is interesting and is physically this is a huge mistake and makes me wonder if the results can really be trusted.. Just have a look at what happened withe voting in SA. Just because this is USA doesnt mean there cant be a huge mistake.

  214. BTW John(52) mioke is not fat i bet he could beat u up I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE BIG MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. BIG MIKE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNLIKE JOHN (53)

  216. Not a Crystal fan. I wish someone would tell her to get rid of the dreadlocks!!! Because the judges think she can do no wrong, I refuse to vote for her. She’s not my style. Voting for Lee !!! Big Ego Mike needs to go home.


  218. If Crystal did so poorly, why am I still humming the song she sang (on Monday afternoon?)

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